Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh, the fun of a Catholic Rummage Sale

In spite of the fact that it was the 4th of July weekend, a holiday weekend, I still found one sale to go to. I figured everyone would be at the beach or the lake (and I really think 1/2 of Birmingham is gone, as evidenced by the lack of traffic). I mean, isn’t that what people DO on the 4th of July?

Apparently, the big Catholic church in Homewood’s annual 4th of July rummage sale and festival is where everyone in Birmingham decided to go Saturday morning. So, my idea of popping in there quickly did not happen. We had to stand in line. And people, I do not like to stand in line to do my yardsaling, I can tell you that for sure. Especially when it’s hot. And you can count on it being H.O.T. in July in Alabama. But, since there were hardly any others going on and I had driven all the way down there, I stood in line and waited for a good 1/2 hour. In the heat. Sweltering and sweating. I would have really been mad if I hadn’t found any treasures, but I did, so all was good.


I snatched this cute old mirror for $3. It’s maple, but I’ll probably paint it and hang it somewhere. Love the rope that it hangs from. I had to grab things quickly, since there were so many people in there and it was jam packed with stuff. I would have liked to take my time and really browse, but that was hard to do under the circumstances, so I went through pretty fast and grabbed a few things I had to have.


This is a heavy wall shelf that someone probably built from scratch. It’s laminate over plywood and VERY heavy. Love the detail and shape of the corbels on this piece and it was only $2. The faux wood laminate is awfully ugly, but it will get painted. What and where, I don’t know yet. It actually reminds me a lot of my Ballards shelves that I paid a bunch more for. It’s 2’ wide and 9” deep and once painted will be gorgeous.


See the details on those corbels? Nice.


This little adorable original oil painting of a beach scene was $1.50. Love this. I’ll paint the frame a creamy white and distress it.


And you know how I love little bottles. This one was only 25 cents and has a neat stainless steel shaker top.


And a soft as a glove black leather purse by Worthington was $1 and really cute. All it needs is a good cleaning and leather conditioning and it will be perfect.

So, that’s what I brought home on Saturday. It was so crowded that I just flew through there and didn’t take my time to look at everything, especially cause I was lugging that heavy shelf around, I just paid for my stuff and left. Now the good thing is that on Sunday, everything is 1/2 price. So, where do you think I went this afternoon, just to see what all I missed. And at 1/2 price, how fun is that to find more bargains?


So, back this afternoon on 1/2 price day, I spied a pair of custom Roman shades that I thought would be perfect with my toile drapes in my guestroom. 1/2 price was $4 for 2 shades (I’ll probably only use one, but that’s still a super deal). And you know what? They are! Right down to the right color and width of the window. They had the dimensions marked on them at 36” and I knew that should work and you can see it will work perfectly. I’m going to install them right up under that Paris sign and they will be beautiful. I had to use the flash in this pic and the wall color is not this minty, more of a soft pear green. Now, I can get rid of the ugly metal white blinds that are all on the back windows of our house that I hate, but haven’t replaced. One at a time, I will do that too. I could use the other one in my DR, but I really need to keep all my white wood blinds facing the street, so I’ll have to think about that.


This nubby black/tan fabric is just perfect with my toile drapes.


A 1972 David Hicks decorating book was 50 cents. Should be an interesting read.


I saw this cute little marble based brass lamp on Saturday, but at $10 wasn’t willing to pay that much (I’m cheap, what can I say!). And since I didn’t really need it, passed it up, but it was still there on Sunday, so for $5, it made me like it SO much more. I’ll give it a makeover and a new shade and it will be really pretty. Of course, I’ll share the makeover with you. That dated pleated shade will go.


This, I love. I snagged this old Westinghouse fan as soon as I walked in on Sunday, and at $5 a great deal. I would have been too cheap to pay $10 for it yesterday. It’s the real deal and I even plugged it in and it still works. I’ll put this in my toile guestroom up on the chest of drawers and if my guests want to use it, they can. It might be a fire hazard, so I won’t keep it plugged in all the time and hey, the dust was free!

