Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bloggy Blessings!

I didn't know when I started blogging last February just how y'all would become near & dear to me & such a part of my life. I have met some of the nicest, most wonderful women since I began this great adventure called blogging. I really had no idea what I was getting into & have been so pleasantly surprised to see the relationships I've formed grow & blossom in such a short time. Y'all really bless my socks off, as the saying goes! I only hope I can "pay it forward" and be a blessing to others along the way. Blessings come along sometimes when you least expect them.

On Monday, I went out to get the mail & had 2 packages awaiting me! I knew they were coming, but had really been busy & forgot about them. A little jolt of giddiness came over me as I opened the packages to see what was inside...almost like Christmas. They weren't a complete surprise, but then they were! Debra at The Bunnies Bungalow, had told me when I posted my new creamware collection that she had a Martha Stewart pitcher that was mine if I wanted it. Of course I did, I emailed her back! She was going to get it ready & send it out to me, so imagine my complete surprise when I opened the box & found not only the pitcher, but 5 other beautiful pieces of creamware from Debra! We talked on the phone a couple of weeks ago & it was so much fun actually talking to someone that I've interacted with for several years. Debra & I have been part of a decorating board for a long time, so that's how we first met. Thank you, Debra, for your overwhelming generosity! As you all can see, I've already picked up another shelf (1/2 price from Hobby Lobby), for the other side of the buffet & now thanks to Debra, it's almost full. Two of those on the shelves came from last week's yardsales, so you can see that I'm going to have those shelves full in no time! Debra & I have a lot in common...our love of traditional decor, bunnies & gardening. She is a joy to know.

Another dear lady that I met just since I started blogging is Manuela, at The Feathered Nest. She lives in Atlanta (not far from my hometown) and how funny that I moved to Birmingham & then met her. She is such a doll & I have really enjoyed getting to know her through her blog & reading all about her decorating, gardening, doggie & inspiration pics. Manuela asked me if I'd be interested in a book that she had that she wanted to pass along to me, Nell Hill's Christmas! Well, of course I wanted it! I was lucky enough to find one Nell Hill book at a yardsale & just know that the Christmas version will be just as wonderful. She even threw in some wonderful decorating magazines that I can't wait to sit down & browse. I don't buy a lot of magazines & have 2 subscriptions only, so I will thoroughly enjoy these. Thank you so much, Manuela, for your giving spirit. I will cherish this book too!

So, you all really don't know how much fun I am having with this thing called blogging & how much of a joy you all are to me! I so much enjoy reading all your comments & seeing all of you stop by. I'm just amazed sometimes at how much this has grown & how many of you do stop by out of your busy lives to come & visit me. I just want to take this opportunity to say "Thank You so much"! I try very hard to go around & visit your blogs as much as I possibly can & I hope you all understand when I don't get by as often as I'd like. Thank you for your friendships. I really enjoy sharing with all of you.

Much love,


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Tammy518 said...

How sweet of Debra and Manuela to send those gifts to you! Isn't it great getting surprises like that?

Thank you, too, Rhoda, for sharing your beautiful home, travels, recipes, etc. with us. I always look forward to coming on your blog and finding a new post.

Sunny Kristi said...

It is such a joy to read and look at the photos on your blog. Your sweetness and generosity shine through your words. How sweet of your blog friends to send you the wonderful gifts. Please stop by my blog sometime next week as I will be having a drawing for a free gift and would love for you to have a chance at it!

Betty Jo said...

Awww . . . what precious gifts for your Rhoda! I know exactly what you mean. I'm soooooo thankful I began blogging a few months ago. It has been the most fun and I've cyber-met the most wonderful women, such as yourself, and am looking forward to meeting many, many more.

Rhoda thanks for being the precious, special person you are and opening your life, home, and heart to all of out here in blog land. xoxo

Rosemary said...

That is so nice. I know what you mean. I haven't been blogging that long, but I feel like you are all my friends out there.
It is so great.
Love your new treasures, from those very sweet ladies.

the feathered nest said...

Rhoda, I'm so happy you like your gift! I've been so blessed by your sweet friendship. I always think it's so funny that we met blogging when you were right in my area, going to the same places. We probably passed each other many times! You've always been so generous and giving of your time whenever I needed a another opinion and your home is such an inspiration to me!

