Sunday, April 26, 2009

White Creamware

Since there are so many of us who love the bargains of yardsales and thrifting, I thought it would be fun to share our finds every Monday, so for the next few Mondays (don't know how long we'll go), I'm going to put up Mr. Linky and all of you who have been out hunting the bargains can share with everyone what you found. I go yardsaling most every weekend and sometimes I find several great things and sometimes just a few little things, but I'll be sharing my finds too and showing you what I do with them. I have to be very selective these days, since when something comes into my house, another thing needs to go out. We'll call it Today's Thrifty Treasures, so join me here every Monday and I’ll do this at least for the next few weeks if everyone enjoys it. Grab the button for your blog and be sure to link back to my blog too, so everyone can participate. Spread the word!
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Edited to add: OK, Ladies! I'm going to have to do a little tutorial on how to play with Mr. Linky. Once your post is done, click on the title & you will see a long address in your browser box. COPY THAT url and post into the Mr. Linky box, since THAT post will be permanent in the links and months from now, someone can click on your link and find your post. Don't just paste your BLOG url, but the actual post url. Got it, OK good?! I just had to go change a bunch of the links to the actual post.

And just to be fair with this, please post a link BACK here to my blog telling your readers about the party every week when you participate (whether you post my button or not). So now you know how it all works from week to week. Thanks so much!


Even though my collection is not expensive ironstone (I wish!), which is out of my budget for the most part, I just can’t seem to get enough of this white creamware and my eyes are constantly on the lookout for bargains at the yardsales. And luckily, I seem to score pretty often on it too. Found this pretty soup tureen, which has become one of my favorite things to collect in white, recently at a yardsale for $8. A steal! It’s nice and large too.

White tureen

With a cute little lid and a perfect little ladle.
It’s a nice addition to the sideboard. The bunny tureen adds just a bit of color in here too.

Ahhh, it’s so pretty, I could just stare at it awhile.

Never get tired of the creamy white dishes.

I just started my collection in January of last year and just love how it all goes together, with the varied white and creamy tones.

OK, what did YOU find over the weekend? Anything exciting? Do share the treasures. Just add your permalink to Mr. Linky AND add a link back to this post so your readers can join the party too.

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Kimberly Wright said...

Beautiful. I also have a collection of white creamware. Great score!

Unknown said...

Love those pieces!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Very nice find! I also love creamy dishes too. My everyday are white porcelain and the lighter tones simply make food look soooo appetizing.

Thanks for the linky party. I look forward to seeing the latest collected.


WhisperWood Cottage said...

It's a beautiful tureen! Great price, too! You'll probably like the white shell-shaped ceramic placecard holders I found!

Kathi said...

You've got me interested in white dishes too. I bought a stack of four white plates a few weeks ago
at a thrift store. They were all taped together so I couldn't see if they matched. One of them is a Homer Laughlin piece and I love it!
I'm mixing the white with my older dishes and they look great! Can't wait to see what everyone else found this weekend! I got a really cute little sewing machine!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh I am all of a sudden with you and on a constant hunt for white dishes and serving pieces. I love your tureen. It is just fabulous. I will have to take some pics and join the fun. Thanks for a great event. Hugs, Marty

Mary said...

Rhoda, I posted last weeks find since I was busy all weekend, I had to join the party! This is such a great idea.
I love your creamware, your tureen is beautiful. I'm off to see what everyone else found. Mary

Sandra said...

I love your white pieces! I'm always on the lookout for them too. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find them in my area. Maybe I'll get lucky some day. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda! Oh, I adore your creamy soup tureen. I've found a couple and am loving them and want more! lol
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Pam @ Frippery said...

Love the tureen and the idea for thrifty Monday. I have nothing to link as I posted a garage sale day last week. But...hmmm...this gives me an excuse to go hunting this week so I have something to post next Monday!

Pigtown*Design said...

We have something in Baltimore called The Book Thing. It's all of the free books you can carry, cart or drag out of there. People donate books and other people take them. I got a few great free books today! That was my Thrifty Monday on Sunday!

the undomesticated wife said...

Just posted about my weekend garage sale loot. I found a cool old fence piece (7 ft. long) to use as a trellis!

Jenny said...

Pretty! I can't wait to check out everyone's links.

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Rhoda, I have started a collection of white/creamware and love it. Your collection got me inspired. Gotta tell you this, I found a clock this weekend, for $7, but I remembered you got one for $1, so I decided I wouldn't pay any more than $2 for any clock. It worked. Thanks! Linda

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Oh I need that soup toureen!! Just Gorgeous!!
I went to some garage sales on saturday. Did find some pretty vases that match my living room great. Did you know I love's just one of those things I'm always drawn to. Oh and daughter got a panama jack cowboy hat.

Chandy said...

I'll be joining in soon! I love that soup tureen! Love it, love it!
See you tomorrow!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Great find, Rhoda!



Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Rhoda...this sounds like fun! I haven't had much time for shopping lately but I'd love to join in some week if I do come across some never know! :-) Susan

The Tattered Cottage said...

Hi Rhoda -
Love your new tureen. Simply gorgeous! I'm always on the lookout for white pieces too, I think they are so romantic. And, I love the "Today's Thrifty Treasures" such a great idea...I couln't help but join :)

Carol said...

You have recently gotten me interested in it, though I have no pieces yet. My hubby, the kids, and I were driving through our little village here in England, when I spotted something that resembled creamware. I'm hoping if I go there today or tomorrow, it will still be in the window. I'll let you know if I get it. :-)

abeachcottage said...

oh no, I don't like white dishes at all!! haha

love it


Lori E said...

The white looks so lovely in any setting. I haven't been to any yard sales in a long time. It is kinda cold up here still.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Sounds like a fun event. You already know how much I love creamware. The tureen is lovely!

