Sunday, May 6, 2007


I've been tagged by Manuela at The Feathered Nest to tell 7 weird or random things about myself. I've been thinking & thinking on what I could share that would be interesting & I'm not coming up with all that much, but here goes:

  1. I was born in W. VA, but we actually lived in VA. The town we lived in was 1/2 in one state and 1/2 in the other. We lived on the VA side, but the hospital was on the W. VA side, so I get to claim W. VA as my birthplace (on the birth certificate). No offense to anyone in W. VA, but it's not my favorite state to claim...hillbillies and all! I was raised in Atlanta since I was 6, so I feel like that makes me a native by sheer number of years.
  2. I am so dang near-sighted and have worn hard contacts (now gas-perm) since I was 17. I do not like to drive at night anymore, cause the lights just glare off my contacts something fierce & it makes me nervous. My depth perception isn't what it used to be at night, so I prefer not to drive that much after dark. I sound like an old lady, I know.
  3. I have a strange little round bone on the top of my right foot. My sister has it and my dad has it and he said his mama had it too. Funny thing, how those genes are.
  4. I do not like men in sandals. I just think that most of them look goofy in sandals. Just a personal preference, I know, but that's how I feel. My hubby doesn't like them either, so I never have to worry about him. He won't even wear flip-flops, which I don't have a problem with. It's those strappy, ugly sandals that I can't know, sort of Birkenstock looking, with the tire tread bottoms?
  5. I love to travel. Tell me we are going somewhere and my bags will be packed pronto! I don't even care where it is, I just love to go places.
  6. This is not that strange, but I love to work out (well, not all the time, but I do it anyway). I've been exercising for 25 years and I hope that I keep up with it for the next 25. I know it promotes better health and I want to stay healthy for a long time.
  7. My musical tastes stopped somewhere back in the late 70's. I do not enjoy hardly any new music much at all, so I don't bother buying CD's anymore. I have a lot of older CD's that I still love, but my musical taste is so not like everyone else's that I have a hard time keeping up with music conversations these days. I still love Motown, Philly soul, old R&B, and smooth Jazz, so smooth Jazz is what I listen to most when I just want to listen to music. I do enjoy a lot of Christian music, but not the really contemporary kind. I love good choir music, like Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir & the Christ Church Choir out of that's some great Christian music! Good Southern Gospel still gets me right in the heart, as I grew up with this kind of music and when it's done well, it's great! The Crabb Family is one that I really enjoy now, but most people think they are too twangy. I went to the Bill Gaither Homecoming tour here in B'ham last year & loved every minute of it. Oh, and I'm a preacher's daughter too.

That's all for now...hope you enjoyed hearing some of my quirks! LOL

I did go yardsaling this weekend and found a few little things, but nothing spectacular. I did find a nice piece of black rolling luggage that we can definitely use. It's in perfect condition, for $5. Picked up a spare hair dryer for $2 (since my good one burned out a couple of weeks ago & I've been using another yardsale one), a Conair curling iron for $1, and 2 bottles of nail polish for $1.00 each (Mary Kay & OPI), both brand new & colors I will enjoy. Also found a cute little palm tree print that I put in the guest bathroom, for $2.00. I don't like to get too themey, but I do have a little bit of a tropical look in there with a leopard rug and all. Here it is above the towel rack:

I went browsing on Friday in an antique mall near my house & found this wonderful little vase to add to my aqua pieces in the entertainment center. It is so fun finding this color in such unexpected ways. This vase is just so pretty with sort of a black marble outside & the aqua inside. It was marked at 1/2 price from an estate sale, for $3.00, but I only had a little less than $2.00 on me, so the man was nice enough to let me have it for that. I had to take it outside to get the blue to show up well. It's the softest shade of blue.
That's all folks! Does anyone know why some pics are clickable to open larger & some are not? It just seems to be a random thing when I upload pics. I don't think any of these are opening larger, but I do the same thing everytime when I load them?! Any ideas?

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DebraK said...

Rhoda, I loved learning those random things about you, don't think any of them were weird though.

I have a problem with todays music and love motown too. I'm extremely nearsighted and can't wear if I want to see I have to wear glasses,my depth perception is off and I don't drove at night.

I think men have ugly feet and should not wear sandals!
I love southern gospel music and yardsaling too.

Great yardsale finds as usual.

Can't help with your picture question. Does it have something to do with the size of the picture?

Carol said...

Sorry, Rhoda, I know nothing about the size of pics being uploaded etc, but I did want to say it sounds as if you got some real deals at the yard sales. I haven't been to a yard sale in several weeks now but I have hit the flea market a few times! lol

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe said...

Thanks for sharing your little weirdisms... All perfectly 'normal'
I guess thats what makes the world go 'round!

Susie Q said...

Loved your list...I am just the same when it comes to travel! I will go anywhere anytime! : )

I too have this problem with pictures on my blog. Some enlarge, others do not. I have no idea why!

I was tagged to do this very list and need to soon...but then, I am full of oddities!! How can I narrow it down to 7! *laugh*

Have a sweet week! Love your always!


Betty said...

Rhoda, Enjoyed reading 'weird things about me'. I don't think they're so weird......

I like your finds this weekend. Especially the urn....

When we were in Thomaston a couple of weeks ago, I saw a highway sign that said Ellaville was 57 miles. We went through it going down to Albany I think.......

You sound like my Mama about traveling...My Daddy said if someone came by and said "Ella, I'm going to H---, she would say, "just a minute and let me get my purse."

Mary said...

