Thursday, March 1, 2007

Pasta Bowls from Publix

Do you ever see something that just calls out your name? All the time...yeah, me too! Publix (for those of you who aren't in the SE, Publix is a wonderful grocery store) has the neatest pasta bowls in the store right now. Actually, they have a whole set of these pretty Tuscan inspired dishes, but I just chose the pasta bowls for now. My old ones have seen better days & are chipping and ugly & these really match my kitchen so well, so I decided it was time to upgrade & add these to my collection. We love pasta & soup & these will be perfect for both!

And, at $3.00 each they didn't break the 4 of them. I just love the colors & how well they go with my green kitchen. I think we'll enjoy these for many years to come. Simple, but pretty. If you're interested, better hurry, these are only going to be around til the end of the month!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, me too as well! And like you, Rhoda, I love to bargain hunt.

It's wonderful those Tuscan bowls just matched your kitchen and at such a great price -- what a deal!
They have such flair, just like you and your colorful blog. Ever since I found out about "Southern Hospitality," I've been hooked!


Daisy Cottage said...

Wow Rhoda I haven't seen those in my Publix yet, and I live where Publix is headquartered! Hmm - I need to go see if they are here. I love them! They are so perfect for your kitchen too!

willzmom said...

I'm so glad that I wandered into your blog. I love these bowls, so I'll have to hit Publix soon!

Carol said...

Love your new bowls!I am a china person, just love dishes of all sorts! We don't have a Publix near me but I've been in them from time to time, wish we had one close, they are so nice!
Come visit me!

suzette said...

Rhoda, I keep eyeing those dishes at my local Publix too! (We didn't have Public in NY) Thanks for sharing your blog. I'm looking foward to hearing about more yardsale scores from you...Oh, and your RnB'd "R" looks fresh! Thumbs up! :-)

Nicole said...

Lovely bowls! What a great price at that. :) Enjoy looking at your lovely home. I also try to bargain hunt but just don't find the time at times with having a little one. One of my favorites is Hobby Lobby. Love it when they have a sale. Your bunny collection you have through out your home is very nice. I love to collect roosters but am now on the hunt for bunnies to mix in my decor. Happy Decorating, Nicole M.

Decorating Queen said...

Thank you for the eye candy Rhoda. I'm hooping in my car and I'm on my way to AL. LOL! Just kidding...but when we visit my hubbys dad in Kimberly AL I will have to stop by one of these shops. I have seen some things in there that I'm just gonna have to get. My mom is coming to visit on Thursday from San Antonio and she wants to go shopping...don't have to tell me twice. LOL! I have made a list of things that I'm needing to get. Plus we are going to stop in one of my favorite antique stores. I'll take pics of it and post so everyone can see. Thanks for tour had a great time. Hugs, Nicole