Thursday, June 11, 2009

Making your own Window Treatments

It seems that I have a blog stalker who loves to drop by and leave me mean and nasty comments, all the way from the way I decorate, to yardsales, advertising, and the way I live my life. Since she continues to drop by every couple of weeks for the last month (and of course, hiding behind Anon. and usually at night when I'm not on the computer) I'd just like to take this opportunity to put her right where she apparently wants to be, front and center. And this will be the only time I address this here on the blog. I refuse to get into a "who can out retort who" contest.

Dear Anon: There are plenty of people who do like my blog and me, so I really don't care what you think about me, my house, my decorating abilities, or my blog for that matter, so do yourself a favor and don't come back. You promised that the last time and then again, last night decided to stop by and throw a little more mud my way. Your comments will continue to be deleted. I feel sorry for people like you who apparently have nothing better to do than sling criticisms and nastiness on others and it's really very sad. So, I hope you'll make good on your earlier promises and just be GONE. You are not a friend of mine and you're not welcome here. I have the DELETE power and will just zap your comments if you decide to leave more, so don't bother.

And here's just a little advice for YOU. You might want to learn to spell if you continue to throw snarky comments at people who yard sale (not yard sail). There's no boat involved in this sport. :)

Now, on to more fun topics!!


Some of you have asked about choosing and making window treatments for your home, so I thought I’d just share a bit about how I came up with all of mine. Like I mentioned before, my mom has done all my sewing for me my whole life and has sewed countless window treatments for me, as I’ve used them for a few years and then got tired of the fabric or decided on another style. I usually keep them for at least 5-7 years and the ones in my house now are no exception. It’s too costly to trade out window treatments on a whim, so I try to stick with classics that will last a long time for me.

Now, let me just say that my window treatments would never pass the test of a real designer, but they work just fine for me. I’m sure a workroom seamstress will look at these pics of my mom’s sewn treatments with a frowny face and probably think that they look homemade and that’s fine. They work for me! :)


First up, my beachy guestroom that I redid for under $500. Since I found the comforter set at a yardsale, it was easy to just buy the 96” length panel for this window from Target. Done, finished. Hang it on a black iron swing-arm rod and this window is A-OK by me. Again, I’ll tell you that one trick I’ve learned is to hang those window treatments as high as you can on the windows. Hang them high and hang them wide, outside your actual window where the edge of your molding is covered, but not the entire window. Makes those windows look so much more important and bigger than they might be in person. This optical illusion works wonders on most all windows.


My mom made this little treatment for a screened porch I had and then redid it for my laundry room when I moved in this house. I had this apple green velvet from Ballards in my stash and she added the black leaf fabric to the top and bottom of this little treatment. I just shirred it on an iron rod and again, took it all the way to the ceiling. Trim is such a great way to personalize your window treatments. Even if you buy ready-made window treatments, you can always add some trim to them to give them an extra special look. This trim was left over from my kitchen project, which we’ll get to in a minute. I always save every scrap of trim just in case I can use it elsewhere. I love trim and have used my hot glue gun to add trim to pillows, but really prefer fabric glue. It just works and looks better to me. You don't get those globs of glue that you get with the hot glue gun.


I’m not above buying panels out of a catalog either. These are some simple linen/cotton panels that I found at the Company Store online and the pair was about $70. Not bad at all. These aren’t even lined, but I loved the fabric pattern and since they were hanging on top of the wall and not covering the windows, it didn’t even matter if they were professionally lined or not. And actually, the catalog showed the dark border as the bottom of the window treatment, but it was so pretty and would be behind the sofa, that I switched it and put the prettiest part at the top. They fit the bill for my den and look great in here on a simple iron rod. So keep that in mind when you are looking at ready-made panels in the catalog. How can you change them to work in YOUR house. Oh and by the way, most of my window hardware you see in ALL these pics came from yardsales. Without exception, almost every single thing came from yardsales over the years. There are great things out there to be found, I’m tellin’ ya! So check those out as you're looking too.


These are actually 2 valances that my mom made for me too. They started out as just the floral fabric and were simple little treatments that I think I had shirred on a rod at first. After I found the solid gold silk bee fabric at a yardsale for about $1, I asked her if she would rework them for me and add the silk on there. She did and this is what we came up with.


She added the gold silk as a cuff at the top and as a little skirt on the bottom and then we put a row of trim over the seam to dress it up. Since my one window here was way wider than my old house’s single window, I just hung these both together and they appear as one treatment now. This was a perfect treatment for this window coming up the stairs into our livingroom.


Our upstairs guestbath is really a very simple treatment to make. If you sew at all, you could do this one. It’s just a rectangle, lined on the back with off-white lining and I used clip rings to hang it from the iron rod. Again, my mom made this one too. With some brush fringe across the bottom, that adds a little pizazz for very little money. I couldn’t hang this one up any higher, since I needed to cover the top of the window.


This shower curtain topper was made pretty much the same way and the whole thing is shirred on a rod so has a rod pocket. Added the brush fringe again and that band of checked fabric was from my toile drapes in the other bedroom. I added the covered buttons just to make it more custom. You could do this with any combination of fabrics and that checked band is just hot glued together to form the swags.


I had 2 sets of toile drapes that my mom made me for my bedroom about 8 years ago. Still love this fabric combo and used one set of drapes in my dining room and one set in the toile guestroom. I was happy that it worked out like that since each room has one big window. The great thing about using panels is that you can move them from house to house and they will always work. Might need to hem them, but they still still work as long as you keep them long enough to begin with. These puddle slightly on the floor.


I took some pics underneath to show you how easy these are put together. This black checked topper is an upholstery weight material and is simple sewed back to back with the panel and the topper hangs down. Added some bullion fringe to this one too. I haven’t actually tried sewing panels, but I think I could do it. This is just simple straight line sewing.


Lined with white lining and hemmed on the sides. Again, this hardware, poles & honking big fleur de lis finials were found at a yardsale when I was in Atlanta.


Rings are sewn right onto the top of the panel and they form their own pleat with the heavier fabric on the topper.


Back of the topper fabric.


Again, mom made these blue silk drapes in our master bedroom. I love the little scalloped paisley she added to the top of these. I had seen a pic and asked her to try it and they turned out so cute. Unfortunately, this silk has faded along the edges since I hung these 3 years ago. The morning sun comes in here strong and even through the white blinds a lot of heat is generated. But, I’ll live with them for a few years before I change them out.


Behind the panel. And yes, I found this pole and finials at a yardsale too.


The little topper is just attached at the top and flops over the front.


While we’re in here, I thought I’d show you the Linden Street lamp I got from that deal a few months ago. I love this new lamp in here in the reading nook.

