Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Love Yardsales

Check out the early time on the clock. You know what that means, right?


Yep, it’s no secret that I love yardsales. Many of you have asked for tips on yardsales and how to be successful at it, so I’m gonna do a whole post on that today. I’ve been a yardsale fanatic for a good 15-20 years or so. I must have gotten this tendency to pick up old stuff from my Dad, who is a hoarder and collector of stuff himself and has been for a long as I can remember. One Father’s Day, I picked up a humorous card for him. Picture this: a big goat and a little goat on the front of the card with a pile of “crap” behind them. Inside, the caption: “Just think kid, one day ALL of this will be yours!” Yep, that’s my Dad. So, I get it honest. He’s not a yardsale shopper though, but does have the trait of picking things up along the way and stashing his finds, just in case he needs it later. Much to my mom’s chagrin.

Me, I love the thrill of the hunt! Finding those treasures out there for a fraction of the cost. And over the years, I’ve been able to decorate my home with those treasures and there’s nothing more fun than that. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That could not be MORE true! I do trade up and get rid of things that I don’t need though, so I’m not a total packrat.


Last year, I was interviewed by our local Birmingham paper for my yardsale diva prowess, so I’ll share a lot of that here with you:

I typically check the local Garage Sale section of the paper on Fridays since we get the paper delivered to our house.

  • Map out the yardsales that you want to hit. I usually circle them in the Garage Sale section of my paper or if there's a big neighborhood sale, that's where I'll head. Neighborhood sales are my favorite. If I see a great neighborhood that is having a sale, that’s all I need to know. Typically, the neighborhood sales will start as early as March and go through May. Then, many neighborhoods will also have another sale in the fall, September and October are the key months for fall sales. I hit them both.
  • Other than a neighborhood sale, some of asked me if I only go to upscale areas and the answer is NO! I will go to any neighborhood for a sale, whether it’s middle class or upscale, large homes or garden homes. They are all worth checking out and you never know where you’ll find some favorite things. I will use Mapquest if I don’t know where it is and that always helps.
  • Craigslist and Garage Sale Tracker are also great online sites to check out for yardsale activity. I almost always stay within about a 5-10 mile radius of my house for yardsales and there are always plenty on my side of town.
  • Most sales start early, usually by 7 to 8 a.m. The old saying, “the early bird gets the worm” applies to yardsaling in a big way. You have to get out there early to find the best stuff. It will disappear within the first 30 minutes, but that’s not to say that you can’t find something later in the morning. That’s happened to me plenty of times, finding good stuff after 10 or 11. You just never know (for example, that shabby cabinet I just bought was found after 11 a.m.) I try to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than a sale is advertised to start. I hate it when they are sticklers for starting right on the dot and sometimes will leave if they make people wait.
  • Eat something for breakfast. You’ll need energy for a morning of garage saling! I will grab toast with peanut butter and make myself an iced coffee to go and grab a yogurt and spoon for the car.
  • Dress comfortably with good walking shoes. This is not a fashion show. :)
  • Bring cash, ones and fives are good. I usually take only what I want to spend and that’s usually around $20-25, but have been known to write a check if I find something really great. They are good about taking a check if it’s in a close neighborhood. I only have a 2 door car, but really wish I had a truck many days.
  • Don’t be afraid to bargain. I will typically ask for a lower price on something if I think it is a little high. If it’s reasonable, I don’t bat an eye, but pay the asking price. Sometimes folks like to think they will get higher dollars for clothing and that is sometimes irritating, but most will sell clothes at a reasonable price. I don’t like to pay more than $1 to $4 per item for clothing.
  • If you find something you think you might want to buy, pick it up (or tell the person you want it if it’s too big to carry around). You don’t know if the next person up the driveway will swoop in on your prized item or not, so to be safe, pick it up. You can always change your mind and put it down later. I’ve had several things grabbed up when I haven’t done that and I know I’ve picked up things that other people were planning to buy, but they didn’t hold onto the item and lost out.
  • Pick things up and look at the back or bottom of a piece. Many times you’ll see labels and price stickers and can tell where the item came from. That’s always a good thing to know!
  • Look at something that catches your eye and see how you can change it to work better for you. It may not look exactly like you would like it at first, but think about painting and changing something to suit your home. We all know about spray paint by now! One of my favorite lamps was a yardsale find for $5. I got a little smaller shade and made it a prize.
  • I can’t tell you how many times I just wait on something that I’ve been wanting and eventually, I’ll find it. Happens too many times to count and that is really a thrill. To find something without having to go to the store and pay retail. I’ve found my hubby many AL football things for his office, as well as a brand new espresso machine, coffee bean grinder, so many things like that.
  • Estate sales are fun to check out, since they are usually a whole house FULL of stuff, but are typically WAY more expensive than yardsales. A lot of times they will have the sale on Saturday and then on Sunday, it’s 1/2 price day. I don’t usually go back for that, but it’s fun to look.


