Monday, February 5, 2007

A few of my recent bargains.....

Those of you who know me very well, know that I love a bargain, so I thought I share a few of my most recent finds with you. Not decorating related, but fun finds nonetheless! I have needed new black & brown belts for my jeans (you know, those lower-rise that a regular belt won't work with?) & since I was at the America's Thrift Store last week, decided to look there first & see what I could find. Well, score I did...2 beautiful black belts & 1 brown one....Cole Haan, Levis, & Brighton. Name brands without the name brand cost...all 3 belts set me back less than $8.00. These belts are in terrific shape & will see me through many more years of wear. For those of you who haven't tried thrift shopping, give it a whirl. You just never know what you'll stumble across!

Oh, that animal print fabric that the belts are sitting on.....brand new Jones New York pants (with the tags still on) for $4.00 at another thrift store I visit on occasion. You just can't beat that! So, these are my pick-me-ups for January!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda.......Great score on the belts & jeans! You really do know how to shop - wish we had better shopping here. We flew to Madison on Saturday & shopped at Hobby Lobby, Ann Taylor Loft, etc. It was a fun trip. Looking forward to coming back in the Spring to the showhouse. Your front door looks lovely too in the blog picture..........Bonnie

diana said...

I love a great bargain too... in fact I can hardly stand to pay full price for anything... your blog is so lovely... and such a pretty front door. Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog. Sometimes I am slow to post... but come back !!

Daisy Cottage said...

Oooh, I love your new finds! So pretty! And bargains too ~ that is too fun!!!