Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yardsale Fun

So, are you ready to go yardsaling with me again?

There weren't any neighborhood sales near me this weekend, but there were plenty of sales around. I headed out fairly early and hit a couple in Brook Highland, a really nice neighborhood in my neck of the woods. This Duncan Phyfe table, chairs and buffet (which wasn't out there) was marked at $400. I thought that was a great deal! What newly married person wouldn't like to start off with something this classic in their diningroom. I have a thing for those harp designs anyway.
An obviously vintage old rocker definitely needs some work, but was $20, so maybe a project for someone to tackle.
This pretty oil painting was $20, nicely framed too.
This would be perfect for a kid's room, at $75.

This weekend, I saw a lot of furniture out there. These pieces were $35 each, not bad for extra furniture for a kid's room or guestroom.
Dresser was the same price.
And these sturdy pink bookcases were a good price at $40 each. All they need is a coat of paint...I can see these in black, can't you?!
So, are you dying to see what I got this week? It was definitely a garden theme this week:
This first one was actually from a couple of weeks ago that I didn't show you, a ceramic birdhouse for $2. It's a lovely aqua blue color, which seems to be a recurring theme with me lately.
There's the birdbath that came from Grandma's house. I'm going to use some outdoor paint & give it a faux finish to age it a bit. I picked up these 2 rusty garden topiaries, $3 for both. I love finding garden things out there to add to our yard. Not sure where these will go yet, but I can use them in a planter too.
This little iron birdbath was $5. I'll probably put it over on the baker's rack. I'm painting that rack and teacart aqua, gotta pick up some spray paint this week!
Here's our newly rebuilt gate. Our very kind neighbors came over and built the gate back that was demolished when that big tree fell down. You can see we reused lots of the old pieces and had to add in a few new wood pieces. Thank the Lord for good neighbors, we would never have been able to do it ourselves. I had a concrete welcome sign that got broken in the fall, so I found this pretty little Welcome bunny for $2.
I just love him!
Still collecting things for the black/white room redo, I found these really nice chunky wood lamps, $7 for the pair. They need a good cleaning and then I've got some fun plans for them. I'm thinking about putting a black damask stencil on them, gotta play around with that. And I may add some black shades or maybe even some funky black/white fabric shades (damask or zebra?!), since I can cover my own very easily. We'll see how inspired I get. I'm letting this room just come together as it will. I've got a few things put together already that I'll show you soon and of course, I'm trying to do it without breaking the bank!
With my love of all things black/white, I can hardly pass up clothes either. This cute skirt was $2 and the brand name, Molly & Maxx (which I've never heard of). It fits perfectly and I'm really digging the elastic waist these days. :) And last, you all should know about my obsession with bunnies by now. He was TOO adorable to pass up at $5 AND he passed the really special bunny test. Only really, really special bunnies can come home with me these days. This little guy stands 11" high. It's amazing, I have hit several yardsales this summer who are obviously bunny collectors too, so I'm definitely not the only one out there.

Hope you enjoyed going yardsaling with me this week!

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Michelle said...

You found some lovely treasures, Rhoda :) Hope you're having a great weekend!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Rhoda, Looks like a very successful yard saling day! The bunny is just too cute! And I love the Duncan Phyfe set! I have a rocker just like that one! LOL! Mine isn't that rough, but needs recovering too! I thought it was unique, and here lies another one! LOL! Have a good weekend! ~Rhonda

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Fun, Fun~
I can't wait to see the blue!

Caren said...

We went yard sale-ing yesterday to and found nothing but junk! Hit a few thrift stores after that and had a little luck but still, not much. You seem to have some really good sales near you and I love everything you got. I am really looking forward to the black and white room. Make sure we get a picture of you wearing that cute skirt IN the room when it's finished too, it could be your very own "Where's Waldo/Rhoda?" game, you'll blend right in! ;) At first I thought you were showing us a picture of some fabric you found for the room.

dana said...

I agree with you about that Duncan Phyfe set--it was a great buy. Bet it didn't last too long. Your garden finds look great--love grandma's birdbath in your yard. I know those wood lamps will be wonderful after you put your magic to them.

