Friday, July 20, 2007

Horse Farms & Alabama Countryside

Horse farms on a state road in Birmingham. Click to open all the pics for a larger view.

One of the things I've really enjoyed about living in Birmingham is the horse farms that still dot the countryside around here. We used to have that in Atlanta too, but those have sadly been taken out of the picture in the last 25 years or so, as suburban sprawl & land developers have taken over Atlanta completely...and I mean completely!

Above is farm #1. I recently did a volunteer day back out at The American Village, (for those who missed this post in May, it's a beautiful house, so you might want to take a look at my previous post), which is down in Montevallo about 45 minutes from us. I typically take the back state roads as much as possible, since the scenery is so much more enjoyable than interstate travel. So, go with me and take a look at the Birmingham farms, rural homes, & just plain beautiful scenic sites. I love it! All of these pics (except the first collage pic) were taken on my way to American Village. Not a bad way to travel, don't you think? Farm #2
I stopped across the street from this farm to get up close & personal with these horses. I'm sure they must have thought I had some food, because they came right over to the fence as soon as I walked up. Farm #3

Once they saw that I had no food, it was back to grazing for them. They were friendly guys though.
Another farm just down the road from the others. It's amazing how many of these horse farms are around here. Farm #4
I can only hope they will stay like this & not sell out to developers who will swoop in & build countless homes in place of these beautiful pastures.

This is The American Village from a distance. You can see the President's House is the red brick house right in the center. They have an absolutely gorgeous piece of property.
Rolling hills surrounding The American Village.
Again, American Village countryside.

I love this farmhouse (with an antiques store on the property too) on the way & fell in love with it on my first drive out there.
It's surrounded by a huge stand of pecan trees.
More pecan trees
Edge of the farmhouse property.

We live in an area that's really growing with lots of new shopping & homes going in, but there are still lots of rural state roads around & when you drive them, you still see plenty of pretty countryside. I hope it stays like this for many, many years!

Hope you enjoyed the Alabama countryside with me. We're going to GA this weekend for my dad's 80th birthday party. Have a great weekend!

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Lizzie said...

Happy Birthday to your father!!!

Well, this post just touched my heart, seeing as I am from rural West Virginia. My grandfather had horses on his farm, and usually some cattle, too. The main difference is that his farm had gentle rolling hills- since hardly any of WV is flat!

I loved that craftsman farmhouse. Gorgeous. Would have loved to seen inside!

Tammy518 said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! I hope you have a great weekend with your family.

Thanks for the tour of Alabama horse country. I'm originally from Kentucky and it reminded me of "My Ole Kentucky Home."

HeatherJ said...

We have a lot of horse farms out here in Virginia too. I just love them. Especially the beautiful fences they always have.

JeniBeans said...

Hi Rhoda.
I always enjoy seeing the horses too when we're down that way. We live in Huntsville so we aren't too far away.

Enjoy Georgia and hope your dad has a very nice birthday!

Belle-ah said...

Just lovely! Thanks for taking us along on your travels.

Sunny Kristi said...

Oh my gosh, that farm house look like my grandparents' (deceased) house in Missouri. The emotions are welling up!

Betty Jo said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the Alabama countryside. What gorgeous farms. We take back roads to every place possible, enjoying the country as we go along. We don't have as many horse farms in this area, but they were abundant where we lived near Nashville. When you showed those pecan trees it reminded me so much of GA. There is nothing prettier than a lush pecan orchard. Have a fun weekend and wish your father a Happy Birthday from me. xoxo

linda t said...

Oh I did! I sooo enjoyed the roadtrip! Thanks Rhoda!
There is little I love more than getting in our van and hitting the road to see the countryside. And you are so right Rhoda, it is slowly slipping away into the hands of greedy developers.
Great pics!

Tonja said...

Beautiful! I always enjoy my drive to Birmingham. It's really nice to live in a place where you can still see farms and farm land, isn't it. It's that way here, too. We still get the occasional tractor or combine on the road and to me it's a lovely reminder of what we've almost lost completly.

Have a fun week-end. My family is heading down to Destin for the week. Hope to meet up with a "friend" while I'm there.


Sue said...

Beautiful pictures. Have a great time celebrating your Dad's birthday.

Suzanne said...

Oh how pretty Rhoda! Thanks for the road trip... what a gorgeous drive. Happy Birthday to your Dad.

Susie Q said...

Happy Birthday to your Father dear Rhoda! 8p is a huge milestone!

Have a wonderful weekend with yor family.

Love the pictures...nothing is prettier than the back roads through country like that. Those horses are gorgeous. It has been awhile since I was in Alabama. Thank you for the sweet tour!


Pamela Posch said...

