Saturday, November 1, 2008

Strolling the Beach

(click all pics to enlarge)

Every day we walked the beach, picking up shells and getting some exercise. The first day was really windy....

As you can tell from this pic....self portrait on the beach.
Me and hubby at sunset. I have several great sunset pics I'll put up later too. I love capturing that light at's magical.
I took lots of beach cottage pics for you, in case anyone is tired of cold weather already...just pretend you're here.
Lots of birds out and about.
And a huge expanse of beach with no one out there but us. We only saw a few other strollers the whole time we were there.
More cottages.

And a whole collage of beach cottages for your viewing pleasure...some should actually be called beach mansions.
Shells were abundant, which was really fun for me. I absolutely love picking up seashells. The shell of the day was olive shells (above pic)...they were everywhere.
I brought home sacks full of shells this time. It's funny how many shells are here in Gulf Shores....
And just down the Gulf in Florida where we usually go near Seagrove, there are hardly any shells. Also found quite a bit of neat driftwood that I thought was really cool.
I'm sure I'll find somewhere to put these!

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Tara said...


What a lovely stretch of coastline you live bear! It is getting chily here in NY, I'll have to live through you!

Anonymous said...

I love a trip to the shore more than anything! I know kids are back in school so there are not a lot of vacationers this time of year, but I can't get over how delightful the beachy areas look. I'm glad that you had this wonderful time.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Kitty Scraps said...

Good Morning Miz Rhoda,
Looks like you guys were having a wonderful time! And you look so pretty out there on the beach *smiles* The vacation suited you! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures. Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!

Anonymous said...

We went to Gulf Shores the October right after 9/11. Loved it. We have been to Destin, which I was a bit disappointed in. I had heard so much about it. Both it and Panama City are pretty, but PC is definitely too populated for us. We seek out the quieter areas. There is a restaurant in the Gulf Shores area - *Home of the Tossed Rolls* - can't think of the name but that is their slogan. Definitely entertaining! LOL

We always take our beach trips in spring and fall. We went to Seabrook Island (SC) second week of
October. I love having so few people around and it still warm enough to lay on the beach and get in the water (if you chose).

Amelia Island is an area in Florida that we love. Near Jacksonville. We like to drive down (from TN) and visit Savannah on the way, then spend some time at Amelia.

Beautiful pics!


Screaming Meme said...

How wonderful! You look so happy and of course always pretty! I love the ocean...I used to live right on the beach when I was a little girl! I miss it...Now it's tumble weeds and wide open spaces...I love that too...But the beach is so peaceful! Love ya! Meme

Becky said...

WOW!! I can't believe all the shells. I just showed your pictures to my hero and we agreed we've never seen so many shells. I can only imagine what you're going to do with them. Can't wait to see.

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats a trip to the beach, glad you had a nice time !!!

How was your Halloween, last year we had so many kids I ran out of candy, this year I bought a ton and we hardly had any !!!

So what to do wtih all the leftovers ??

Have a great rest of the week-end,
Kathy :)

Linda/ RMS "Mom..." said...

*** G' morning, "Ravishing Rhoda", now "RR" to me!~ You are TOO CUTE, kiddo, & you have ~~~ (KNOW this may sound "funny") ~ BUT, you have such a beautiful SMILE & such nice teeth! (I'm sort of a nice-smile/good teeth "nut"!). And you & your DH really DO look just so happy, rested n' relaxed in your pics (he's a cutie,too!) ~~~ looks like the vacation is doing JUST what's it's SUPPOSED to do to for once's mind, soul n' body! Soooo lovely to see that ~ & well deserved, too! Loved the "pictoral", & reading other peoples thoughts about the beach. It's always interesting to me how some call it "the shore", and others think of it as "the beach"! Either way, I say my prayers everynite while picturing my dear Mom & I sitting on the beach in California, quietly & contently watching the sun set as we did soooo many times throughout my life(and it's RARE that we were ever "QUIET", too!)& watching the waves coming in and out ~ it's my "therapy", gives me time to "be with her once again", fills my heart will joy n' peace and reminds me how LUCKY I am to be here, an American and married to the greatest guy on earth! Talk about life's blessings, huh? Enjoy your weekend, friend! Warmly & with thanks, Linda

Maureen said...

I'm still catching up in blogland! Glad to see you've been to the beach again! Lucky girl! The shells are fabulous Rho!

Busy Bee said...

What a beautiful beach vacation! It has been such nice weather for October where I live...but that is changing this weekend. You are lucky to have gone somewhere so beautiful. Have a great weekend.

Tracy said...

I love the pictures! I'm wishing I was there on the beach, now! :-)
Looks like it was so peaceful, I love that not hundreds of people were there on the beach with you, everytime we go it's soooooo crowded.
All the shells are wonderful you found, we never seem to have much luck finding really neat ones.

Lady Katherine said...