So, I hope this will encourage you to get out there and shop at the yardsales! I promise, once you start, you will be hooked. And one thing’s for sure, you’ll be spoiled to shopping retail. I sure am!


I’ll start with 3 things that I saw, but did NOT buy, again just to show you what’s out there for cheap. This white dresser was $15 and has a mirror with it. Not bad at all and with a little fixing up would be cute as can be.


Small armoire was $40. Again, this piece would look great painted black or white with new knobs. I think it’s for a small TV.


Set of white rockers were $80 for both, really a great pair. Can’t you see this on a front porch somewhere?


Now, here’s what I found this weekend. I went to probably 10 houses in all for all of this and one estate sale. Four more melamine plates ($2 for all) for outdoors in a pretty aqua that will go with the placemats I have and with the acrylic blue/green glasses I found last week, remember?! The like new set of spatulas were $1 for both.


From an estate sale, an old copy from a library for $2.50 of To Kill A Mockingbird, one of my all time favorite books, by Harper Lee, a revered Alabama author.


Check out these bunny salad tongs, I think they are pewter, $3 for the pair.


And a red bunny piece of cookware by Chasseur (made in France), brand new never used, with the papers inside, for $2. Now, check out this link, it sells retail for $100 or more and is called a terrine, made of enameled cast iron. See, you just never know what you'll stumble across. I had no idea what this was when I picked it up.


Old wooden basket for $1. I’m going to store my potatoes and onions in here.


Set of mother of pearl jewelry came from 2 different sales both on the same day. Necklace was $1 and the earrings were $2. Don’t they look like they belong together? And notice the M on the necklace, my last name initial. I love these and the earrings will come in handy for some other necklaces I have found in mother of pearl.


Cute little birdie bowl was $2. The bluebird’s tail is broken off, but it doesn’t really matter. Nice clay pottery piece.


Black 8x10 frame was 25 cents. No glass, but I have extra. I decided to put my Fifi Flowers painting in this frame and it's perfect.


Blue/white plate was 50 cents.


Cute Express lightweight sheer sweater was $1.


Ann Taylor Loft black long sleeve top was $1. And I got a soft and fuzzy pink robe from Target that looks brand new for $1 that I didn't take a pic of.

So, that’s how I did this week. How about you? I also got my shabby cabinet hung up, so you'll be seeing it this week.

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The Pleasures Of Homemaking said...

Hi Rhoda, Good finds as always! Those bunny tongs are just adorable! I've never seen any that were so cute! Love the M necklace and the earrings!


Anonymous said...

NOW ....this isn't fair. I never get this lucky. I'm going to have to come to AL to go yard saling with you. In fact, I just got back from Lake Weedowee today. That was my 1st time visiting.

I love the book you found. And look at all those other treasures you found. You scored big time. :-)

Anonymous said...

Lol, I just went back and looked at the time on your dash. 6:50 eh? I KNOW you really have to get up early to get the good deals, but I just can't pry myself out of bed that early on a Saturday Morning!

Thanks for the good tips.

midnight macaroons said...

Rhoda, I love your yard sale post. It's great! I went to a garage sale on Friday and bought a ton of cute things. I got the most adorable yard bunny for only $1. And two big matching Christmas wreaths that I'm going to hang in my two front windows during the holiday for $2. I also bought a few other things for my front porch. All in all it was a great sale. You should have seen this place. The woman is in charge of trail of lights for the Houston area. The Christmas decorations were out of this world and cheap. Wish you could have come with me. I'm always excited to see your garage sale posts. $80 for two rockers? Wow, I paid $150 each for ours at Cracker Barrel, urgh...

