Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Creamware Collection

You may remember my diningroom, which has a nice collection of white creamware, odd pieces picked up at yardsales, gifts from blogfriends, and thriftstores. A hodge-podge collection, not priceless at all, but it sure looks good all grouped together. I had collected 3 shelves in my diningroom, two from yardsales and one I bought 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby, so I needed one more shelf to complete my grouping of two shelves on each side of the buffet. I knew if I waited it out, I would find one and sure enough, this turned up at a yardsale recently for $5. Brand new in the box from Hobby Lobby.
So, two coats of white trim paint later, I was ready to hang the new shelf.
Both sides have 2 shelves now
And I do love the all white collection in here.

The shelves are really full now and I don't have room for much more. New shelf is the one on top....I still want to add some platters and plates above this grouping.....
Like I did on the opposite side, so I'll still have my eyes out for at least one more platter. See those cute bunny napkin rings? Those were a gift from sweet Kim at Daisy Cottage.
I love how all the shelves don't match, but painting them all white unifies them.

I have some ideas on changing out these lampshades to a nice creamy linen with a crisp black monogram. One of my friends just started a monogram business, so she's doing them for me. I think I'd like small drum shades on them, but if I don't find what I want, I'll just cover these in linen.

The new skinnier shelf works perfectly with the wider shelf below it.
And perfect for holding all those treasures. I love being able to grab a vase or bowl when I need it.
I picked up these sweet little birdies when I was in Lakeland awhile back thrifting with Kim and they look right at home with my creamware collection.

Now, here's a question for y'all to help me with! What do you think about me changing the paint in my DR from red to either a neutral lighter creamy gold OR a soft grayed down aqua blue?? I do not want to change my black/tan toile drapery panels, nor will I change the upholstered DR chairs which are a gold/black flecked chennile. Those panels have got to stay for now. Here's a paint sample of the blue I used in one of my baths, Wedgewood Gray, just for a visual. I'd probably go a bit lighter than this and I'm thinking about Palladian Blue. Or I could do a blue ceiling and creamy tone on the walls. I want to make sure I keep the flow going and this red really works with my green kitchen and gold walls elsewhere. What do you think?? Does this sound totally wacky? I'd love to hear some opinions...I haven't quite decided on anything yet, but I'm mulling over the paint options. I still love red, but I'm thinking my dark wood furniture might be better served if I lightened up the paint in there.

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Susie Harris said...

Beautiful wall!!!I do like the red because all the white just pops.. but... Im so in love with that blue. I saw a post on Hooked on Houses where she took us on a tour of new homes. Well they had this tan room with blue ceilings. I fell in love with it the second I saw it. Im so going to paint my ceiling but Im just waiting for the holidays to pass. I know whatever you pick it will make us all ohhh and Ahhh... Susie H~

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

The creamware looks great all grouped together. I love your shelves too.
I like the red walls personally...but I know how it is on changing paint colors.
Both of the ones you are considering are much lighter...they would make it seem larger.
Glad you are back and posting your decorating tips again!


Anonymous said...


I think it would be a nice change and I agree a lighter color would make the room pop. Do a color board live with it for a bit to make sure you like the way it contrasts with the rest of the house. I know some say its only paint, but it's a lot of work if you're doing the painting !!
My kitchen is a BM called Beach Glass and I couldn't love it more, its yummy with my cream cabinets. And the way it plays with the light suits me to a tee.

Good luck,
Kathy :)

Michelle said...

I think your DR looks really the shelves & your wonderful collection! Looking forward to seeing what you decide for your lamps.

Personally, I think the red looks great in there but I know how sometimes one just wants a change :) Whatever you choose, the room is still gonna look I always tell you, you've got great taste!

Have a wonderful day!

Donna said...

Love the shelves and your collection of creamware! Your dining room is beautiful. I personally would keep it red. I love the warmth of it.

Brown-Eyes said...

As the saying goes "variety is the spice of life", BUT....your dining room is sugar and SPICE and everything nice just as it is with the beautiful red walls, white trim and gorgeous toile. To my eye, you got it right the first time! That being siad, I do feel with your taste and talent whatever changes you make will be equally as nice. :-) Brown-Eyes

Nancy said...