Kitchen WT

Now, to the kitchen. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this fabric. I’ve had this valance for 7 years now and still love it. The fabric is Braemore Garden Tureen in Crimson and I don’t think you can find it anymore. At least, I haven’t seen it online in quite awhile. I do think there is a lime green version of it that is still available though.

I saw a valance like this at Forsyth Fabrics in Atlanta way back then and took pics of it front and back, so we could copy it. My mom did a great job with it and we figured out how to put it together and get the same look. It picked three fabrics for this and I love how they all work together. The plaid is just pleated and added on the bottom and the top is sewed as the lining and the topper and just folds over the top so it can be seen. Simple pleats along the top create the little bit of swag that you see and this window is wider than my old window was so I think I even took out a few of the pleats to make it wider. If you’re trying to make something like this, I think the rule of thumb is to make your valance about 2 times wider than your window and the pleats will take up a lot of the fabric too.

I fell in love with this fabric at first glance because it has bunnies on it.


See? This is what I fell in love with.


Again, trim from Forsyth's in Atlanta was added along the seam at the bottom. At the time, I splurged on this trim and it really makes these.


And here’s the back of it so you can see how it was put together. We allowed enough of the green fabric to line the back and still have enough to drape over the top as a cuff. Rings were sewed on the top. See, not so hard when you see it put together.

So, I hope this has helped you all a little to see that you can have custom drapes without spending a fortune. Now I know you’ll probably say…..yeah, but your mom made all of those. And yes, she did. I’m sure blessed with that. But, there are a lot of seamstresses in every town who work at home and charge reasonable rates, so if you do want something custom made, it’s definitely worth it to get what you want.

Birmingham's own, Pate Meadows, has some wonderful window treatment patterns, so check them out too if you haven't before. Most of the fabric stores in Atlanta carry their patterns and I've used them several times. They are very stylish and Southern Living has used Pate Meadows treatments many times in their showhouses.

The best part about custom is you get to choose your fabrics. You’re not stuck with whatever the manufacturers are offering on their ready-mades. I just love having my own choice of fabrics and styles in my house. Not cookie-cutter at all. And I hope this gives you some inspiration to try something new in your own house. And better yet, learn to sew! I have that sewing machine I found at a yardsale, so I need to get busy myself and learn some new things about sewing.

For an extra special treat, go over to my friend, Judy's blog for some design on a dime drapes. Drop cloth drapes with an attitude. You will love this one too!

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Anonymous said...

LOL Rhoda good for you !!!! Yard sail indeed...

She/he is giving me ANNON a bad name !!!

What is up with people??? Sorry you have this idiot bothering you :(

LOVED this post you are so lucky to have your Mum sew for you !!!

My fave curtain shop recently closed its doors and I am so sad. All custom and what detail. I too tend to reuse and keep what I have...I have to LOVE them before I buy.

I saw Judy's drop cloths...very clever !!!

Great post,
Kathy :)

Anonymous said...

LOL the reason I popped by was to get your recipe for London Broil I just got in from the market and I want to try it...

xo Kathy :)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hi Miss Rhoda! I have been missing ya too. AS you can see I have been taking somewhat of a break from everyday post. Having a house full underfoot causes one to not think clearly. I love summer and wish it could last forever. As far as having kids full time...well thats when I start praying for a vacation from our vacation. I tried to comment yesterday on your adoraable shabby cabinet but blooger would not allow me. Im still having computer problems from time to time. Some of my favs...I get on and seconds later I get booted to the curb! Ugh!!!
I hit a garage sale last weekend. It was the first in a long time and I thoughtb of you. I found a great jar and two baskets! I hope to show them off one day. Sorry you are having some uglys visit your site. It happens to all of us sooner or later. Hope they move on down the road. Take care and enjoy that new beautiful kitchen! Susie~

A Touch of Country said...

I love this many great ideas:)


We are THAT Family said...

And THAT'S how you kick nasty anonymous commenters in the butt. Good for you!

Willoughby said...

Your window treatments are lovely! My mom does a lot of my sewing for me, as well. She enjoys it so much more than I do. Cutting and marking patterns, pressing seams, I just don't have the patience for it.

I'm sorry to hear about the nasty comments being left on your blog. I have several blog friends who have run into this problem lately, too.

Stacey said...

Rhoda, I will have to come back again in a little while because your pretty pictures wouldn't load at this time. I just can't imagine what rude thing someone would say to you! It's strange how rude people will be though because they are hiding in the shadows.

Be assured that we love everything you do and show us! I know I'm speaking for many girls and guys!

Stacey :)

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

You go Rhoda!

Jennifer said...

Custom window treatments are so much fun. It's nice to have your say in what you want. Love all of the great rods and finials you have found on your yardsaling adventures! I also like to move them around and use them in different places.

Rude people just seem to be popping up everywhere these days. It's ashame that manners and respect have gone out the door....even from many adults. Explains a lot of why our country is the way it is. Good for you to take a stand!


"Blossom" said...

Rhonda, this is exactly the same sort of thing that happne on RMS.
I hope we aren't going that route.
It's sad that others have to stoop to this type of level to hurt and be hurtful with their words. We all have choices of things that we like or can afford; this doesn't make us a bad person. I just love all things homemade by mothers. I cherish mothers things that she made for me I"m sure you do too. I love the colors and styles. Keep up the great blog and don't let it get to you. They are the minority!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you are having someone leave you nasty comments. I guess their mothers never taught them "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." I read your post everyday and really enjoy them. I love your decorating tips and your yard sale finds. I don't comment much because I just don't have the time. Don't let it get you down. Some people are just so unhappy they want everyone to be unhappy. Keep up the good work. Love the window treatments!

Olive Rue said...

Well said, Rhoda. It's a shame that people have nothing better to do with their miserable lives than to try and stir up trouble.

I know your blog must get over a 1000 hits per day (maybe more) and with 876 followers it's clear there are plenty of us out here that love your style.

I think this Ms. Anonymous feels threatened by your success, friends, talent and personality. You had me cracking up about sailing though. ;-) I have been calling it yard-saling...I guess I was wrong.

I took your advice and removed the word verification, but I left the comment moderator turned on. My spammer wasn't a fluke. His name was Ed. It was all in chinese. So no telling what they all said. He apparently hit Cindy from My Romantic Home as well.

Anyway, sorry this comment was so long. I just needed to throw my 2 cents out there. And I love the curtains. Especially those at the bottom. The toile and checkered fabric looks fab together!

Just remember I along with 875 other people think you are the cat's meow!!!

Hugs &
Love from GA!!!

marty39 said...