I heard on the news that gas prices were skyrocketing in B-ham because of IKE. They had been 3.39 here, before the storm. Yesterday they were 3.59. So many people were impacted by the hurricane. The price of rising gasoline is nothing in comparison to their challenges.

Have a great Sun.--loved your yardsale adventure! dana

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Rhoda,
You got some great things. I love all of your garden finds especially the rabbit sign and the bird feeder...well really ALL of it.

I look forward to seeing what you do with the bird bath. Maybe you'll inspire me as so many of your posts have.

I really could have put those pink bookcases to good use in my bonus room...I'm looking for some to paint for there.

I didn't go this I regret it! LOl

Lorilee said...

The bunny is precious! I wouldn't be able to pass him by either! You found some wonderful treasures!

Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

What fun! Love the oil - so pretty!

The little rabbit is darling, too.

I really enjoy these posts on your garage sale find, Rho - please keep em coming. I can't believe you actually take the time to get pictures of things - I'm in too much of a hurry - ha!

munnfamily said...

Wow!!!those book cases are great for really anything..wish my neck of the woods had some great finds like yours!!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oh, I'm loving the topiaries! I would have scooped them up for sure. I had a pretty food flea expedition myself'll have to swing by the blog to see my bounty. I think I did you proud. :-)

Beverly said...

That seems like a great buy for that dining set. I hope someone that will love it found it to purchase.

You had another successful venture.

Joanna said...

Great finds!

janet said...

Hi Rhoda, thank you for stopping by my blog, im new at it so im still learning. I have not been a member long enough on RMS to know about all the bad things that went on, actually im totally oblivious to it and i prefer it that way, there are too many fun things in I LOVE yard sales but i sure dont find these awesome peices at our yard sales, i will score a good thing once in a while. I have been married for 26 years and i would absolutely love that dining set...WOW at 400 dollars!!! i could spend a week reading on your blog and enjoy every second, just like a good book
have a good day

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed yardsaling with you this morning, Rho. Also LOVED seeing your gifts from Grandma Elenor. The baker's rack and teacart are going to be a wonderful addition to your outdoor garden room in aqua.

Ya done yet? ;>

Cindi said...

Great buys! I LOVE the iron birdbath! When I saw the pink bookcases, I immediately thought black too!

You suggested black on my $2.00 yard sale kitchen chairs and now I can't get it out of my mind! I was thinking two different colors but now I've reworked my eat-in kitchen mini makeover to make them black. It's about 20 down on my list of projects but when I do it, I'll be sure to share it with you! It will be a while. I don't even have a table yet! said...

Oh those book cases are fabulous! SWOON!

Kristi said...

Love all the new treasures!

Pattie T. said...

You found some great things. I can never pass up anything yard/garden related, so I lust after that birdhouse. Glad to hear you're painting the baker's rack and teacart aqua. Can't wait to see the end results!

Melissa Wertz said...

Brookhighland would be a great place to go yard saling. I just love that duncan phyfe. I can see it in my kitchen. I do not think my DD is ready for it yet though. Sigh. When I saw those pink bookcase/shelves I thought, "not Rhoda is going to say black..." and you did! They will look good black. DD will think they will look good any color but pink. ;-) That blue bird house looks great! It is really pretty. I love blue. Hope I can meet up with you next time.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I love all of your finds! Your b&w room is going to be fantastic!

Smelling Coffee said...

I love it that you see beauty in someone else's "junk" (or at least, their cast offs.)

Boy, I wish I had been shopping with you... we need a dresser for our daughter's room in a terrible way, and $35 would be the perfect price! I'm going to pray for one of those in my area of Nashville! :-)

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Love the garden treasures, and that bunny is too cute! Karla was bummed she missed the flea market today. (we had a suprise birthday party for her.)
Happy Sunday!
Karla & Karrie

The Quintessential Magpie (Sheila) said...


I wish you lived closer because I keep looking at the aqua spray paint and would gladly give it to you to use! I ended up with more than I needed when the typical scenario would be to run out.

That is a very good price on that dining room set as it looked to be in good condition. Can't believe it had other pieces that went with it for that price. You find the best things!

And I like your new lamps, skirt, and bunny. Good finds.

