Thursday, July 2, 2009

Selling Grandma's House


In case you might be wondering, we recently said goodbye to Grandma Eleanor’s little house, since it was recently sold. With this market, I guess we were lucky to get what we did out of it and after about 6 months on the market, a single lady bought it and has already moved in. Peter and I went by there just to check things out one more time before the closing day.IMG_5077

I know he is relieved to have it sold. No more paying property taxes on it and no more maintenance. It is a cute little house, but with that comes the upkeep of older properties.


The neighborhood in Crestwood still has some very pretty cottages that are in much better shape than Grandma's house was. Unfortunately, this area is not the best in town. This house just a couple houses down has a beautification award sign in the

And it’s been kept up well. I think there are still quite a few elderly folks living in the neighborhood, but younger ones are moving in as well. IMG_5075

And this one across the street really has some nice curb appeal. But, time to say goodbye to the little house. Grandma was not happy about selling it, but it will benefit her in the long run. She only lived in this house for about 2 or 3 years and she’s been away from it for 9 years now. I didn't realize it had been that long. In fact, only 3 years ago when we moved over here, all we heard was how Grandma wanted to sell this little house and use the money to build a log cabin as a second home. I'm talking obsessed for more than a year. Over log cabins. Yikes! So you can imagine all of that to deal with. No way can you just let them do what they want.

She lives with Peter’s mom in a nice suburban brick garden home outside Birmingham. And it’s paid for. So they can really just enjoy themselves without a lot of worries now. She has a little rose garden that she putters in and their property is the perfect size for them. So, farewell little house. Someone else can love the house now. Eleanor is doing just fine where she is.


So, on the way back home, we stopped off in Five Points to have dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant.


Surin West. We ordered egg rolls for an appetizer. IMG_5093

And I had my favorite Pad Prik, a delicious entree of pork, onions and green peppers, and mushrooms.

A good way to end the day. Do you like Thai? It's one of my favorites now.

Head on over to my friend, Kaye's blog for a fun 4th of July giveaway this weekend. You'll want to get in on it!

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Blondie's Journal said...

I'm happy for you, Peter & Grandma Eleanor that the house sold. I have never been in that situation but my dad is now going on 83 and who knows what the future holds.

Never heard of the Thai dish you ordered. Do you think they have different Thai food in the south than they do in the midwest?!!

Have a great 4th, Rhoda!! :-)


Melanie said...

What an adorable house! Love it!

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

This house is adorable. I'm glad you were able to sell it.

I've never had thai food. It's spicy, right? I love anything spicy.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the house sold. You are very lucky to sell it in this economy, so many houses on the market!

I hope Eleanor continues to do well. It's so very hard to see them have to give up their independence. They may get strange ideas about what they want to do, but I think it has to do (in some way) with them losing independence and having to depend on others. That can be so very hard for them. Glad to hear she has her roses.


Bonita said...

Grandmother's house reminds me of our first house. It was a bungalow and not in the best part of town, but it was ours. I think her house is adorable and the perfect size for a single woman. I hope the new owner enjoys it and that Eleanor can relinquish it without a lot of drama.

I've never tasted thai food. For some reason, it's never appealed to me, but your pictures and description make it seem tasty. Maybe I'll try some.

Lara said...

Well, now I am terribly homesick. Grandma Eleanor's home is just so cute. I kinda like those "transitional areas" of Birmingham. I wanted to live in Forest Park/Highland area but we lived in Helena.

If you ever get to Surin at lunchtime order the "Chicken Noodle Bowl". Its rice noodles with chicken and a creamy coconut curry sauce. My husband & I have been in FL for 5 years & we still talk about the noodle bowl.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Congratulations on the sale, Rhoda! I'm glad the stress is off of your DH. That's a good thing and worth its weight in gold.


Sheila :-)

Adrienne said...

love thai food. went to see mom on monday and we shared beef salad and yellow curry. mmmmmm! sweet home grandma lived in.

paintergal said...

Those are my kind of houses! Glad to hear Grandma's house sold.

Lou Cinda said...

