Friday, April 3, 2009

Just Us Girls

Just us girls

There’s just nothing like a road trip to Gulf Shores with some girlfriends to recharge your batteries and just enjoy some good ole’ girl time. We all love our hubbies, but this trip was all about us. We got to do exactly as we pleased, stopped as much as we wanted while we were driving, shopped a whole lot, and ate girlie food. Oh, it was fun! These ladies are very sweet and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know them these last 2 years since moving to Birmingham. This was our first time going on a trip together and it really turned out great. We had a blast, took walks on the beach all 3 days, sat and sipped coffee in the morning over good conversation, and relished the peace and quiet pace of the beach. And the napkins that Maureen had at her beach house said it all…Just us Girls!


We carpooled down in 2 vehicles and stopped plenty of times. One of our many stops going down was at Priester’s Pecans, a legend in this area for their abundance of pecans and candies.


We popped in upstairs to see the candy making process in person. I didn’t take pics, but on the way back home, we stopped by the Russell Stover store and bought their blooper chocolates. And man, are they good! My hubby was happy to see those when I got home.


And who knew there were SO many variety of pecans. I sure didn’t!

Wisteria Cottage

Next stop, Wisteria Cottage in Fort Deposit, AL. A couple of the girls had been here before, but it had been awhile.


They have lots of home accents.


And apparently, they are party central in this area for pageant dresses, prom dresses, and all around party wear.


These slip-on OKA sandals are very popular in the South. Do you have these in your area? They are very comfortable and the ribbons can be changed out for other colors. I don’t have any yet, but I just bought my first pair of Yellow Box flip-flops at Belk this week. The black and white polka-dot ones will be great for my wardrobe this summer.


Wisteria Cottage has lots of monogrammed items, like these hand towels.


Lots of birds and nests.


And an abundance of bunnies. And no, I didn’t buy this lamp, as much as I loved it.


This tall lantern was very nice.


Birdsnest and a painting.


This iron item was very unique and would look great on a large island in the kitchen. What a fun piece to have for parties. If you’re in this area sometime, stop by Wisteria Cottage. You’ll enjoy it!

Beach House

And so, after a few stops on the way down, we finally arrived mid afternoon at Maureen’s beach house. I showed lots of pics of this last year, so if you’d like to see the whole tour of this beautiful beach cottage, click here. It’s a 3 story beach house and absolutely beautiful. With 4 bedrooms and baths, we all had our own space.

Back deck

The large back deck looks out over the back bay area. A total Coastal Living moment.


Their dock, complete with boat and Waverunners. It’s a bit chilly yet to be in the water.


Since we had sunshine the first day, we figured we had better take advantage of it. Good thing we did, as we didn’t see it again the whole trip.

Beach Sand

So, we enjoyed a nice breezy walk on the beach late afternoon on the first day.

Gulf Shores

The beach was practically deserted this time of year. Isn’t it pretty? Come summer, things really get hopping down here.

Water Boarder

We watched a couple of guys on these balloon skis flying through the air. There was plenty of wind that day, so it was no problem for them to fly across the waves.

The girls

And we stopped someone along the way to take a pic of the girls. That’s (L to R) Sandy, Tricia, me, and Maureen, who owns the lovely beach house we stayed in.

Calypso Joes

For dinner that night, we went to Calypso Joe’s and it was really good. I got shrimp and grits and we all enjoyed our seafood. When at the beach, you gotta get seafood.


Maureen, Tricia and me before dinner.

Since the weather didn’t cooperate, we had to find something to do the next day. Rain threatened and it was black and cloudy. We didn’t let that dampen our spirits though. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. When it rains at the beach…what do you do but go shopping?! We took off to the Tanger Outlet and spent all afternoon there and had dinner at Lulu’s the second night.

Dinner at Lulus

After walking on the beach that morning, we all decided that our hair would just have to wait. You can see I went curly since that’s what my hair does naturally and after walking around in the humidity, it’s almost a losing battle at the beach, I’ve learned. We were all whining about our hair, especially me.


