Sunday, April 27, 2008

Let's go Yardsaling!

Saturday was a beautiful spring day, perfect for yardsaling, so I hopped out of bed and hit a few sales. One of the first stops was this farmhouse on a country road near our subdivion. It wasn't an advertised sale, but I saw the sign and decided to stop. Check out this pretty barn and the cow cutouts to the left, very idyllic setting.
They had lots of older things and some pretty pieces of pottery and china, but I only got one thing from them, which is down below.
Lots of quilts and linen things, but I'm not so much into that. Some of you would probably have loved it.
I did buy this set of Hull pottery, $5 for all. I know it's highly collectible and I'll end up selling it on Ebay. It's in great condition. She said she knew it was old and collectible, but didn't know much else about it. In fact, I just checked Ebay and it looks like these 3 pieces are valued at least at $150, if not more. So, on Ebay it will go! I have had a few windfalls like this over the years of yardsaling. It's not really my style, so I will pass them on. This day was a great day for finding clothes and jewelry and a few collectible pieces which I'll pass on and sell. I had a great time finding all these clothes. Everything except the dress was $1.00 each. You can't beat that for adding to the, cheap!
Cute South Beach T-shirt. I love these colorful T-s and this makes my third one similar. They go with so many things.
Old Navy cotton gauzy blouse, perfect for summer.

Banana Republic (long ones) and Eddie Bauer shorts. They all fit perfectly too.
Relativity linen blouse with black embroider.
Long to the ankle linen dress with a botanical pattern. It's very comfortable & I'll wear this with flip-flops, of course! It's by Marc & Ware, Made in USA, which I've never heard of, but seems very well made. Very pale pink background, this was $2.
Gap chinos and Gap jeans cropped pants. I can always use these, again perfect fit.
Ann Taylor loft summer camisole. Again, everything but the dress was $1.00!! Wooo-hoooo! Everything's going in the wash and will be ready to wear this week. This pretty little vintage dresser box was sold by a lady in her 60's who said that it was her grandmother's and 100 years old. Why she was selling her family things, I have no idea. It looks to be vintage milk glass, with hand-painting on the edges which has worn off. It measures 4" x 3". I can't find out much about it on Ebay, so I'll sell it to anyone who emails me first for $10, plus shipping, which is not much more than I paid for it. EDITED: SOLD
This is a pretty cross-stitch sampler that was done in the 80's. The lady's name is on the back. It's in a nice brown wooden frame, measures 13" x 16". I'll sell this for $15, plus shipping to anyone who is interested. First email gets it. Let me know! If not, it goes on Ebay. It's a cute piece and I had to get it.
Close-up of the cross-stitching. I'm not going to officially start my shop up again, but when I see things here and there that I think ya'll might be interested in, I'll snag them & pass them on. Jewelry was everywhere! Got these 2 necklaces for 50 cents each. I love jewelry and this cures my jewelry fix. Definitely don't need to buy new when I can find such good stuff out there. I have plenty of earrings that will go with these.
These were $2 for each necklace. Shell on the left and the right one is real turquoise. I love them both! And nope, won't be selling the jewelry.
Scored 2 pairs of sunglasses (that's another thing I like). The bottom (sort of leopard/tortoise look) ones were $3, look brand new and the old vintage RayBan Wayfarers (remember those from the 80's?!) were $5. I'm not crazy about the blue, but they will do and I do like RayBans for blocking out the sun. Can't beat the price, so I'll live with the blue. In fact, I just checked on Ebay & these vintage blue ones sold for between $40 and $80...I think I'm really happy now! People do not realize what they have sometimes. She said her husband had given them to her back in the 80's and she hardly ever wore them.
This nice large piece of coral was $2. I've been on the lookout for a great coral specimen & this was the weekend for it. Right now it will sit on my foyer table.
And last, this pretty hand-painted tile for 50 cents with a sweet Bible verse, which will go in my office nook on a shelf. Good reminder! It was painted by an artist in New Bern, NC, according to the back.

Of course, I had to share my finds with y'all. I know some of you get just as excited as I do about finding bargains. I'll be checking in with you from Florida this week and posting as usual. Next up will be the redesign I helped my designer friend with last week! It turned out great!

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aimee said...

Love all of your finds! My favorite is the coral. What a gorgeous piece! Bargains are better than chocolate in my book. :)

PAT said...

Looks like you had a great day yardsaling.

We spent the entire day out yesterday. Farmers market and other things. At the end of the day..getting pretty late, we found a sign for a resale shop out in the country. Will explore that another time.


Anonymous said...

Great finds. Id say the Hull was your best find.Sales have started here wide open. just finding time to go.

Holly (Nickname) said...

such a productive the finds!
xxxooo Ruth

OKGardners said...

Thanks for taking me yardsaling with you! That was fun!

I love the bargains you found. I have SO MANY vintage things from my Grandmother's and Mother's estates that I can relate to the woman selling the little white box. I have found that you can't keep it all - even if you try.
That is probably why she parted with the little box. I have kept some items over 20 years and have no place to display them properly, so they deserve new homes. You are blessed to still have your parents and have not gone through this stage of life yet.

Thanks again for sharing your purchases with us. I loved everything.

Betty in Oklahoma

cityfarmer said...