Happy Sunday,

Sheila... who got a new computer and is a hap, hap, happy, smiley-faced camper! :-D

nikkicrumpet said...

I'm anxious to see how the aqua stuff turns out...and how those lamps come together...HURRY UP WOMAN WE'RE WAITING! Have a great day! now get to work!

Ms. Tee said...

I love that your bunny passed the "really special bunny test"! Too cute. I would've loved to have had that dining room set when I was first married. You definitely have THE best yardsales, ever. :)

Inspired Kara said...

What great finds! My mom has that same table in her basement. I've been eyeing it :)

Joy said...

Looks like a weekend full of fun and treasures! Were you able to find the sea glass paint so you could finish your project? I'll be looking to see the finished product.

Anonymous said...

That was fun! I wish I lived near a big city to go yardshopping in.-Lorie

Anonymous said...

I have an award for you on my blog. Check it out when you can.-Lorie.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Oh, I haven't posted my yard sale find in a while. I just love that you took the camera with you for things that you didn't by. That is a true blogger.
And Redeeming Love? You had NOT read that...definitely one of my favs. She is just an amazing writer.

Mrs. Trixi said...

Rhoda, as usual, you did great!!! I love that aqua bird house. Beautiful.

Bella Casa said...

I love all of your bunnies...especially that one you got a few weeks ago with the aqua bowl :)


countrygirl3031 said...

Good morning Rhoda...I love all your treasures...especially the skirt...too cute! Your little bunny is precious too!

Very successful yard saling, I must admit!


catieann said...

Oh you found the cutest bunny!
i have been having lots of fun garare saleing as well.

Reynie said...

Great finds this week!

Julie said...

Just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for all of your prayers for us and all the nice comments you made on my blog. Yeah - Ike is gone! Now we just have to clean up after him!

Donna said...

Hi Rhoda,

Love all of your yard sale finds!
Great treasures!


Miss Sandy said...

Great fun finds! That last bunny would pass my test too!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I need to come yard saleing with you. I posted about Redeeming Love last week. It was wonderful! I also started a Beth Moore study last week. Jackie

PamperingBeki said...

You are too cute!

I've missed yardsaling with you. ;-)

I vote for damask. I am just in love with it lately. That and aqua. YUM!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

As usual, I want to go shopping with you!! Great finds! :)

Glenda said...


Duncan Phyfe is one of my all time favorite makers of furniture. My mother had a buffet I was lucky enough to get. And years back I found a table at the Goodwill, for $25.00. It needs a bit of leg work, but the table top is in excellent condition.

Wonderful yard sales. I would love to have someone near me that like to do these, alas I do not.


Leigh said...

Great finds. I am crazy about your bunny! So sweet!

sarah @ a beach cottage said...

hi Rhoda

now I would like to come saling with you, in real life

love all of your finds, next week I'm may take some pics on my rounds, I don't know about you but there sure are a heap of things out there that ya wouldn't want too lol!

I am looking for lamp bases just like that, though of course I won't be painting mine black so they woulda been perfect for the cottage and at $7 a no brainer, that's why I love thriting heehee, a great little secret

love the bird feeder, I'm looking out for one for the cottage garden

see ya, off on the school run and a real flying thrift store visit!!


The Berry's Patch said...

Your garden pieces are just perfect. Especially that bunny welcome sign. I swear, if I find a super special bunny, I'm sending it to you. :-)

Linda said...

Wow you found a lot of great stuff. You always seem to find great clothing items too that has to be fun.

Kat said...

Rhoda I love going shopping with you! I wish I could actually buy something. lol! That Duncan Phyfe set was a great price. I love your bunny. It would pass my very special bunny test too.

Kimba said...

Oh Rhoda...Can I tell you that I'm nearly in tears looking at this post. I have been on the hunt for a DP table, chairs and buffet all summer. I already have a DP china cabinet.

At $400 I would have snapped that baby up so fast your head would be spinning. You would have seen me running down the street squeeeeeeeeeling with chairs balanced on my head! Yeah. I'm a drama queen like that.

I've found several sets but each time something wasn't quite right. Oh well. I guess it wasn't meant to be this year. Maybe next year. :-)

Cathy said...

More great finds! I'm hoping this weekend there will be som good sales.