Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Swingin' Into Spring....

My swing is hung in the backyard...can't you just imagine a few lazy days dreaming in this swing? It will definitely give me time to gather some ideas for the backyard, which is sorely in need of landscaping & sprucing up. It was great having my parents here for a few days. It's about 70* today & perfect for working in the yard, so I've been cutting out some ugly old sticker vines that are threatening to take over all our wild oak leaf hydrangeas in the backyard...can't let that happen.
As I was walking around the yard, I thought I'd share a couple of blooms that I've spotted already. I was really surprised to see these Blue Pincushion flowers already (Scabiosa). I really didn't think they would bloom until at least April. I don't even think they died back this winter, since it was so mild. I'm happy they are up already & looking so good! Hope the rest of my perennials have survived as well.

A winter bloomer, this is Hellebore Lenton Rose (one of my favorites!). I've always want to grow these & finally have 3 little plants that even gave me some blooms this first year. I took my parents to the B'ham Botanical Gardens while they were here & these Lenton Rose were in full bloom, large & beautiful in the gardens. It made me really want to get more of these going for winter color. They have the softest pink & lime green flowers...just gorgeous!

A Welcome Rock in my garden urn...found this little rock last year at a yardsale for 25 cents and it greets our visitors.

Couple of iron birds I picked up at Tuesday AM this week, I haven't decided where to put them yet or if I should paint them antique white, but I just loved them. They were only $4.99 each, so a bargain too.

ANY ONE ELSE BESIDES ME READY FOR SPRING!!! I'm ready for warm dirt, blooming flowers, real bunnies in the backyard & lazy days!

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Pat said...

Hi Rhoda

It makes me smile to see you have the swing up and ready to go for Spring!

Your photos of the garden pieces and flowers are wonderful!

Yes, I'm ready for Spring!!

oneblueegg said...

Oh gosh you lucky thing you! all of that pretty spring stuff hanging around you for the birds??? ok I'm partial to 'as is' these days leave them outside in the elements and let nature take its course to them! Cute swing too btw:)

Carol said...

Rhoda, love the swing! What a neat place to sit and ponder the back yard and outdoors! I love your little birds, too, I agree I think creamy white would make them even cuter! Love your blog!
Come visit me!

Southern-Heart said...

Rhoda, your swing is just lovely, and will be the perfect place to relax! I can't believe how many flowers you are already able to, we have some daffodils and redbuds....but in a few weeks....I am so ready to get my hands in the dirt!

The birds are adorable, and I think that they would look great in antique white, also.

I always enjoy "visiting" you. :)

Daisy Cottage said...

Oooh, I love your swing Rhoda! I know you must be enjoying it already too!I'm glad you had a nice visit with your parents. I have NO doubt that in a very short time you will be surrounded with lots of gorgeous plants and flowers like your last home ~ it was so lush and pretty...can't wait to see this one unfurl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda.........See you love your swing also! I just hung ours back up (with DH's help) , took it down & spray painted it so it would be fresh for Spring! YOU need to come see me & swing on my front porch & enjoy the sunset with some adult beverage or ice tea! As usual , your garden is FABULOUS - always a treat to see! Love that you love bunnies too - Enjoy the nice weather! Bonnie