Rhoda, I love the red. I think I would keep it. It really makes your collection pop and I don't know if it would pop with a lighter color....that collection is so eye catching and beautiful!

pammiejo said...

I really love red and I think it makes the white really stand out. I do know how you get tired of looking at the same ol' thing though - especially if you have a decorating bug! I'm glad to see you use different shelves and yet with the paint, they look alike. I would have gotten too hung-up on them matching. Really nice room - really warm to look at! I'm a collections fan so I really like all your creamware.

Mabry's gamma said...

I have been looking at your blog for a few months and love your decorating and all your "finds." I am sure what ever you choose will look stunning.

Just a thought...what about something with a brown or gray undertone. I would have never thought of going with the blue you chose but I have to say that also looks good. And even though it can be a pain to repaint, it is only paint if you don't like it. Maybe paint just the wall behind the shelves and live with it for a bit and see how you like it in all kinds of light before painting the other walls.

Cheri from Georgia

Bonita said...

Your collection of white looks splendid and I love those toile drapes! I'm no help on the wall color as I don't have the eye to be able to picture it, but I really like your red walls and the decor as it is right now. I think the walls make both the white collection and the toile really stand out.

The Tomball Three said...

Don't change the red. I FINALLY and I am 32, got the dining room of my dreams- it's the same color as yours. I love it. It's very dramatic!

Right now mine is red, green and gold. But I could so easily change it to red, black and white ...

Or red and yellow ... there's so much to do with red. Please leave it red!

Adrienne said...

Hi Rhoda -
Your new shelf and your creamware are wonderful. I love the way you have displayed your collection. About the color. I like the way the creamware stands out from the red walls but I think a creamy gold or that light aqua color would be gorgeous. Hard to decide, isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. I enjoy your visits. I'll be back again soon to see what you have to share.

Marie said...

I want to change the red in my kitchen to a blue color similar to what you want! I don't dare tell my husband though. He may fall over dead.

The shelves in your dining room are GORGEOUS! I recognize a piece or two that I own. :o)

Jennifer said...

OK, I guess I am in the minority here...I say go for the gray/blue. I think it would look stunning in your DR! It would look great with the seashells and creamware, your gold/tan and the toile. The red looks great now but I think the blue/gray would be so pretty too! There are so many pretty soft blues out there now.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I think I prefer the red, or maybe you could go with a darker shade of some other color (gold?). I don't think your cremeware will show up near as pretty on lighter colored walls. While I do LOVE that blue, I don't see it flowing as well with your other rooms as the red does.

The new shelf looks great! Your collection has really grown in a short time.


Michele said...

I'm so excited to see this on your blog! Just yesterday I was at Nell Hill's store in Atchison, KS and started my collection of cream colored dishware. I'm already regretting not buying more while I was there! Might have to return soon for more. I am painting a china cabinet to display it in and want to add shelving above my buffet in the diningroom. Your shelves are great and I think I can find similar ones at Hobby Lobby in black. Thanks for the inspiration!

Songbirdtiff said...

Your display looks beautiful! I wouldn't change the wall color at all, but, then again, I'm pretty partial to red.

Manuela said...

Oh I wouldn't change a thing! I love how all the white pops against the red background. I have black and tan toile curtains in my bedroom and the walls are a blue and it looks good together. I'm just not sure about how that would look with your chairs? Cream walls - wouldn't that make your creamware collection blend too much? Maybe a more tobacco shade?

I'm sure you'll figure out the right shade to make it all work!



p.s. can't wait to see the shades!

June said...

I LOVE the room as it is, but I am partial to the color blue too. Sorry, I am of no help to you, LOL! I know that whatever you choose to do will look wonderful.

Karol said...

I had a brick red dining room in the house we moved from a year ago and always got so many compliments on it. I put a very dark gold in my new dining room here and love it too. I would absolutely not put blue in there... The white china would no longer "POP" like it does now. But you're a great decorator so I know you'll make it work!!

Southerner said...