Having same problem with pics - like you do the same thing always but some just won't enlarge when clicked. We all need to write Blogger I guess.
Your new finds are lovely - especially love the black/aqua vase.
Enjoyed reading about you and feel I know you even better now!
Have a gret week - Mary.

Suzanne said...

Hi Rhoda,

That's funny about men wearing sandals. I used to live in AZ and that is ALL I saw! I have to agree with you..:)!

I grew up on Southern Gospel too. I still love listening to it.
Hmmmm, I have to agree, I don't think anything on your list is "wierd"!

WoW~ and all your yardsale finds are great. I especially love that little vase.


The Feathered Nest said...

I enjoyed your 7 random items about you. The sandal one is so funny! My DH has a thing about wearing sandals. He'll only wear them at home, never out in public. I guess most men have ugly toes!

You like working out! Gosh, I have to force myself.

Luv that urn! It's so cool that the inside is aqua.

Can't help you with the pictures. I have problems with my pictures too - I wish I could get them bigger.


Felicia said...

I've gotta agree with you about men in sandals! Eek

ginger said...

Rhoda - We even wear the same contacts, I always knew we 'saw' things the same. I love your new journal and look, too.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

LOL about the men's sandals! I've always hated them...and lucky too my husband wouldn't go near a pair :)

PAT said...

Great finds Rhoda. That vase is gorgeous.

When I save my photos to Best For Web instead of %100, they don't enlarge, when clicked on. That's the only thing I can think of, that could be the problem. Are you saving yours at %100?

J wears sandals..but they are the ones that are woven, with enclosed toes, so it's really like a woven shoe, I guess. He keep flip flops at the lake. Easy to get on in a hurry, when Molly wants to go out. We're on the second from top floor. Although it's a quick elevator ride, she is sometimes in a big hurry!

I answered my weird, unknown, ordinary questions this morning.

Good luck with your photos!

Back Porch Musings

Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

I hate men in sandles too unless they have really beautiful, tanned, well-kept don't see those very often.

I have the same problems with the pictures opening up larger so I can't help you with that. It seems to be random.

linda t said...

Oh Rhoda, too funny about men in sandles... cuz my husband has NEVER worn sandles of any kind! Ever! And he has never worn shorts!
I'm with you about traveling... get me in a car out in the open road and I'm one happy gal. I don't even care where we are going, I LOVE the adventure, the scenery, the company I am with!

Pen said...

I love the Gaithers! That Guy Penrod is easy on the eyes (and ears)! :)

Southern Heart said...

Rhoda, I love your finds, especially that vase! and I loved hearing about you, too. I don't know many women who just love sandals on men! You and I are so much alike about yard sale-ing and traveling...we should combine the two and do a junque trip! :)

The Decorated House said...

Are you sure that's all the weird stuff you can come up with? LOL
It's funny when I was doing this a couple of months ago, my daughter was a great help! So ask your sister, she can tell you things that you think are quite normal, but might be weird to others. :)

You owe that nice man at least another dollar for that urn thingie. How pretty, it looks so good there.

the wine makers wife said...

what an adorable find, that vase is marvelous. I love late 70's music!! hats what I was rasied with and frankly, my entire wedding reception was most 70's music! People loved it, even my friends who like more modern tunes. (And I was born in 1980.)

Gina said...

Good stuff. RE: the pics, if you move them around at all with your mouse (including positioning and/or sclaing) it will make it not clickable to the larger version. It has to be sort of 'untouched' after you upload it to stay clickable.

Tonja said...

More great treasures! Isn't it fun collecting things this way? Just a blast when you just 'HAPPEN UPON" something.
Loved learning more about you. I'm gonna have to try that. said...

I found you through Lidy and her sweet post about blogging. I can see why she likes coming here to visit!

thriftshopromantic said...

Hi Rhoda! I know I mentioned it before, but really love the way you integrate natural things like shells into your displays. Your display case is a really nice example of it.

Glad you found such great yardsale finds. We're having an enormous neighborhood yardsale in a couple of weeks and I have to admit, I'm pretty excited.

Have a great week.

Daisy Cottage said...

Rhoda,my parents were born and raised in West Virginia! LOL They married and moved as far south as they could to get away from the state and ended up in Miami, Florida. That's when I came into the picture! I so agree about men in sandals - unfortunately my hubby doesn't always listen! I love your new vase! That is just gorgeous! Lovely vignette with it too! Thanks for the fun post!

Betty Jo said...

How fun Rhoda to read your tag list. We have several things in common. I adore your treasures, especially the aqua marbled piece. I found the cutest aqua Pyrex bowl this weekend at a Goodwill store and I'm thrilled with it. I so love that color mixed in with my other fave, pink. All of my photos on blogger are clickable. I'm not sure why yours aren't. xoxo

Sandy said...

You scored, girl! Fun stuff! :)

Lallee said...

Rhoda, that was fun to read. I finally got my husband to wear some of those ugly sandals, so I'm not going to let him read it. LOL I promise not to post any pics ;-) Oh, my father was born in West Virginia. Great heritage their for my family but his family moved to Florida when he was young.

I like the palm tree picture. Looks like it is done on wicker or rattan?

I don't know about the picture problem. It hasn't happened to me. I load my pictures straight from my hard drive if that helps.

cityfarmer said...

Now I really feel like I know you!!!

one blue egg said...

Cool beans! We've got a couple of things in common! your quirks are NOT so quirky! glad you found some sales too! I'm around Rhoda oh yes taking a breather now here for a bit...glad to hear from you!xo