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Wonderful post and fabulous finds, Rhoda!

My treaure, although thrifty, didn't come from a yard sale, this week! Wednesday Deals is a pretty good source for bargains, now and then.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Those spatulas! The bunny things! I am SOOOOO jealous!

Gypsy aka Tam said...

great post and wonderful tips. You always find the best 'treasures'. I got lucky this week and found some stools to use on our patio.
Have a wonderful Monday,

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Oh yes - this week was FILLED with tons of great treasures. I found a bunch, but didn't get it up yet, but I did post about my new bedding score. :)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Fun finds, Rhoda! Always enjoy seeing what you find...


Sheila :-)

Sandi McBride said...

Now that's a shopping trip I'm sorry I missed! Oh for that book!!!

abeachcottage said...

hey Rhoda

really enjoyed this post, so true with the tips, they are great, especially the breakfast one lol! sometimes I forget that and then am starving

happy thrifting to the Master *smile


Its So Very Cheri said...

I'm curious about when you go to antique shops. I know there is a variety of items from plates & bowls, tea cups, furniture, knick knacks, tools, golf clubs etc what are good prices and what are out rageous prices. I went to one shop here in Naples Fl and they were very proud of everything they had and not too big on dealing. I over heard one guy trying to make a deal.

grannyann said...

I loved seeing all your items, even the ones you passed up. I too am addicted to yard sales. Love to see what everyone gets. This weekend was a great one for my daughter and I!! Stop by and see what I got.

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Thanks so much for your great tips. I am new to the garage sale "scene" but I was won over after finding a perfect lamp for my bedroom that I'd been looking for forever!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Wow! You got some great stuff this week, Rhoda! I am especially loving the bunny tongs and the terrine! Very frenchy! Thanks for the tips, too! Have a great week!...Debbie

Tammy said...

Hi I decided to participate in this after I had so much fun with the porch one..but I accidently linked the first one back to the porches..I did the second link correct..but I can't figure out how to remove the first link..I am sorry. I am learning though.


Paula@SweetPea said...

You always find the best stuff at yard sales. My favorites from this week are the old basket, bunny cookware, and bunny tongs.

Kate said...

Thanks for the garage sale tips! Love your site!

Kathi said...

Hi Rhoda! Those bunny tongs were calling your name, weren't they?
Too cute! I'm not joining the party this week. Didn't go to any sales. I did get a couple of things from my neighbor's trash though! A cute four poster doll bed and a huge crewel framed with glass in a beautiful frame! Can't beat free! :)

Jenny said...

Great tips!

I didn't do a post, but I went to 2 Church sales yesterday and found:

*White, round bed canopy for $1
*3 pc. pink sheers, 50 cents
*table lamp, $1 (I will be painting it)
*about 70 cardboard building blocks for $3
*6 small plastic dollhouse pieces for $2
*shelf to paint, 50 cents.
*Lego table, $1

Abby found a stuffed bunny that she HAD TO HAVE and it was only 25 cents. I washed it and it looks brand new.

I can't wait to get started on painting the shelf and lamp. Too bad it rained today.

Unknown said...

Hi Rhoda, I joing a bit late, I only just stumbled onto your party! I will definitely be early next week!

Your finds are great! I really enjoy thrift shopping. So many wonderful items out there!

Thank you for hosting!


Suzann said...

Lots of goodies. I have to get better at going to yard sales. I am sure I'm missing out on lots of goodies every week.

Unknown said...

I'm going to have to start trying some estate sales.
You always find beautiful brand name clothes!
Chrissie Grace

Kimberly Wright said...

I really need to get back to doing the garage sale thing. Great finds!

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Rhoda, Debbie and I have threatened to come to Alabama - you get the best deals! Does your car have built in "good garage sale" radar? Seriously, thanks for your comments about the seagrass. It was helpful. Linda

NicNacManiac said...

Score !!! had a great outing....thanks for the tips...great post!! Lovely Blog!!
Have a wonderful evening.
Nerina :)

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

What great finds!! And the advice you offered was fantastic; I've been doing yard sales this way for the past couple of years. I got some good "haul" this weekend too.