Lulu’s is a lot of fun, if you’ve never been there you must try it. I got my fill of some fried seafood that night and we all had some luck at the outlet shops. I bought some Gap jeans and a cute top from Ann Taylor and we all came home with shopping bags.

On the way home from the beach, we took some time to stop at more fun places and I’ll share those with you in the next couple of posts. There are some great places down there to browse and the best time to do that is without our hubbies, so we took advantage of the time and had a ball looking at everything. Can’t wait to show you some of my favorite new shopping haunts. I’d love to go back to a couple of them for sure, so stay tuned for more great shopping and a few pretty beach houses too!

Thank you ALL for stopping by the giveaway. What a great success it has been. I've got so many new readers to visit and I'm really trying to catch up with all of you, but it's just about impossible these days. I SO appreciate you all taking the time to stop by and see me and I just run of out time to visit you all. The fab giveaway below ends on Friday night at 6 pm Central time, so there's still time to comment if you'd like to get in on it! Winner will be announced on Saturday morning.

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Anonymous said...

I bought a pair of those bronze flip flops with the leopard bows down there in July!


Bonita said...

Your trips always look like so much fun. I'm glad you had some fun girl time.

Dream Mom said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! I loved that bunny lamp; I might have purchased that! The beach house is just lovely; how nice that she has so much space to entertain friends and family there.

BeautifulWreck said...

Thanks for sharing! We love going to the Gulf! Looks like you had a blast.

Lori E said...

I love road trips. My coffee group goes once in a while. They are mostly men but we stop at every interesting spot we can find. These are only day trips though. The overnighters of course are with the women friends. They know how to more fun.

Cathy said...

Looks like y'all had a great time. I love your hair looks great. I would give anything to have some body in mine. You lucky thing going to the outlet mall and LuLu's. I know it was all a blast!



Judy said...

You bum, a few days at the beach, just what I need right now!

We always stop at Priester's for a little "snack" and I love going to Wisteria. They always have the neatest things.

I wondered what kind of weather ya'll were having since it's been pretty nasty here but at least you got to shop.

Love ya,

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Glad you got to get away. I leave on my grils trip in 2 weeks, cannot wait! It is our tradition to stop at Preisters too. LOVE that place. The samples and (alomost) enought to suffice,,,but really one cannot resist a praline!

Looks fun! What a fantastic home.

Granna said...

We were in Gulf Shores a couple of weeks ago and seeing these pictures brought back those memories. This isn't the best time of year to be down there, but it's less crowded and still fun things to do like eating at Lulu's!

Mrs. Trixi said...

That is a beautiful beach house. My dad lives down there in Foley and I haven't managed to make it down in quite a while. I need to go. It looks like you had a great trip!!!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

That sounds like a wonderful time! I need a girls only trip like you wouldn't believe! :) And you're right, it does look very "Coastal Living" there! Glad you had so much fun!!

Nancy said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Rhoda, I can't believe you didn't buy that bunny lamp!!! Lots of beautiful things!

A Southern Sanctuary said...

I'm just soooo jealous! Nothing more fun than a girly trip! No men to moan and groan when you want to shop, or eat or go to the bathroom several times a day! ha! Looks like so much fun! I'm in Texas and I'm already planning an overnight trip to the coast. I hear it's coming together again after the last hurricane!

God bless,

Southerner said...

I'm wavin at you today when I go to lunch with my friends. We are going to Joes. Thanks for the tips. The one girl that is from Chelsea has 10 kids. She is similar to Mrs Duggar in how they raised/are raising them- they are all so Christlike and a sweet family. I guess I am her bad friend:)

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Looks like a fun trip. Everytime I see photos of Gulf Shores, I want to go! I've been getting e-mail stuff from rental management groups at Gulf Shores for about 10 years and yet, we've never planned a trip! Even with all the information, I still don't know what to book for lodging.

I have to really plan my bloggy visits, these days and I still don't get to everyone, I would like to. I really appreciate all the visits and comments, I get, too! Who knew I would have such a following. I am continually amazed!

Darlene said...

What a FUN trip with the girls!!! Just the beach house alone would have made my day!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!

Arlynn said...

What a dream!!!

