Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How My Garden Grows

We've been in this house a little over a year & one of the first things I did last year was get out in the yard during spring & start planting. This area next to the fenceline was just grass, so I dug it all out, amended the soil, & started adding some perennials. I was so proud of my efforts last year & really enjoyed all the blooms I got. The left pic is right after I planted & the right is a couple months later, when everything started filling in & growing. And, the bottom pic is today!My baskets were so lush & pretty (even though we had such a drought last year!) & I even surprised myself & kept it all watered. I sometimes have good intentions, but when the temps hit about 95* for days on end, my enthusiam wanes a bit. So, this year, I have been happily checking all my plants to see how they are all doing & they are doing great. I haven't planted my baskets & planters yet, but here's a peek at all the blooms that are a'bustin out in my little garden.
Blue pincushion Scabiosa & spirea (which I can't find the name of right the lime foilage) These perennial purple verbena have gone wild & I have to keep them cut back so they don't smother the other plants.

Got the arbor painted black & installed it yesterday. I need to decide what kind of vine I want to put on it...any suggestions? This area gets mostly sun with some afternoon shade. I'm thinking an Armandii clematis. I had one at my house in GA & it did really well. Definitely want something that's evergreen. Another thought is Carolina jasmine. I would hate to put something on it that gets too heavy for the arbor, since this arbor is not that hefty. You can see part of the backyard...ugly, hard clay that we have down here in the South. We have lots of plans for back here, but it will just take time and money! I want to do a flagstone pathway from this gate over to the deck area, where under the deck, we are going to put in pavers for a patio of sorts.

Don't we all need a garden wagon? I picked this one up last year at a neighbor's yardsale for $10. I was a happy camper, since that was on my list of things to buy. Really saves the back!

Here's the BEFORE of the frontbed. I really would like to rip all the boxwoods & hollies out, but that's not going to happen anytime soon, so I made do with ripping out these on the corner, adding a stonewall (which I built ALL by myself!) and planted some pretty new plants in here. I think you'll agree that it's a world of difference now!

Above 2 pics are right after I planted last year....and below is this year! Those double knockout roses are the bomb! They are already blooming like crazy. I originally planted 3 of them last year, along with some heuchera that you can see in the first pics. The heuchera didn't do well, so I traded them in on 2 more knockout roses. The smaller 2 should catch up soon with the big ones.

Here's the armillary I found yardsaling a few weeks looks so happy among the roses.

This small little area is to the left of our gate going to the backyard. It, too, was just grass when we moved in. I added this Endless Summer hydrangea last year & 2 hostas. Really livens it up with all the green going on. The hydrangea is loaded with blooms already.

So, that's my little corner of the garden. We have so much to do, but I'm really very happy with the progress I've made since we moved in. These happy blooms make my day everytime I walk outside. Now, if I can only keep them all watered this year & we don't have another drought!

Happy Gardening to all my friends...I look forward to seeing your gardens too!

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PAT said...

Rhoda, it's all looking wonderful.

I love double KO roses and hope to get some planted in the dining room garden. We have a couple of puny looking azaleas among the spirea, boxwood and yew, right now. The azaleas are what I want to replace with the KO's

The freezing temps, we had a few weeks ago, played havoc with some of our perennials!!

I have no idea for a vine. I know whatever you decide, it's going to be beautiful there at the gate!

Back Porch Musings

willzmom said...

Very nice garden, you've done a wonderful job. Have you ever had an autumn clematis? They bloom FOREVER, small white flowers, very full vine (not the big showy bloom of most clematis).

Southern Heart said...

Rhoda, your garden looks just wonderful...every part of it! You are a much more gifted gardener than I am. I especially love the bed that you made yourself! Did I ever tell you that the bird-n-basket motif on your hanging basket is the same as what is on the headboard of my bed? We first fell in love with it in New Orleans (on a small cottage in Metairie) I have a few of those that I bought on eBay, since we always kind of felt it was a symbol for us....your planter is a beautiful and unique use of that beautiful image.

Thank you for the sweet notes you leave for me, are a good friend!

Love, Andrea

it's a Mom thing said...

Such a beautiful garden! I needed to see that today. We moved into our first house in September and our yard is hurtin'. It needs some pretty plants, but like you said we need time and money. For now, we're just keeping the grass cut and going to add some more pinestraw to the beds. Maybe next year the yard will be our project. For now, we have some indoor projects we need to finish.

Naturegirl said...

It was a treat for me to see all the color in your garden! What a lovely garden it is and I love the purple verbena!!You have done a great job in making this garden your own.I am still waiting for Spring but did manage to put pots of violas in front to add color and charm.Today we had our first warm day 7C so I was out cleaning and cutting back... it was wonderful however am very sore!!
Have you consider morning glory for the trelis!hugs NG

RealEstateGirl said...

Wow! Beautiful! I can't grow a thing---although I want to! Each time we go to Home Depot, I keep thinking, "gosh, those flowers are beautiful! I want some!"

Then I plant...then they die. I'm terrible at it!

Anonymous said...

Just lovely. What a difference. it looks wonderful.

Candy said...

Hi Rhoda!!
Thanks for the comment. I LOVE when you stop by :)
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your house and your garden and all that you have done with it. Its so beautiful.
Love Candy

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

It looks fabulous!
I especially like that welcome sign!

Christy said...

You amaze me! Not only are you a genius inside the home you can make things grow as well! Your yard looks gorgeous!

Daisy Cottage said...

Rhoda.. how I WISH we were neighbors! Not only because I love you ;-) BUT because I'd be begging you to come over and create our gardens! You have such a green thumb! Everything is just looking so gorgeous.. you can tell that you live there now! So wonderful to see these outside corners of your home and beautiful neighborhood! There is no place like B'ham!