LOVE the bunny casserole!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Wow, Rhoda, You found some really cute stuff! Love the little bird pottery piece! ...and the rabbit pieces! Have you seen the new pale blue and light teal plates and bowls at Dollar Tree? They are really heavy and reminded me of the things you have been collecting in these colors.

Thanks for hosting this event! I really enjoy it! :) ~Rhonda

Embellished Bayou said...

You got some great stuff! I didn't get to go to any sales this weekend because my mom & I held our own garage sale! I was going to blog about it on Monday!

Shannon said...

Super post, Rhoda! I feel like I could have written the first part of it myself!! I had some great deals this weekend so I was happy to see you having a Mr. Linky party!

Anna said...

I found some good things this weekend, I linked to my blog with some of the best things I found at the yard sales.
I am going to check the links and see what others have been finding.

KM Studios said...

Not that I have never been to a yard sale before, but I went this past weekend for the first time in a LONG time!!

Me , coffee, some cash & my girlfriend!!!We didnt find too much but what FUN!!!

Thanks for sparking my interest Rhoda.
I gotta do this more offten!!!
(all smiles)

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

Everything you found is wonderful! Of course I love the bunny items. Cute!

The Barnett Family said...

I cannot believe the DEALS you got on the bunny pieces. I have wanted one of those bunny casserole dish things, but I would never pay that much for one are soooo lucky! Yard sales in my area are usually full of junk! I did get some nice clothes this weekend! :)

niartist said...

You do have a way of finding the ASBOLUTE BEST deals Rhoda. I wish I lived nearer to you. I think people in Alabama yard-sale better stuff than here in NY! LOL! Lovely finds - I'll take that blue plate when you're done! :)


This is what I needed .It's been a long week ,worrying about test results the doctor is not too enthused about.EVeryone pray it's not the C word.
It didn't rain,although I think I've cried a river this week ,so I got out there.When My nerves settle a bit,I'll post.

Thank you Rhoda for your weekly post on this.You really don't know how much it means to some people.Even being in the middle of a storm ,it brings a smile.

anythinggoeshere said...

Okay I think I'm linked. I have to add your link to my post.

Pam @ Frippery said...

Wonderful finds. My hubs and I hit the estate and yard sales every weekend morning. Great tips. I think your initial necklace is from Silpada. They have an online catalog and you may find it in there. Thanks for all the saling advice.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Rhoda, those pewter bunny salad tongs are adorable!!! :)

Great advice. I've been "instinctually" following most of it, I think. ;) The only part I can't seem to be able to do is the leaving by 7 thing. 7:45 is the earliest I've managed to get out of the house b/c I have to take both girls, snacks, sippy cups, diaper, bag, etc. I'm tired just typing it. ;)

I did find a few things this weekend. :) Icky old birdcage that I redid, and some Wal-Mart deals, believe it or not. ;)

Mary said...

Rhoda, You find those most amazing things that work perfectly for your home and wardrobe.
Thankfully that terrine was a bunny..and you bought it. What a buy!
Love the bunny salad thongs, and they do look like pewter. And you even found jewerly with your initials!
I didn't yard sale but bought plants at a plant sale, so I don't think that qualifies. But for the future I don't understand how to post the link. I was cutting and pasting my address on your link after I made my post and the post was showing on the page.
Could you explain what a thrifty post url is? It's greek to me! Thanks, Mary

akawest said...

I am hoping our new town will yield one tenth the goodies that you find at garage sales.

Everything that you found is great, as usual. The onions and potato basket idea is wonderful. I am adding that to my ever growing mental file ideas to copy from Rhoda. :)

Unknown said...

You always find the greatest things! Pickings were slim this week here. But it's a good time--no matter what!

Mary said...

Rhoda, Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to explain in more detail to thick headed me on how to do the link. I get it now and I hope to participate next week. I didn't go to any yards sales this week.
Also, a little tip. I keep my potatoes and onions in different containers. They spoil faster if they are stored together.

Candace said...

Hi Ms. Rhoda,

Love the old basket you found. I have the rabbit salad server set. We got it as a wedding present. Thanks for sharing all your good tips.

