Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A ReDesign in Chelsea

I really had a fun time working with my client, Laura. Turns out we go to the same church. She is a precious young mom with an adorable little boy and I so enjoyed helping make her home a more special and inviting place to be. She's a stay at home mom, so spends a lot of time at home and said she'd like for it to feel like more of a pretty haven for her and her young son. I think we accomplished that. With a total budget of $1000 (including my time), I stretched it about as far as I could have and gave Laura a lot of what she was looking for. She can add a few more things later on. The familyroom benefitted the most from this redesign.

Here's the before of the livingroom, their main area for lounging. It's right inside the front entrance and adjacent to the kitchen.
I added some mossy green chenille panels to the windows, but we ran into a problem with the rods she already had not being long enough, so she is going to look for another rod, so that the panel will fill in the wall between those windows.
We first changed the furniture arrangement which totally made the room more cozy immediately. The sofa was moved next to the fireplace, where before the sofa was all the way against another side wall and there was a huge space in the middle of the room. Adding a new rug further cozies up the space and brings the seating area into a conversational feel. The new rug adds some needed color in the room too.
Fireplace wall: BEFORE

AFTER: I hung the mirror they already had and just moved around her accessories for a better feel to the mantel.
When I first arrived, the sofa was against this small wall directly in the path coming in the front door.
So, I moved the side chair and table over to this area where the sofa was for a cozy seating nook. Added a new lamp, pillow, and basket of greenery to hide the plugs here. She loved all the artwork I picked out and it really complements the room a lot.
BEFORE: Wall coming in the front door with the single chair. You can see a little one lives here!
AFTER: Sofa is moved adjacent to the fireplace for a better feel to the room. New pillows were added, along with a throw and another art piece on the wall behind. Tags still have to be cut off the pillows since they are staying.
New shade added to her floor lamp and a side table (from Hobby Lobby) added to the chair.
BEFORE: Coming in the foyer AFTER: Large black mirror added, accessories are tweaked for a more pleasing arrangement.
BEFORE: Pretty oil painting on foyer wall.
AFTER: Black frame added and picture lowered for more impact.
BEFORE: Diningroom. Current picture was a little too high, so I lowered that.
AFTER: And added another flower print to the other wall. I also suggested that she might want to change the wall color in the diningroom to a pretty olive green. She has a swag treatment on the windows that would really look pretty with a color change and it would look great with her black table and chairs.
Hope you enjoyed the redesign! It was a lot of fun working with Laura and I really hope she and her family enjoy the changes. It's so rewarding to have a plan all come together after seeing it in my head! Most of the shopping was done at Homegoods (love that store!), with some other things found at Steinmart, TJ Maxx and Tuesday AM.

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DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

It's beautiful! I love the touches of red you used. The color really livens the space. It's now a cozy, inviting room. Congratulations on a job well done & here's to many more!

Come check out my giveAway. HUgs, DebraK

Kitty Scraps said...

Dear Miz Rhoda,
I love your style! You have such impeccible taste and did a fantastic job on your client's home. It looks 110% better and I agree with your suggestion on a color change for the dining room. I can't wait to see your next decorating job!

Becky said...

It looks so warm and inviting now! I LOVE the red tones! Thanks for sharing your talent.

Amber Kay said...

Amazing!! I wish you lived closer to South Dakota! hA!

Anonymous said...

The little changes made a huge difference! Her room looks so cozy and inviting now. You did a great job!

Mrs. Trixi said...

As usual, you did an amazing job!!! It's beautiful.

Darla @ UltraBeautyBoutique said...

How fun is that?! Awesome job.

Monkey Giggles said...

It beautiful. Nice job, You have a good eye and a gift.

Chris said...

I just love it, Rhoda--especially the cozy seating nook. I kept going back and forth between the pictures to see all the little changes you made. She must be so happy with your work!

Joanna said...

Just simple little changes made a huge impact, especially in that living room! It just goes to show that sometimes you need to rearrange some furniture or add a few accessories and your in for a "wow". : )

Susie Harris said...

I would love to be your BFF too! Isnt it funny to use all of those kid lingos... ask me two years ago what bff was and I would have said a type of lumber... oh yeah! Thats mdf..hehe... I know your client will enjoy her new space... I know I do! You made it beautiful!.... Susie h~

Deb said...

Everything is rearranged lovely Rhoda, and you are quite a decorator. That's the exact sofa that used to redecorate my den,only I didn't choose the leather chair it was too big. I chose two fabric chairs. Stop by and see, it's a big change from my little Country Den. Deb

Anonymous said...


It looks so much better. Just a few touches here and there and it looks so homey !!! One thing I notice and only because it is a pet peeve of mine are the white switch plates....I always paint them the color of the room, that way the eye does not immediately go there !!!

Nice job,
Kathy :)

Judy said...

I couldn't wait to see your "redesign" and as ususal, you didn't disappoint! How wonderful to be able to do something you love (decorating) and get paid for it! Now if I can just figure out how I can do that here!

Friday I'm leaving for the beach with my sister from Talladega meeting Judy at her place in Gulf Shores. It will be a real girly, eating out, pedicures and manicures and just enjoying a little down time.

Looking forward to Aug. 1st!


Dana said...

How nice! I'll bet the homeowners were thrilled with the results! Great before and after photos, too. I also checked yesterday's post and was so glad to see you featured your laundry room with the great floor! I have been thinking of doing that in my "workroom" in the basement---putting the blk/wht tiles over bare concrete---my walls are creamy yellow.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Oh, You did an amazing redo of this space! The splashes of color are perfect! You have such a good eye! ~Rhonda :)

sandra/tx said...