So, that’s my finds of the week. Wasn’t sure I’d get out there this weekend, but I managed to find a good one. I’d say it was a pretty good sale overall and I will definitely go back to the annual Catholic church rummage sale.

Did YOU get out to any sales? There usually aren’t a lot on holiday weekends, I’ve noticed in my area. But, we’re playing anyway, so link up if you have some finds to share. You know the drill by now, so please go by the rules. Please link up your thrifty post here on Mr. Linky and NOT just your blog url. Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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86 friends stopped by:

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Hello! Happy Sunday. I love the is so graphic and interesting. Thanks for being our hostess...

Anonymous said...

Well I almost made it to #1, lol. Love that fan. You always find the best deals. That mirror is sweet too. Can't wait to see what you do with it. I hope you had a good 4th.

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

my first html is wrong. Number 5 is correct. sorry.

Anonymous said...

That fan is a real treasure! Neighbor had a small sale on Friday afternoon. Her sales are always fun because she is nice to talk to, she has a variety of items and her prices are low. Two Eddie Bower quilted pillow shams (now used for dog bed covers), a brand new Winterthur linen tea towel, Polish yellow enamel tin container with lid and handle and...a barbed wire wreath with two horseshoes as accents. Total for Friday was $7!.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks like you got some goodies. I will be back to take a better look - I am on the run right now.:)

★Carol★ said...

Sounds like you had to grab things first, and think about whether you really wanted them later! I love that mirror! It looks really old, and has a great shape to it. And that shelf looks nice and chunky, with great shaped corbels. AND, you found so many great things the second day! Lucky girl!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh my word, all your treasures are wonderful. It was well worth the trip and you found such neat things. Love them all. Hugs, Marty

Suzanne in TX said...

Rhoda--I just emailed you directly because I goofed up with Mr. Linky again--so sorry! I love all of your treasures this week. That fan is a KILLER. I bet it looks great in that room of yours. Off to do some blog hopping.

Debbie's Garden said...

Homewood Alabama is our sister city. I'm in Homewood, Illinois. The Mayor there has come to visit here. I stopped by Homewood, AL years ago after dropping my daughter off to college at Univ of Souther, Mississippi. Beautiful place.

Chris the Yardsale Queen said...

those old fans do look real cool. another thing to keep in mind is to make sure no little kids are ever around it since the protective screens around them are not as safe as new ones (and they can easily fit their hands in it)

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Sounds like popular event! What a cute purse you got and love that old fan! I didn't find anything at the thriftstore this week so I have nothing to post! I did finish my checkerboard pattern on my deck so I posted that. It's not finished, I still have to paint a few things to put on the deck.


akawest said...

The FAN!!!! That is such a wonderful find. Everything is wonderful, but the FAN!!! Oh, wow!

abeachcottage said...

I'm loving that fan Rhoda, for $5 - just imagine how much that would have cost in an antiques thrifting

thanks for hosting, I'm off to surf around


Brenda Pruitt said...

Hello, I just found this blog carnival recently. And this is my first time participating. I went to mine on Friday, as much was closed around here Saturday. I love your finds. ESPECIALLY that fan! Oh, how I love those old fans! They sure don't make them like they use to! Solid as a rock!

Kari said...

You found some great stuff! Looks like a lot of fun {despite the heat} and I would have loved to have been there with you. Nice find on the roman shades!!!


Rose - Watching Waves said...

Great shopping, Rhoda! And so cool that you got some cool stuff for 1/2 off. The roman shades look like they were made for that window! I love little bottles; you scored a great one!

Blue Creek Home said...

Birmingham was empty because everybody was at Lake Martin!!!
I know it had to be bad standing in line for your goodies, but you really did find some great things. I can't believe your luck with the blinds. They look great with your toile panels.

Rosie said...

You got some great bargains! I didn't know anyone else bought those old decorating books! My favorites are by BH&G.

momstheword said...

Wow, did you score or what. Can't wait to see the "after" pictures of that shelf and the lamp!

I loved your toile curtains mixed with the check, and the Roman shade looks awesome with it.

Sandy said...