I don't need a darn thing at yard sales this season...they are so fun, though....however after just losing 26 pounds, maybe I should go looking for cute little clothes...hehe

After your great finds it's gonna be hard to stay away

Cindy said...

I can't believe how well you do at your yard sales. When you sell your things you don't want you will have made back the money you spend plus some! That's great! I think I need to look a yard sales that way. I'm usually only looking for myself!

justabeachkat said...

You did good girl!! Way to go.

Happy Sunday!

the feathered nest said...

What a score on that Hull pottery! You found such great clothes too! I was wondering if you were going to start up your store again for the summer.



Tonja said...

Well, you have had lots of adventures lately, haven;t you? Loved yjr deal with the Hull pottery...good eye! The beach looks so inviting...I am so ready to head south!

Ms Dragonfly said...

i love old :)

CraftyT said...

Oh my you did have some good yardsale finds.

I cant wait till I get settled in my new house and go to yardsales.

In the city I live now, I don't even bother. The yard sales are not worth it.

dana said...

The sales in your area are amazing!What a thrill when you find a really wonderful treasure, such as the Hull. I'm not a collector of that either, but I appreciate spotting a real value and potential "resell". Your sunglasses were a great find as well. You are certainly a terrific bargain hunter!

Jenni said...

Great finds...

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Love all the finds! I'll be hitting some sales this week hopefully.
Hull pieces, WOW
Hugs, DebraK

parTea lady said...

Wow. You found more great pieces in one weekend than I could find in a whole summer of yardsaling. I just buy for myself and try to stick to hats, glass baskets and any tea related items. Thanks for sharing all the great photos.

Heather said...

I've been lurking for a while, but had to come out of hiding chime in my yardsale love. It's just now getting warm enough where I live and there have been a sprinkling of sales the last couple of weekends. Good times.

A Hint of Home said...

You got some great deals this weekend. You'll get a lot of use from the clothes.
I love New Bern, NC. Great place to go sailing.
Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a good week.

Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

Thanks for taking us yard saling with you Rhoda! Looks like a blast. I love the cross-stitch sampler:)

Donna Kay said...

What a HAUL!!!! I am so jealous - you have the very best garage sales in your area - the clothes are fantastic - the Hull was a great find - I guess I need to start looking at stuff not necessarily for me - but to sell on ebay. Great idea.
As always - great post!!!


Beverly said...

Well, my goodness. You had quite a successful day. Every single thing is fantastic. Have fun.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Looks like you got some wonderful finds!! Especially the clothes! Good for you....I can't wait until the sales start up around here!

Anonymous said...

Wow great finds Rhoda, you and Kim have the best luck !!!

Kathy :)

restyled home said...

You have the type of yard sales I dream about!! You're sooo lucky!!


Adrienne said...

What a bargain for the Hull pottery. You should do well on Ebay with that set. I love the coral. My friend and I spend all day Saturday out and about for various sales. I've posted about our first stop of the day and will share more soon. I'll check back here to see what you're doing. ~Adrienne~

Pat said...

Hello from NY! I enjoyed looking at your blog. What wonderful things you found yardsaling!
I love Ray Ban singlasses too ;-)

Pat in NY

Mrs. B said...

Hi Rhoda! What great finds! I absolutely love that coral! And those big sunglasses are very cute!

Thanks for your comments on my plates. Your fabulous use of plates in decorating was one of my big inspirations to start displaying plates!

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

You lucky girl, I can't believe you got the set of Hull Pottery for only $5!!!

Have a fabulous day!

Donna said...

Fabulous finds, Rhoda!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Wow! You really did find some treasures when you went SAILING, Rhoda. Thanks for sharing.

Picket said...

Wow what a great day for finding treasures!!!! Beautiful Hulls pieces! Thanks so much for coming by that I know you are finding such treasures and offering us a chance to get them..I'll have to keep a close eye on you!!! lol have a great night girl!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Well look at all the great stuff you found!!! No surprise, of course, you are the yard sailing champ if there ever was one!


Happy week!

Deserae said...

Great finds! You got some amazing deals...especially on that piece of coral :o)
Have a great week!

daisy cottage said...

Woohoo! She scored again!
Love your treasures Rhoda!!
Tick Tock - see you SOON!!!!


Jen r. said...

Lovely things! That coral was a deal!
Jen R

Mary Isabella said...

I am loving all of your finds. Please have the most beautiful Tuesday ever....Mary

Rue said...

Hi Rhoda :)

Great finds! As a little girl, I used to have a quilt on my bed like the one with the bonnet girls on it.

I hope no one has wanted to snatch up that sampler because I would love to have it. Please let me know if it's still available :)


Rhondi said...

Hi Rhoda
Great finds! What a deal the Hull pottery was too. You've been a busy girl lately!
Thanks for sharing the photos of the decorating job you helped with. I'm going to use that picture hanging tip.
Rhondi xo

white o'morn cottage said...

Oh - how I wish we had yard sales here in Ireland. Alas they have never happened...maybe we get too much rain for them. I enjoyed yours though...wonderful finds. Good for you!...Pam

Joy said...

I'm DYIN' over your finds! Incredible! Thanks for sharing all of those great pics! :)


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Wow, you sure scored with some items this time!!! I love that turquoise necklace. I have been on the lookout myself for one to match a pair of my earrings. Good for your dear.