Love your blog!


Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Hi, Rhoda! Great tips! I got my "thrifty treasure" this weekend at 10:45am...can't believe someone didn't snatch it up sooner! :) Love the book you got (a favorite of mine as well!) and the basket too!

j said...

Yard Sale season is in full swing! Next weekend we will be staying home and I plan to get out and see what I can find!

LOVE the basket for your potatos and onions.

Carrie said...

Thanks for the tips, Rhoda! Great finds. I found my great deal late on Saturday. I tried to use the linky, so you can check it out and tell me how I did, but I'm new at using it...

Caro said...

Ugh!! Is it just me? I can't even SEE Mr.Linky this week!!

So for now, here's my link:

Great finds Rhoda!!
How were you able to pass that armoire?! teehee!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You did good again! :) You really got a steal on the terrine. Did not think I was going to get linked up, as Mr. Linky would not show up at first, so waited a while and he was back up. Thanks for hosting. :)

Melissa and Cas said...

Oh I am soo envious of the bunny casserole dish and tongs! I am a huge bunny lover and of course I would love the "M" necklace. You always seem to find the best stuff!


Molly Anne said...

Those are wonderful finds! I just love hunting a bargain.

And TKAM is one of my favorite books of all time too. I taught a literature class and we read it every year.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Am I only one having a problem - the participants list keeps disappearing. :(

Anonymous said...

I went to a yard sale one time and bought a really nice tan trench coat for $25. My Mom was babysitting for me and when I showed her the coat, she had a fit. I never knew whether it was the fact that I spent the money on the coat, or that I had bought a used coat and couldn't afford a new one - I never asked her, but she made me feel really bad and I've never been to a yard sale since. She's gone now, and I still don't go!!

Natalie said...

What a great post. Like you, I went "yardsaling" this weekend as well. What, please, do you do with the lone plate? I find many I like, I just don't know what to do with them when I get them home. Any/all suggestions are welcome!

Thanks in advance for your help!

Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs said...

Thanks for sharing, Rhoda! I am sure this info will come in handy.

Miss G said...

I am finally out of school and have more time to blog! I have been following these Monday posts for several weeks and really enjoying. I'm guessing Mr. Linky is acting up again? Anyway, here are some of my recent finds used in a project:


Michael, Trisha, Grace, and Anna said...

I was looking for a dresser just like the one pictured!!! Oh well, better luck next week, right? Sounds like you had a great time!

Michael, Trisha, Grace, and Anna said...

Sorry! Forgot ti leave my link!!

Rue said...

Hi Rhoda :)

Great hints for thrifting! I love what you found too :)

I can't seem to find anything around here... no sales, nothing at GW... it seems they like to hold onto their stuff.... rats! LOL


Melissa said...

Hello Rhoda! Those are some great tips, and I am drooling over that armoire. You are so right about being spoiled by the prices~I can't pay $20 for a pair of jeans for my girls when I know on the weekend I can probably score some for $1 or less. It saves so much!

Debbie said...

You always find the best stuff. I think I need to come to Birmingham and do some yard sales. I love the bunny tongs...great find. Debbie

Christie said...

If I lived where you live, that little white dresser would have come home with me!

I love Mondays at your blog- it's so fun to see what others are finding out there in "thrifty" world. Here's my first contribution:

Carrie said...

I did not see Mr Linky, but here is my post:

Christie said...

Sorry, when I first came to the page, Mr. Linky wasn't loading- but now it did so I've also put the link there!

Kayleen said...

I love that you found To Kill A Mockingbird. Definitely a classic. Your yard sale tips are great!

Jen said...

Oh how I wish I had a big southern porch to put those rockers on! I love checking in on Mondays to see your finds. I loved your post about burlap and incorporated it in my decorating. I posted the link to my burlap lampshades on your link party. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Blue Creek Home said...

Rhoda, I really did read your reminder on how to link back and I still blew it. I am in blog pre-school!!! I ended up linking to mr. linky twice-sorry. BTW, I love reading your blog. I'm about 1.5 hours down 280 from Birmingham, so I feel like a neighbor. If you ever come to treasure hunting Lake Martin, let me know. Rhon

Andy Porter said...