~Dawn~ said...

You are a very talented lady! Everything just looks spectacular - like you hired a professional. How did you decide what went where? All my little flowers are doing great, I planted morning glories, snapdragons, cherry nasturtiums, and marigolds. The "hardiest" of them all - didn't make it - the Mexican sunflowers which I'm bummed about but we're getting close to planting! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Feicia said...

Oh wow, thanks for giving us all those beautiful pictures! I feel like I've been on a garden tour. :)

Deb said...

Beautiful garden! If you are looking for a really pretty vine to cover your arbour I would suggest morning glory. We have them on most of our arbours and they are so pretty :-)

The Feathered Nest said...

Rhoda, you gardening diva you! It all looks fabulous. I can't believe your KO roses are already in full bloom, mine are just getting buds.

I wouldn't do the jasmine unless you wanted to trim it all the time. I grows kinda wild and I think it might be too heavy for that arbor unless you keep it in check. I like the idea of a Clematis.

You did such a great job with that stonewall (that you built yourself - you go girl!). As always you have a great eye. I wish you had been with me today looking at fabric. I could have used some help!

It's all beautiful!


Marilyn said...

Rhoda, everything looks so pretty! We've had horrendous winds and just downright ugly weather for the past couple of weeks. My plants have just taken a beating and so I'm going to wait another couple of weeks to get things really going.
Your beds just look fantastic!

Southern Heart said...

Rhoda, I wanted to reply to your sweet note. I loved hearing about going with your dad to the course...I used to do that, too, so that brought back nice memories. I wanted to drive the Gator at the course when we visited, but DS said no (wise move!). Those things go faster than you would think, and he would take them up and down steep hills, just to make me laugh.

It's funny you mentioned "the hair". My mother's first question was about that, and it was my first question, too, when we first arrived in FL. DS laughed and said "he has been wearing a golf hat every time I've met him". But, he says that the hair is the real deal.

I'm glad that you enjoyed hearing about James Patterson. When DS told me about him, I kept thinking "I need to remember to tell Rhoda this."

I hope you're having a good day!

linda t said...

Rhoda dear, I can only imagine how even MORE amazing your garden will look in another month!!!
WOW! I'm inspired to get out there in the dirt and get digging!

OldBagNewTricks said...

Rhoda, your gardens are lovely. I'm inspired to dig into mine... the minute the temperatures rise above the Brrrrr zone. For your arbor have you considered hummingbird vine. To me it looks like tiny red morning glory and is charming as all get out.


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Rhoda, You have such a beautiful yard! I'm a big fan of the bright lime/chartreuse green plants, too. I put sweet potato vine in my hanging baskets every year.
Thanks for visiting my blog and for the welcoming words. The name "Southern Hospitality" suits you well. :)

Susan P. said...

What a lovely yard you have. I especially love how you have "personalized" it and made it your own by adding those extra special touches. I am also so impressed that you built the stone border all by yourself . . . you GO GIRL!!

Brin said...

Thanks for the tour, Rhoda! I so enjoyed seeing all that you've been able to accomplish. Beautiful and inspiring!!

(Did you REALLY build that stone wall all by yourself? If you did, would you teach me how? I'm so impressed! To me, that is the definition of a Southern woman - resourceful and capable!

Have a lovely weekend... you and your garden,


PS- Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog yesterday. It meant a lot.

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Rhoda, your gardens are just beautiful. I loved seeing all of your pictures!

KristenfromNY said...

Beautiful gardens, Rhoda. I'm enjoying your blog. It is fun to see you decorating another house and back into the yard sales! I have to tell you, I finally tried your banana bread recipe. My kids told me it was the best banana bread I ever made. I guess I have a new standard recipe! Thanks for sharing....

Kristen (from NY)

Anonymous said...

Your garden is absolutely beautiful - you've done such an amazing job with it! I LOVE it!


Lallee said...

Rhoda, I love all the transitions you've made replacing the cookie-cutter landscaping that so many of us start out with. You're a kindred spirit~doing all the labor yourself for some of the projects. It can be back breaking but isn't it satisfying to see the results? It all looks fabulous!


Mary said...

I love all you've done with your garden Rhoda. I know what hard work gardening can be - "a garden is a joy and a job forever". You have certainly made your surroundings look lovely. Lighter weight vines for tha type of arbor such as morning glory and moonflower are pretty but they are annuals and will leave it bare in the Winter. A Carolina Jasmine is pretty with the white flowers, smells divine, stays green in the Winter, and is easy to keep under control, I trim mine back all the time. You could plant Jasmine on one side and annual morning glories on the other for Summer color - the blue and purple ones are so pretty. I'll start them from seed soon to climb my front porch, mailbox post and back fence - love to have them everywhere in Summer.

Today DH and I prepared our veggie beds and we'll start planting tomatoes, peppers, French beans, eggplants, cukes etc. first week in May.
I bought a load of plants (flowers) at a sale yesterday - proceeds go to help brain injured people - sun coleus, lantana, geraniums, mosquitoe plants etc., also the most beautiful Kimberly fern (huge) wich makes the Boston ferns look tiny! Tomorrow I'll be outside planting - luckily the weather is fabulous.
Enjoy your weekend.

sandi @ whistlestop cafe said...

Looks beautiful!
Where do you have the time? I am planning to get out into the garden~ after I check out my favorite blogs!

Pen said...

Your gardens are beautiful! I can't wait to get out in ours. It is a couple weeks before we can safely plant in ground without worrying about a frost. The weather is just starting to warm up and tempt me, but I don't want to chance it yet.