Oh Rhoda, that was simply beautiful. Thanks for taking us along on your trip. We love to take drives along back country roads. We are lucky in the southern part of TN that we still have a great deal of farm land. But who knows how long that will last?

Happy birthday to your dad!


HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs - Kim said...

Beautiful pictures, Rhoda! The farmhouse is sweet, too. Have a great time this weekend and Happy Birthday to your dear dad.

bren said...

Such a beautiful area. I live in Central Florida and our orange groves are quickly changing into housing developments. The horse farms are so beautiful. I have lived here all of my life and it is pictures and places like this that make me think that maybe one day I would like to move.

Happy Birthday to your dad. I wrote a memorial post about my dad today would have been his 75th birthday. Enjoy your time with you family.

Sue said...

I love this blog- it is so homey and comfortable!!

the feathered nest said...

Hope your birthday celebration didn't get washed out with all this rain today! Love the pictures! There use to be a horse farm on Atlanta Rd. around the corner, now it Weiland homes. I so miss it!

Happy Birthday to your Dad!


Brin said...


It's just magical! I've always wanted to hop in the car and take a tour of your area of the country. Now I REALLY want to hop in the car and take a tour of your area of the country! :D

Thanks for such a *gorgeous* post! Happy birthday to your Dad, and safe travels to y'all...


Rosemary said...

Tell your dad Happy Birthday!
What lovely countryside. Those horse are so pretty. Love the farmhouse. You are lucky to live in such a nice place.
Have a fun weekend with your dad.

~Dawn~ said...

Oh Rhoda I was just drooling over those horse farms! You know I love my new house but Johnny and I dream of the day we sell and build our barn on some property! Thanks for posting those- they remind me to keep dreaming!

Mrs. G said...

Love: the house
the land
the mature pecan trees
the horses
the house
the horses...

Adriann said...

Thanks for the pics! We have plenty of horse farms in Montgomery too. It's amazing what a 10 minute drive onto a county road will take you.

Sometimes I take Hwy 31 to Birmigham for the scenery. Alabama is a beautiful state and I absolutely love the rural, untouched parts.

That was wonderful! Thanks much and enjoy your Dad's birthday!


Lavender Chick said...

Great pictures! Loved going on the horse farm tour with you.

Wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying your posts, recipes, and decorating ideas. I've been "living" in a construction zone for 2 1/2 years. Can't wait to use some of your ideas when the construction is complete.

Andi said...

Sweet Home Alabama!!!
Beautiful Alabama! Loved your pictures.

Happy Birthday to you Dad!

justabeachkat said...

I too love to drive through that area whenever we're there. It's gorgeous. I loved seeing all you photos. They're all beautiful.

Enjoy your weekend with your Dad. Hope his birthday is full of family, love and fun.


Linda said...

Thanks for the pictures. We make it to Birmingham at least twice a year for soccer tournaments but we never have been able to venture off and explore the area. The horse farms are beautiful.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Lovely photography. The horse farms at the top of your post are very near to where I live, just off 119.

Betty Jo said...

Rhoda, you've won an AWARD! Please drop by my blog to find out all about it. xoxo

ancient one said...

Thanks for taking us along. I truly enjoyed the trip.~ann

Julie said...

What a wonderful day! I LOVE horse farms!!

Sandy said...

Loved the photos!
Thank you for sharing, would love to see the inside of the houses.
Happy BDAY to your Daddy.
4 Reluctant Entertaines

Decorating Queen said...

Just breath taking. Love the house. You know it amazes me too how fast our little town has grown within the 6 years we have been here. Its sad. Happy B-day to your dad....have FuN! Nicole

Carolyn said...

Oh, Rhoda, I gasped when I saw your first photos! And the rest of them, I might add. Am embarrassed to say that I really didn't know that Alabama had such beautiful horse country. The rural terrain your shared is just lovely. I also love seeing those horses! Just last evening I walked down the road, to get some photos of some neighborhood horses. (LOL, they were out of range). Let's see . . . you have incredible thrift stores, beautiful country, and horses in abundance? You are singlehandedly changing my perceptions of Alabama. Sounds awesome! I always enjoy hearing from you. Hope you are having a ball in GA! :-)

Julie said...

Almost forgot to tell you.. I found some fabric to correct the shower curtain delema. Also need to recover a sleeper sofa and the fabric I have chosen for that project looks a bit like the top of your curtians. I chose not to use it in the bathroom because the walls are white and I wanted something that was mostly black. Can't wait until it is done and I can post the before and after photos! Thank you again!

Southern Heart said...

Rhoda, your photos were just beautiful! We live in a similar area....this area was once home to many horse farms, and now there are just a few. There is nothing prettier!

Happy Birthday to your father, too!


Allison said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I love horse farms. They always seem to be so pretty. The horses are beautiful. Thank you so much for giving us a tour!!