Great redesign, Rhoda. And as always, you did it on a budget.

duchess said...

Beautiful job & still liveable.
Very important for a young family.
Thanks for sharing.

Julie said...

Wow! What a great transformation! I especially love the chair up against the wall. It looks so elegant now.

Gretchen said...


The rooms look amazing! You have the skill of knowing exactly where everything should go.


JeanMac said...

A lovely transformation!

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful! Thanks. So many great ideas.


Handmade Housewife... said...

You did a fantastic job! I know your client is just thrilled. I love that you added the black frame to the oil painting. That changed the look of the whole piece, and the den looks so cozy now. It's beautiful!


A Hint of Home said...

Everything turned out wonderful. You did such a good job of rearranging. I'm sure she is thrilled with the results.

Reynie said...

Love the work you did! It really made some improvements to what she had and for $1000, that's nothing to make such wonderful improvments! You should be very proud of yourself! Great job!

Definitely agree about the wall color for sure!

southernpreppy said...

Good job!!

Liz said...

How fun! I would sometimes rather see a redesign than a complete makeover... it gives so many good ideas! What you did with the room is fabulous, love it.

Pumita said...

Thank you for modeling and encouraging me to try new groupings of furniture and to move pieces AWAY from the perimeters of the room. And I LOVE your favorite stores you mentioned as sources! Inspirtational as always.
Thanks, Rhoda!

Layla said...

Wonderful job Rhoda! :-)

The Lettered Cottage

Rhondi said...

Hi Rhoda
You did a miraculous job of stretching $1000! Your client must have been thrilled. You did a wonderful job.
Hugs, Rhondi

PAT said...

Wonderful changes Rhoda. She must have absolutely loved it all!


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Everything looks great. I love how you made a difference by just rearranging some of the accessories!

Maybe you could do a post on helpful hints in arranging accessories...hint, hint!

You probaly alread have done that! LOL

Hope your day is great,

Magpie Interior Design said...

Great job! I especially like the foyer table.


Anonymous said...

Looks great!
I would add a couple of plants add to the dining room corners & next
to the fireplace to hide the switches.
I love what you did with the side chair--what a difference!

Mandie said...

It all looks great! You are doing a great job at decorating. I love it

justabeachkat said...

You go girl! Great job! I loved to see her add some greenery...maybe some trees too.

I'm sure she and her husband were thrilled.


Picket said...

Ohhhhh so pretty!!!! I love it and that little reading nook was my favorite area!!! The drapes made a huge difference and the rearranging of the furniture changed the whole room...I know she must love it now! Girl you did good!!!! What's next on your list!!!! lol

Leigh said...

Gaw-jusssss! And please, call me for the yard sale jaunt. I hear ya on the weather-when it cools a bit. But soon! Sounds fun!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Great, great job Rhoda. You did very well with only $1,000!! Big improvement!

I agree, I'd paint that dining room olive green. . . it would "pop!"



Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

It was great to see what you came up with and the great goodies that you added. Kudos to you for a job well done!

Jen r. said...

That is so much prettier and cozier! I love the accesories you got, especially the red lamp! Jen R

Bella said...

I was loveing the After Dining Room pics...but then when I read you wanted her to change the color to Olive Green...I got even more excited! That would look great, wouldn't it?

You are very talented!

Brown-Eyes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brown-Eyes said...

The re-do looks so warm and inviting.... I especially like the fact you moved the sofa to face the windows rather than backing up to the windows. The artwork is wonderful...and lowering the pictures to the right height is a big plus, too. Your shopping skills are terrific! Thanks for sharing.. :-) Brown-Eyes

Layla said...

There is an Award ESPECIALLY for you over on my blog. Stop by sometime if you'd like to pick it up! :-)

The Lettered Cottage

sheila said...

WOW! what a difference you've made for this young family :)...I bet it hard to actually enjoy that living space before you worked your, I expect they'll be spending a lot more time in there :)

My Thrifty Victorian Home said...

Just love the redo! What talent! Can't wait to see what you cook up next. Keep the great posts coming!


Smelling Coffee said...

Beautiful! I so enjoy reading your posts and getting inspiration for my own home! Thanks for sharing your gift with us!

Rosemary said...

It looks beautiful Rhoda!
You did a wonderful job.
She must be so excited!
Have a great day!

Berry Family said...

It looks beautiful Rhoda! Makes me want to change my things around again.

Brandee :-)

Caren said...

Looks beautiful! I so wish we had a Hobby Lobby in PA, every time I see things from there, they're cute!

Classic Charm said...

Great job, you go girl! Love the changes you made. Can't wait to see more.

Robyn said...

How fun is that! FUN FUN and love her leather furniture!
Good job!

Mona said...

Beautiful job! Mind if I ask where you got rug and how much? I love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda:)

Just lovely! Very cozy and warm.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thank you ladies, I'm so glad you enjoyed the tour.

Mona, there's not an email address for you, so hope you come back & see this. The rug was from Homegoods (5x8) and was $150. Really good price. It's wool tufted & the colors were gorgeous.


abeach cottage said...

i love what you did! I can't believe i am only just surfing in to see this

it may seem like just a few touches but it your eye which makes it and not many people have that, the tweaks you've made turn it into a home

great inspiration again lol!

becky said...

WOWza! Your magic touch did the job. What an amazing transformation...HGTV doesn't have a thing on you!