Great post. I love all the inspiration. I make all of my own drapes, but it's always hard to decide fabric combinations, trims and etc. You've done a great job coordinating materials. Love it all. Hugs, Marty

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You Go Girl!!! :-)
Like yur window treatments.

Susan said...

Good for you and your response! Some people in this world enjoy trying to make others feel as ill-tempered as they are on the inside. I'll never understand it.

Personally, I think you have a wonderful style. Very ecletic. It's FUN trying to give old or unwanted items new life, isn't it? I don't have your yard sale prowess, but would love to learn from the Master (or should it be Mistress?).

Simply Susan said...

Thanks for sharing all your window treatment with us. I really do love looking at all the beautiful fabrics you have chosen.

Anonymous said...

Just chalk those unkind remarks up to jealousy. I love reading your blog and have been so inspired to get back into the real world after experiencing a major empty nest meltdown. Keep up the good work!!

Lindy said...

I adore you, Rhoda! I wanted to let you know that I made your London Broil last night with grilled corn and lentil greek salad and it was delicious! I will be making it every time the meat goes on sale.

I love that bunny fabric! Your love of bunnies is rubbing off on me. I hunted down a bunny lamp off of Atlanta Craigslist after seeing yours!

Don't worry about what mean people say. Most of the time they are just jealous anyway. Kind of like gradeschool.

Keep on being fabulous, Ms. Rhoda!

Jean said...

It is sad that there are such nasty people out there. You just ignore her, your blog and home are wonderful. My hubby and I love to go to yard sales too. It is just fun and the thrill is in the hunt.
Your window treatments are great.
jean in virginia

Teresa said...

Well, I for 1 love your blog and your posts. I am probably going to be a blog stalker too but for all the good reasons. Keep up the good work.


Shelly said...

Ditto on the above comment. Jealousy and unhappiness make people do crazy, mean things! Sorry it is happening to you.

You have inspired me yet again! This time with the toile panels! I have plain, chocolate brown drapes from JC Penney in my living room, but I am going to add a topper in a beautiful fabric I love every time I see it in Hobby Lobby. I am certain I can do it! My mom is often my seamstress as well! And I also have a sewing machine that I haven't used, but am getting the itch to try it out! Thanks again for the inspiration, Rhoda!

the rusty cupboard said...

well I am here to say I love your blog and always look for it first. So keep up the great work and I LOVE YARD SALES.

Stacie said...

As I read your letter to this Anonymous poster, I couldn't help but see Dixie Carter as Julia Sugarbaker on Designing Women--she could tell people and they KNEW that they had been told..Good for you! Keep on doing what you do for all of us who love your blog! And bring me some window treatments, while you are at it--those are great!

Amber said...

I love the first ones. I could use those in my bedroom! I'll have to start shopping some yard sails ;)

Love to you!

Cari said...

Some peolpe are so nasty!!!! How boring would this world be if we all had the same taste. I think your blog is great and love the fact that you are as obsessed with bunnies as I am! Keep on doing what your doing. When I read about people leaving nasty comments it makes me glad that only four or five people actually read mine. Those few are either related to me or are in my Sunday School class so they would never say anything nasty! HA!

Jenna said...

I enjoy your posts & seeing your adventures. I wished I lived in a quality yard sale location ... or that I loved the hunt more. Everything is SO beautiful - I have been personally inspired by your decorating adventures ... kinda in a girl-power sort of way!

New England Girl said...

Love, love, LOVED the window treatments - thanks for sharing them with us! I loved the different fabrics, textures and looks you got. So lovely.

And also, if you ever find out how to figure in sailing to going to yard sales, please let us know! It could be a very interesting day out. Maybe attach some wheels to a little rowboat, throw up a makeshift sail and see how many giggles you can get from the yard sales you make it to? :)

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

Rhoda, beautiful window treatments! I sew all of mine in my home and sometimes wish I had someone to do it for me! lol. I love your plaids and toile! I don't think I will ever tire of these patterns. I also wanted to say "sorry" for the stalker that you've had! It makes you wonder why someone would enjoy being so mean? Good for you to tell them like it is! I hope you have a great rest of the week! I love your style and think your wonderful!!

Hugs to you,

ilovemy5kids said...

Love those toile curtains...glad to see the ideas! Blessings to you!

Jillian, Inc said...

I love all your window treatments and your fabric choices. Very pretty.

A year or so ago I had a nasty commentor (anon. of course) so I had my computer guy at the office ping the ISP address, which I could get from sitemeter and found they were being left from someone using a CHURCH'S computer network, of all things. And did a little more investigating and found it to be a blogger who is pretty popular and very Christian centered in her writing. I used to read her blog, until all that happened. I took it upon myself to email her personally and call her bluff amd told her I would out her if she didn't stop. Never heard from her again. But she's still Christian blogging and very, very popular.

Darla~SassyHomemaker said...

You.Go.Girl!!!! I have had a stalker on my site since the first week it opened (I know who it is and they disgust me). They only come around when they think they can sneak something through. Cowards.

I love your ideas and have "stolen" ...errr...I mean "researched" and "applied" MANY of them.

Rupert Relative Ramlings.... said...

Please do not take the route of our dear friend Kat and stop blogging....I love you, your house, your blog, and I envy the yard sale bargains you find......YOU HAVE CLASS !!
On the other hand someone without enough intelligence to use spell check is intimidating you! How dare them!!
I have learned so much from you. Keep helping us to decorate on a real person's budget.....
Edna from Indiana

Lisa said...

I like the way you decorate, and I am the only one who counts! I can't wait to be in a house again, so I can copy all of your ideas. Hehehehe! Seriously, imagine being that sad of a person that you choose to spend your time leaving nasty comments.

Lori E said...

A little note for bloggers who are being "attacked" by pests. You get their computers I P address from sitemeter and the you put the longitude and latitude into google earth and it will take you right to their neighbourhood (yes I spelled that right, I'm Canadian)lol. You can also block their I P address.

Now back to the important issues. Fabric. Wow you sure have some great ones. I love that a little piece of cloth can send us on a completely new decorating scheme. Sheer Inspiration..pun intended.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Mom can sew up a dream curtain!. How special all your drapery is. I have sewn many of my curtains in my life time,right now I only have one room with curtains that I have made. I too love the choice of choosing my own fabric. I loved your post, great job.
Take care and enjoy your day,

Judy said...

Dear Rhoda! Thank you so much for referencing my drop cloth drapes on your blog. I'm really excited about them and I'm working on a plan for the ones in our bedroom. In fact, I will be talking to you about that tomorrow on our little outing.

See you then!

redsoxmom said...