I had red in my dining room in Florida and loved it. Since we are using our foyer as a dining room I am not getting to decorate a "dining room" again. If you are tired of the red I think you ought to go blue. Everywhere you look the blue is in this year so I think it would look great with the other items.

Cathy said...

I personally prefer the red. It so warm and inviting. The room says "come sit, be comfortable, and linger" to me.

My kitchen is a darker red, Ruby Ring by Behr, and although I love the color it lacks the warmth your dining room has. I'm working on adding more red, green, and gold into some windows treatments, once I find the right fabric and hope to be able to replace a large glass top table and chairs with a smaller, black distressed farmhouse style table. Every one I've seen is too large for the space, but I love the look so much, I'm considering creating my own using 4x6 posts, decorative moldings, and treated lumber!

Rhoda, I know in my heart that whatever you do decide, it will be beautiful, just like you.

Shelia said...

Morning Rhoda! Oh, how very nice your white shelves look on your walls. You have a wonderful collection fo creamware. Hummmm, maybe if you don't need...well, when I come to visit, don't turn your back! lol I love your red walls, but I have red walls in my kitchen and I'm so ready for a change too. Whatever you decide, I'm sure will look wonderful.
Be as sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Joanna said...

I love your dining room! I do love the red, but if you changing colors to one of those two you mentioned, I just wouldn't go with the neutral one. I would def go with the blue color. I think it would look great!

Cherdecor said...

I love your red walls. I have found that Red walls wrap their arms around anything that you hang on them. White on a light wall might look clean, but it wouldn't pop. Of course, it is all about what you desire in a look.

My kitchen has really dark cabinetry. When I was looking for paint in decorating books, I noticed they always put dark paint and wallpaper with dark wood giving it a richer look.

Have you thought about striping the wall above the chair rail? If you are looking for more light in your room, a white or the color of your column, stripe on the red might work. I love stripes. I have stripes in most of my rooms.I have some stripes that are 9 inches wide.

Your room looks very rich and warm.

Julie said...

Oh - I love the red...but I also know that light blue is suppose to be the 'in' color right now.. I still like the red though..

The Berry Patch said...


Whatever color you decide to go with you will make it look great.

Brandee :-)

Alyce said...

Hi there..
I love dining room is red, Confederate Red (benjamin moore) to be exact.
How I have it in my dining room, which I love going on now for 3 years, is Above the chair rail is the red, then its white chairrail, then below is Manchester Tan, also ben moore paint. If you are interested in seeing that,I can email you a picture. My blog is not updated yet..alot going on here.

Indigo Robe said...

My opinion is --


I think I remember you posting at the decorating forum - they often photoshop a photo for people when asked -- could you ask them to photoshop it first before you go through all that work?

Do you think your wanting to change the color has to do with the season? Right now, I am all into my summer mode and can't remember why I didn't paint everything light blue and white in my bedroom but I know fall/winter is around the corner and I will love the cozy feel of my yellows/blacks/etc. Ya know?

That being said - I'd love to see the photoshop of that room with the blue.


Beverly said...

Well, I am going to be the Lone Ranger in this, but I think a neutral creamy gold like you mentioned would be just absolutely stunning.

It would allow your furniture and accessories to be the pop in your room, instead of the wall color being the pop.

I have a beautiful buttery cream color on my walls, and I use a lot of white accessories (especially in my dining room). They make a beautiful statement against the wall color - rich, subtle and elegant. The color has proven to be a perfect backdrop for any accompanying color I choose.

OKGardners said...

We used Halcyon Green (light to medium aqua) in a few areas of our newly built home. We love it. It is a nice shade to see on a regular basis.

I vote for the blue tone.

Betty in Oklahoma

Amanda @ Morning Glory Cottage said...

Hi Rhoda,
Your cream collection looks great. I wouldn't change those red walls at all. It looks wonderful just like it is. But I so understand the desire to change things around. I'm sure whatever you do will be wonderful. I've been lurking lately, but haven't posted a comment sorry. But you've sure been busy and your house looks wonderful as always.

Tammy518 said...

I just love your creamware collection! I really like your red walls, and in fact, I used to have my dining room almost the same color, but painted it SW Blonde this past year. I have to say I do like it and I feel it provides a more neutral background for my accessories. So I think you could definitely go with a creamy gold or with the aqua color you suggested. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Tonja said...

