Friday, June 29, 2007

Floraline Pottery

While browsing through the April 2007 issue of Country Home magazine, I came across this little article about a collection of pottery that this guy in Portland, Oregon has called Floraline pottery. I had never heard of it before, but was struck by the pretty color of this pottery...a grayed olive green and how neat it looks on his shelves. The green Roseville Floraline pottery is made by McCoy & was sold exclusively to florists starting in 1960. He started out collecting white pottery, but when it went up in value & was harder to find, he launched into green. I just think this is such a cool collection & if I had the space, I'd have to grab some of these pieces myself. The look of vintage pottery, but not as expensive as some of the collectible pieces that are out there. Now that I'm aware of it, I've seen lots of it in the antique malls around here...for not a lot of money either. I borrowed all these images off Ebay so you could see all the shapes they come in. You might be inspired to start a collection of green Floraline too!

Below is my small start to a white creamware collection. All of these pieces came from yardsales or thrifting. I'd love to showcase them somewhere on the 2 white shelves which I also found at yardsales. These are all slightly different in color, but I like how they look together.
Two shelves that I've found recently at yardsales ($1 for the top one & $2 for the bottom) & would like to find a spot for to highlight my little white collection. I'm running out of wallspace, but I think I might have a spot for them, so stay tuned for pics of them soon.

I know we all have collections going. Bunnies are my biggest collection & other than that I don't have a lot of collections that I regularly add to. Many of you collect pretty dishes & other things. I just love the look of Floraline....wish I had more space to have some of them too!

Just thought I'd share this little tidbit with y'all in case anyone is looking to start collecting something!

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Betty said...

Rhoda, the Floraline is very appealing...I have a few pieces.

A friend and I spent yesterday thrifting and then lunch...we had a wonderful day....Betty

Betty Jo said...

I love the shapes of the Floraline but I'm not much into green. I much prefer your white collection and am starting to pick it up for myself too. xoxo

KLKinFLA said...

Love your creamware collection...the lines on those pieces are lovely. Have a great weekend!

Adriann said...

Great shelves you found! The Floraline is beautiful. I'm not really a collector, but have been wanting to start. I collect books... The Floraline looks like a good place to start, especially since I like earthtones. Thanks for sharing. I know what to look for now. Enjoy your weekend!

Tonja said...

I love your pottery collections! The green is such a soothing shade, isn't it?

Have a blessed week-end!

DebraK said...

I think I may have a piece of that pretty green ware. Another collection! LOL

The white is very pretty and I can't wait til you show us your beautiful display.

Yardsaling tomorrow?

justabeachkat said...

Hi Rhoda

I discovered another thing we have in common...I love bunnies too! I actually have a small ceramic one that sits right here by my computer.

I love pottery, especially pieces my kids made when they were little.


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Rhoda,
I saw that article, too. And loved his massive display.

I have a small collection (4 or 5 pieces) of matte white pottery, but he's right, the prices are getting ridiculous.

hmmmmm...maybe I'll have to switch colors.

Kimberly :)

Lallee said...

Rhoda, don't overlook using the Floraline in your garden for an accent piece if you run across one you really like. I collect McCoy and Shawnee vases usually in cream or pastel colors, but I like the more yellow green, too. Martha Stewart didn't help matters when she started showing her collection. That's when the pottery prices shot up! I love Roseville, but it is pricey. I just have a couple that were sold 'as is', which didn't bother me.

I went back to look at your landscaping pictures this morning. We're redoing part of our front that has that 'builder's design' and is now too boring and mature. You're a great inspiration! Oh, and I saw the cutest cement bunny at the nursery that may just have to come live with me.


The Decorated House said...

Whew...that green would not go with my green. That's good because the shapes are great.

You know I don't like bunnies or white dishes. :)
Yeah right. No guilt in collecting those. Especially the dishes. I have some from a couple of years ago and some are 20 years old.
They are always a good buy.

Love the peices you have found.

Lynne said...

I've never heard of Floraline pottery. Love the color. I'll have to start looking for this.

Southern Heart said...

Very pretty! I'd never heard of it before, either, but I think that I've seen some pieces...I would definitely have chosen it for you with that lovely green color!

Hope you're doing well, and that you have a wonderful weekend!

the feathered nest said...

I'd never heard of it either until that article. I like the shapes but I'm not so attracted to that shade of green.

Your creamware collection is much prettier!


Rosemary said...

I saw that article in the magazine.
I like your white collection much better. Love your shelves too.
Have a good weekend!

PAT said...

Hi Rhoda...I remember that article. Very interesting..might be fun to look for it!

I like the creamware best...and of course you know, not a bunny one can be found at this house!;-)


Andi said...

Love your shelves...and a great bargain!

The Floraline pottery is a great collectible. I read about it in the magazine as well and had never heard of it before.

Love eBay. I started my Pennsylvania Redware/Breininger Pottery collection from an eBay purchase and now have quite a few pieces.

I always say...if you have more than 2 of have a collection!

smilnsigh said...

Oh thank you so much for telling me that you are having troubles with your comments too! I'm so happy to know that it isn't just me.

What is that saying... 'Misery loves company.' Well, it doesn't really apply but... :-))))

'Miss Mari-Nanci'

OldBagNewTricks said...

Rhoda, terrific shelves you bagged there. Very handsome. I have to laugh at the "Floraline"... when I dealt in antiques these were the hardest to unload... but they are so distinctive in groupings.

Your creamware, I'd say, has better longevity.


RealEstateGirl said...

I have the space...come on over!

Suzanne said...

Thanks Rhoda, I saw that article too, but had never heard of that pottery. It is very pretty...but I do like your creamware pottery collection too! :)

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

I love your white collection too, and I really love your Italy skirt-so retro!!

Belle-ah said...

My favorite pottery is from Bennington Pottery in Vermont...the do some amazine "white pumpkins" that I would love to have a collection of and they would be so at home with your creamware!

April said...

Ro, John & I started pottery wheel classes and love it! I'll tell you more about them later. Enjoyed the blog!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

I LOVE your thrifted collection of white china!!!

Lana said...

Hi Rhoda, I had a few Floraline pieces and sold them on ebay some time ago. It has such a neat old, matte green color ~ it is beautiful. I love your creamware ~ that's what I collect too, along with white ironstone, brown transferware, wooden oddities, wirework, bird's nests, old pincushions, you get the idea? LOL! I need more room...


Lana said...

ummm, I do know how to spell my name ~ I just don't type very well!


Simply Me Art said...

I cant believe the Great things you find. You truely have a great sense of style. Great post. Jamie

Diane @ Candid Reflections said...

Great deal on the shelves!! You do a great job of catching deals and shopping for good stuff at great prices. Keep up the good work!!

Mrs. G said...

I have absolutely none of the floraline pottery but when I read that article, I immediately wanted a wall full just like that lucky guy in the article :)

I have a very few pieces of creamware that I drag out for the summer time...

p.s. sending you an e-mail about some itmems in your shop :)

Angela @ Cottage Magpie said...

I've seen these guys and their collection on Country Style as well (which is, sadly, not shown anymore). I might have a recording of it, though, I'll look. Their shop, Stars & Splendid is just a few minutes from my house! ~A :-)