I think Anonymous is jealous and very disturbed to be obsessing about you and your blog. Someone is VERY unhappy with themselves and their life and it is certainly not you, my bloggy friend. I love your blog and all the wonderful tips and adventures you share with us bloggers who have a love of our family and making our home a special place for them. In a world where everyone is striving to "be green", yard saling is a great way to "reduce, reuse, recycle".

As for psycho anonymous ~As my son would say "don't be a hater"!! Go away, no one wants you here!

Blessings to you!

Kasey said...


Thank you for sharing all of your decorating hints and secrets with your readers. Your blog is one of my favorites!

And I've never understood why some people think they're above shopping at yard sales. They allow you to save money, are a way of living "green", and there are some beautiful things out there just waiting for a new home!

I appreciate the hard work you put into this blog. Thanks!


jewelryandgiftsbyrebecca said...

Wow, Ok, I'm sad that I follow Anonymous above. And I'm sad for her that she is so angry yet seems to have nothing better to do with herself than look for people to be angry with...holy cow, get a life.

Now that that is done.
You have some really cute ideas! I needed this post; I have a kitchen window that is driving me nuts. Two treatments later and I'm still not happy with how it looks. Try try again.

Brandi said...

Oh my, what a nasty, hateful person. It's a cowardly way to leave a comment isn't it? Anyhow, I think your mom did a fantastic job on all your curtains! My favorite are the toile just because I love the material, but they're all beautiful!

Chris said...

OH, Rhoda. You've got some NASTY anonymous readers out there. I don't even know what to say. I'm so sorry, and I hope it doesn't distract from all the supportive readers you DO have. You are wonderful, and I love every post you put on here. I agree--just DELETE! They are mean people, and they mean nothing. As for the curtains...thank you for the tour! I loved seeing how you mixed so many different fabrics and prints together. They just look amazing!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Yes, Rhoda, pick a "chairty." (??!!!)

Good grief! Sorry you have to deal with blog stalker people. No fun!

What's fun? Your blog. I think you are a talented, fun, lady, and you've always been kind enough to reply to me when I have a question about something in one of your posts.

You keep on posting and don't take any bait from weirdos out there.

I adore the fabric in the first photo. So pretty. :)

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Wow - I am so sad that I am following this. My heart is aching for you as I read this venom, plus its obvious that there does need to be an understanding on the $ behind blogging.

Bloggers don't get money for every hit...I wish.. Someone said that Rhoda gets 1000 hits a day, I can guarantee you it's 3-4 times that and see doesn't see a penny from those hits. Companies and small business owners approach bloggers to advertise - it's their choice,if they feel it's a good fit for their blog. That is the beauty of a blog for's free to use. They can be educated, and given tutorials and much more all for free. Blogging is a lot of hard work. It may not seem like it if it's done in such a conversational tone, but it's hours and hours of time spent uploading, writing, editing.

Thank you, Rhoda, for the time you spend giving people great ideas.
Isn't it wonderful that we are Americans and can pick and choose what we want to read? Not quite sure what keeps anon. people coming back when they don't like it. Sorry, I know that comments like this hurt.

PamperingBeki said...

You call that decorating? Well, girl you can come decorate MY house any old time! :)

Ick, I'm so sorry you have to deal with nasty people. That stinks and I hope you don't take the things said personally. (hard to do, I know...)

You keep doing what you're doing! You and your Cajun Shrimp toenails are enjoyed by many people in blogland!

Joanna said...


I love your window treatments! I would love to learn to sew so that I can make my own.

Wow to the ANON...I just can't believe it...Well actually I can. There are rude/mean people everywhere.

Anonymous said...

You are certainly welcome to do as you like, but so many bloggers are open only to praise and awards, they never want to hear from someone whose opinion differs from theirs. Bloggers are the ones putting themselves out in the world, if they don't want advertising dollars, then they should make their blog private.

As for commenting on your blog about the person, why? Why not just delete the comments you don't like? As my mom always told me, "ignore them and they will go away."

Frugal Jen said...

Great drapes! I enjoy reading your blog.

I wish those people with nasty comments would leave us all alone!

Carmen said...

I always tell my kids that when other people put them down it's because they aren't happy with their own lives. So they have to put others down to make themselves feel better. You told her though! :)

I love all of your window treatments. I adore the bunny fabric, of course. :)

(And I love your blog too!)

Meshellyn said...

Oh wow! So, so nasty! Don't let it get to you though. You have a great blog and I really enjoy it! You can update with your great ideas as many times a day as you like. It's YOUR blog! I'll be back and I hope for all of us, Anon doesn't.

Keep your chin up :)

Rhonda Parker said...

Hi there, sweet Rhoda - so sorry for that nasty anonymous. :) I love all of your window treatments (golly, jee - how many windows do you have in your house, HA HA)... but I think my favorite is the shower curtain topper.... fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing!

adrienne said...

Oh Rhoda!!! I read your column daily. LOVE you. Have never commented before. Don't even know how to use my picture, so therefore, I'm anon. I'm still laughing out.loud. about yard sail. That just cracks me up!! That made my day. I'm sorry that it was at your blog's expense. Thank you for sharing your decorating talents and humor with me. I shall keep reading as long as you keep blogging.


Still Learning said...

You have so many beautiful fabrics!! Just gorgeous. I really do have to start yard saleing. Good grief I am missing out on some great deals.

I thought you were kidding at first about the anon commenter.... what could somebody possibly have to complain about in what you do? Everything is fabulous.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I like your blog; I think you are beautiful; how you live your life is your business; and your decorating style is absolutely lovely. Count me as a fan!

Ann and Billy said...

I love your blog, your style and your decorating ideas.

Speaking of spelling: I was trying to type something once that said "I was going yard saling". Well spell check disagrees with that spelling. It suggested sailing or selling. I was doing neither of those so I stuck with saling. Spell check just doesn't understand.

Renae said...

It's obvious Annon was never taught that if you don't have anything nice to say.....

I think you are great and you have fab ideas! I definitely could learn a thing or two from you on yard sales. I never think about going to them. You find such treasures!

Blessings to ya Girl!

Terry said...

Howdy Rhoda
Being a southern gal and from Texas at that I tend to dive in head first and mouth wide open :)
I love my visits to your blog.
Thank you for sharing all the great information to those of us who both appreciate and need your input.
Thank you for all the awesome photos today.
I learned a lot.
I am sorry you have been bothered
by a nameless faceless person with so much emptiness in their own life.
You just rememeber to eliminate the negative and latch on to the postive .
Karma is one mean broad !
Blessings to you sweetie.

Tracy B at FeedSack Cooking said...

you go girl!!! I love your window treatments. any ideas on a blue room that has a lighthouse border. I am in the market to update the two windows in there. they are side by side. the light house is black and white strip and I have used black frames on the wall.