I did met monday this week and featured Mary Ruth's house.

If I come up with a great bargain over the weekend, I'll post it! I'll take the button and put it on my sidebar, this morning.

Lindsay @ Makely said...


rustycupboard said...

apparently its just me but I can't figure out how to attach the buttom for the yard sale monday. any help

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

Lovely tureen! I love white creamware also. :) I'm so glad you started this party. I love looking at everyone's treasures plus I love sharing my treasures too!

Unknown said...

Your creamware is lovely! Isn't the search for the right pieces i just so exciting? I REALLY need to do the "one thing in and one thing out" routine. My closets, basement, and husband would appreciate it. LOL

Can you tell us about the shades on your buffet lamps? I love them.



Unknown said...

I am loving this idea and I hope you do it all summer. Saturday is yard sale day at our house and this is a perfect way to celebrate it.

Great scores your trip!

Allison said...

Yard sales are so much glad you are having a linky party every Monday! Thanks for letting us all join in:)

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Rhoda...Beautiful creamware! I love it! I seem to have a weakness for tureens. :-) Love the new event! Thanks...Debbie

Katie said...

Check out my blog post today!! Love your blog.

Rose - Watching Waves said...

Oh, Rhoda! Your tureen is a gorgeous piece. Will you be using it or will it be decorative? Such pretty, graceful lines.

I'll be checking back to see what others find. I don't have the budget to buy deco stuff (or the space), but am interested in seeing what others find.

phillips phamily said...

I've always marveled at the prices of tureens! You got great deals.

Our dining room now has a platter/plate collection hung. I've picked a fabric (the toile) but I've not purchased it yet. I'm slow to move, girl!

Thanks for hosting! I'll send you pics when I'm done!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda,
I don't have my own blog but would like to share what I found this weekend.....
A mustard color tray - I would like to play with decorating this....any suggestions?
A large pink basket - my granddaughter's new toy box.
A hat box - and it wonderful, I'm guessing I will display something in it, not sure, again, suggestions?
3 old Valentine post cards
Last Valentine Day, since my lighted wreath was still up, I clipped old Valentine post card to it and called it my Valentine wreath....problem, it got so windy that I actually lost three postcard, this weekend, found three more. I need to figure out a way to clip them on so the wind doesn't blow them off.

Diane said...

Hi Rhoda. Really enjoyed my visit. Love the creamware, just gorgeous. Hugz, Diane

Little Lovables said...


Mary Ruth said...

I never tire of creamware or white dishes! Beautiful find!

Linda in AZ * said...

* Rhoda, I don't really know the "difference" between one or the other~~~ I just know "I like the white stuff"!!!~ It's so clean, so uncomplicated and so dernnnnnned perrrrrrdy!!! And what you've "found" is wonderful, no matter WHAT the "pedigree"!!! I've so enjoyed watching the way you've been adding, subtracting, "whatever-ing"~~~ DELIGHTFUL! Warmest, Linda *

AnNicole@Our Suburban Cottage said...

I love your find! I never get tired of white dishes either. Great idea to share thrift store finds!

the pleasures of homemaking said...

As you know I'm partial to soup tureens anyway and this is such a little beauty! You have a wonderful collection already even though it's only been a few months!

I'll try to play along next week. I found a bunch of good things today at the thriftstore!


A. M. Newsom said...

I am so excited about Thrifty Treasures! I am an avid Yard Sale Geek and I thought that I could look at just a few posts and move, I had to look at every treasure listed! When you are addicted to frugalness, it is too exciting to pass up seeing what everyon else found:)

Betty Jo said...

How fun this is going to be! I got some nice things this past week at yard sales, I simply haven't had time to photo them. Carolyn and I started decorating our shop today, and it took hours. I'm too exhausted to participate now, but hope to join in next week. Thanks for the fun idea Rhoda. ♥

Peggy said...

Oh , Rhoda....I am never going to get away from my computer if you keep coming up with these great ideas! It is so much fun to visit other bloggers and see their treasures. Thanks for mr. Linky..Peggy from PA

Tina said...

I think I linked my post correctly. The two finds I have are the first!! Thanks for the inspiration! I look forward to finding many more goodies!!

Amanda said...

Rhoda- thanks for the burplap advise- I have some on hand- so Im thiking of trying it out. I hope the spray paint I spraying INSIDE the shade doesnt show through the fabric. I really goofed on this one-but hey for 5 bucks you can take risk like that. So excited about doing more of these on Mondays! thanks for hosting! Your such a blessing & inspiration! My IRL friend Kristen @ WeareTHATfamily said she met you at the blog conference & said you were as sweet as we all thought you were! She loved ya!

Unknown said...

Hi Rhoda, I posted my yard sale finds and linked back to your blog. Thanks for hosting. I can't believe that in my decluttering years I gave away two white soup tureens! After seeing yours I will have to scope some out at yard sales. Have a great day.

Christina said...


I love your soup tureen. It looks fabulous on the buffet. You have such a beautiful collection. $8.00--what a great deal!

I linked up with you. Had some recent finds to share and a party is always fun! After the kiddos are in bed, I look forward to looking to see what everyone has found. Thank you for hosting.

Victoria has recently found
something fabulous for her media center. She is in the midst of having some rooms painted, but maybe she can get it up for next week.

Lori Lynn said...

My entry is from a couple of weeks ago. Hope that's ok!! We haven't been 'out junkin' due to our room remodel needing to be finished!

Carmen Baker said...

Beautiful pieces. Great post. My aunt is an interior decorator in Florida and I have to share your amazing site with her. Very well done.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

That ironstone tureen is so pretty, and I love that it can be used with any tablescape. Such a classic look. laurie