Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Design Show Alert: Mail Order Makeover

Host Stephanie Dunne: Mail Order Makeover

There's a new show that I've just discovered recently on the Fine Living Network, called Mail Order Makeover. Have you heard about it? I have no idea how long it's been on, but I love this show! Reminds me of some of the good old shows from HGTV, which sadly are now missing in action. The rooms are done very nicely and there's none of this throw it together with painted plywood and see how cheap we can make it look. It's just good, down to earth design sense.
Here's the format of the show direct from Fine Living's website:
Coming up with the right combination of furniture and accessories to satisfy the homeowners can be very difficult, and these designers are put to the test. Each designer orders their favorite furniture and accessories from mail order catalogs. When the items are delivered, the designers take turns furnishing the room in a way that they hope will satisfy the homeowner's needs and desires.

The designer whose furnishings please the homeowner's the most walks away with the satisfaction of a job well done. The real winners are the homeowners, who get to keep the furniture and accessories of the room design they like best! Watch the transformation on FINE LIVING's Mail Order Makeover!

If you get this network, you have to check out this show. I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode I've watched. They use 2 different designers for each show and they have a ball ordering from all sorts of catalog companies and the internet, stores like Ballards, Home Decorators, Wisteria, Grandin Road, Horchow, and many more. Both designers come up with unique looks for the room and sometimes it's really hard to decide which one to keep. The husband and wife have to make a quick decision on which one it will be. They don't give the dollars spent and that would be fun to know.
Fun show! Give it a whirl if you get a chance to catch it. I've been recording the eipsodes, so I can watch them at my leisure.

So, I don't think many of you will be trying the home hair color method, but thought you'd enjoy that book if you get a chance to browse through it.

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Nancy said...

Oh my goodness, I am the first to comment...LOL;) I have seen the show and it is a great show...A++++ all the way! I too miss the old shows on hgtv...what has happened? Hope you have a great day....Nancy

Anonymous said...

I watch FLN, but haven't seen this yet. I'll have to look for it. What a great concept!

Michelle said...

I haven't seen this show yet but will have to check it out. Yeah, what DID happen to a lot of the good shows on HGTV? Seems like EVERYTHING has become reality TV these days, huh?!

Rhoda, how is your business venture going? Hopefully well! You've got a beautiful sense of style and a great decorating eye....LOVE everything you do!

Have an awesome day!

Blessings :)

Kelly said...

I have seen the shows. They are great. However, it has been on for a while now and (for me) since I've been watching for a while, I'm ready for some new episodes. They're all reruns now. Maybe they'll continue to make more. I agree that it's a fantastic show and hgtv should think about adding more shows like it to their schedule! Thanks for the tip.


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

I haven't seen that show but will check it out. Thanks for the post yesterday on haircolor! Very useful!

Manuela said...

I don't even know if I get that channel but I'll see if I do. Looks like a good show. As to the hair color - I personally have never had good results with doing it myself. I just go every 4-5 months and have those foil highlights done. Sometimes my stylist with throw a few foils on when I go for a cut for free since I've been a regular customer of hers for ages.

Have a great week!



Judy said...

Unfortunately I do not get Fine Living Network (I have Knology and they do not offer FNL) but my daughter does and I'll ask her if she's seen it. I miss the good ol shows from HGTV, I hardly watch it at all anymore. Only Divine Design (if I remember) and sometimes that one with Vern Yip, Deserving Design. I don't know who makes the decision as to what shows to air but the good ones are long gone.

I may be getting new kitchen cabinets instead of painting the old ones! David has called someone who is supposed to come by this weekend to see exactly what it is I want. Of course, I'm busy pulling pictures from magazines, nothing high end but I'd love to have the ivory and glazed look, crown molding, and possibly a new countertop. If that works out, I may need your help/input....wouldn't that be fun?

Talk to ya later!


Anonymous said...

I so agree with you about HGTV. There are just a few (very few) shows worth watching. Love Divine Design I love everything she does. So thanks Rhoda I will give this show a try.

Have you been watching Design Star on HGTV, I've been tiVo(ing), I do enjoy that.

Have a great day,
Kathy :)

Adrienne said...

That is a great show. One of my dear mother's favorites. ~Adrienne~

Bonita said...

Check out my blog today for a Rhoda-inspired post! You just can't imagine how much you help me, girlfriend!

justabeachkat said...

It sound like something I would enjoy...if I watched tv, which I seldom do.


Valarie said...

I love that living room!! That is so fun looking :)

Beverly said...

Wow, I'll have to see if we get this.

I know just what you mean about some of the design shows on now.

Thanks for the tip.

Deserae said...

Oh I am so bummed....we don't get that channel :o( HGTV has gone so far down hill I would love to see a good deign show!!!

Dana said...

I haven't seen that show, either, but will try to catch it. I agree, I am tired of the low end stuff they put together (furniture, etc) on a zero budget and call it "design" or better yet "ART"! I have been on a pretty skimpy budget forever, but I believe you can come up with wonderful decorating that way---just gotta be openminded, a bit creative and maybe look at a magazine now and then. I miss the Kitty Bartholomew (sp?) show, but I do love Devine Design, too. And I love being able to see what you put together--you need your own show on HG or FL!!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this show but will be looking for it. Tell me, what happened to HGTV????? How can we make it better? All the great designers are gone. I have written them without ever getting a response. Do you have any idea? Chris Madden, Joe Ruggerio, Kitty Batholomew, Mary Emmerling just to name a few. are all being replaced with quick and cheap redos. HELP!!!!

