Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Daisy Cottage Revisited

It was so good to get back by to see Kim at Daisy Cottage again. She's been off to see Savannah and so our schedules didn't quite coincide the way we'd hoped last week and we only had time for coffee and a short visit on Friday before I headed off to Clearwater for the weekend.
Daisy Cottage's front porch is such a cozy spot.

And I had to take a pic of the pretty aqua blue table Kim picked up recently, after we saw it on our shopping outing last time at the consignment store. It looks perfect in her livingroom!
Kim's oh-so-pretty vintage vanity that her hubby put in for her. I adore this damask shower curtain and the whole bathroom feel is so cozy.
Center hall table
And of course, sweet Maggie Mae, who is just the most adorable pup. Pick me up please.
Kim's lovely office spot.
And I covet her soup tureen collection. She has the perfect place to display these beauties.
I had to cuddle a little while with Maggie. That girl loves to be held.
In her mama's lap...Kim and Maggie. It was way too short, but we have yet another get-together planned next week when I will go back to Florida one more week. Fingers crossed that nothing hinders our schedules this time. Two whole days of shopping and thrifting, it doesn't get any better than that! Bye for now, Kim and Maggie.
Also had the chance to catch up with an old college friend, Becky. There are 3 of us who have maintained contact for 30 years with each other. Sweet friend! We met her and her hubby for dinner one night, so it was a fun evening of talking about old times over dinner at the Cracker Barrel.

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Rosie's Whimsy said...

Thanks for more peeks into the lovely Daisy Cottage. She does such a wonderful job!

You and your friend still look like you could be in college! :-) Rosie

Deb said...

Daisy Cottage is beautiful! what a fun visit you had with Kim and Maggie :-} Love the Cracker Barrel too :-} Have fun.

daisy cottage said...


Big hugs and smooches,

Kim & Maggie

Adrienne said...

What a nice time you, Kim and Maggie had together again. Thanks for sharing a bit more of your visit with her. Wish I could have been there, too! ~Adrienne~

Abbie said...

Gosh! You look fabulous!!

Donna Lynn said...

OHHHHH, I love the Craker Barrel! When I was with my parents in Abilene a few yrs ago we spent lots of time there, loved the gift shop!!! :)
Thanks for the visit, Daisy Cottage is just yummy...
Donna Lynn

Anonymous said...

Great shots of Daisy Cottage Rhoda, love that bathroom....cute little braclet Miss Kim :)

Fun times !!! that's what life should be about.

Kathy :)

Mrs. B said...

Oh, I love Kim's front porch, and those soup turreens are gorgeous, not to mention the red mirrors! I bet you had a great time!

PAT said...

Enjoyed my visit with Kim and Maggie at Daisy Cottage, Rhoda.

The photos are wonderful!


Nancy Hood said...

truly enjoyed my trip to Daisy Cottage and have added her to my list of those I love to wander with! your page is always delightful to the senses!

Deb said...

Hi Rhoda, your trips are the best. I always feel as though Im right there, and I believe I get just as much enjoyment from the trip as you do. Take Care. Deb

Picket said...

Loved the tour in the Daisy Cottage....and You can't go wrong eating with friends at the Cracker Barrel! lol My whole family gathers there at times for early breakfast together or after a family outing to the local trade day festival....Beautiful pic of you and your friend...hope you have had a great day dear friend...thanks for coming by!!!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Lucky you!

aimee said...

Daisy cottage is so pretty! Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful little vignettes. So inspirational! I love how she uses color.

Love your blog and always am inspired when I visit. Thanks for linking me. I'm adding you to mine too!

Rue said...

Hi Rhoda :)

Thank you so much for praying for me. We should know Friday if the whole thing is feasible and then go from there.

It looks like you had another wonderful week. Plant City looks really cute. Great shopping too! Daisy Cottage always looks so wonderful and Kim really is a sweetheart. Oh and to cuddle with Miss Maggie! I'm so envious!! :)

Have a great night.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Thanks for the peek into other little nooks and crannies at Daisy Cottage. Did Kim "paint" her laptop lid yellow?? It sure looks like it. . . too funny.

Maggie looks like she is just ready to come home with you Rhoda!!



Joy at Cupids Charm said...

My you have been busy! Enjoyed your visit to Daisy Cottage. You both have such wonderful attention to detail. Great photos too! xoxo ~ Joy J.

Rosemary said...

What fun Rhoda!!
Looks like you had a wonderful time.
Thanks for sharing Daisy Cottage with us.

becky said...

How fun to be able to spend realtime with friends from blogland! The pictures are stunning!

Oh, I finally learned how to link...I'm thrilled. I had to send them over to one of your inspirational projects!:)

Susie Q said...

What fun you have had with Kim (and Maggie of course!) Thank you for more peeks into Daisy Cottage!

You and your friend certainly do not look like ladies who have been OUT of college for 30 years!!! Wow!! Knockouts!