Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Kitchen Inspiration Board

One of my readers, Lisa, emailed me recently to ask for help with her kitchen, so I got busy and came up with an Inspiration board to give her some ideas to use in her space.


Kitchen Island

Kitchen table

She loves the green Bordallo dishes, as well as black and white dishes, so I used those on the board too. And she’s planning to paint her kitchen with a pretty olive green, Olive 3 from Laura Ashley, which is one shade lighter than my kitchen. She also thought about adding a small piece of furniture next to her kitchen table. The border on the cabinets will be going too. Here’s what I came up with for Lisa’s kitchen, click on the board to open it up and you can see all the information for each item:

Lisa by Rhoda12 on

Lisa is ordering the Austrian valances from Country Curtains in the black and white check to add to her windows (which is just like the small pillow fabric you see) and taking them up higher on the windows this time. She has white cabinets and will be making some small changes to the room that hopefully will add a lot of punch. The addition of some hanging plates, a new wall color and newly updated valances will really make this room come alive. She was looking for a new fixture too, so I think this style would look great in Lisa's kitchen.

Since her rooms all flow together, she was looking for some rug ideas for her living room too, so the rugs on here are for that space. She ended up ordering one of them. I also gave her a few tips on her other rooms in this area.

Hope you enjoyed this little update for one of my readers! If you'd like to get some decorating help, click here for more info.

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Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Oh, nice! Hope she posts pictures when she is all done. Anything black and white checks is good with me!

Kelee Katillac said...

Neato Rhoda!!! Great Job!! love.kelee

Mrs. G said...

Oh, I like all your ideas for Lisa's pretty kitchen. Hope you show pictures of it when it is all done. How is your kitchen coming along?

Darlene said...

The inspiration photos are great! She is going to have a fabulous kitchen when it is all through.

susan said...

Your ideas are look wonderful. I have been a fan of Country Curtains for years--they're not all country and the prices are great! Hope we'll see the finished product.

Sofia Striffler said...

Great choices of your client. Love the look. Can't wait to see the end results. Have a great day thanks for sharing.

kathi said...

I love Country Curtains too. Looks like you've given you client some great options. Hope she posts "after" photos later!

Dream Mom said...

Sounds like some good options.

I might offer a few more suggestions. I'd like her to remove the doors from the glass front cabinet and the other cabinet to the left of the window, to create a little symmetry. Paint the front rim of each shelf white and add some white dishes (she can still paint the back of the cabinet). Removing the doors from those two cabinets will break up all of those white cabinets. I have seen this done and it's really pretty. The symmetry also fits well with the traditional design of her cabinets.

Next, I'd remove that piece of molding over the sink (it's the curve shaped piece). That will update the kitchen a bit.

I'd like to see something done to the section over the stove-currently it appears to be all white. I can't quite see the whole thing so it's hard to offer some suggestions but I'd like to see a few more accessories in the kitchen for a punch of color-say removing the spice carousel and putting some flowers over there or a pretty plate.

Finally, I'd like to see some slipcovers for the chairs or some different chairs to go with the table. It seems a little bland. Maybe some pretty dishes and placemats to punch that area up a bit.

Overall, nice job.

Lori E said...

The inspiration board is such a great idea. I can visualize things but my husband can't and he never can see the broader picture. He just sees a chair and says he likes it or he doesn't. This is why we ended up with a white sink in our kitchen redo. I should never have had a white sink and it shows. Last time I listen to him.

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

So fun Rhoda! Tell Lisa to send us after pictures to enjoy!

WendyBee said...

Thnak you for sharing your talent. Hope to get to see the "after" pictures. Thanks for your terrific blog!

justabeachkat said...

Hi Girlfriend

I have family visiting this week (Georgia Spring Break),so my computer time has been limited. Just wanted to say "hi" and Happy Easter.


Susan@The Cozy Chickadee said...

Love it all. Would you ask her to send pics so we can see the finished project?

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I can't wait to see the after shots! Looks like it will be fantastic! And how cool with that software to tell you what's what on the board! Great!!

Jessica said...

Great inspiration board! It sounds like it's going to come really pretty. I hope she posts some after pics so we can see!!
Rhoda, have a very Belssed Easter.