Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Yardsale Treasures

I just "heart" was another fun weekend, hitting a great neighborhood sale. I had to stop after I ran out of money & it was time to go to my spin class at the gym anyway. It was all I could do not to keep going, but oh well, sometimes you gotta just quit.

I've slowly been replacing all the brass fixtures in our house & have most all of the regular ones covered (you know, the hallways, those little lights in the bathroom, extra bedrooms, etc)...found many at yardsales & I'm even doing the changing out by myself. Did I tell you my DH is not handy...well, he's not, but he's fine with me trying new things. So, I do. Just call me Ms. Electrician now. I've got all the fixtures switched to bronze, except the foyer, breakfast area, DR chandelier, & a couple more in our master bathroom, so I've really done well finding many at yardsales & redoing them as needed. One bedroom & my DH's office, I'm adding ceiling fans with lights eventually. This one will get a coat of bronze paint & it will be beautiful in my guestroom. The girl I bought it from said..."now, why didn't I do that?" when I told her I would be painting was $5.

I love finding namebrand clothes at yardsales. These are all really cute & in excellent condition. All were $1.00 each. The green stripe is a nice weight long-sleeved sweatshirt from the Gap. The left little flowered red tank is from Inc. & the other wild pink/black/white print is by Donna Toran (who I've never heard of) and appears to be great quality too. I love adding little things to my wardrobe for pennies! Two hardback books that of course, I had to have...$1.00 each. The Heart of France is beautiful & will sit on my coffee table. Nell Hill's Style at Home, I was SO excited to find. I know many gals who love MC Garrity (Pat, esp. you!) & this is my first book of hers, so I can't wait to sit & browse it.
Here's The Heart of France on my LR coffee table, along with the little bird tray I got a few weeks ago.
And Style at Home on one of the side tables in the LR...don't they look great here?!
Found this arbor at the first stop, new in the box, bargained for $15. It's dark green & says it's made of steel andI will give it a coat of black spray paint...once I get a couple of vines on it, it will be beautiful. We have 2 gates in the fence, so I'll put this one on the back gate. I want a nicer one for the front gate, but this one will do fine for the other one...can't beat the price!

Iron wall pocket, $3. I think I can get this to hang on the front door, so of course, I'll have to do an arrangement in it too! I'll show ya'll when I get it done.

Two more creamware urns to add to my little, but growing collection...these were $5 for both...they have a nice crackle finish to them. For now, I'm putting my collection on top of the china cabinet in the DR. This is what I have so far & all of them came from yardsales or the thrift store...grand total for all 4 = $11!

After disassembling my Easter vignette on the foyer table, I moved the cloche to the DR table & finally remembered my big silver platter that's a perfect fit with it. Left the eggs under it for now, but I really like the mix of silver and glass together. Closeup of the cloche & silver platter.

Here's the foyer table back to normal, with the iron birds from Tues. AM I found not long ago & the welcome rock I found at a yardsale last year for 25 cents. The stack of books are also yardsale finds from the past.

I found so many things I would have love to have brought a black iron & glass console table, a pretty oil painting of France (new, not old), & some pieces of majolica that were so nice...but, it wasn't in the budget right now.

So, until next time....that's all folks!! Hope all you yardsale fans get out soon & find some bargains too! Posted by Picasa

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linda t said...

Good stuff Rhoda!
I get sooo excited to see what my blog friends found over the weekend! How fun to see that special something... waiting for you to take it home!

Southern Heart said...

OMGosh! Can I please yard sale with you? (I know, I know...we would be going for the same things! ;) That M.C. Garrity book is on my eBay watch list, and that door pocket is a really pretty shape. I love every single thing that you bought...and you did so well! You can really get the most for your money. I love all of your rearranging, too.

Our internet was down this weekend due to those storms Friday....I feel that I've missed a whole week of blogging. I'm working 12 hours today and tomorrow, but hope to get good and caught up on Wednesday!

Rhoda, you even have my mother beat on your garage saling-abilities! You did good! :)

PAT said...

One of these weekends, I'm going to stay home from the lake and go garage saling!!

You found some great things Rhoda. Of course, I love that MCG book. She has another one to be released this fall. That will be #5.

I like the looks of your chicken/turkey lasagna and will give it a try. We find as we grow a tad older, the white sauces are kinder!!:-)

Back Porch Musings

Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

Okay I'm going to have to start doing garage sales now! I usually just do thrift stores and flea markets but you have me convinced to broaden my horizons. Great finds!

Candy said...

I love all the pictures. Loved the arbor too!!!

candy :)

The Feathered Nest said...

