Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back from the Beach And the Winners ARE!!

As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Vacation was wonderful, but we are glad to be in our Home Sweet Home, once again.

Did you miss me?? I missed y'all a lot and even checked in a few times, but for the most part, stayed off the computer and really enjoyed our beach time. It was a fantastic week, full of fun memories with precious friends and one that I won't soon forget. Of course, I took LOTS of pics and will be sharing all of those with you this week.

So, we'll start here with a few pics of our first day and I'll go ahead and get the anticipation out of the way from the GIVEAWAY that y'all so enthusiastically jumped into! Thanks to all of you who played while I was gone. It was fun to read all the comments and I appreciate the great response.

Here are the GRAND winners: #1 will choose 3 items and everyone else will choose 2.

#1 - Nancy with Southern Lady, you are the Grand Prize Winner and will choose 3 items from the giveaway prizes.

#2 - C. Elliott - no email address for you, so please email me as soon as you can to claim your prize too.

#3 - Sue with Life at Home

#4 - KJ with Eye-dyllic

#5 - Cena with Unexpected Necessities

Thanks to you all for playing along. If the winners will please email me at to claim your prizes, I'll get those out this week. Please tell me which 2 (or 3 items for you, Nancy) items you'd like and I'll sort them out as best I can with who gets what. I hope you all want different things, that would make it SO easy, LOL!

In the meantime, enjoy the beach pics! There are a TON more to come this week.
We rolled into Seagrove and stopped for lunch at the Seagrove Market, which we discovered last year has the best fried or broiled fish baskets. So, we started things off right. This is broiled grouper. It was YUM!
This is the view from our 3 story condo. What a breathtaking view it was!
We immediately hit the beach for a little walk and chillin'.
There are some gorgeous beach houses right around where we stayed and any one of these would be fun to escape to for a week.
You just don't find sand any whiter than this.
Or water any prettier.
Another beachhouse down from where we stayed.
This is our condo complex from beachside.
Neighboring house.

Me and hubby enjoying our first day out.
Ahhh, the week has just begun.
I think this was the next a.m. when we went walking fairly early on the beach.
Smilin' and chillin'
We happily got to witness a beach wedding late Saturday afternoon. The bride is walking in on her daddy's arm.
And the whole wedding party. That was fun to watch!

Couldn't ask for a better setting than this.
We ran into this cutie-pie cocker spaniel on our morning walk.
There's lots more to come, so stay tuned this week for a recap on the whole week. I got to meet up with Kat at JustabeachKat. You can go and read Kat's post if you click on that link. We met up with her and her hubby for lunch on Sunday after church and they showed us around Sandestin. We got to see their gorgeous home and I met their sweet, sweet dog, Miss Daisy. It was such a fun time and they are precious people. Kat and I met up later in the week for a fun shopping outing and some girl time while my hubby went deep-sea fishing. I've got so much more to show you too.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend and come back for more adventures on Monday!

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17 friends stopped by:

Beverly said...

Welcome back, and congratulations to the winners.

We missed you, too. It looks like you had a perfect vacation. I love the panhandle beaches.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Missed you!! Glad to have you back! Your vacation looks like it was wonderful fun!

We're still in San Antonio, TX. It is really HOT here. This Michigan gal is not used to such HOT. I may well never complain about the snow and cold again LOL!!



Susie Harris said...

Ahhh Rhoda.. so glad your back all rested and ready to blog! You are such the queen at finding great stuff at garage sales! You Rock!! Susie H

Sue said...

Welcom home Rhoda. I've been around looking at pictures, looks like you had a great time. I'm so excited to be a winner of your give away. I e-mailed you my favorites.
Congrats to the other winners.

PAT said...

Hi and welcome back, Rhoda!

Congrats to your winners.

I enjoyed these photos and look forward to more!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Susan said...

What a lovely place to vacation. I'm so envious! I really wish I were there. Glad you're back, though.

Maureen said...

First of all, looks like y'all had a wonderful time! That white-sugar sand looks like snow in that shot of the dunes! The grouper looks delicious! Don't hate me, but you've been tagged over at my place, so stop by when you have time.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I'm looking forward to your beach recap. We're headed to Rosemary beach in a couple weeks (and will be going to meet Kat!). We skipped going last year so I'm sure there's new places to check out. Can't wait to see where you visited, ate, etc.

Berry Family said...

Did you bring some of that sand home? You could probably sell it. Pottery Barns sells it for around $8.00 a bag.

Looks like a wonderful, relaxing vacation. Can't wait to see more pic's.

Brandee :)

Mrs. B said...

Look like you had a great time! That beach is gorgeous! Hope you're having a nice holiday weekend!

justabeachkat said...

Hi there! We just got home ourselves for the graduation trip. I just finished posting about our trip on my blog. (It's a job posting about a trip, isn't it? LOL). I'm glad you're home safe and sound. Your photos are great and I'm glad you had a good time. It was wonderful getting to spend time with you and Peter. I sure hope you guys will come again soon. Can't wait to see more of your photos.


Bunny B said...

Wow! Great pics :) Lovely!

Dana said...

Thanks for sharing your great vacation photos. What fun to be able to watch the beach wedding! It looks like you had a fun and relaxing time, but your readers are glad you are back. Congrats to the winners of your cuz I didn't see my name :-)

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

The pictures are just beautiful! So peaceful!

And that wedding!!! I would have teared up. That was just precious. :)

Rue said...

Welcome back Rhoda!

I'm so sorry I missed your giveaway. I have been a very bad blogger and have not been making my rounds as usual, but things have slowed down a bit now :)

The place where you stayed looks wonderful and it looks like you and your hubby had a great time.

Off to read your other post...

aimee said...

So pretty! Welcome home.

Terri and Bob said...

I love the beach! I wish we could go this summer but with summer school, paying for a wedding and then school starting up again, no time and no money! I will just have to vacation through your pictures!