Friday, March 9, 2007

Rub N Buff is good stuff!

So, I've had this letter hanging in my office space...I think I picked it up at TJ Maxx a long time ago. It was gold & I decided it would look a lot better if it was darker. Got out the RNB in Spanish Copper & here's the darker version...I think it looks a lot better now. Not quite as loud & glitzy....a good thing.

Since I was at it, I got out the Antique White RNB I've had laying around & put it to work on my new iron birds...just thought they needed a bit of antiquing to stay where I wanted to put them, which is on my foyer chest. They look sort of blue in the pic, but they are really a whitish antique. If you haven't tried Rub N Buff, get yourself a few tubes & have some fun!

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Southern Heart said...

That is a great product! Both of your projects look great---I just love those birds...

PAT said...

Hi Rhoda...The birds and your initial look great. I'm going to have to try rub n buff, sometime.

I like your new header!


Christy said...

Your header is good!! that rub-n-buff stuff. It's a staple around here.

Donna said...

I have to agree with the rest of the gals, RNB looks good on your projects! I will have to try it some time.
Also, I was wondering if you could run a pic of your sister -- now that we have seen your mom and dad.
Btw, with this blogging becoming such a craze, I think I'll have to try it myself. Was it fairly easy to figure out how to do it?

The Decorated House said...

Congrats on getting the banner up. I was out all day and came by late to see if you had played with it or needed help, and you were all done.

I'm not sure if I ever heard of that rub-n-buff stuff. :)

Rhoda said...

Thanks, ladies for stopping by...I appreciate each & every comment.

Donna, have we met before..I'm wondering which Donna you are since I know some from other sites, or did you just stumble on my blog?? Thanks for stopping by! I probably have a pic of my sister & niece I can post, so I'll have to dig one up. Blogs are fun, although it can be a bit confusing getting started & figuring out how to do everything. Some nice gals have helped me out a lot when I got stuck. It helps to have a pretty good knowledge of computer stuff.

DonnaC, yep, I got it figured out, although Christy gave me some help & I ended up doing mine differently than she did, so this blog stuff can really be confusing. I think I'm happy with my banner for now! O yeah, you'll have to get some RNB, LOL!


Carol said...

Rhoda, your letter and the birds look so good!I think your birds are prettier than mine!lolI'm going to work on mine also. I want to fix a banner on my blog, can you help me?
Come visit me!

Tammy518 said...

I'm going to have to try Rub 'N Buff. I love the finish on the pieces you used it on.

NJTomboy said...

Got 'em & LOVE 'em! lol

It certainly IS some good stuff!