I have some fun finds but no time to post right now. Love your finds, esp the fan! Happy new week, Rhoda. Hugs!

Sue said...

Rhoda, Your bargains are fantastic this week! The mirror w/the rope hanger is cute and will be fantastic when re-painted. And your shades- they coordinate so well with what you already have!! Funny how we Catholics are always there hosting a sale. LOL :-) Sue

The Stylish House said...

You found some great loot! I love the mirror and fan the best, but everything looks like a good deal. My father always told me "it is not cheap it is inexpensive!"
Wishing you a nice Sunday evening.

Michelle said...

What a deal on the Roman shades! They look perfect with the drapes!

Rhonda said...

I love the shape for your lamp and am looking forward to seeing it after you make it over.

I don't like standing in lines, esp. in the heat either. But it looks like it was worth it for you this time.

Marie said...

Hello Rhoda - what lovely finds! I especially like the old fan. You really got some great steals!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

You did get some deals. Looking forward to seeing what you do with all your great finds.

Pam @ Frippery said...

Awesome finds. I can't believe you found shades that were so perfect. What a score!

Missy Wertz said...

Rhoda, you did really well! Fabulously well!!! Love that fan, and the mirror. The roman shades could not be so perfect. I have 2 of those bottles. I bought them new at that french store Tar'jet'. They did not cost .25 cents apiece either. And yours looks brand new.

I had a house full, or I would have made it over there.

Hope to join your party next week!

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Great finds, Rhoda! The fan is very "cool." Ouch...bad pun! :-) Can't wait to see what you do with your new lamp...I love the base! Susan

Justabeachkat said...

Know where everybody went? Here! Believe me, we had everyone right here!

Looks like you snagged some goodies.


Bonnie said...

You always find such fantastic treasures! Love the fan!
I love visiting your blog for ideas and HOPE. The cool stuff IS out there. I just have to find it!

blushing rose said...

Well, you did right well there. The little shaker is a restaurant shaker, either a sugar or vinegar used a lot in the 60s/70s. I remember Mother having a fan like this. Love rummage sales ... TTFN ~Marydon

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I knew if anyone would manage to come up with some fantastic stuff this weekend, it would be you! :) I love the little black fan, and I can't wait to see how you paint the laminate piece. I only had one find for the week. :)

The Runyans said...

i ADORE that fan. i would love to find one of those for 5 dollars. WHOO HOO!


Ms Jackie's Junque said...


You found some GREAT things! We didn't have any sales here this weekend! Boo! I love the shade. Hopefully it will keep out the hot Alabama sun! We're sweltering down here in Mobile with all the humidity!


Kammy said...

Rhoda !
You did find some great buys..can't believe it was on a holiday - think of how crowded it would have been it it weren't ?
1/2 off the next day - super great and really cheap that fan !
Hugs ~ Kammy

Vanessa Greenway said...

Love the fan!! It is adorable and what a steal! Have a great week!

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

You ARE a die-hard thrifter if you will endure the heat and standing in line! Despite the crowds, you got some great things but I think the little vintage fan is my favorite. Very charming!

Bill said...

Hi,Rhoda. You did extremely well --- and on a holiday weekend at that -- amazing!!! You obviously have a great "eye" when it comes to design/decorating, and the imagination to envision how your finds can best be utilized when you get them home. And, of course, you know a bargain when you see one!

I echo what so many others have said when I say the fan is fantastic --- if you ever decided to sell it, you'd be able to recoup your investment MANY times over! The roman shade is perfect!

Thank you once again for your thoughtful comment on my latest post and your suggestion that I hang onto the old shade (not to worry --- I rarely get rid of ANYTHING!).

What about you? Do you ever HAVE a yard sale? Or do you have unlimited storage in your home that allows you to rotate your collection? ;)

Hope your Monday goes well!

Bill @ Affordable Accoutrements

Unknown said...

Rhoda - I adore that fan. Thanks for all you share. I am so excited about participating in your Monday!


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Oh Ms. Rhoda...I am in LOVE with that fan! It is absolutely amazing and what a steal for $5. I'm so impressed that it actually works too. You scored...yet again. You really are the yard sale "diva"!


