Sunday, October 7, 2007

Yardsale Jackpot!

Oh. My! It was another fun-fun yardsale day on Saturday. I hit the road about 7:15 a.m. & only went to 5 sales, but found some wonderful stuff. I'll start again with the things I saw, but passed up, so you can drool along with me. If I had a bundle of money to spend, I'd buy more & share with all my friends, cause I'm sure someone would want these things. The first pic is at one house, 2 old rockers for $75 each. I think that's probably a good price for something like that.
Same sale, some iron planters for $10 each.
More concrete & wooden planters. You can see the prices on these if you enlarge the pic. Several of you have asked about me taking pics at the yardsales & the reactions of the homeowners. Most of them don't say anything, they are sometimes too busy with other people to pay attention. I do tell people if they ask that I have a blog & I'm sharing with my readers all about my yardsale adventures. They don't usually say anything at all & I just snap away!

Cute little bakers rack for you shabby chic girls. Check out the pink roses. I didn't spot the pricetag on this either, but I'm sure it was pretty reasonable.
This oak table & chairs was marked at $200, which was probably quite good, as I think this set is older & solid oak.
All these pillows were $1.00 each.
Antique china & you can see the price on this set.
Wine table was $10.
This house had some great stuff! I didn't get the prices on all this stuff either, but it sure was cute. How about that white tiered table?? Oh, see that little blue/white toile towel on the back right corner? I got that! You'll see it in a minute.
Plates, silver & glassware, very reasonable. 3 blue/white plates for $8....not bad.
Lamps & a cute oval wicker coffee table.
I just about cried over this blue toile chair for $45. I just couldn't justify buying it, although I sure wanted to! It would have looked SO good with my French vanity in the bedroom, but I just bought that stool which really fits nicely. I'm quite sure that this price was a steal. The lady at this sale used to be an antiques dealer. Waahhhh, I'm still bummed over that one!
This little chest was already sold, so I didn't see the price, but the white chair was $18.
OK, now here's what I did bring home. See this set of white china?? Yep, bought it for $10. Can you believe I almost didn't buy it. I have been wanting a set of white dishes & this one was a complete set of 8. It's by Pfaltzgraff, which I know is a good name. Perfect condition, hardly used at all. I actually left the sale, went down the street & came back after thinking about it for a bit. I was lucky it was still there. See...I eat cereal a lot in the mornings & the bowls aren't as big as the bowls I have now, so that was one reason I almost passed them up. Can you believe that? That's how I think sometimes, my practical side comes out. But, I knew that the price was great & I figured I can get some extra bowls along the way that are larger just for my morning cereal. They are SO pretty & I just love them.
Here they are at home on the counter.
See the pretty detailing and the scalloped edging? I think I'm really going to enjoy them, even if the bowls are smaller. And all the pieces were there.
I came back to my own neighborhood & went to one last sale & this really pretty vintage lamp was $5.00, so I couldn't pass it up either. It's got one of those big ole' drum shades which I'll probably replace with something more current, but I love the base. It's crystal & antique brass on a marble base. Don't know where it's going yet.
And one more little item I picked up, the blue toile tea towel for $1.00. Isn't it sweet?
Now, I saved the best for last! Remember when I bragged last week about finding a table for my hubby's office & that I would find it eventually. It might take time, but I would find it. Well, as my luck goes a lot of the time, today was the day. My very first stop of the day turned up this table & chairs for $50! It's real wood (with some pretty veneer around the edging) & has very pretty detailing. After looking at it quickly, I knew this was it. It has a leaf too that can extend it longer. Even though I don't need the chairs, I can sell them cheap & still be ahead.
Here's the 5 chairs that came with it. Anyone need any chairs? These are going up for sale. I'll probably list them on my Craigslist this week. They do need some repair work, 2 or 3 are wobbly but are very cute chairs. I'll sell all 5 of them for $25. Isn't this table pretty?! I was so excited to find this & get it home.
And just in case you think every room in my house is picture perfect...think again. Here's hubby's office, a work in progress. The table will sit here against the window. The really great thing is, I already had a desk in here, the one to the right (which was too small for him to spread out on), that will be a great credenza. What are the chances of me finding a table to match this old desk? I can hardly believe how well it goes with the desk & is very similar tone & blends perfectly.
Check it out! I bought this desk in Atlanta at a neat antiques market that is no longer open several years ago. I still love this desk, it's very neo-classical. And the table fits it perfectly. That old chair was the one I did have with my vanity. So the plan is to get a small TV in here, so hubby can work & watch his news shows & have a large desk space to spread out on. My DH works at home. And we can shut the door & block out the mess. I'll probably look for a comfortable chair to put in here too, since he's wireless & can move around the house. That way my den will stay neater.
Maybe down here in the South yardsales are better, I don't know. All I know is what is out there in my area & growing up in the Atlanta metro area, it was great there too. I hate it for you girls who don't have good stuff at your yardsales.

