Sunday, December 23, 2007

O Holy Night

"O Holy Night"

O holy night, the stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Savior's birth.
Long lay the world in sin and error pining,
Till he appeared and the soul felt its worth.
The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices,
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.
Fall on your knees, Oh, hear the angel voices
O night divine, O night when Christ was born
O night divine, O night, O night divine,
The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices,
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.
Fall on your knees, Oh, hear the angel voices
O night divine, O night when Christ was born
O night divine, O night, O night divine,
O holy night

This is one of my favorite Christmas carols. I love to hear it strongly & passionately sung. If traditional Christmas carols proclaiming Christ's birth are ever done away with, it will be a sad day indeed.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas this season. May the peace that passes all understanding fill your hearts this Christmas. For this Holy Night changed the world and we can all believe and accept the gift that this tiny baby brought to the world...the gift of eternal life.

John 3:16 & 17: For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God did not send his son to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

Do you believe? Beautiful Christmas card that Kari (Just Livin' Large) sent me

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Naturegirl said...

Rhoda I most certainly believe!
May the spirit of Christmas leave its rich blessings in the hearts of you and yours! hugs NG

hoosier homemaker said...

Nice to see I'm not the only one up this a.m. We're just back from church and I thought I'd check on you wonderful bloggers!

Merry Christmas from Indiana to you and yours!

Sandi McBride said...

Merry Christmas Rhoda...just took Baby Jesus's birthday cake out of the oven, it's cooling...isn't my sweet Sissy (Kari) talented? I love your card...mine was great, too...gotta love that girl! Hope your Christmas is all you want it to be!

Southern Heart said...

That is one of my favorites, too! I love the peacefulness and expectation that these days bring.

I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!

Love, Andrea

Tonja said...

Beautiful post! The very merriest of Christmases to you and yours. May it be filled with joy and love and laughter.


Rosemary said...

I do believe Rhoda!!!!
I love that carol as well.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Carrie said...

Thank you for this inspiring post. I wish you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas.
Whenever time might permit...You are invited to visit the nativity scenes gallery posted Dec. 23 at Oak Rise Cottage blog. The collection includes over 50 countries from the various continents. Each nativity set expresses the story of Christ’s birth according to the perspective of the artist:
Hope to see you soon,

Rhondi said...

Hi Rhoda Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope that you have a wonderful time with your family and friends. Did you know that YOU are the reason for the season? It was because of YOU (and all of us )that Jesus came. So when someone says Jesus is the reason for the season, tell them, "no YOU are the reason for the season". That was our message at church today. Isn't that an awesome thought? Rhondi xo

PAT said...

Merry Christmas, Rhoda!


Bonnie said...

Hi Rhoda....Down here on the lake I sang in the choir for 2 yrs. during our Christmas concert. I can't say enough about all the joy we got from singing for the Lord. We would ride around in our cars with the CD in , singing away until we got it down perfect. I wish we would do them is Jesus's birthday & we should always remember that on Christmas! Thanks for reminding us all.......Bonnie & yes, I believe!

Bonnie said...

Merry Christmas to you & Peter, Rhoda!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Rhoda........

God Bless,
Kathy :)

Susan Beth said...

You don't know me, I found your blog through the home tour from another blog. Anyway, yes I do believe Jesus is Lord of my life, savior of my soul, creator of the the earth, and God himself. Its so nice to believe that and to be asked if I believe that.

sobeit said...

Hi there...just passing by. That is one of my favorite songs to hear and sing! I believe also! Hope you have a very blessed holiday. Merry Christmas!


Elaine said...

Dear Rhoda,
I just found your blog from someone else's blog and thought I love the title "Southern Hospitality" so I'll check it out!! And now I love your blog!

I have been enjoying listening to Wayne Watson (he is one of my favorites!)

Yes, to answer the question, I do believe and I am so excited to know Him and have the true meaning of Christmas, the person of Jesus , living in my heart!

I am also a Southern girl living in B'ham! I live in Hoover! So nice to meet you and please come visit me at my website/blog
if you like !
God bless and have a very blessed Christmas!

writing to Encourage YOU!

SarahWhite said...

Merry Christmas Rhoda...your house looks beautiful!!

Lallee said...

Yes I do! Beautiful post.

Merry Christmas, Rhoda!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Merry Christmas y'all.
That Kari is to sweet. I just sent a Christmas pigeon across town~ did she make it?

Erin~~The Classy Rabbit~~ said...

I love "O Holy Night" too. One of my favorites right along with "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day"

Merry Christmas to you and your family! It's been awhile, but I'm trying to catch up and visit all of my blog friends out there!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Blessings to you,

Classic Charm said...

Merry Christmas to you. I hope you enjoy the time with those you love. I am making your dip today - can't wait to try it! Thanks for the recipe.

Sandy said...

Hi Rhoda,
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and very Happy New Year!
Many many blessings,
Sandy :)

Sandy said...

Beautiful! That is my favorite song too, and Abby is playing it tonight on her violin at our Christmas Eve service ...
Merry Christmas Rhoda!

Felicia said...

Merry Christmas :)

The French Nest said...

Merry Christmas, Rhoda, and all the best in 2008!


daisy cottage said...

Merry Christmas Rhoda!
That is my favorite Christmas song.. so beautiful and moves me every time that I hear it.
I hope your Christmas is truly beautiful - thank you for being such a sweet friend..


The Decorated House said...

Hey Rhoda!
I'm taking a little break from cooking so I came by to wish you the Most Wonderful, Merry Christmas!
It's been another fun and fabulous season to share together!
Merry, Merry Christmas, Donna

Alicia said...

Merry Christmas, Rhoda! It was great to hear from you. I am so very impressed with your blog! You are a professional. This artichoke dip is something I'm going to try come SuperBowl time. Sounds yummy!

justabeachkat said...

I wish for you and yours the merriest of Christmases filled with family, love, food and fun and many memory making moments.

Christmas hugs sweet friend!

Sandra Evertson said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Sandra Evertson

Rose said...

Beautiful post, Rhoda! "O Holy Night" stires something deep inside my heart, too. I played it on the piano earlier and just love to add emotion as I play.

May you and yours be blessed with the peace and love of Christmas,

Cottage Magpie said...

Merry Christmas! And blessings to you for a bountiful New Year! (Thank you for your e-mail! I'm going to answer in a couple of days! :-)
~Angela :-)

Kari & Kijsa said...

We wish a most blessed Christmas Day to you and your family from both of ours.

Merry Christmas,
kari & kijsa

Julie said...

I believe...and I ain't talking about Santa either! Merry Christmas Rhoda!

NAME: CIELO said...

Hi Rhoda... Hope you and yours had a marvelous Christmas!


Cre8Tiva said...

i beleive...blessings and peace to you and yours, rebecca

joan said...

I hope your Christmas was wonderful Rhoda. O Holy Night is my favorite also!

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Hi Rhoda, I'm late to comment but I hope you had a nice Christmas.
I posted one of my fav Christmas songs too....but I do love O Holy Night.
Hugs, DebraK

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

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