Rhoda, I have enjoyed going back and reading all I had missed! You have been busy! Glad you enjoyed Deeper Still..heard it was so good.

Love the white shelves and collection. I think the blue would look great!

I hate those letter things, too. I have only had a few comments that disturbed is easy enough to delete them.

That network, FLN, does have some good shoes..but will have to check that one out.

Good to hear about the fabric store in Bessemmer. I had heard about a great one in Atlanta...but maybe I won't have to go so far.

Judy said...

I can't even go there about your DR wall color cause you know I love red! Whatever you decide will be right and gorgeous.

I had started a post about cremeware last week and got sidetracked. I found some wonderful treasures in storage that I had when I was in my shabby chic stage....two tureens and some other things too! Wait until you see them...I'll try and do that post by the weekend.

Coming down to the wire on a decision on the kitchen, etc. I want your thoughts before I make a decision (if that's okay?).

Ya'll have a safe and wonderful
4th. I'll talk to ya later.



Anonymous said...


Love your blog, you have the magic touch in everything you do!

I think the blue would look so fresh & pretty. I think it would look wonderful with your existing drapes, white shelves and beautiful white creamware. I can't wait to see what you do!


Rue said...

Hi Rhoda :)

I love all the cuteness on those shelves!

As far as paint color, I would love blue with the black and tan toile and I think it would be absolutely divine :)

You are so good at decor, that it'll be beautiful no matter what you choose.


aimee said...

I love seeing your collections! I really love the red walls. I'm sure blue or tan would look gorgeous too.

Kristi said...

Love all the cream! My favorite is the pitcher with the sphere top and birdie on it.

I really like the red in there, it really makes the creamware pop. Also I like it with the white and black toile drapes. If you HAVE to change it, I vote for a light blue, not beige or cream.

daisy cottage said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I love your creamware collection Rhoda! You've gathered together a wonderful family of gorgeous pieces! Love how you've cleverly displayed them too! They just play off your walls in the best eye-catching way! Great job girlfriend! Let's see - of course I love the red, but I'm like you and sometimes I just crave a change - so many yummy colors, so little time.. right? ;-) I think a blue would be fabulous and fresh and I know you'd make it gorgeous! Whatever you decide will be beautiful and we get to have the fun of enjoying the fruits of your labor without doing any of the work! LOL


Nunnie's Attic said...

Rhoda, it's absolutely beautiful! And because it's new to me, it looks perfect just the way it is. I would love to paint my dining room red but I don't think I can get my hubby on board with that.

But, on the other hand, had the walls been painted a bluish hue, I'm sure I would have loved it just as well. So, I am of absolutely no help whatsoever to you!


joan said...

Hi Rhoda,

I love the red and creamware together with your dark dining room but blue is so pretty too. Blue always reminds me of the sea and sky. I'm so bad when it comes to making paint decisions, it's hard for me to picture the finished product. I also love your curtains. Oh and I love your new background for your blog. Okay, how many times did I say I loved something?? LOL But I really do. Happy 4th.

Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

Your pieces are lovely.

My vote for your walls is. The grayed down aqua blue.
Or even a gray.

I know you have a great eye and will make a great choice.


Cottage Rose said...

I love your dinning room now, wow you have great taste. Love the display you did a wonderful job. Well in my opinion I would go with a creamy gold. I think it would go great with the chairs and curtain's.
But that is just my opinion any way. What ever you paint it, it will be beautiful.

~Amanda~ said...

I just went through the same issue with my red dining room! It was very similar to your red. I got new dining room furniture that is dark and has a reddish tone to it. As soon as the furniture was put in the room I didn't like the red walls anymore so we primed and repainted the walls a light/medium tan. But now seeing your red walls, furniture, and creamware I wonder if I made a mistake. Yours is really pretty! I don't have much on my dining room walls: a white shelf with my Grandmothers blue and white Christmas plates on it and a monogram "M" vinyl applique - and that's it because I'm afraid of making poor decorating errors. Ha!

