Monday, April 7, 2008

Do You Spin??

Oh, I'm for sure a spinner! In more ways than one. I spin at the gym and I spin at home! I will admit it...I'm a lettuce snob. If I find out that restaurant salads only have iceberg lettuce in them, that's all I need to hear to pass on the salad. I love me some good lettuce! And this little contraption is my best friend at home. The Copco lettuce spinner. I've been using this nifty little gadget for many years and even pick them up a yardsales, so I'll always have one.
See, the bagged lettuces just leave me cold. I like my lettuce freshly chopped, not dried out and brown. Oh, I've used the bagged lettuces many times, but I always go back to fresh heads. That's the only way for me. Freshly rinsed and chopped, with a few spins around and you have some great looking, nearly dry lettuce all read for a pretty salad bowl.
My usual choice is to mix romaine with red leaf, although there are many great lettuces out there. I love the spring mix too, as well as arugula. So, how about you? Do you used bagged lettuce or do you spin your own? You know the bagged lettuce is much more expensive, don't you? And heads of lettuce will last SO much longer in the vegetable bin. That's a known fact. I know that one for sure.
Green, leafy lettuce is good for you.
So, go and eat some salad! And get yourself a spinner if you don't have one. I promise, you'll love it! Oh, favorite store salad dressings for me are Ken's. I love their Lite versions and the Balsamic Vinaigrette is probably my favorite, along with the Olive Oil Lite. The Creamy Parmesan is great too for a creamy dressing.

This week I'll be a busy girl, as I'm working on a job with my new designer friend for 3 days, so I'm very excited about that. I think it's going to be a fun project. And I have a light blue guestbath that I'm going to repaint this week with a color called Wedgewood Gray. It's been 2 shades of blue already and I'm still not happy with it, so I'm going for #3. Wish me luck! I like to do these things while my hubby is out of town so I won't have to hear the question "Why are you painting that for the 3rd time?" Understand??

I'm planning to head back to Florida next week too, so hopefully Kim and I will have more adventures to share.

Don't miss the post below on Changing your Blog Background. I had a lot of people ask about it, so I decided to do a post just on that!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rhoda,

I also painted my bathroom and guest bedroom twice with two different shades of blue and was not happy with it. The third time I painted it with "Laura Ashley" Home LA1118 Vintage Blue (got it at Lowe's), which is a dirty blue and bingo, that was it. I love it!! Good luck with your painting. I hope you'll be happy.

Judy (in McDonough)

Maureen said...

When you mentioned your plans for Wedgewood Gray to me and I couldn't find it in my paint deck, I had to know- it's a great shade of blue. On the cool side, and a nice shade. Have fun this week!

Anonymous said...

Morning Rhoda,

Off to the gym right now myself...I don't do the spin clases though.
I love my lettuce spinner. I only buy my lettuce and celery at the farmstand, I am a lettuce snob too. We have a salad each night with our meal. What is yor favorite dressing ?? I make my own with Good Seasons I add a little chopped garlic and I always use red wine vinegar. YUP we love our salads.

Have a great day,
Kathy :)

p.s. Good luck with the paint.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Kathy, I just went back & added my favorite salad dressings...Ken's by far are my favorites!


PAT said...

Hi Rhoda, I love a good salad and your salad in the photos is the kind of salad I love!


amy said...

Cool post. We love kens light sweet vidalia dressing..

I must get a spinner

Reynie said...

I LOVE my salad spinner! Greatestthingever!!!

Beverly said...

Your salad looks yummy. I have been know to use bagged greens in a pinch. It has definitely saved me after work some days. I love spinach and arugula with Ken's Raspberry Walnut.

the feathered nest said...

Welcome back gurlfriend! I have one of those spinners - got it at the thrift store for change. I use it all the time - even the prepackaged lettuce gets spinned.

Good luck with the new color. Sometimes you just don't know if a color is going to work until you paint the whole room.

Can't wait to hear about your design job!! I don't suppose they'll let you take pictures?



CIELO said...

Wow, that salad looks good, even when I'm not a salad person... :)

I love your new blog banner.

Have a great day


Donna Kay said...

Thanks so much for the blog tutorial - I have just started mine and have been wanting to "spruce" it up - not sure where to start - this is all "greek" to me!!
I must say I have have fallen into the "bag" here lately when it comes to salad - purely for time sake - but I agree with you - fresh heads are soooo much better - I know I have a spinner somewhere - now I gotta go dig it out.
thanks for all the wonderful work you do on your blog.

Rhondi said...