I am so happy for you that you were able to sell the house! I just recently sold my parent's home (after 3 years!) and it was bittersweet to say the least! But the burden of "trying" to take care of it was almost unbearable! Both of my parents are deceased and it was a large house with property which needed to be mowed, etc. The man who bought it is precious sweet and he is restoring it and I LOVE everything he is doing! I go by often and he lets me just wander through and relive all of my childhood memories, as I was raised in that house!

Anway, I'm rambling!!

Have a great 4th!

Lou Cinda :)

Things That Inspire said...

It's interesting, as much as I love houses, I have never really been attached to the ones I have lived in. Perhaps that is because I moved so many times growing up; by the time I was 12 I had moved 7 times.

I wonder how I will feel when we sell our current home? It is the home that my three children have lived in their entire lives. I guess it depends what I am moving in to!

It is nice that someone has moved into the home and are living there, instead of tearing it down. So many small, older homes have been torn down in Atlanta, but just as many have been renovated. It seems like more and more people are renovating and staying put these days.

Thai...oh, now you have put that in my head! I love it.

Susan said...

What a blessing (albeit bittersweet) the house has been sold! I have lots of friends that live in Crestwood and LOVE it. Trust me--that little area of Crestwood North is really up and coming for young people and families! I'm sure the new owner will give it the TLC it has missed since your GMIL moved away. I'm glad your GMIL is happy in her new place--gardening is good for the soul, they say...

I'm so happy your husband STILL has his grandmother. What a treasure. I lost my dear GM several years ago, and have become very close to my husband's grandmother--still going strong at 91. My daughter is her namesake.

Love Surin, but have you tried Taste of Thailand? It's in Hoover off of Lorna Road--VERY good. In fact, I think the owners may have opened another Thai restaurant down your way in Inverness...also, next time you're in Five Points, check out the Indian restaurant by Western. YUMMY.

Anonymous said...

I know that y'all can rest easy now that the home is sold. I hope the new owner enjoys it. The home looks like a gem.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Nancy said...

I'm sure there are mixed emotions involved in selling a home, but I'm glad it sold for you. It's a sweet little home and the other homes nearby look sweet as well.

I've never had Thai before. But your meal sounds good!


Richella said...

Surin West! Yummy! My husband's office was in Five Points, and I loved going to have lunch with him. So much to choose from down there.

I'm for you guys that you were able to sell the little house. That's one worry you can cross off your list, thank God.

Have a great day!

Natalie said...

The house is charming and I am delighted that it sold. I understand her reluctance to sell. I think it must be very hard to have to give up your home and independence and have a need to rely on others. I am so glad she has her garden - digging is good for the soul!

Have a happy and healthy 4th!

Teacher said...

Thai food is amazing! My favorite are pad thai and chicken massamon. Your grandmother's little house is too cute. I am glad everything worked out for the best with its sale.

marty39 said...

It's always so hard to give up any house. I find it hard to move and I'm sure she did too. Nice to get it sold. I hope she's happy. Hugs, Marty

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

It's so good to hear Grandma Eleanor's house has sold.

I love that style house. I would be happy to sell our home and the condo, if I could find a home like that, on the water, completely renovated and ready to move in!;-)

blushing rose said...

Hold close to your heart the wonderful memories that you have, & enjoy the joys it will bring to another lady of the manor. Happy 4th, my friend. TTFN ~ Marydon

KK said...

I am so thankful her house did sell as I'm sure you are too! And thrilled that she is happy where she is now.
Thanks so much for the mention of the giveaway.
You are very sweet and very special to me.
Blessings today and always,
Matthew 21:22

HeathahLee said...

I know you are glad to have it sold! It was a cute little house, though!

And we have a little Thai restaurant here where I live. I haven't been there but once, but I am dying to go back! I got the Pad Thai noodles (at least I think that's what it was called) that had peanut sauce in them...YUMM-O!

Tracy @ comfortandluxury said...

So nice to hear that Grandma's happy where she's living now. I remember reading your story about painting her house and how insistent she was that she'd be moving back in. I really sympathized with her then. As much as I love my little house, I can't imagine wanting or having to leave it and my life here. She's so lucky to have you and your husband and whoever else has worked so hard to smooth her transitions. And you've racked up massive 'good karma' points!
Have a fantastic Fourth, Rhoda!