Nancy Hood said...

ha ha Like Marie, I have red walls in the study and love them BUT about the time I got ready to tell him I wanted to prime and repaint, we decided to sell :) The new owner likes it the way it is, so it'll stay reddish. With your dining area, I like the red but love the blue tone. And regardless of the tan or blue walls, I'd still go with a light blue on the ceiling~can't wait to see what you choose!!

Anonymous said...

That red looks "rich"! If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Your home is beautiful girl.

Judy (in McDonough)

Shelia said...

Morning Rhodo! Just wanted to pop in and wish you a very happy fourth of July! Your red walls will look so patriotic tomorrow. Throw on a blue tablecloth and you're all set!
Pop in to see me sometimes,
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Hi girl! What a surprise post this is! I always associated you with red dining rooms because yours is so pretty. There are lots of opinions here.....everyone loves the red including me.
I can understand how you feel about wanting to change it but truthfully I'm on the fence about this.....Like you I'm not a real blue lover but am growing fond of blue hues since I love blue/white transfer-ware so much. Someone mentioned having a photoshop image....that would give you a visual & be really helpful in your decision. So.......

Have you thought about how the blue color would change the feel of the room? Would it make it appear larger & give it a cooler feeling? Will you like the fabric on the chairs as much if you change the wall color? Will the space feel summery, beachy? Will you want to add more blues to the kitchen & LR if you change the DR color?

Guess you'll just have to sit on the couch & let your eyes wander from room to room to figure it out!

Can't wait to see the results,
x hugs o, DebraK

Dana said...

What a great collection and your use of the white shelves just "pulled it all together". On your 6th photo I spotted a little planter with "fleur de lis" design on it. One of my good friends collects light green planters and she had located that very design you have, but in the sweetest green. I have fallen in love with that pattern now. Thanks for sharing another great post.

Anonymous said...

Not crazy about the blue on your banner, I like your red room. I vote keep it. Are you looking to change for something to blog about or because you really NEED a change ? Food for thought !

Reynie said...

Love the new blue background! Very pretty!

And the white ceramic is just poppingly beautiful agasint the red wall! You're such a great decorator!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Rhoda, hope you and Peter have a great holiday. We are headed down to Newport, RI for a few, looking forward to it !!

Kathy :)

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Wow! That is stunning! I love all your creamware! I sure wish I had a large dining room like that to decorate!

As far as paint color....I love the blue!!! Of course anybody that knows me would have guessed that but I think it will look so beautiful with your creamware, your dark wood and every thing else in your beautiful room!

Leigh said...

I love the red but I am, so in love with that neautral blue color. My walls have a similar color in them now, with a bit more greenish tint. I love them both!

justabeachkat said...

Oh Rhoda...don't change it. It's wonderful just the way it is. I love the red and all the white just pops on it.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if they are the same but I have similar black & cream toile drapes in my kitchen (Yes!) with gold walls. Julie Schaal (Carroll, IA)

Anonymous said...

Okay a little late-love your red! Every room in your home is amazing. But the gray & gold combo is STRIKING! Julie Schaal (Carroll, IA)

Anonymous said...

I would definitely paint the dining room a beautiful shade of mint green. Which would compliment the black & white toile & would pair beautifully with the creamware collection. Creating a fresh feel to the room and provide a strong back drop for dining, as green is know to increase ones appetite.

I also like a little spacing between the creamware collection, it needs negative space.

ugagirl30 said...

That is sooo the color of my dining room. Mine needs some help. Maybe I'll post pics asking for suggestions. But I love the red and it is the only room in the house that will not be painted anytime soon.

I love the creamware collection. I was just thinking this morning that I need a collection of some sort. My DR is a blank canvas for the most part.

Laura said...

What an amazing collection! I've passed up several similar pieces because I couldn't imagine what to do with them, but put together, they're a lovely piece of art. For my vote, I'd keep the red--the contrast really emphasizes your creamware and it might tend to fade against the blue?

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

I love creamware. I have just started my collection. Someday I hope to have an extensive collection though. I adore the red in this room, but I could completely see the different colors you spoke of. What did you decide to do in here? I'm quite certain that anything you chose looks stunning!