Tracy said...

I'm sorry someone has been leaving you ugly comments, such a shame that some people have nothing better to do with their time.
I love your blog and can't imagine anyone having anything bad to say about you or your blog.


Janice said...

I am so sorry someone was so cruel to you. I love visiting you and have learned so much and have received some fantastic recipes. Thank you for having this wonderful blog I can visit.

stefanie said...

are people really that bored, that they really have nothing else to do. i really feel sorry for someone like that.
your blog is great, they are probably just jealous.

Chandra said...

I guess it means you're famous since you have a stalker! Sad how some people have to share unkindness, and to have it directed to a delightful blog like yours is ridiculous. I always enjoy your recipes, designing insight and true blog hospitality!!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Oh, my, sorry to hear you're dealing with blog drama. Don't you hate that?

As to the Anonymous commenter above who believes we just want praise and awards and nothing else, not true! There's a difference between constructive, thoughtful criticism or a differing point of view, and negative nastiness. I think the uncalled-for nastiness is what we're objecting to here, not differences of opinion.

Continue to take the high road, Rhoda--and keep deleting those who don't! :-)

Rose Broadway (Rosie) said...

I love love your drapes. When we built our present home six years ago I said,"No window treatments! They're just dust-catchers!"

Well..we lived without anything but blinds for four years then I decided I wanted to "treat" them. I went to Joann's and found the perfect fabric to make what I wanted for the living and dining rooms. It was $21yd. Now, that isn't bad, but considering I needed 40yds, I just couldn't do it.

The following Sunday I looked at Joann's flyer in the paper and they had a sale! Drapery much as you wanted (one cut) for the price of one yd! I didn't think it could be true! I called, and yes, it was true. I ran right over and bought 40yds for a total of $21.00 plus tax! They didn't have that much fabric on a single bolt, so they were kind enough to russle up all that I needed.

Just watch for the SALES!!

Angie Seaman said...

ROCK on girl! You keep doing what you do best. We all love you! (and your garage sales, your decorating, etc.) :)

Hugs, Angie Seaman

Linda said...

Rhoda, those are some lovely window treatments and good explanations. I especially love that bee print you used - classy! Linda

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

You have some beautiful window treatments. I also enjoy making my own window treatments and have done so throughout my home. Like you said, "I just love having my own choice of fabrics and styles in my house." Thanks for sharing all you wonderful ideas.


Debbie's Garden said...

Your anonymous person sounds like the kind of person who has to put other people down to feel important. Definitely not worth your energy. You intrigue them enough that they keep coming back!

Yard "sails" rock! I love the curtain, drapery pics. I can't sew, but I muddle through and make what I want too. The front is all that matters!

salmagundi said...

Great post! I sew, so I've always make my own curtains, pillows, tablecloths, etc. I sure enjoyed the way you combined fabrics. Thanks for the inspiration. Sally

Nancy said...

Dear Rhoda,
The nerve of someone to be so rude to you! Your ideas and helpful tips are absolutely wonderful!I have already referred to several of your past posts to help me through a task! I always say, if you don't like what's on -change the channel-so to that Anon-please do!
I love this post; full of beautiful fabric-keep teaching us!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a horrible thing to happen to such a nice person with a beautiful blog!! Love the curtains!!

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

I love all your window treatments & your mom is a treasure! You've given me some great ideas! Hmmm, maybe I should have a garage sale to get rid of some of our stuff...

Sounds like you're being "cyber-stalked". Possibly this is a person that you know & they're anonymously trying to torment you. If you get tired of dealing with this person, you can restrict anonymous comments from your blog for awhile.

☺♥☺ Diane

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi all, I'm going to have to put on comment moderation for awhile.

Whitney Caroline Designs said...

First I must apologize. I do not comment nearly enough on your beautiful and always inspiring posts! Today I just had to stop by and say how what a big fan of Southern Hospitality I am! Keep up the wonderful work you do!


Tammy518 said...

I can't believe someone is criticizing you and your wonderful blog. Your home is so beautiful, and is an inspiration to us all. "Yard sail"? Yeah, that shows you the mentality of your anonymous poster.

As far as your window treatments, I've always loved yours, and your mama could come sew for me any time! I don't believe you could ask for window treatments that look any better than what your mom makes for you.

Laura said...

I wish blog comments had sound effects! Just know that right now you would be hearing applause and cheers!

You go Miss Rhoda-
I love your blog and visit everyday.


Cheryl said...

A wonderful reply to "Anon". Why can't she just hit the "delete" button and not read your blog? Start her own blog!! Probably she can't, which is why she is jealous of your wonderful, inspiring blog.

I am working with a decorator right now and spending far too much money. I love your blog because it keeps me grounded. At heart, I am a resale, flea market, bargain hunter.

Your spirit is wonderful and it shows up in all you do. I am sure "Anon"s isn't because she is an unhappy person. it has to come from within.

Treasure your mother. My mother has advanced Alzheimer's and I miss her very much.

Jeannie said...

You are so lucky that your mom can sew for you. It sounds like the person insulting you is either jealous or ignorant; either way you are better off deleted the "comments". I commend you on the tasteful way you handled thewhole situation. Your blog is fun and informative.Keep the tips and antedotes coming.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda,
First, I'm not a blogger and don't have a google account...hence, my posting as anonymous This is Amy from Arkansas whose living room you helped decorate. Gotta send you pictures and need more advice. This mean person must be envious of you. I love your decorating style, all your bunnies, the fact that you can do just about anything you set your mind to, and even love lots of your recipes. In other words....YOU ROCK!! Please don't stop blogging just because you're making someone miserable, there are hundreds of us whom you make very happy. Reading your blog is a part of my daily routine. Thanks for making my days a little brighter!!

Anonymous said...

Rhoda: Your window treatments are one of my favorite things in your house. I had a beloved Grandmother who sewed for me, so I am sure your Mom having made them makes them all the more special to you. Thanks for sharing with us!


MaRiN said...

Way to go Rhoda! Mean people need to be put in their place. If she doesn't like your blog, why bother coming back? I don't understand some people!
Anyhow, I love your blog, decorating, style, etc. Keep it coming!

The Brewers said...

Okay, I LOVE your blog and can't believe someone would say mean things to you!!! That person must be surrounded by an ugly house and can't seem to fix it...thus the green monster of jealousy emerges! Keep it up!!! I love reading about your yard "sail" finds, and your great and thrifty ideas!!!

Restyled Home said...

Rhoda, you are a class act blogger, and hopefully everyone's warm, positive comments have made you feel better. The cloak of anonymity (when spewing nastiness) is pretty ugly, in my opinion...

