Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lighted Glass Block of Christmas Cheer

Have you seen these lighted glass blocks yet? They were all the rage about 2 or 3 years ago & I have always wanted one & now I do! My sweet friend, Cheryl, surprised me last week when she stopped by my office holding this beautiful glass block Christmas present that she made for me all ready to go. Click on that link & you can see in the first pic of us all in front of her tree, scroll down & see Cheryl's pretty glass block on her bench in the foyer.

I was so surprised & so excited to get it! I had long admired the one at her house when I saw it last week during our Christmas tour, so she decided to make one for me & drop it off. It's the perfect little touch of Christmas cheer & can go anywhere there is a plug-in. I found a set of instructions on how to make them here so if you'd like to talk your hubby (or if you're brave yourself, go for it!) into drilling a hole in a simple glass block, you can make your own. I heard you need a special glass drill bit, but other than that, it's pretty simple. Once you get the hole made, you slide in a small strand of white lights leaving the plug hanging out. Wrap it up pretty & you've got yourself a lighted Christmas present.

What a wonderful gift! I'm really enjoying having this little light in our bedroom to add a bit of Christmas cheer & I'll treasure it always! Thanks again, Cheryl. I so appreciate you thinking of me since I don't have a drill or a handy hubby!

I have just been awarded 2 more blogger awards...and am quickly running out of room. I'll have to find a good place to put all these icons. I am so honored to keep getting these things & you girls are sweet to think of me.

Julie, at Fabulous Finds Studio, awarded me the Amazing Blogger award & I'm to share 7 things about myself. I have done this awhile back & totally don't remember what I shared, so I'm going to try to come up with something unique, maybe I'll throw in Christmas things:

1. I am the youngest of 2 girls in my family. I grew up not liking dolls, but was a big tomboy. I can only remember getting one babydoll for Christmas one year, but later when I got my Barbie doll, that was a real memory. I still have my Barbie doll & posted about her here, if you'd like to see Vintage Barbie.

2. I love mysteries & anything suspenseful. Scary movies are fun, but I don't love sci-fi stuff.

3. Pizza is one of my favorite foods. And I have a sweet tooth that will not quit. It's especially bad at this time of year.

4. I did not get involved in any extra curricular activities in highschool. Looking back, I wish I had, but all of my free time was spent with church activities. I secretly wanted to be a cheerleader, but I was a little too gawky for that to ever happen.

5. I was an ugly duckling and didn't blossom until after I graduated from high school. One of my good high school friends came to see me after I was away at college for a few years & when I opened the door, she asked if I was home. I died laughing!

6. I hate English peas.

7. I took piano lessons for about 5 years when I was young, but don't ask me to play anything now. It's all about gone.

Sher, at Sher's Creative Expressions, awarded me the Blogging Treasure & Bodacious Blogger awards. Thank you SO much, Sher! I'm not even sure what these are all about, but I feel honored to get them. I'll pass these on Just a Beach Kat, Maureen, and Rosemary. Have fun ladies!

And, there's another Holiday tour for this year at Tracey's, Notes from a Cottage Industry. Go on over for even more Christmas cheer!

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Mary said...

Rhoda, I'm sorry, but I just cannot picture you as an ugly duckling!

Love your glass block -- I'd never seen one before, but that's a really neat idea!

Congrats on the awards, and have a very merry Christmas!

Jen r. said...

Congrats on your awards!!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hey Rhoda...I must've been living in a cave because I've never seen those glass block thingies!! LOL

It sure is pretty!!

Sandi McBride said...

I love that glass block. Now that's something I could make! No kidding!!! And an ugly duckling, you? GO ONNNNNNN...

Lisa said...

These boxes are absolutely beautiful! First time I've seen something like this before. What a neat idea. Lucky you.

Happy holidays!


Maureen said...

Ugly Duckling? You quack me up! (Sorry, could not resist!) I love those glass block thingees too. I received one from DD's MIL a couple or years ago and it's really neat. There was a gal who shared several of her creations with some of us a while back. I'll see if she'll allow some of her photos. I guess I need to get busy with another acceptance blog!

Big Mama said...

I've never seen a glass block before, very cool!