Michelle said...

So glad to hear the house sold! Our house in PA sold last week so now we're househunting in our new hometown in Idaho. :)

I love Thai food! My favorites are spring rolls and garlic chicken.

Becky K. said...

What a cute post. Your personality is showing. I got a chuckle out of your relief to have this behind you. Very understandable.

This house will make a lovely home for its new owner, I am sure. It is a good thing that Grandma Eleanor is safely with her daughter.


Becky K.

Rona's Home Page said...

What an adorable home. This would be the perfect size for us.
My husband says that he wants a yard to maintain. I would love a little garden and I know Toby, the wonder dog would love it too.
Have a Happy July 4th.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

What a darling little house! Great neighborhood too. :) Glad you were able to sell it so a new family can enjoy it. :)

MimiG said...

Surin West - Thai beef salad. T.H.E. B.E.S.T. S.A.L.A.D. ever!

Lauren said...

hey rhody - your bead board thing looks good! love you. lauren

Shanna said...

what cute houses!

Wagonwife Designs said...

I am happy that the home sold and the maintenance phase is over for you. There is so much too be grateful for, but the loss of independence is so hard for seniors. I hope this new chapter will be a wonderful one for your family. Creating new memories with much less stress.
Thanks for the tour.

Melissa Miller said...

Congrats on the home sale Rhoda! I'm sure it was bittersweet.
What a precious neighborhood.

How cool!
Surrin is my sister and her hubby's favorite restaurant.
I'm pretty sure I told you she lives in Birmingham and is a teacher at VHHS.

Have a bleassed and Happy 4th!
~Melissa :)

grannyann said...

I know what you mean, I rent out my mom's house and the upkeep is hard. It is right next door so that makes it easier but renters are hard on it. I really need to sell it before Obama's deal passes and I have to make it energy efficient or let it sit. Might let it sit then I don't have to worry about renters next door.

Kristen said...

YUM! I love Surin West.

Crestwood seems to be making a comeback. I live over in the McCalla/Bessemer area and things are picking up over there as well.

momstheword said...

I loved the cottage tour (I followed the links). Very cute little house. My grandma's house was a small cottage too.

My mother lives with us now. Originally she had hope that she could live alone after my dad passed away a year and a half ago.

But a couple of trips to the hospital and needing help to recover convinced her she couldn't be by herself.

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Congrats on the sale. The little cottage is adorable. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Just an adorable little cottage. And the upgrades inside look so nice. Love the floors. I hope the new owner loves the home and cares for it well. Grandma Eleanor is lucky to have family to help with things like this. But it has to be hard to give up her independence. I dread the day that my daughter says "No way can you just let them do what they want" about me. sigh ...

The Pilston's said...

Just wanted to say hi because I am a fellow Crestwoodian! It is quite a special place. You can't help but love it. The house we live is a little 1950 cottage. I have been contemplating creating a blog just for it. We are renting while we wait to sell our home in Georgia. The properties in Crestwood are selling very well considering the market.

Todd and Randi said...

Yummy Surin! I used to eat there when I lived in Atlanta. Pad Prik is my favorite dish too! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the house sold. In this market 6 months isn't so bad. I remember you blogging about a few pieces that you hoped to get after the sale. Looking forward to seeing what you will do with them.
You are so creative that I know they will be terrific.

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Glad to hear GMIL and MIL are settled nicely. I see some real pride of ownership in the homes you showed, I'm sure that helped with the sale.
All this talk about Thai is making me hungry! Yes, I love Thai! Have to get DH to try it one day (I usually enjoy it with friends from work.)

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

YUM Surin West is the BEST!!!!
Grandma's house is adorable. I will spread the word - I know a few friends wanting to move to that area!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Oops! I just re-read. I am glad it sold! It is an adorable house so I can see why it sold!
(Seeing Surin is what interferred with my thinking process! I love that place!)
Happy 4th of July to you and your family!!!!!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

I'm glad she's doing well! You were lucky to sell in this awful market!It's such a cute little house. There's so much potential there and I hope the new owners has years of happiness in that house!