Take care,

MomMom said...

Rhoda, I enjoyed seeing all of your window treatments. Mine are all made by a friend (I wish my mother were alive to help me with them so that makes yours even more special, I think) for me---they're not made by a professional and I really like them. Keep sharing your secrets and just ignore the nasty comments. They really don't deserve any attention.

Natalie said...

You go, Rhoda! We had that problem when my husband was a country artist and had a fan site - I never understood if they weren't a "fan" - then WHY were they at his site in the first place!!

Anyway, love the curtains and definitely more inspiration for Casa de Brock!

Keep up the great work!

DebraK from Bungalow said...

Hi Rhoda, Good for you for speaking up to anon. I know some other bloggers who have recently been hit and they were really shaken by the mean comments.

just keep on are a wonderful inspiration.xoxo
Your mama sews just fine!

Regina said...

I have never commented before, but I do stop by often. Please don't go private!! I love all of your ideas and tips and recipes...everything!! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

This anon loves your blog and everything you share. Thanks for the post on window treatments its lovely.


Kathi said...

This is the post I've been waiting for! Thank you! Love the red valance with the pleats at the bottom!

Makes my white sheets look really really tacky!
I'm inspired though, I really am!
Now I'm wondering if I should paint my sewing machine or see if it still works first? :)

Jessica said...


i think you are so funny!!! i LOVED what you wrote up top. i now do comment moderation. i had a few nasty commenters one day, and they kept coming back, but i didn't have the nerve to publicly address them. if they ever come back, i will....maybe, but they haven't. . .


anyways. i loved what you wrote! your curtains are so fabulous. i'm working on a set right now for my son's room. . .should be working on bible school stuff, but instead had to stop at my fav blogs!

hope you are fantastic!!!!

The 5 Bickies said...

Thanks so much for sharing so many great ideas!

Sail made me lol!

NildaE said...

Sorry you are having problems with an anonymous person. I think you handled it very well. I, for one, LOVE your blog and read it daily, without fail! Thanks for all the info on window treatments. I just came home with fabric to make two window treatments, so they couldn't have come at a better time. Thanks again or your lovely and informative blog.

seedsofnutrition said...

Hi Rhoda,

Absolutely love your blog. I'm 100% for thrifting / yard sales and crafting and creating to make my house my house. Not a copy cat manufacturers idea of what my house should be. I have so many ideas filed away in my mind just from your blog alone.Keep the lovely ideas coming!

Nancy said...

Glad you took the high road with the coward :)
I visit each day although I don't leave many comments, and always leave having learned something delightful!
Keep on doing what you're doing, Rhoda, it makes me come back!

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage said... you, love your blog....go away nasty people!

NeeNee said...

You go girl! You've got lots of fans who visit every day. Anon must really be jealous to be doing this.

I loved your post about all the window treatments. A friend recently made a custom topper for my office window and I love it. She added some cute fringe and it really finished it off nicely.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

What a bummer about the comments!! Props to you for standing up for yourself! I agree with the other he/she is just jealous. And I would trace the IP site just to make sure it's not someone you actually "know". It's very easy to do I had to do it once.

Cute Curtains! love them!!

Maya@Completely Coastal said...

Oh, gosh, you're so funny, I had such a laugh about "There's no boat involved in this sport"! You go girl!

Bonafide Southern said...

What beautiful curtains you have in your house. Your mother does an outstanding job! I like all of them, but I prefer the kitchen curtains and the silk/floral curtains the best. Keep those great ideas coming!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are having to delete some posts by an ANON, it's not me, I just don't know how to get my name to post. Anyway, thanks for the link to Pate Meadows. They have a pattern for just the window treatment I've been drooling if I can just find someone to make them for me!

Kristen said...

Hi Rhoda! - sorry to hear of your anon troubles. I love your comment of "there is no boat in this sport!" That is exactly how I see it - a sport! :) Loved your post the other day on yard sales, I've been to a few this season and even found a willing 4 year old boy of mine to accompany me. I'd like to think I'm training him well for a future wife who might like to yard sale herself! Great curtains, I especially love that gold bee fabric, too pretty.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

So, Anons, I'm sure you're probably still hovering there in the background. How about giving me the courtesy of telling me where we've met? Your comments don't add up to me.

Anonymous said...

Boy oh Boy! Sorry about the bad comments! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! I have learned soooooooooooo much from you!

I post anonymous... cause I do not know how to post any other way!

I loved those window treatments! Giving me more inspiration :)
Nancy from OHIO

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love window treatments and enjoyed your post. I have sewn some of my own drapes and curtains, and while not perfect, they have worked for me. I also happen to have that same rabbit fabric and have held onto it forever hoping to use it at some point. I will definitely hold onto it now since you say you haven't seen it around anymore. I'd love to use it in window treatments - maybe in my next house! : )

Ms Jackie's Junque said...


I love your blog. Although I don't comment very often, I want you to know that I appreciate all the hard work that you put into your wonderful, quality blog! I always feel inspired when I visit.

Your post today is special to me because my Mama has been making window treatments for me for years!

Again, I'm sure I speak for many when I say THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Rhoda, thanks for having such a great blog that it's the first one I check every morning!

I can't find the link to Judy's painter's canvas curtains. I'm hanging some right now and would love to see how she did hers.

Would you mind posting the link, please?


Donna said...

I love your blog! This post is what I have been needing. I have been contemplating window treatments for my bedroom and can't make a decision. You have given me so many ideas. I love the bunny rabbit fabric!
Please keep up the great posts!

April said...

I just wanted to say how much i love love love your site. there are a lot of good blogs out there but yours really strikes a cord with me. I too love yard sales, decor, refurbishing, multipurposing, etc. I found you through just a girl (who is another pea from the same pod!).

You are so outstandingly amazing. It is so rare to see someone with your wealth of knowledge and generosity to share that knowledge. I'm glad you address whomever the bad "anon". but really their opinions should have minimal influence on you. they are surely outnumbered by a bunch of awesome blog stalkers who ADORE your everything. c ya, a

Denise said...

Well, as my mother always says, "No one is ever jealous of a failure" - it's proof of how much all the rest of us love you and think you're WONDERFUL! So keep up the good work knowing you've already WON!

grannyann said...

I loved this post and especially the mix on the kitchen curtain. I went back to your other post on tips for mixing fabrics. Love the info there also. Great ideas.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry some one was unkind to you : (

Don't let "one bad apple spoil the whole bunch" applies here : )
Remain faithful to your blog!


Anonymous said...


You know you've made the big time when you get your very own troll--so CONGRATULATIONS!


Terri said...