The Feathered Nest said...

My sweet tooth is really bad this time of year too (as I munch on some Stollen)! Love that lighted glass block! It's so pretty! Congrats on the awards!


DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

I got one of those too from my dear SIL! I love it!
Congrats on your awards!
Hugs, DebraK

Alice said...

Your friend Cheryl is very talented. How lovely she gave you one of her creations. I'd never seen a glass block like this before.

Cre8Tiva said...

love that glass block...and the look at you...blessings, rebecca

Rosemary said...

Love your glass block. I haven't seen that done before. I guess it wasn't the rage here in California.
It's so pretty.
Congrats on your awards!!
Have a great day,

LivingTheLife said...

What a sweet friend to surprise you like that...she must be a great listener...I bet that looks lovely in your bedroon...just the right amount of Christmas sparkle.

Loved your 7 things...I too, secretely wanted to be a cheerleader, but I was not only an ugly duckling and gawky...I was so would have been a fiasco!! I went back and saw your Barbie, too...from a previous post...I am envious...I always wanted a Barbie growing up...but I had to settle for Tammy...I think she was the "big boned" version of Barbie...b/c none of the B. clothes would fit her, but my sweet mother hand made me several outfits for her that year for Christmas...I can not believe how much time she must have spent on that task...she even made us some matching outfits...Tammy and Teresa...what a pair!

Blessings...have a wonderful Christmas...probably see you next year! lol


Bonnie said...

Rhoda.....What a great gift from Cheryl - she is a real sweetie! I would the idea of the glass block wrapped present. I can't picture you as an ugly duckling either....that sounds like a fairytale. YOu are so pretty inside & out!


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Love your glass block. I have few of them myself. My absolute FAVORITE is the one I bought from a friend at her craft show. It has gold lights and fall ribbon (pumpkins, leaves, etc.). It has just the coolest glow. I love it. Of course, I can only use it from September through November, due to the "fall theme" but it's still my favorite.



PAT said...

I love the glass block, Rhoda. I should try making one of those.

Congratulations on the awards!


Barbara Jacksier said...

I love the glass block. In retropect, it must have been these that I have been admiring in a local shop. The owner wraps them in lace and gathers the frabic at the top with pretty flourishes. Congrats on acquiring one.

NYmary said...

Ugly duckling, no way Rhoda! How nice of Cherly do gift you with that beautiful glass pretty.
Your home is decorated beautifully for Christmas.
Congratulations on the awards.
Merry Christmas!

willzmom said...

I love those glass blocks, they are so pretty. I've also wanted one and even went so far as to ask Hubby about getting a drill bit just for glass (to which he just said uh huh). Usually he jumps on ANY opportunity to buy a new tool or gadget. I might get crazy and buy it myself!

joan said...

I love, love those glass blocks and have always wanted one. My hair dresser has one in her salon and she also said someone made it for her. But where do you get glass blocks? At Home Depot? Also, I'm with the other ladies because I can't see you as an ugly duckling! And congrats on your awards. I like reading your 7, it's always nice to learn more about each other!

Sandy said...

Fun reading up about you Rhoda!
I took piano for 5 yrs too :)
Hope you are having fun holiday cheer!

justabeachkat said...

Hi there!'s been so busy around my house I've had little time to blog or read blogs! I hate that...seems like I miss so much.

I love those lighted glass blocks. I've seen them before and thought they were wonderful. What a great gift!

I enjoyed reading your list. We have lots in common, including the love of mysteries, pizza and sweets. (I actually like English peas though.)

Congrats on your awards and thank you so much for honoring me with them. Very sweet!

Merry Christmas!


Southern Heart said...

Rhoda, those glass blocks are fabulous! What a pretty addition to your holiday decor!

I'm also thinking that you got way past the ugly duckling stage very quickly! :)

Love, Andrea

Carrie said...

Thanks for the information on the lighted glass blocks.

Mary Isabella said...

I like those little block lights alos. Merry Christmas

Cherdecor said...

I love your lighted glass block. I must make some of those. Thanks for posting and sharing the info.

Vonda said...
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Vonda said...

Nope I don't believe you were ever an ugly duckling! Not our Rhoda! -V