Nancy Hood said...

sounds like an interesting show! right now, I'm a bit 'not interested' in most of the new shows on HGTV and I hate that and miss some of the regulars I used to see~

Cottage Rose said...

I wish I did get the channel it sounds like a good one. And I agree with you and the others HGTV has changed so much, I miss the old decorating show. I loved Kitty, and Country Style. And lots more that are gone. But I do still watch some times.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, I wish we could appeal to HGTV to get some real design back on their shows. I'm SO with ya'll on that one and Anon, I have no idea what happened, but it has been a gradual slide downhill for the past 5 or more years. I used to watch faithfully all those shows you mentioned including Room by Room. As corny as those 2 were, at least they had decent decorating ideas that real people could follow and get something out of. I hardly ever see anything on any of these new shows that I can translate in my own home.

It's ridiculous!!


Susie Harris said...

I cant say I have seen that show but now I want to. Thanks for that tip. I can always use a hood decorating tip! Thanks, Susie H~

Brown-Eyes said...

We don't get Fine Living channel here on charter...I don't know how we can appeal to the "powers that be" at HGTV, but somehow they need to be alerted that their former shows are greatly missed and the new shows are not drawing the audiences they once had..So sad.. :-( Brown-Eyes

Jennfier said...

I've never commented on your blog before, but I really enjoy reading it. I had to comment when I read your description of the shows on HGTV these days - SO true! I really miss the old shows. At least I still see Divine Design, but the rest seem to be that slapdash, poorly-thought-out, cheap-looking design method. Wish I had Fine Living to check out this Mail Order show!

Berry Family said...

Oh, I'll have to check it out. I'm like you, I love the old HGTV shows. My favorite is Homes Across America, which I've seen each episode at least 5 times. ;-)

Mrs. Trixi said...

I do not get this channel and haven't even heard of it. However, it looks like one I would love. I love your blog, Rhoda, and hope to come back often. The back porch redo is amazing!!!

Janet said...


Give us an idea of when it is on...daytime, nighttime, daily, weekly?? I never seem to find anything of interest on FLN and the Discovery Home Channel ( which I usually forgot about as it aired old shows from TLC etc) seems to be gone now. I guess good design TV would cut into my blog time anyway, lol.


Joanna said...

I have never heard of it...Too bad we don't have that channel. But, I will look into the site. I love that green color. So bold, something I would never go with, but I like it! : ) ~Joanna

Julie said...

I have this channel so I will look for the show as well. Sounds like one I would love!

Rosemary said...

Hi Rhoda,
Sounds like a good show. I will try to find it.

Sandi McBride said...

again with the hair Rhoda that a hint that the grey over red is not making it? that channel...but HGTV has my heart!

Cote de Texas said...

omg!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this idea for a show!!! I have to find out when it's on and watch it. I love catalogues and spend hours just dreaming. What a great idea. Thanks for the tip.

btw = thanks for the comment - in answer to your question - I spend hours and hours trying to find pictures. hahahah - what a waste of time!! but i love it.


Andi said...

Hi Rhoda! I stopped in to catch up on my blog reading. I had a hard time getting past the blackberry crisp...oh my...does that ever look yummy!

I don't think we get Fine Living Network here...just HGTV. I'll have to check with our cable company because this sounds like a show I would enjoy.

As for the hair color...I've done it myself in the past but now leave it to my stylist...she gets the color on more evenly that I ever did.

Shelia said...

Haven't seen that show, but it seems it would be one I would love! speaking of love, I love your blog so much and wanted you to know I've started one too! Today was my first post! Come visit me sometimes.
Shelia ;)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I haven't seen that show because I don't watch HGTV anymore. BORING! :-) I agree with you, all the good stuff has disappeared. They got overly creative and ended up missing the magic of the early shoes.

Glad you found one worth seeing, I'll see if I can find it. Or better yet, record it for when I have time to watch something.

Happy day!

Connie said...

What a great concept. I have used mail order catalogs for several of my clients. They have all been well pleased.

Check out to see Maggie perform at the Peach Festival in Clanton. She is the opening act Friday night and will be playing her guitar and singing. By the way she is only 11! and she's awesome! Maggie is Tonya's daughter. Tonya is who does all of my clients window treatments.

Shelia said...

Hi Rhoda and thank you for coming by to see me. I love your blog and all your finds you show. I guess I'm going to need a bunch of help. Today I have the wrong date at the top of my post and I don't know where the comments went. Oh, well, hopefully I'll learn how to do this. I sure love coming to everyone's blog!! ;)pp

Rue said...

Hi Rhoda :)

I'll have to check out this show. I'm so tired of HGTV and all the cheap stuff they do that I'm ready for something great.


Lauren Boone said...

Hi everyone,
I am really hoping you all can help me. I love the dining room table featured on the home page of the blog--I know it came from Mail order Makeover--I saw the episode (the Risin dining room). I even emailed the deisgner to find out where it came from. She wasn't quite sure but thought it was a Cindy Crawford table. Can anyone help me find out where I can get this table? Please email me at if you know anything about it.