Saturday, February 3, 2007

Ready for spring....

I'm sipping coffee from my Bunny mug & wishing for spring to hurry up & show herself here in Alabama. We really can't complain, as we've had such a mild winter, but she is making up for it now! My church had a women's event in January called the Birthday Bash & there were 12 tables decorated for each month. I chose to decorate the April table & used all my Bordallo bunny dishes. It was a fun event & we all enjoyed it. Hope you, too, enjoy seeing the spring greens & we will all be waiting & wishing for spring together.

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the Decorated House said...

Lookie who I found!
Hey Girlie! You will have a ball having your own place here. I'm going back to look and read. Instead, I just jumped over to the comments to say hi!
Welcome to Blogsville.

Daisy Cottage said...

Oooh, that Donna is in trouble! I wanted to be the first to sign your brand new blog!! ;-)

Oh well ~ it is WONDERFUL! Congratulations and welcome to the blogging family! I love your bunny table too ~ fantastic!

Daisy Cottage said...

oops, sent that too soon ~ now my "name" should be clickable! ;-)

Maureen Georgia said...

Hi Rhoda. Thanks so much for inviting me over to see your new place! And, yes, you may just tempt me to start blogging here!

Your bunnies and table decor are such a delight, and your talents never cease to amaze me! Love it all!

Vicki Davis said...

Dear Rhoda,

The Bunny Table is elegant, yet whimsical! You are so very talented and creative!!! Glad we're friends!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda.......Thanks for the invitation over to see your new Blog! I love your bunny decor - I am a bunny fan myself. The tables are lovely & yes, remind me of Spring too......come on Springtime!
Thanks for the eyecandy - enjoyed the visit & will come back to see ya!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda! Love your new blog! Your table at the church function looked superb! Thanks for inviting me here. I might start blogging document our kitchen demolition/remodel/etc.


Donna-Marie said...

Hi Rhoda! How exciting that you got your own blog now. Looks like you're having a lot of fun out in B'ham.
Stay in touch,

Donna-Marie said...

How cool! Looking thru the pics of your house, I see some photos I took at your wedding!

Ginger said...

Rhoda! Thank you for the invitation. I am so glad that you are sharing your wonderful talents on line. So here I am drinking my coffee looking East to Birmingham from my desk in Atlanta. It's a beautiful morning and I feel I have a neighbor next door. Love Ginger

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie: I've had a ball today just reviewing your new blog. Thank you for including me in your invitation. I will visit everyday.


Rhoda said...

Thank you all SO much for stopping by! It's nice to see old & new frinds popping in. Please stop by at least once a week...not sure how much I can keep up with updating, but I'll try to make it entertaining. :)


The Carter Clan said...

Hi Rhoda!

Thanks for inviting me to your blog. I'm working on one too. You inspired me! Who knew it would be so easy.

Belle-ah said...

Just found your lovely blog and I, also, have a bit of spring fever after our lovely 70 degree day yesterday (unfortunately, it seems as if Mr. Winter is not finished yet !?!).

Brooke said...

Hello! I just found you-I am in love with that rabbit weathervane! I don't suppose you care to share your source? My husband grew up in Alabama and I actually graduated from (whisper) Auburn. I hope we can still be friends! I am a rabbit lover myself-we must be kindred spirits of sorts.

Rhoda said...

Hi, Brooke, thanks for stopping by! That bunny weathervane came from Target...last year's collection. Did you read my story? I lucked out & got it on clearance for $7.50. I doubt Target has it this year, they always change out their stuff. Come back & visit me again...I'm a bunny-aholic too!


Rhoda said...

Oh, & Brooke...we can definitely be friends! I'm an AL fan by marriage...LOL! I did get to experience my very first college football game last year & it was a wonderful time. Tuscaloosa is a beautiful little town & football fever abounds.