The Hubs & I are looking forward to a trip down to Amelia Island in about 3 weeks and these pictures are making me impatient : )

Glad you had a lovely time!


Arlynn from Fleur De Licious

Deb said...

oh those photos of the beach are so beautiful, the only beachs I have been to are Corpus and Galveston and believe me they are this nice. Glad you recharged your batteries with the girls.

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

What a great trip Rhoda! Being from TX I should have known about all the different pecans. But I didn't! So interesting!

Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home said...

I, too, had no idea there were so many varieties of pecans. Thanks for teaching me something new.

I loved the iron item with the cheese, bread, and half an apple on it. I can vision multiple uses as an entertaining piece and also for plants and flowers.

So happy you had such a delightful trip with your gf's.

Laryssa @ Heaven In The Home said...

I think your hair looks lovely! Mine curls at the first hint of humidity. Since I live in middle Tennessee, that's practically all summer!

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Oh, you made me feel like I was there! I've been to LuLu's many times. LOVE IT and Gulf Shores! Have fun!! Have you eaten at Lambert's and thrown a roll. Also, check out a place on Orange Beach past the Phoenix condo's called Tootie's or somethng like that. Sorry I can't get closer to the name, but it's a really cute shop.

KMfamily ;-) said...

this makes me want to call my girlfriends so we can take our own girl trip!
Thanks for posting - love everything you share with us all!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Fun, Rhoda! Looks like a great time!


Sheila :-)

Joanna said...

What a fun trip!

Sassy Cass said...

How fun! I know each and every one of those places very well. I love Calypso Joe's. The blackened tuna salad is to die for!:)

Evy said...

There's nothing quite that good as some girl time! Can truly make you forget all problems while basking in some sheer fun!

Oh, and that little store looks amazing!

WendyBee said...

Dear Rhoda,
I love your blog. I only found you recently, but you've opened a whole new world to me. I live on the coast of Maine, and today is cold and rainy. We still have snowbanks melting on the sides of the roads (inland is worse), the baseball fields are so muddy that the Little League baseball teams have just started practicing on blacktop parking lots until the fields dry out, and my tulip leaves are just poked about 1 inch out of the muck.
But you inspire me all the same. We just painted the dining room walls taupe, and I've cut forsythia branches to force (can't wait to see them against the taupe), and I have a few little bunnies tucked here and there. Now I think of you when I glimpse them! Thank you for your lovely blog and drop by if you can get a chance........

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda,

Sounds like y'all had a great time...and you're right nothing like girl time...I remember that beach house from last year..what a beauty !!!

I have to get down to your neck of the woods...I would want to plan something before it's gets too HOT..April or May would they be best ???

Pls show your new sandals, I have not seen anything like those up here, I LOVE flip flops....

I think your hair looks nice curly, my daughter's does that and she hates it too, guess the grass is always greener, mine just gets straight as a poker and SHE thinks I'm the lucky one..

Its a rainly yucky day here...but the grass is getting green and my flowers are starting to peak through the ground...they make my heart sing...and every year at this time I feel a rebrith !! I hate our Winters, but can't imagine living without our other 3 seasons !!!

Glad you're bateries are recharged, I bet you're getting excited about your new kitchen...I don't know if I mentioned but I love what you did with your shelf :)

All the best,
Kathy :)

Susan said...

Loved this post! Thanks for mentioning OKA sandals. I bought some in Savannah in October and gave them to a friend. Then I wanted to get another pair for me and couldn't remember the name. I couldn't find any here in California. So now I can order some on line. I love the bows and being able to change them out.
Hugs, Susan

cindy said...

Rhoda, You do find the nicest places to shop. How nice to be able to go along with you !:D I cannot find any birds, nests or nice liite bunnies here in Canada. I soooo want to go to the US to shop. Thanks for the fun!! Hugs ~CINDY S~

Pattie T. said...

Looks like it was a good time. I love those flip flops (haven't seen them here yet, but I'll be on the prowl) and that iron piece is great.

Tami said...

Nothing like a little girly time!!
What fun and at the beach to boot.

Have a great weekend!