What a creep that person must be, Rhoda! Wish your loyal followers could get ahold of her and send her "sailing." We'd set her straight in a hurry. Your blog is absolutely my favorite of all of the ones I follow and believe me, I follow quite a few of them. I love all of your curtains but most especially the black toile panels. Keep posting!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hey Miss Rhoda! Just checking back in on ya and wanting to ease your heart a bit. As you can see,you are one loved chickadee. My goodness this "person" is nasty. I must share with you and maybe some of your readers.
I had a nasty reader a while back. I learned to just delete and move on. The more I would respond the more they would feed on it. Kinda like they needed the last word. Hold your head high like all southern ladies do and kill em' with your grace! Hang in there ..we love ya!

The Mrs. said...

Hi Rhoda! We love you and your designs, decor, and good deals! You keep up the blogging and deleting if you have pesky haters dropping you ugly comments.

Barb @ GritsandGlamour said...

Hey Rhoda - now that I have cleaned off my keyboard from all the slobber after looking at your WT's and your FAB fabrics...LOL....I can finally type a message to say what a lovely post this is and also how much I enjoyed it. I hope you don't mind that I saved some of these pics to my inspiration files.

Ok, now to the other pesty matter - "I know people." LOL Seriously, I am sorry that you are going thru this right now from some psycho poster. Yes! I said psycho b/c these types have true issues and need help! A good kick in the arse would be a good start. Hang in there, and maybe his/her meds will kick in soon and she will go back to cutting the heads off of Barbie's for thrills.

Head up GF! Hugs, Barb

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda, you have a great blog. Keep doing what you love to do.


Anonymous said...

I have never left a comment before, but I MUST tell you that I LOVE your blog---obviously along with A LOT of other people. I'm sorry someone is so jealous and bitter towards you that they have to be mean. Keep on doing what you're doing. You have plenty in your audience that LOVE it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda,
I occasionally consider myself a stalker of sorts simply because I faithfully check your blog every day but never leave a comment. Your blog rocks and maybe this nasty person is a tad bit jealous. You have given me an entire new perspective with regards to thrifting. I have a completely changed attitude about what I used to consider "junk". Just recently I had my husband redo our dining room so it resembled your makeover. I unfortunately am not as handy with tools as you are but my hubby is. When we finished our makeoever I told dear hubby that we needed to take a photo of our room so I could email it to you and finally thank you personally for all your inspiration and the sharing you do. I thoroughly enjoy all your posts. Keep up the good work girl & one day I will email those photos to you. Bye for now from Sheila in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rhoda,

Your blog and your decorating tips are terrific. I'm sorry that someone has made rude comments to you. It's always the cream of the crop that the birds peck at. Keep being your beautiful self and know that this negative person is just one little voice that is being overshadowed by many positive comments of support.

~English Rose

Anonymous said...

Dearest Rhoda, I love it when you give credit to you dear wonderful mother. She does beautiful work. Thank you for your good ole southern spice and spunk and venting doesn't always help, but sure as heck feels good!!! There are times we just have to say something and at the same time remembering what our mothers tried to teach us! LOL. Love and always in my thoughts. Mary Ann (Pleasant Grove)

Orange Peanut said...

You are just great and I have to say, you are very clever and have great taste! I stop by from time to time and enjoy everything I have seen!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Great curtain ideas! I hope that nasty person stays away.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Sorry you are having problems!!! I have read many other blogs who have been having problems lately. It is sad to me that some people have nothing better to do than hurt others with their hurtful comments. Love your beautiful window treatments!! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas and tips regarding window treatments. Love & blessings from NC!

Amanda said...

Thank you for taking the time to share your window treatments. They are lovely!
You are blessed to have such a helpful Mom!


Centsational Girl said...

Love that black and white damask and that toile. You are so talented !

Rhoda Rocks !

Cote de Texas said...

hhehe - glad to know I'm not the only one terrorized. Jeez - I mean - just don't read it!!!

ok - my favorites are the panels from the catalogue Company store -I don't know why - I just love those. And I also love the toile ones too. I need some in my family room - can i borrow your mom for a while???????

And Judy's are fabulous too!!!

Carole said...

My thinking is that this person must be jealous of all your beautiful creations. How could anyone not like your decorating style. I'm new to this blog but find all your posts and details wonderful. I especially like this one about the window treatments since I have been trying to create my own and this gives me great inspiration. I really love your shower curtain!

Jessica said...

Morning Rhoda~

I have to admit I've been stalking your blog for awhile....I find such inspiration here. :) It's a shame some feel the need to be unnecessarily ugly. Keep on posting & I hope you have a great weekend!

~ J ~

Anonymous said...

Love seeing all the window treatments. I am one of those you (long ago) sent the directions to for the kitchen valance. I love it.

Regarding your *stalker*, I'm sorry this is happening. I havent' seen the comments, but I think I would ignore her (him?). Someone trying to cause trouble I suppose. Try praying for him/her, they must be very unhappy in their own life.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thank you ALL for your overwhelming support and great comments. Really makes my day! :) Truly!

To the Anon looking for the link to Judy's curtains, it is there, just hover on the words.

BTW, Judy and I are meeting up today for some fun shopping here in town! YAY!

Nancy said...

Mornin' Rhoda,

I am so sorry to hear about some evil NUT, that is causing problems! I have heard of this same thing on another blog. I hope this is not going to be like least we can delete the comments, here!

Your window treatments are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Kara said...

So sorry about your anonymous creep, I really hope that you are not taking it personally. You have a fabulous blog and inspire so many people like me to try new things. You are loved!!

Oh, and your drapes are all gorgeous!

KKB said...

I {great big heart} you and your blog!! I've learned a lot from you and thanks, thanks thanks!! xoxo

Natalie said...

Go Rhoda! A favorite saying of mine is, "I don't mind, you don't matter!" Keep in that in mind when you receive rude comments. Your sight is lovely and your true followers admire your sense of style (and how you can put rudeness in its' place!) hahaha...

Your curtains are delightful! What talent you possess!

Have a happy weekend!

The Stylish House, LLC. said...

You are one classy and talented lady who is loved by many! I guess you know you have really made it when you get these horrid and nasty comments. Now on to this post, WOW you have some great window inspiration here. Thank you for sharing. ~Cathy~

Angie Antwine said...

Hi there!
Please, please, please, don't let the nasty person get to you! You did the right thing by addressing it! I just LOVE your blog and look forward to checking it daily. You have given me so many great ideas for my home. Keep up the good work and don't worry about those folks who have nothing better to do than rain on other's parades! Take care!=D

Richella said...

Thank you so much for this post! The pictures are wonderful, and it's great to read about how all these beautiful treatments really can be made at home. God bless your mom for doing this sewing for you. What fun the two of you must have.