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

You always find the best "treasures". Glad you had a successful weekend. Hope you had a wonderful 4th! That fan was my favorite! Love & blessings from NC!

Unknown said...

Rhoda, you had a great thrifting weekend! I love the shelf, you will make it fabulous of course! The fan is great! Those nubby shades look perfect with your toile! The painting is lovely! The mirror is darling! Can't wait to see the makeovers!

Thanks so much for hosting!

BTW, what time do you put up Mr. Linky?


Anonymous said...

Did you ever find some great stuff! Thank you so much for hosting this every Monday. It makes Mondays my favorite day of the week. It is so fun to see what everyone else has found and what their ideas are for doing something new and creative with their finds.

~Kimberly said...

Loved seeing all you found this weekend! This is my first time linking! I'm super excited to check everyone elses treasures! I've just recently started thrifting and LOVE it!

cotedetexas said...

da fan! da fan!

i LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharing with Sherri said...


Love the brown toile window treatment sooo frenchy and cute!

The fan is sooo cool! What a great find!


Mary said...

Rhoda, I didn't get to any yardsales, they were few and far between.
I love your fan, I have an old one similiar too that I found for free. It still works great too.
Love the Roman shade, perfect for your room. And of course I'll be looking forward to seeing your makeovers!

Paula@SweetPea said...

You had a very productive weekend for only going to one sale. I look forward to the makeover that you will give the lamp, shelf, and frame. Love the shade - you hit the jackpot on that!

Barbara said...

RHODA, I don't have a post for you today but




Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Rhoda, I don't know how you do it, but you hit the jackpot again. The mirror, shelf, lamp and shades are all great! What fun! Linda

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

Oh my goodness!!!! An antique fan! I've been on the hunt for one since I saw one in an antique shop (It had an aqua base, my fave color)for $30 while I was in college. I loved it then, but couldn't really see spending $30 on something other than food at the time, lol. You are supper lucky to find one for so cheap!!!! They really add something cool to decor.

I also love the mirror with the rope detail, you can make it beachy in a snap. And the oceanside print is fabulous, great finds!!

Unknown said...

I love that fan! It's sooooo vintagey & lovely!

Debra from Bungalow said...

Hey Rhoda,
I KNOW you can rewire that cute fan!

Elle Jay Bee said...

I love your finds, especially that fan! I, too, found some great things this weekend (at my favourite antique shop). Unfortunately, I am not on the ball enought to get photos up. I would have like to have joined your party, but I'm doomed to be late, as usual!!

Please stop by my blog mid-week. I have a very exciting announcement to make. I can't wait!!

Have a great week, Rhoda!

Toni said...

Hi,Rhoda! I am finally participating in Today's Thrifty Treasures. Thanks for all of your inspiration!

Reid said...

I have to admit I wouldn't have waited! But, love the mirror and the fan! Great finds!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Oh Rhoda, I love love that fan!! I've been wanting one, but won't pay a lot. :)

Do you host your own yard sales often? Or how do you keep your house from becoming too full?

Diane said...

Some great finds! Loved the shades and that fan is to die for. Hugz, Diane

Deserae said...

Ohhhhhh you found some great stuff! I especially love that little sweet! The roman shade is beautiful and is just perfect for your guest room!!! I didn't make it to any garage sales this weekend but did manage to pop into a little antique shop over the weekend. I found a blue and white garden seat for pretty reasonable though :o)Have a great week!

Melissa said...

Rhoda~hello, friend! I love that shelf and the fan! I've been gone, but I'm loving how your beadboard wallpaper turned out. You've given me the guts I need to do it in my laundry room~I'll let you know when I get to it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog so much and have so much fun participating in your Monday thrift party.

Have a great week.

Jadehollow said...

Great Deals! I love that fan.. it reminds me of the ones my grandparents had.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda,
Great finds as usual!!! We had a lot of sales over the weekend, stop by and check out my new chair.


Heathahlee said...

You amaze me! I love all of it!

Amy {The Red Chair Blog} said...

