Saturday, March 3, 2007

Pretty in Paisley

The blue paisley was the feature fabric for our masterbedroom when I got started with that room a little over a year ago when we moved to Birmingham. My DH loves blue, so that was the starting point for fabrics (and not just any had to be deep & rich blue), so when I saw this one at Calico Corners, I knew that was the one. My mom did all my sewing for this project (as she always so graciously does for me) and the blue/gold bedroom was born.

Imagine my surprise when I went into Homegoods last year & spotted a box with my blue paisley...yeah, I was pretty excited! Their prices are so reasonable, so I began picking them up one at a time, as I found them. The white wicker basket with the paisley liner sits on top of an iron shelf in my bathrooom & holds all my brushes & hair dryer stuff. The really cute small one sits on my vanity table & just looks so pretty. And, the larger box with the lid, I got for my DH's dresser, since he tends to clutter it up with junk. It's a perfect place to dump his's out of the way, but still there. Of course, he made fun of it a little, but I actually think he likes it too!

And here's the monogrammed pillow that my mom made too...I did have the monogram done locally at a shop here. This paisley fabric is on the Euro shams too, as well as a tiny bit on top of the window panels. It was fun finding all these special little items that really pull all the fabrics together.

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Southern-Heart said...

I just love all of the creative uses you found for your bedroom fabric. You never cease to amaze me with your talents and wonderful ideas!

I love to decoupage, also! It's fun to make things your own, and you have made that an art. I also can't wait to try out your recipe...sounds so good!

I always enjoy visiting your site.



Carol said...

How lucky you are to have found your fabric in all these new and different ways. It really made a pretty room!
Come visit me!

patty van dorin said...

What great fabric and those boxes are so neat. I have a long time love affair with paisley, just can't resist it.

Anonymous said...

Rhoda, finally wandered over to your new blog. I'm new to the blog world so it took me a while to figure out how to post a comment, lol. I love reading about your finds...either at a store or yard sales, and the clever ways you use them in your beautiful home. I can tell you're having a ball.

Anonymous said...

That last anonymous was me, lol.


Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to try decoupage...I hear it is very simple....I have a cute little chest, more like a trunk, that I'd like to use. What supplies would a novice like me need to get??

Have a nice Sunday !!!
Kathy :)

Rhoda said...

Oh, thank you all for stopping by! I love to hear from all of you...

Andrea, you're so sweet, I just know we would love hanging out together!

Carol & Patty, your comments are always so encouraging too!

Wendy! So glad you stopped by..please visit me again. I'm new to blogging too (only 1 month), but I'm having a ball with it. You can just talk about whatever you feel fun is that??

Kathy, Welcome to you too! So nice that you stopped by. Decoupage is really easy. It's nothing more than clear glue. Go to a craft store & pick up Mod Podge (it's been around so long..think 70's!)...all you do is cut out whatever you want to decoupage & coat the back with the stuff, paste it on, then coat the front with another clear coat. I think I like the Satin best, it's not as shiny as the gloss. For that box, I just cut out the square image & fit it on top where I wanted it. I painted the rest of the box to go with the picture, then glued the pic in place & put a clear coat over the top with the decoupage. It's really so easy! Just ask if you have more questions. I've done tons of things this way...was on a roll for awhile, but haven't done it in a couple years now. But, it is a great way to update something. I was really on a roll with using wallpaper cutouts for a long time. that's what I used on that old armoire the first go-around. So, really you can use any type of paper, even wrapping paper or paper napkins. Try it on something!

johnny said...