Wednesday, May 2, 2007

American Village in Montevallo

We have an interesting & unique historical & educational facility here in Birmingham (in the small town of Montevallo) called American Village that I visited for the first time last year with some girlfriends. We toured the newly opened Southern Living Showcase House (called The President's House, modeled after George Washington's Mt. Vernon home) & fell in love with it. The lady who was in charge of the house asked if we would like to be volunteers in the house & so, I've been volunteering for the last few months. It's a wonderful concept for learning & one that I've never seen anywhere before. I would have loved to have had a field trip like this one when I was in school!

Here's an excerpt from their website: The American Village is the first civic education campus in the country built to provide experience-based learning for young people. In addition it is proving to be a popular stop for casual visitors and tourists, having been featured in the September, 2000 issue of Southern Living magazine.

Over a quarter of a million students have made history at The American Village, experiencing the past with a visit to this unique interactive colonial classroom. Students from every grade level participate in experiential learning every day. The American Village is unique in its mission to strengthen and renew the foundations of American liberty and self-government through citizenship education. More than a field trip, The American Village educational program is tied directly to objectives in the state course of study and graduation standards.

Of course, the Southern Living house is what I fell in love with. I was there last week for a volunteer day (3 hours) and always marvel at how beautiful the house is. They made some of the details (like moldings, pine floors) true to the original standards, but of course, added a wonderful modern kitchen & master bath & anyone would love to live in this house today. Here's some pics that I took last Christmas of the house. If you get the chance to visit, by all means do so!
Above & below: Master Bedroom & bath
Diningroom, don't you love these arches!
Upstairs girl's room & bath:
Media/play room:
Kitchen, this is a WOW kitchen!
Butler's pantry:
LR Fireplace:
Moldings between study & LR:
Outdoor patio area:

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Brin said...

Oh wow. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! Suffice to say I love it all ... especially the room with the plates above the bed. Oh! And the bath. Love it, too. Thanks for sharing!

Hiya! I just wanted to drop by and visit with you a moment and say that, yes, I'd be HONORED to be your new niece. Absolutely honored! I'm thrilled you would ask! :D

Thanks for your kind comment regarding my bathroom redo. So much to show... so little time!

Have a lovely day, Aunt Rhoda!


PAT said...

Rhoda, I remember when you visited this gorgeous home. Thanks so much for posting about it. I loved seeing it again!

Back Porch Musings

Tina Leigh said...

Oh wow that is sooo pretty. I love the girls room with the white & dark furniture mixed.

Tina Leigh said...

Oh & I am sorry you didn't have much of a turn-out on the "meet your neighbors". Yes it is a shame the way folks are now. Serving cheese cake.....good night! My husband would have drove all the way to your house for a some of that & told you he was your neighbor! LOL!

Deb said...

Such a beautiful home. Gorgeous photos!

It's a Mom Thing said...

You get to volunteer there...that's so cool! I remember reading the article in SL about this little village and seeing pics of the house. I love your pics, too, many more of them. I like the little girl's bathroom a lot...may have to revisit that pic a few times.

Felicia said...

Oh my goodness, how very beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

linda t said...

Wow, I am all over that kitchen and butler's pantry!!
That lighting over the island is beautiful!!
How inspiring to have seen that!
One of my favorite things to do is to look at model homes! I so enjoy the ideas I get from the decorating and designs. I especially enjoy it when it is so blasted hot outside, I may as well wander through homes and cool off!
Thanks for sharing Rhoda!

the wine makers wife said...

Oh my, I love the plates over the bed in the girls room, and a BUTLERS pantry! I wish i had a pantry!

The Feathered Nest said...

How cool that you volunteer there! That sounds like so much fun!

Oh, I love the arches and all the moldings and that's a fabulous kitchen. Great pictures!


HeatherJ said...

I love the pictures Rhoda. The arches are especially yummy. Thanks for stopping by, and for the photo tips. I will be adding you to my bloglist. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing I enjoyed the tour.

Kathy :)

Suzanne said...


The house is beautiful, love it! But what a great thing that it is used for "interactive" educational purposes. I would love to come take a tour! Thanks for sharing.


Love Bears All Things said...

Hello, first visit. I am from Alabama also. I live in TN now. We were in B'ham years ago in the early years.

Southern Heart said...

Rhoda, that is just a feast for the eyes! I especially love the dining room, with those gorgeous walls! I'm always so inspired by the lovely photos you post. :)

Pen said...

Wow, what a beauty! That must be fun to volunteer at a place so lovely!

FrenchGardenHouse said...


what a wonderful place! Love everything about it. Especially those fabulous arches!


Rosemary said...

That is one great place!!!
How lucky that you get to there.
I loved the kitchen, and butler's

Christy said...

wow..just gorgeous!!

Jen said...

We pass by the American Village each time we go to my aunt's house in Montevallo. Everytime,I tell my husband that we need to make time to visit, yet we never do. This is definitely a stopping point on our trip come June when we visit again! Thank you for sharing!
ps- I grew up in Austell (Went to Pebblebrook) All of my extended family lives in the Birmingham area. Love it!

Southerninspiration said...

Hi, found your blog thru Boomama, and must say I will visit again and again. I love that you volunteer for the SL house, what fun! And I love reading about your yardsale finds, and seeing your home and gardens! Thanks for sharing!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Oh...Mom and I will have to plan a trip there!
Sounds like a great place to tour. And that house! I'm in love. :)

Anonymous said...

Just LOVE your photos -- and how wonderful that you volunteer at such a great place! Thanks for sharing!

Jan x at Rosemary Cottage

RealEstateGirl said...

Just gorgeous! I think that's on my way to Birmingham (from Montgomery).

Hope all is well with you!

Daisy Cottage said...

Wow, Rhoda where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that you went to this house - I'm so glad you shared these pictures again.. what a wonderful home! And I bet you are their BEST volunteer! Good for you - I really admire how you've moved to a new town and involved yourself happily 100%! What a postive, inspiration you are!

Tonja said...

How interesting you should post about this. My nephew got married there last week-end. We were all set to go, but that was while Don was still in the hospital and we couldn't make it. My SIL said that it was a beautiful place and it certainly looks like it. I'm sure you enjoy the time you spend there.

The Decorated House said...

I remembered the pictures, too. Once I saw them again. But it was a treat all over again, because I totally forgot about that place. Southern Living really did such a nice job with it. Thanks for posting the pictures.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe said...

For years I lived about 1 mile from the American Village...but I have never been. Isn't that the way it always is?
Thanks for taking me on the tour, now drop in for some sweet tea!

Lallee said...

Rhoda, thank you for posting this virtual tour. It's a beautiful home and I enjoyed seeing the details.