You are amazing! You always find such good stuff! I love that MCG book. I have her Christmas At Home one too. Great price on that arbor - it'll look really lovely covered with a climbing rose maybe or jasmine? I would have snapped up that iron wall pocket too.

You have a real gift for finding wonderful stuff at fantastic prices!


La Tea Dah said...

Totally terrific finds! Wow! Good for you!

Debra said...

You have got to be the Grand Dame of yard sales! I love to ys too but never find great things like you. You have developed quite an eye for seeing things in a new way. I'm gonna come down there and tag along!

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Great yard sale items Rhoda...the weather still isn't cooperating here in the northeast. Hopefully the weather will be nicer soon and yard sales will start popping up in our area.

smilnsigh said...

"$1.00 ... The Heart of France"

Great! Used on Amazon, these go for from around $8.80 to around $15. I have it, since I love books put out by the old 'Victoria' magazine.


willzmom said...

Love everything! The arbor will be pretty with a vine growing on it, maybe a clemetis? I have that same little bird tray-and I move it from place to place.

Brin said...

Okay, I'm coming to garage sale with you! What amazing finds! I especially love that $15 arbor and the creamware. That would look great in Freeman House, too, should you ever decide to sell! ;)

Hi Rhoda! I appreciate your kind comments on my blog today. I think Blogger had an outage Saturday or Sunday evening or something, so if you left your missing comment then it might have gotten misplaced? I'm sorry I didn't get it and am curious now what you had to say!

I'm thrilled to find your blog and learn more about you! Likewise, I hope you will stop by Freeman House whenever you have the time or inclination!

Have a lovely week,

Felicia said...

Well my goodness its no wonder it was killing you to quit when you ran out of money. You were scooping up tons of lovely bargains!

The Decorated House said...

It is always so interesting and fun to see what you find out there. It's a different city, but you are still finding bargains.
The books are both favrorites of mine and were a great buy! You even have your new things in place already! You are so fast. They all look great where you put them, too!

Betty said...

Rhoda, I can hardly wait for Monday to get here to check your blog and see what you found on Saturday at the yard sales.

You really have a good eye and I'm glad we don't shop the same ones if you got there first. We like the same things......

I'm trying to discard some things and get together a yard sale but I don't want to part with much..

Can't wait to see what you find next weekend......

violetlady said...

I have 'The Heart of France' and just remembered when I saw your purchase. I will have to dig it out. I love anything French.

I never see anything this good at yard sales,but there is a local auction that is pretty good.

One Woman's Cottage Life said...

Rhoda, you are the yard sale queen! All I've find so far this year are duds:( I just love that sweet little bird tray - and the books and the light fixture and trellis! Yard sales are wonderful, aren't they? You've got a great eye!

Lallee said...

Rhoda, my jaw was on my chest when I reached the end of this post. The things you found are just amazing. Garage saling is not great in my area, so it is fun to see what others are able to find.

Tonja said...

Even if we are in the same state...yard sales around here do not contain such treasures. You found some great things. Don't you feel like a treasure hunter when you can snatch up such great treasures? I love all the things you found. Am trying the lasagna tonight.

oneblueegg said...

RHODA RHODA! Tonight I promised myself a vist to your southern home! & once again I'm sitting here mouth opened wide thinkin that girl has it mad with the stuff she finds! I think if we were at this sale togetha we would be tug o waring over the same thing! good finds for sure! off to read more:)

Susie Q said...

I think you now wear the Queen of Garage/Yard Sales bejeweled crown!
Can I go with you?? Pretty please? I have gone but never found all the precious treasures you do. I love everything you brought home! What a deal on those books! I have both and, even buying them at a used store, I paid much more than $1!! Good for you!!!
I love seeing all you fund and what you do with those finds!

Have a sweet Wednesday.

RealEstateGirl said...

I MUST go to the yard sales you frequent...ours have nothing but junk!

Tonja said...

The casserole was soooo good. My husband loved it. I didn't have chicken and was in a hurry so I used canned chicked. Thanks for sharing.

Tina Leigh said...

SNAP DRAGON! I never have that much luck!! Boy you did a good job!! Cant wait to see the arbor with some pretty vines wrapped around it!

cityfarmer said...

The MOTHER all of can pop in at Nell's website from my will HAVE to but "Decorating Sevrets" next.....she outdoes herself.

Christy said...

Goodness, you got some great stuff! I haven't been in a few weeks and I'm getting anxious. Especially after seeing all of your fun finds.

Daisy Cottage said...

High-five sister!
More wonderful finds!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

goodness, I am going to have to come over there and yardsale!!!

I love the books...pretty much everything you got at unbelievable prices.(it's expensive here in CA, even at garage sales!)

Your home is lovely, but it is the love you put into it that makes it shine.