And GOOD FOR YOU for dealing with the mean comments. As a new blogger, it's hard for me to imagine having blog traffic that's mean-spirited, but I'm sure that this does happen. What a good idea to address this head-on. One of the things I love about blogging is that most people I've run into are so kind and encouraging--and that's the way it should be.

Keep up the good work! You are very much admired and appreciated.

Torey said...

I can't imagine why anyone would want to attack such a sweet and lovely lady. . . Is there anyway to just turn off the anon comments? Really, everyone can just get a google account can't they?

Margaret said...

Dear Rhoda,
It amazes me with all that is going on this this world, that some people will actually troll blogs in order to spread negativity. There is nothing forcing any of us to check in daily to your wonderful blog. We read because your kindness and inspiration gives all of us a boost to improve our homes and have a little fun while we're doing it! You come across as such a genuine person and somebody who would be a loyal and fun friend. I can tell your readers from personal experience, that you have a lot of talent and great ideas to share. You sincerely want to help people who are stuck with a decorating dilemma or those who just want some ideas to make the most of their home decor. I hope you know that your blog is a bright spot in my day and I always find myself smiling while enjoying your humor and ideas.

Your house is beautiful! I love your taste. Thank you for sharing your time and talent with all of us who think you are GREAT!

Margaret, Virginia Beach

Roeshel said...

Great tips and gorgeous drapery! You have me looking around and wanting to change it up! Thanks for the inspiration - as usual!

Sorry to hear about the blog bully. My guess is annon has a case of jealousy. You're the sweetest and there's no reason for ugly here.

TGIF! Have a great weekend!

Carla said...

Rhoda-you are such an inspiration to me! I always look forward to seeing your treasures and your decorating ideas. I'm a yard SAIL addict and my husband is so proud of all the nice things I've found for pennies-I'm so proud of the money we have saved.
There are just some real weirdos out there with nothing better to do. Ignore that whacko! You are a classy lady-that person is just a jealous idiot with no life.

Karyn said...

Delurking . . . I've followed your blog for awhile, and I L-0-V-E IT! I've never left a comment before just because I know you have a million other followers! :) Wow, so I just wanted you to know I think you're doing a fabulous job. And I know there are a ton of other lurkers who feel the same way. I'm sorry you've had to deal with such negativity. I hope you know how fabulous you are! Thanks for taking the time to upkeep your fabulous blog!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the blog. Please keep it up!

Carol in Indian Springs Village said...

Love the curtains! Such pretty ideas and the fabrics are all yummy. Aren't you lucky to have your mom still with you and helping out that way...I know you cherish the work she has done for you. Hope you have a great yard sale weekend!


Angela (from Coupon Makeover) said...

I am sorry you had to deal with a nasty commenter - you are setting a good example of how to deal with the likes of them!

BTW, my curtains are jealous of your curtains - I think I might have to do a Curtain Makeover at my house:)

Cherri Engle said...

Hi Rhonda,
I can't imagine how long this blog entry took you to write with all the great photos and instructions. You put a lot of hard work and effort into sharing some great ideas with all of us. Your blog is a daily visit for me and I enjoy seeing all of your wonderful 'decorating' ideas. You seem to be very down to earth and very friendly. Thanks for being so transparent to us all. Blessings, Cherri

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I am so very sorry that you have had unkind comments on your blog. It is very upsetting when this form of communication is used in a negative way. You response was fitting and very well written. I hope that who ever it i moves on and finds a more positive outlet for there frustrations.

I for one am always amazed by everyone who has the ability to decorate and make a hospitable setting.It truly is a gift! I for one was not born with the decorating gene.

Way to stand firm sister blogger!


Anonymous said...

OH my gosh - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog - it has inspired me to do so many things in and around my house - things that I haven't really been inspired since having kids!!! Somehow, they "drained" my creative juices!!! We do not have time for people like that other "ANON"... She does give those of us without a blog a bad name!!! Keep it up!!! Sail (oops, I meant SALE) ON!!!!

Kim from MS

Renee said...

I *love* Pate-Meadows! I have my mom's basic sewing machine from the 1970's and made beautiful valances using their patterns. If you can thread a machine and read, you can make their patterns.

Also, I have had good luck buying window hardware at Jo-Ann's, either using a 40% off coupon or looking for clearance items. They have lots of Pottery Barn look-a-likes.

Kelli said...

We love you, your advice and your style!! Keep on doing what you're doing.

its so very cheri said...

Sorry you are still dealing with this-I guess some people have nothing better to do. Love all the curtains. I love making all my curtains--so fun.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog very much and look forward to each new post. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Sandra said...

Hi Rhoda! I just wanted to include myself in the fan club of Rhoda. :) I really really love your blog. You are such an inspiration to many of us. You have talked alot of us into shopping at yard "sales" quote un quote, lol I look forward to them now! :) Keep up the good work you are doing. I also love how you talk about your mom often. Love it. :)

the undomesticated wife said...

That blue silk is divine!

Helen Joy said...

How awful of that mean blogger! You have the best blog ever so they're just jealous! Pretty and fun window treatments. The first one is my favorite!

Angela said...

Wow! You have exquisite taste. These look designer for sure.

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Absolutely beautiful draperies!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda........Your windows are all gorgeous ! Your mom is quite a seamtress & you are so lucky to have her - she can sew anything.
I am so sorry to hear your trouble from someone that is being a pain - we all love your blog!!!!!

melissa said...

Rhoda~ Stunning window treatments~I'm sorry to hear about nasty Anon, but you just keep on yard SAILING and don't let it get you down :) We all love you and your blog~

Arun said...

Hi I am andrew, i like ur window designs. All are gorgeous and awesome. I love all your blog.

Jo Draven said...

Oh my gosh, Rhoda! How could anyone say anything awful to YOU?

You have helped me and my family so much! We have saved TONS of money because of a healthy respect for thrifting, cooking at home, and DIY-ing --- all because of your blog!

DIRECTLY because of your influence, I have painted a really hideous (but free!) bookcase, two chests of drawers (AND changed the drawer handles), installed curtain rods (okay, I know this is simple .. NOW, but really, I never would have attempted this before), and it just goes on.

I guess I'm writing because of the same reason as many others: to let you know how much I appreciate your "voice," because I sure as heck don't comment enough for you to understand.

I haven't been unlucky enough to see this person's comments, but I sure hope that you NEVER stop blogging. It's been a real joy to follow your blog for close to a year now!

Jo Draven in Toronto (Go GOP!! LOL)

Dana said...

Wonderful job done. Very neat sewing job done i must congratulate you mum for it.
Lovely trims done and with so much neatness.

Stacey said...

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