So, you can see I did very well today! It will be fun to get this office space fixed up for my hubby & this will be a place he can really use & enjoy. Just look at all the things you can find yardsaling!

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Dana in KC said...

Just LOVE the prices I'm seeing on the treasures for sale in your area!! Most seem to be very cheap. I've been a g-sale queen for years and always get excited to find a "needed" item for a bargain.

Michelle said...

Rhoda, You just AMAZE me with the great yard sales that you find! I love seeing all your pictures as you go on the whole yard sale adventure!

Have a great weekend!

Jacki said...

My favorites are the china and the desk. I bought a very incomplete set of white china for $15, and thought it wasn't a bad deal, so you did superb! And I love that old desk you got, it's beautiful.

Good yardsales seem to be a lot harder to find in the Dallas area than they used to be. Plus a lot more people are going, and they're not necessarily well mannered at these sales, if you get my drift. But you inspire me, maybe I'll give it another try!


Cre8Tiva said...

i never seem to find very good yard sales here on the island...but in atlanta there were always great yours...blessings, rebecca

Lizzie said...

You did good with that table for your hubbys office!

I also loved the blue and white toile cushioned chair... it will make someone a very nice piece I think.

Thanks for always inviting me to shop vicariously with you! :-)

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

I knew you'd soon find the perfect table....what a beauty. All the things you find are amazing! Up here I can find some good yardsales too, but not everyweek.

You are one busy gal Rhoda & I sure do appreciate it when you find a bit of time to pop in & say hey! This week I found something I've wanted for a long time....check mid week for my yardsale post.

Hugs, DebraK

Diane said...

Hi Rhoda. Another great adventure! Glad you found your hubby a neat table/desk. Thanks for taking us along to the sales :)Love the white dises. diane

Jen Rizzo said...

OMG where do you yard sale at? I never find stuff this good!

Anonymous said...

If I lived near you I would be so far in debt! I have never seen such pretties. Glad you got your hubby a desk. I have been looking. i think I did find for a reason. You know i wrote you about a shabby office..I love the look and some of it is my style,but the whole look isn't me. You helped me realize go with my style even if it doesn't have a name! Shabby Brenda lol.

Simply Me Art said...

Rhoda, Fabulous as Usual.. You have some Wonderful Garage Sales in your neck of the Country..

Rosemary said...

I think your sales are much better Rhoda. I didn't find that great of stuff this week at my sales.
You did hit the jackpot. Good for you. Thanks for sharing all the great pictures with us. I find it so interesting, the types of sales where you are.
Enjoy your new dishes, they are great. White is so fun, you can use it with anything.
Have a great Sunday,

Abbie said...

Thanks for sharing. I share you pain on that blue toile chair. Beautiful!

justabeachkat said... that blue toile chair. Looks like you had a fun day.


Kim ~ "HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Dear Rhoda, Love the set of dishes you purchased...very nice indeed! The table is great, too. I hope you will show us a picture once you get everything set up for your dh.

Sonya said...

I drooled a little when I saw your dishes. Everything is so neat! I'm gonna have to come down your way to do some yard sale shopping!

Michelle E. ~ Vintage Pastiche' said...

Hi Rhoda :)

I certainly wish we had yard sales like yours around these parts, ours are NO WHERE NEAR that good.

I just love your blog :)


daisy cottage said...

Rhoda, you SCORED! Your hubby's new table is just perfect - it was waiting for you! I love the toile hand towel - so pretty and your new dishes - oh you are going to love having them! Great price! So many great finds on your yard sale day! It would have been really hard for me to leave any of them behind too. Oh and your lamp - LOVE that!

kari said...

Those dishes are a great find, they're so pretty. And, I love that lamp, so elegant and unique. Sounds like you had a wonderful shopping weekend.

Jen said...

You live in the best area for yard sales! What bargins you have discovered. Your talent for redesigning furniture is amazing. God has bless you with a marvelous gift!

PamperingBeki said...

Great finds as always Miss Rhoda!

I love love love that office color on the walls! Love it.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Wow! The table will look terrific! Love the white China. I bought a set years ago too, I use it everyday and you can mix and match so much more with white!

Betty said...

Rhoda, you did good! White dishes cannot be beat...I use mine intermingled with several other sets.

The table and chairs were a fantastic find....I like big tables for desks.

We were in Madison Friday and Saturday and I found several good things there...some at a antique-flea market and some at much fun.....

Glad you stopped by....Betty

Anonymous said...


I just love the dishes...I am sure you'll put them to good use. I know I use mine all the time..I change the napkins with the holiday/season. They make such a pretty table....

You sure do very well @ your yard sales.....they're more like treasure hunts !!!