Oh be still my heart--I love that old fan! What a great find! The original painting is so cute too--will look great in a refreshed frame.

Carrie said...

I'm almost positive my grandma had a fan like that!

I love the shelf, the lamp, the curtain....

Great finds!

Anonymous said...

Great finds Rhoda! The Roman shade looks fab with your toile drapes. I didn't yard sale but I picked up a free filing cabinet curbside. It looks great in our computer/craft room. Hubby spotted it first but after everything I've learned from you about thrifting, I agreed it had to come home with us. TFS! Sheila

LaVerne said...

Love the fan! I have one in the garage that I'm going to drag out for the guest bedroom...I always worried about children's tiny fingers...but I'll put it up high.
You're right about church sales being the best...esp. the older congregations...thanks for the post...I'll stop by again soon. Stay out of the heat...LaVerne in Texas

marmielu said...

I have been too busy working on my slipcovers, but just had to leave a comment on that fan. Wow! I would love one of those. That was a REAL find in my book!
Mary Lou

Helen Joy said...

I love the fan and the shades...oh and that great mirror. Very nautical! You could paint it white!

Christina said...

Love the fan, Rhoda. That is a great find. I also love the laminate shelf. You will make it look fantastic. We are participating. Thanks for hosting. It is always fun seeing what everyone has found.

Home as Hobby said...

What amazing buys! I adore that mirror! I can't wait to see how you repurpose everything!

Anonymous said...

Hey, there - LOVE the fan, covet the fan, give me the know what I mean. Great pieces, good for you!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Wow, you girls have been busy! I was gone all day working with my friend, Mary & just got home to see all the posts and comments. It will take me all week to try to get around to visit you all, so if I can't comment on everyone, please understand!

Thanks so much to ALL of you for playing in my party! y'all make thrifting that much more fun.

Wade & Melissa said... the fan! Great find! I have been looking for one at the local G or a garage sale, but so far, I have been unlucky. I have adored one at a local trade emporium, but with a hefty price tag of $195, I had to pass it up.

Four Paws and Co said...

You find the best treasures! I love the painting & can't believe someone let it go.

I always enjoy your Monday thrifty treasures party & wanted to participate this week. Unfortunately my pictures had to be reshot so I'm late joining today.
☺♥☺ Diane

Shannon said...

I love the lamp with the marble on the bottom. Cannot wait to see what you do to it. I need some inspiration for an old lamp of mine. And the fan is the 2nd fav.
-Shannon in Austin

Whitney said...

Great finds! I'm always excited to find someone else blogging from Alabama..

Caro said...

Hi Rhoda!!

I love the fan! I found a similar one a while ago (in turquoise) and DH just doesn't "GET" it! ugh! LOL!!

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

Oh Rhoda, I gasped when I got to the fan picture! What a score! We've been searching for one but so far haven't found anything that is close to what we are willing to pay. Great finds!

The Nester said...

Hello, i am a big dork. I wrote my post this morning and forgot to link up until just now. Duh.

thanks for hosting!

The Lazy Peacock said...

Hi There-
I just came across your blog - I love it!
You found some amazing things.
Looking forward to reading through all your old posts!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

My daughter and I had so much fun a few years ago spending the day at Brimfield, Mass.

(The Mecca of flea markets held three times a year, we went to the one in May when I flew out there to visit to coincide with Brimfield.)

I love thrifting with her as she has a four year degree in Interior Design and worked as a Designer before having four children in five years. :)

Anyhoo, she bought an old fan like that and I thought she was crazy until she got it home and displayed it like a piece of sculpture. It is beautiful!

She had to cut off the plug so none of her kiddies could get curious and plug it in.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

First of all: headline = fabulous. :-) I may have to "borrow" it from you, substituting Methodist for Catholic in two weeks, lol! Though I do not expect to have HALF the luck you did. That FAN! I may have even splurged for the 10 bucks. I'm really surprised it was still there. In my town I think people would have been wrestling one another for it! :-)

Great job. As always!

Miss G said...

I have the same black fan and got mine half off for $5 as well! So fun! Kelly