Look like you and your hubby had a wonderful relaxing time. The shells are great, I have not seen that many there before. Cresent Beach In Florida on the Alantic Ocean, they are justed piles every where. I brought so many home, My daughter glued the shells around a mirror and her white curtian from Pottery Barn have pockets and she has the shells in the pockets. Now stay warm. I love to go to Hoover, worked ou airport in Calero.

KJ said...

What pretty pictures of YOU and the scenery! Gorgeous lady!

I have added more to my plate so I am working on a new blog routine. Just a little rearranging...

It's good to visit!

Have a great Saturday!


beth at aunties said...

There is something so peaceful about a stroll on the beach searching for the perfect shell, feeling the wind in your face and hearing the waves come in which seems to warm your heart make everything right with the world...
Thank you for sharing these incredible beautiful pictures with us all.
You hair is darling flat ironed:) and loved the picture of your and your husband.

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Makes me miss the beach!! Wish I lived closer to it so that I could visit the beach all throughout the year!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Ohhh! I hope you'll share more pictures, these are lovely.

Ma'dame French said...

Always love to look at beach pictures~~~looks like you had a wonderful time;) French;)

sandra/tx said...

Beautiful pics, Rhoda. I can't believe the assortment of shells you found. We never find that many different kinds of shells. :-/

PamperingBeki said...

Oh I wish I were there!!

It's all gorgeous. And you look *stunning* in that first picture!!

The Quintessential Magpie (Sheila) said...


Glad you had fun at the beach! Loved all the pics of y'all and the vaca. Beautiful, all.

I just got back to town and went and voted. I wanted to beat the crowd and did. Got in and out in 15 minutes. Voted for God and country! :-)

Have a blessed day,


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I just love that area. This is the best time of year~ unless you plan to get in the water. The beaches are so quiet.
Thanks for taking me along, Rhoda.

Rochelle said... looks so nice and warm there....I want to go....I want warm weather! Here in BC it is already cold and rainy - I can only dream of a warm place like Florida. My parents are there now and hopefully soon I will visit their retirement home they purchased - they live in Oregon and 1/2 the year they expect to live in Florida.
Love your blog!

windycorner said...

Hi Rhoda,
We were at the Gulf this morning, too. Just a couple of hundred miles south. It's hard to beat. You had better luck with shells than I did. There were only two keepers this morning.

Tracy said...

Beautiful pictures Rhoda. I wish I was there. I haven't been to the coast (FL) since '96. It's past time for a vacation!

Holly said...

Fabulous! What a lovely get-away.

bloggin' Chrystal said...

Oh Rhonda, I love Gulf Shores! We go every year and stay at the Tropic Isle. My daughter and I are "crazy" shell collectors. We could spend hours on the hunt gathering and exploring. It's one of my favorite things to do with her. Thank you for reminding me of our summer fun there when life's seems so crazy at home. It reminds me of why we work so hard all year...SO we can afford to take our children to places we love. Happy Sunday!

Rue said...

Hi Rhoda :)

Welcome home! What a wonderful vacation :)

LOVE the pics of you two. You both looked beautifully relaxed and happy :)


justabeachkat said...

Gorgeous photos! Wish you were here on our beach. I'd love to see you guys again.


Rose said...

Now that's NOT fair! ;) We didn't see any of those olive shells! Oh man I do love to hunt them to! I just can't get enough of it. At one point I lost track of how FAR I had went and could not find where everybody was when I headed back! lol I didn't realize I had went THAT FAR! I can get lost in it. It is soooo relaxing and fun. I dearly love it down there!!!! We found a bunch of the big shells to that had the holes in the ends of them. I have this HUGE glass jug that I filled with them and they look sooo neat piled in there. I even picked up the broken big ones as fillers for all those glass jugs I was going to fill and I love the look of it. I will have to take some pix of them outside where the pix can be seen better to show you on my blog.
Man you make me wanna go again! LOL
I dearly love all the colors of the condos and homes down there. When we went we were just having fits of all the different colored ones!
Great pix!

Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) said...

I'm closing my eyes and imagining I'm there...not here where it's cold. Man, I miss summer! Thanks for the trip to the beach.

Daisy Cottage said...

Gorgeous photos Rhodie!
I'm soooo glad you and Peter had a great time... welcome home!


Sheila said...

Rhoda, I am so glad you too this trip! Gulf Shores is our favorite beach vacation. I just love it, the pics are great.
I love the work you have done on the black/white room.

Pat said...

Oh I love seashells and seaglass! I was recently in Key West and there wasn't one shell --they explained that the reefs prevent the shells from reaching shore.

I once visited the gulf at Corpus Christi, Texas and there wasn't any shells along the shore there either.

Here in NYC we find mainly clam, scallop and mussel shells --nothing exotic but I was lucky once and found a rather large chambered nautilus shell.

Hugs, Pat

Vonda said...

Awesome pictures of you and your man at the beach!