Monday, March 19, 2007

Buh, Bye Winter...last bowl of chili for awhile

With winter bidding farewell on Tuesday & spring making her debut, I made chili tonight for's such a comfort food & we dearly love our soups & chilis around here. My sweet DH, Peter, eats anything I put before him, so I get lots of practice in the kitchen coming up with things to feed us. Thankfully, he likes my cooking & is always appreciative & complimentary about my dinner offerings. I make several different kinds of soups, especially during the winter, & we enjoy them so much. When spring & summer arrive, I'm usually ready for something lighter & so soup is not usually on the menu when the temps reach the 80's or 90's as they do in the dog days of summer. So, we enjoyed one last chili supper for awhile. I use the Carroll Shelby spice packet (he's a good ole' Texan), so it's spicy & hot...of course, adding a chopped up jalepeno helps a bit with that too. If you're on the timid side as far as fiery goes, it will blow your head off! I served it with a side of steamed cabbage (I know...cabbage sounds strange with chili, but it really made a good companion!) And ssshhhhhuuuuh, don't tell my DH, but I used 1/2 ground beef & 1/2 ground turkey...need to cut back where we can, you know? He would just scrunch up his face if I told him. I'm so proud of him...he's working out about 5 days a week now, trying to shed some pounds. He already feels so much better for it too.

For a good year-round lighter soup, I wanted to share a wonderful recipe that I got off CopyKats site...they copy restaurant recipes & this one is a winner! I miss our La Madeleine's over here in Birmingham. There are several in Atlanta & that's one place I wish would open up here in AL. Their tomato basil soup is TO DIE FOR....I mean it, really! If you don't have one in your area, you are truly missing out on a wonderful French bistro ambience...they have homemade soups, salads, fresh pastries, & desserts...all with a French flair. Try this soup...I promise you will be hooked! They have restaurants all over the country, but haven't found their way to B'ham yet. I emailed them to puleeeze think about opening up over here....we'll see. See if there's one near you!

Check out La Madeleine

La Madeleine's Tomato Basil Soup

4 C. tomatoes, peeled, cored & chopped or 4 C. canned whole tomatoes, crushed (I used the canned...I like easy!)
4 C. tomato juice & part vegetable stock or chicken stock (I use chicken stock)
12 to 14 washed fresh basil leaves
1 C. heavy cream (told you it was yummy...this is why!)
1/4 lb. unsalted butter
Salt to taste
1/4 tsp. cracked black pepper


Combine tomatoes, juice and/or stock. Puree, along with the basil leaves, in small batches in blender or food processor.

Return to saucepan & add cream & butter, while stirring over low heat. Garnish with basil leaves & serve with your favorite crusty bread.

Note: in the directions, it does say to simmer the tomatoes, juice & stock first & then put it in the blender, but I never do that. I always puree first in blender, then start it simmering & add the rest. You can easily adjust the amounts up or down depending on how much you want to make.Posted by Picasa

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Betty said...


We are big chili eaters at our house also as well as steamed cabbage. I'll have to try them together.

The summer soup recipe sounds yummy, too.

Thanks for visiting with me. I enjoy having company.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,
I grow an herb garden every year with plenty of basil, rosemary, chives, etc. I can't wait to try this recipe. Of course I'll have to purchase the basil this time of year. Thanks for sharing.


TheFeatheredNest said...

Rhoda, Thanks for stopping by and yes, you're right about the b'day! Actually we live in Smyrna so we're fairly close to your old home town of Marietta (which I love to visit since they have the cutest shops downtown).

With the weather in the 70's now, I made my last chicken soup over the weekend. Now it's on to salads.

xo, Manuela

Dorothy~ said...

What a treat! I found your blog (which is just so neat!) AND a recipe to one of my favorite soups! I LOVE La Madeleine's Tomato Basil Soup. I miss their lunch & desserts! My eldest daughter (who is still down in our home state of Louisiana) and I used to have lunch there quite often. Since our move to N.C. last June, I've been missing them as well as some 'deep' Southern cooking! Can't wait to try this recipe out...and soon!! Look forward to visiting your blog again! D~

PAT said...


I think I have the Tomato Basil Soup recipe filed away. I'll copy again, though, just in case I can't find it.

Daisy Cottage said...

Oh yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish you were here to cook for ME! Looks so good Rhoda!!

Southern Heart said...

The soups look (and sound!) delicious...I am always looking for new recipes, and that one sounds perfect. I just love that copycat recipe site! Your DH sounds like a keeper, too.

Thanks again for visiting me today. :)

Cindy said...

I made Chili Verde last night. I'm going to try your tomato basil soup recipe. There is a grocery store near me that sells a tomato basil soup in their deli that is so good but it's expensive. This looks like it will taste the same. Thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...

Good Morning Rhoda....I wrote this wonderful recipe down, and I'm off to the grocery store. I will serve this for dinner tonight and I just know that dh will just love it! My dh eats pretty much anything I put infront of him as well. What good dh they are. We also try to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle, exercising etc....Thanks again for sharing this yummy recipe, I'll let you know how it came out. Happy Cooking, Nicole Cedar Creek TX

Nicole said...

Yumm-O! The Tomato Basil Soup was to die for Rhoda! I made it yesterday for dinner,(with cabbage on the side), and it came out soooo delicious. This recipe is a keeper and its so easy to make. I'm so glad I decided to make it. Bought my favorite crusty bread to dip in and off I went. I had four bowls. LOL! I couldn't stop myself. Hope to get more great easy recipes from you soon. Hugs, Nicole Cedar Creek TX

Rhoda said...

Nicole! I'm SO glad you made the soup...isn't is the absolute best?? I just loved the soup at the restaurant & was so happy to find a copy recipe & it tastes just as good as theirs. And you're right, so easy & fast to make. I'm gonna have to make a batch soon myself. I think it's the cream that takes it over the top. I'm really happy you let me know how much you liked it!!

Please come by & visit me often!


Garden_Antqs said...

The Tomato Soup looks yummy. I'll have to make it for my family. Thanks for stopping by and adding me to your blog.

Stop again soon,

Shabby in the City said...

Thank you! This looks yummy :)

Anonymous said...

Oh YUM! I always love a good pot recipe for the fall and winter season here in the NW! Thank you so much:) Feel free to swing on over for a bit of Hawaiian Kona and some muumuu fashion fun today!

Anonymous said...

My family and I are soup lovers as well and this recipe not only sounds delicious, but looks pretty simple to make...I love it!

It is still chilly here in Oregon so I'm going to prepare this recipe before the warmer weather arrives. Thank you so much for sharing this yummy recipe!

javagirl1111 said...

Ok, today is the perfect day here in Chicago for your chili! It's cold and rainy... I think I need some!

I'm Kina (Shabby in the City's Friend) and I'm putting together a cutsie kind of cookbook with recipes from the potluck! Do you want to be a part? Of course you will be gived full credit for your recipe and pictures, and the name of your blog will be with the recipe! Just let me know if you'd like to participate or