Take care,
Kathy :)

Robyn said...

WOW! You still have garage sales in your area! How wonderful! I see one or two in ours but nothing as fun as yours!

Southern Heart said...

I love the china, and the table is perfect, too.

I would have had a tough time passing up that blue toile chair!

Cottage Contessa said...

OOhhh I love your finds this weekend! You sure do have some really good yard sales in your area! Your hubby's office will look terrific after you're done in there. Can't wait to see the finsihed pics!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

rpm said...

The prices you are seeing are so great. Reading your blog is making me really want to get out there and see what's around this area.

Kari & Kijsa said...

We love that desk....the inlaid wood is beautiful! What a fun yardsaling trip! Have a great week!

smiles, kari and kijsa

the feathered nest said...

See last week I could have used the patio table & chairs, this week I would have bought that round table (ya know I wanted one for my dining room). Love the white china you got and the table works perfectly. You didn't even have to search long for that!


Nunnie's Attic said...

I LOVE THOSE DISHES!! They're perfect for entertaining casually or formally. Great great find.

I want to come yard saleing with you!


Karin said...

You are so right that garage sales are better in the south! I went garage-saling in Marietta on a Saturday just after I moved there and I filled my car by 8:30 AM and had to go home. I've never seen anything like it. Wish I still lived there. You are a lucky girl!!!

Marilyn said...

You have a real knack for finding the sales! Wish I lived where there were treasures like that.
I had one of those fold up vintage rockers. A friend of my sons gave it to me and I had it for years. Not very sturdy but pretty. I gave it to my DD and she still has it!

Deb said...

I always enjoy looking at your yardsale photos! You really did hit the jackpot with this sale!

Alice said...

I can't wait to see what you'll do with the office. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

violetlady said...

Wow! You certainly are able to see the treasure in the ordinary. You have that eye. Thanks for sharing, Rhoda.

OldBagNewTricks said...

Terrific table -- I knew it would be sooner rather than later. You have such a good eye. And nice dishes! I have that set of Pfalzgraf -- I think it is called Filigree. At first I also thought those bowls are a bit small - but now that I have them I use them often.


Joy said...

Oh what fun! Can't believe I have missed out on your blog until now! I didn't go yard saling on Saturday so this was my fix... :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being a sweetheart. You helped me realize be me and go with my style!

joan said...

It's so much fun to go shopping with you! You really do find good deals. Maybe one of these days I'll get out of bed early on a sat. and go to a yard sale. Thanks!

marye said...

Rhoda, Your pulled me out of lurkdome! I have been viewing your blog and I love your all your postings but I enjoy going yardsaling with you each week! It's so much fun seeing what is out there and what treasures you purchase. I knew you would find the perfect table for your husband.
Have a great week and I can't wait to see what next Saturday brings! Mary

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Great stuff!
Hey Rhoda, you bought my dishes!
I LOVE my Phalzgragh. The pattern is called filagree.
We got ours as wedding gifts 15 years ago, use them everyday, and not one of them has ever broken.

And that table makes a perfect large desk.

Kimberly :)

Felicia said...

My goodness at the treasures they had for sale!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Rhonda, I "SO" want to go yard saleing with you!!

Your hubby's office looks like my hubby's office. . . stuff, stuff, everywhere.


Kari said...

You know, about taking the pictures at the yard sales, etc...a funny thing happened to me while my sister and I were at an "Antique Mall" last week. She asked me to take a picture of something for her and one of the women who worked there ran over and informed us, in no uncertain terms, that cameras weren't allowed. Well. I wish I'd have been thinking faster because I would have fibbed a tad and told her that I was a personal designer for a particular client and was needing pictures to show said client before I purchased the items. Maybe then she would have thought twice about banning cameras. And like my sister said, we were in an antique place...did the woman think we were taking pictures because we planned on making reproductions of the furniture or what? lol

Wanda said...

Well, shoot! I didn't go to sales in your neck of the woods on Saturday. I went to Centerpoint. Now I wish I hadn't stopped there.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I'm sure somebody has already said it...that toile chair sure would have gone nicely in that blue office with the new table!

sheila said...

well, that is just year, I'll be yard saling alllll the time in your town, LOL!

of course, the gas for the U-Haul wouuld cut into my spending $ :)

melja said...

I will be holding a garage sale this Saturday (10/13) in Cahaba Heights, on White Oak Drive (behind Winn Dixie).

Come see me.


Wild Rose said...

I wish that we had yardsales like yours! You found some amazing bargains Rhoda.

Marie x

He Knows My Name said...

rhoda, i'm so glad to see your husbands office and the normal stuff laying around. you really had me worried there.

in michigan our sales are NOT like yours. at estate sales maybe but your prices seem even quite lower.

i'm moving south :)

take care ~janel