Rose said...

Girly time! I love that no matter what the weather, you all know how to enjoy a good time!

Anonymous said...

Yellow Box Flip Flops are the BEST!!! you are going to Love them! I've got about 5 pairs from over the past couple years.

Anonymous said...

Girls Rule!!!

Farrah said...

I love the Oko shoes. They are really comfortable. They are definitely popular down here-I'm in Atlanta.

Looks like y'all had a great time and that's so needed.

Jen Kershner said...

What a blessing our girlfriends are to us as we get older! So happy for you that you had time away with yours, Rhoda!

Sandra said...

I always like what you post in your blog! I love that bunny lamp! Because I enjoy your blog so much I have an award for you on my blog. Have a wonderful day.


theresa.estrada said...

Love the Red Star.

Kristi said...

Did you happen to stop by the framing shop by Wysteria Cottage? My cousin, Chris Edgar, owns and runs the business. They are great at framing.

My grandparents live in Fort Deposit, so we are frequents to Priesters...

Betty Parker said...

Such beautiful pics of the beach. I am convinced that we have the most wonderful beaches ever.(Alabama and NW Floria coast)Hwy 30-A is my very favorite. Seagrove beach, Rosemary Beach, Watercolors.
Thanks for sharing. I'm ready to go!

Runner Mom said...

What a fun time!! So glad y'all enjoyed yourselves! You HAVE to get a pair of the OKA's--they are so comfy that I can stand and teach in them all day long! My feet are about comfort!!! Great pics, Rhoda!!

Take a look at my blog when you get time--I would love your advice on my UGLY vases!!!


Lisa said...

What a treat you had spending time with your friends! No need to fret over the added curl. Your hair looks adorable.

Sares said...

Ah, the beach. I love the beach, any beach. I do have to say though, your white sandy beaches look more inviting than the cold, gray, sandy beaches of the Pacific Northwest. I imagine the sounds and smells(my favorites) are similar though. I love those flip flops. I've never seen anything like them, but they look like my kind of shoe. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

Susie Q said...

How fun. I long to do that with some girlfriends....maybe up into the moutains...I'd be so tempted to sleep the whole time!

And check out Lot of help for your hair.

KK said...

Looks like a beautiful and fun week you ladies had. So glad for you and your friends. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures.
Blessings always,
Matthew 21:22

kim said...

Hi Rhoda,

What a great trip y'all had. It has been several years since I have been to Gulf Shores. You stopped at my favorite shop, Wisteria Cottage. We stopped there on the way home from Biloxi last year and I bought a beautiful large rooster petit point pillow. I think I am ready to head in that direction again so I can shop there again.

Your friend Kim from RMS

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Rhoda,
I have to agree... a girlfriend trip to the beach is just so much fun...the walking, shopping, and sitting around in PJ's and just talking!

I love LuLu's....although we didn't go the last time we were there.

I have tried Windows Live Writer and really love it! Thanks for the post on it!

:) Diane

momof3girls said...

hey girl, I'm to late to enter the drawing but after reading about your trip and seeing the beautiful beach and fun shops I had to leave you a comment and say I hope you all have a great time! I am so jealous as I sit typing this snuggled under my blanket (yes, I said blanket) due to the cool whether in my part of the great USA. Looks wonderful- ENJOY!

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

It looks like you had a great time!! We all need some girl time! I always enjoy looking through your pictures and see your finds! Thank you for sharing!

Hugs to you,

Jessica said...

Sounds like such a fun trip! I need to get travelin'!!! The Gulf looks so beautiful, I've never been down there. I would just love to visit Wisteria Cottage (although I would have to just look). How in the world did you pass up the bunny still my precious! Glad you had a great time...can't wait to see more!

Cote de Texas said...

I'm sorry, but I think your hair looks adorable curly!!!!!! I love it like that!!!!!

Renae said...

I'm with Joni! I like your hair curly too!
I found you over at Kelee's...well done!
My son goes to Samford and I visit often...I will have to look you up next time!

Renae said...

Ohhh...I meant to comment on your Girl trip...I so need one of those....they are the best!