Hi Rhoda. I am a spinner too and love lettuce crisp. Ken's balsamic and raspberry vinegrettes are my favs too.
Have fun with your designer friend and painting your bathroom. It took 3 different yellows before I got it right in our living room. No matter how good you are with color sometimes it is just all wrong when the room is done.
Lucky you spending time with Kim. We all love her! We love you too!
Hugs Rhondi

deputyswife said...

Every week, I clean and cut up one large head of lettuce with whatever other "greens" that are on sale for the week. Red onions, tomatoes, and whatever else is on sale goes into it. I have a very large container for it all.

I cut it on Saturday and by Wednesday it is all gone. I guess I never have to worry about it turning brown! We all love salads, even my little four year old. The boys usually have it for snack after school.

Mary said...

Definitely a spinner! I usually just drizzle red leaf lettuce with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Add salt and pepper. Also love fig-infused balsamic.
Good luck with the painting!

Mrs. B said...

I am a salad snob too, but I do cheat and buy the bagged lettuce. Actually, we buy it in a big clear plastic box from Costco. I like the baby spring mix (I think that's what it's called). We eat a lot of salad so it usually doesn't spoil.

I had a hectic weekend so I can see that I've missed a lot on your blog. I'm going to come back when I have more time to catch up. Can't wait to hear about Florida!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey! I don't want ya'll to think that I NEVER buy bagged lettuce, cause I do occasionally. Like today. My hubby is out of town & the bagged lettuce was on sale, so I bought a bag of spring mix for me to eat this week. I'm not totally against bagged, it's just usually more expensive & doesn't last as long if you don't use it right away.

Just wanted to clarify that! But, most of the time I do buy the heads & spin them myself.


PamperingBeki said...

Okay I'll admit it - I've never in my life spun lettuce! Ack!!!

Mary Isabella said...

I like romaine alos but also like blends. The sun was shinnig very brightly here today...Mary

Adla said...

this is making me have a salad craving!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Blue is funny. Can be too purple, too green too gray. . . it's a tough one, like reds.

I LOVE my salads. Yes, sometimes I do buy bag, but only to add to my fresh cut Romaine for variety. I always have to re-wash the bag lettuce too and spin it. At least that passes for OK then in my book!! LOL I could never not re-wash the pre-washed, bagged stuff like some people do. I was at a friend's house and she just took it out of the bag and served it. I passed on the salad that day. Sorry, I guess I'm a lettuce snob then.



Catherine said...

I'm a salad snob, too. I don't own a spinner, but I think it would be easier than my method of patting washed lettuce with a paper towel:) My husband like iceberg. I'm not sure why. I'm trying to come up with ways to grow my romaine though the summer here in AL. I saw a bag of chopped romaine the other day for $4.00!

Before my wonderful husband retired from the military, I would plan all my projects for the times when he was out of town. His favorite phrase: "Just pick a color and paint the darn wall already!"

Good luck with the paint. Can't wait to see the pix!

Deserae said...

I have never heard of a lettuce spinner! I must live under a rock I guess?!?!?! LOL..Can't wait to see your bathroom sporting it's new color :o)

Deb said...

Hi Rhoda, your salad looks delicious. I agree that fresh lettuce taste best and keeps longer. Also, thanks for the information on background changes. I really want to play with that. Can't wait to see your new paint color, hope you post. Deb

Betty said...

Yes, I'm a fresh lettuce consumer...I like Romaine with a little spinach mixed in.....Raspberry vinegrette.

I have a spinner and it really works well.....Betty

Rosie's Whimsy said...

I am definitely a salad girl.....plain...with chicken....with sliced egg.....with name it and I probably would eat it on a salad! I love Ken's Vidalia Onion dressing but my daughter makes a sour cream, lemon, and honey dressing that I absolutely adore! Might just have to get one of those spinners.

:-) Rosie

Simply Me Art said...

I used to have one of those Spinners!forgot all about it.. Good Luck painting and working with your friend.

Southern Heart said...

Rhoda, I'm a bit of a lettuce snob, too, so I enjoyed this post. I also like to mix some spinach in with mine, to make it a "superfood".

I had to laugh about the painting while DH is out of town...I've done that 3 or 4 times, too, for the very same reason. :) Sometimes, they don't even notice...LOL...

justabeachkat said...

I love, love, love my salad spinner. I buy fresh romaine, wash and spin and then usually add some of the bagged Spring Mix. I love a good salad made with these, craisins, sunflower seeds, feta cheese, walnuts, mandarin oranges and Ken's Greek dressing. Oh My! I add shrimp or chicken sometimes too.