I love all the great tips! I can't stay away from yard sales. They make me giddy! I'm posting one of my table finds!

bj said...

It is o so fun to find sales like this. I found one a couple months ago and the best I ever found was about 5 years ago. I've never seen one as good since. I do love the thrill of the hunt.
You bought some great things.
I started going to garage sales and thrift shops over 50 years ago and I had one of the best mom. She showed me how to do it in style and come away with some treasures. My entire house is done with thrifted finds and I love it.
I didn't know about this day with you so I will try to link up with you next Monday.
Thanks for all the good lessons..
xo bj

martina said...

Excellent advice! We went to a community yard sale event last Saturday. I spent $17 on 9 items; Very favorite is an antique hammer with lots of character. A previous owner had tried to secure the head to the handle by hammering a bunch of old nails in the top-some are the flat old nails. I'm going to use that as a paperweight/nut cracker.

arlene said...

I love this posting and the links to other found treasures. I, alas, am banned from sales/thrifts/etc. for awhile. I have two storage areas stuffed full of 'stuff' that I've collected over the years or inherited. Gotta get rid of 90% of it. THEN I can go to sales again! Until then I will go to them vicariously through all of you! Good hunting!!!!

Jen said...

Saturday was the first time in a LONG time I was able to go to an Estate Sale and boy...what a dousy! Loved it! Gimme more!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, girls! I'm so glad you all stopped by. We are having computer problems & I've been offline ALL DAY & just now catching up in here. It will take me all week to go by and visit everyone, but I'm so happy you all joined the party today. Not sure the 'puter problems are over, but we'll see.

Thanks a bunch!

Terry said...

Hi Rhoda - Looks like you hit the jackpot once again! Do yard sales go on year round there? There definitely are great finds out there - the early bird does get the worm! Thanks for continuing to inspire me each week!

Courtney said...

I've had so much fun just browsing through everyone's else's blogs to see what they've found. Thank you for hosting!!

joyh82 said...

Wow you are a great bargain hunter!! Love the plate and so many other things you picked up.
Have fun!

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Great tips...and love all your neat finds! :-) Susan

Chiki Cottage said...

WOW! I cant believe you got the red bunny for that cheap! And its worth so much more. It is amazing what you can get at yard sales. Sometimes you can find treasures that others dont appreciate! Good job:)

Deb said...

Great finds! To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my favorite books too.

Neisey said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to post all of your wonderful tips. I enjoyed reading them. It was very encouraging to see all of your great finds.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda, remember me? I use to be at Jannet's Country Cottage. Well, I took a long Blog break and have started a new Blog. Even though it might be a bit late, I decided to jump in at your party. You always find the best stuff out there, but then again I think you can call yourself a pro after all these years on the I love your Blog, and the way you decorate is so inspiring!!
Thank you so much for sharing. With love from Denmark, Jannet

Jenifir said...

Thanks for holding this meme. I love seeing what other people find even more than sharing what I find. Thanks for the info about Mr.Linky. I have enough blog reading for a week!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

From one thrufty diva to another...BRAVA! Great finds. And I know a porch that those rockers would look greta on...MINE! ;-)

Sale season has been pretty good this year in my neck of the woods (better than last year for sure). But now I need to start "liquidating my assets" to make room for new/old stuff! That's OK...I like rotating my collections. So I think a yard sale of my own is in order in the near future.

Work's been busy but I'm happy to be back checking in with you. Bought a yard of burlap in a remnant bin this weekend (92 cents!) and thought of you. :-)

Patti said...

Thanks for "Thrift Treasures Monday". I love seeing what everyone else finds out there!

Patti said...

I think I may have typed "Rhonda" instead of "Rhoda"! Sorry about that --- I really shouldn't be typing when I'm tired! I hear a pillow calling my name.....

Missy said...

Meant to get this on a few days ago, but hey, better late than never, right!?

Lauren said...

Ooooooh...I'd love, love to have that MOCKINGBIRD book! I just did some artwork incorporating that very book! ( "For Art's Sake")! The whole piece cost just pennies, but priceless in sentimental value! You found some wonderful treasures! I love so many of your ideas!