That's so sweet of Debra to send you those lovely creamware pieces! You have quite a wonderful collection there!


Sandy Coughlin said...

You are spoiled!
Maybe you wil win on my new contest! Come on over and read about Outdoor Movie Nights ... cept' you are beyond this in your stage of life.
Hope you are having a wonderful summer, Rhoda!
4 Reluctant Entertainers

Adriann said...

This blogging world is filled with wonderful people. How nice to hear about it. Enjoy your blessings!!!

Manuela and Debra- How sweet and thoughtful of you two to think of Rhoda "just because."

Blessings to you all!

Naturegirl said...

It always nice visiting and getting to know others within our blogging community but when we actually get a package in the mail just for us well that is such a thrill I would agree!
Enjoy these wonderful gifts from your generous blogging friends! Hugs NG

KLKinFLA said...

Great creamware, books, and magazines, and even better to have such wonderful friends! Enjoy your sweet gifts.

Pamela Posch said...
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restyled home said...

Hi Rhoda,
I feel the same way you do...I have met so many wonderful ladies through blogging and it has quickly become addictive. I must say, you are one of the nicest blogging friends out there. You are quick to reply to others' posts and your comments are always so sweet. It's no wonder people are sending you presents...

Your lunch the other day looked like something out of a magazine. It is so nice that you have met such great friends in your area.
Wish I could have had some of that cake!!


Pamela Posch said...

Rhoda, I found your blog a few weeks ago and I must say I stop by everyday. I am so delighted to see the transformations of your garage sale finds. You have a wonderful eye for detail. I was a visual merchandiser before I had kids, and your blog makes me miss those days. I love your home and your style. Being from the south myself, your style is just my taste. Keep bloggin'

Southern Heart said...

What thoughtful gifts from two very special ladies (and to a very special lady!). I feel the same way about is such a wonderful experience!



Anonymous said...

Beautiful creamware. It's so nice of you to share. I've been looking through past posts and have really enjoyed them.

Sandy McTier said...

Beautiful and wonderful gifts you received. I know what you mean and am so glad that I started blogging a year ago ~ I've met (sort of) the most amazing people - to include yourself! Your blog is so full of inspiration, eye candy and like Sunny Kristi said your sweetness shines through your words.
Have a great weekend

PAT said...

I am loving all this creamware you're collecting Rhoda...and you already know how I feel about Mary Carol Garrity's books!


Rose said...

"Blessings come along when you least expect them." And people like you, Rhoda, are people who recognize and appreciate those blessings. There are others who receive blessings every day and never notice them. But when someone like you keeps their heart open, they'll find blessings galore in every great and small thing. Enjoy your gifts!

Tori said...

Those are great! I soo need to start a collection!! Always love to see your neat finds...can I follow you around one Saturday????


Suzanne said...

How very sweet of both ladies! And each time you look at those beautiful gifts you will think of each of them, how very special.

Susie Q said...

What sweet and special gifts!! Such precious friends they are....and you, dear Rhoda, are sweet and special too!

We all are so glad you discovered this world of blogging! I never fail to leave your sire without a new idea, a smile, a recipe..just inspiration through and through.

Many blessings to you....


Cherry Menlove said...

Ah yes, the ladies out there in blog land are truly wonderful. I am constantly surprised by the generosity of spirit that pervades.

Cherry xx

Lizzie said...

I love your new creamware. I especially like the dark paint you use to really show off your collection. How nice to have a friend sharing the Martha Stewart line with you!!! I love her line, but have never splurged on any of it, so I can truely appreciate how wonderful it would be to receive a piece as a gift.

The Decorated House said...

Those are wonderful! What kind and sweet ladies Manuela and Debra are to share these with you.

Happy Birthday to your dad! Seems like I "know" him after all these years.

Sharon@C'est Chouette said...

Rhoda~ before I starting enjoying this online community ~ I collected nothing~ oh there was lots of stuff in my house but nothing that could be called a collection. I am so inspired by your displays. I have also started a creamware collection~ I have 2 peices~ and an ironstone collection~ but it must be crackled and crazed! I love vivisting you blog~ it is just like veiwing my favorite magazine. ~best~S