Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let's Talk Beauty Products!

Here's my makeup box. Can you tell it's a tackle box? My sister started this WAY back when we were young. She bought a tackle box to put all her makeup in and I followed suit. It makes a perfect box for all those little containers. And you can tuck it out of the way in a closet or armoire. I don't use nearly all of this and I've even cleaned it out many times, but can't seem to get rid of all the eye shadow kits and other things I don't always use. My routine for makeup is much more simple these days.

Back in my 20's, I was so into makeup and fashion. I still love makeup and fashion, but not nearly like I did then. I loved it all and was a real beauty products snob and always shopped at the department store cosmetics counter. Estee Lauder was my choice of cosmetics for the most part and I ventured out with Clinique, Lancome, and Ultima III. I lived for the free gift with purchase events. That's when I'd stock up on foundation or loose powder or whatever else I needed to get one of those free gifts. Those days, I'm afraid, are over. I think I've gotten a little wiser over the years and realized that just because a beauty product costs a lot of $$, doesn't mean it's the very best OR that I can't find something just as good for less. So, let's talk money-saving beauty tips, shall we? About 3 or 4 years ago, I discovered Bare Minerals (or Bare Essentuals) mineral makeup and I haven't looked back since then. I think it works great with my aging skin and seems to give an overall better glow, rather than the heavier foundations I was using previously. I have tried many liquid foundations over the years, from Estee Lauder, to Lancome, to Revlon and Loreal. All of them were fine for the most part, but as my skin has aged, I felt the need to lighten up on the foundation. Mineral makeup works great for me! It goes on lighter, still covers enough and let's your skin show through without looking cakey or too made up. I have rather oily skin, especially the T-zone and the mineral foundation keeps me from looking like a grease pit at the end of the day. Of course, summer is still the worse for my oily skin, but overall I think mineral makeup is a big find for me. Have you tried it yet? I now purchase mine on Ebay. I've found several sellers on there and you can get some pretty good discounts if you shop around. The good thing is, one container lasts at least 6 mos. for me, so I don't have to buy that often. I use Fairly Light for my rather fair skin. I also use the bronzer called Warmth. It adds just the right amount of blush and if I want more of a bronze look in the summer, just add a bit over my whole face. Bare Minerals is not particular cheap, but I like it so much, it's worth it to me. Back in the 70's and 80's those huge makeup cases were all the rage too. I can't tell you how many Estee Lauder and Ultima III eye shadow kits I bought. There were so many colors in there...wild, beautiful colors, but really how practical are all those colors? Not very. I've narrowed down my best colors to the ones above. These look the best on me with my blue eyes....pinky browns, russet browns, golden yellow, and creamy white for accents. I love these eye shadows from Ulta. We don't have an Ulta store here in Birmingham, but I can always stock up when I go back to Atlanta. These eye shadows are very reasonable too and they often run Buy One, Get One Free promotions. Very practical!
Have you ever heard of Wet & Wild? I've been buying their lip liners for probably 15 years now and my favorite one is #666 (I know, strange), but it's also called Wine. It's a great pinky-brown shade for all of my lipsticks and that's the only one I use now. Best part is, they sell for about $1. I see that Walmart carries them now, as well as Target used to and I just saw this shade touted by a makeup artist from NY in a magazine recently, so I see I'm not the only one who's found it. Also picked up a dark blue eye liner for the same price and it works well too. Now, that's budget makeup! I've also found that when I've picked up Clinique or Estee Lauder lipsticks over the years in those freebies and find a shade I like, I can check Ebay and find lots of the brand new sample sized ones for sale for much less money than going to the department stores. I just put in the name I like and do a search on Ebay. Very cost effective!

I'm all over the board too with skin care products. Right now, I'm using Oil of Olay cleanser with microbeads (for anti-aging), Aveeno moisturizer, and some Boots of London aging serum, which I keep hearing lots about. Have you heard of Boots?? They are a low-cost botanically based skincare line out of the UK. I checked the line out at Target and it looks pretty good, so I think I'll try more when I run out of what I have currently. I got persueded last year to try Arbonne anti-aging skincare products. They were expensive and I really couldn't tell any difference in my skin, so I'll never do that again!
Here's another good hair product that I found at Walmart. Hask Spray-On Illuminator, one of those shine sprays with silicone to give a lot of shine to your hair. This one works well for me and I know there are much more expensive ones out there, but after I tried this one, I'm happy with it.

I'd love to find some good recommendations for hair products. I've gone back and forth over the years buying expensive shampoo and conditioner and cheap ones. Paula Begoun (The Beauty Bible lady) says that cheap shampoos are just as good as the salon products. I think when I was younger, I could get away with the cheaper ones, but now that my hair is getting more gray and coarse, I really need something that will keep it hydrated, soft and shiny and it seems the more expensive ones do that better. I know my hair feels better after I leave the salon! Tell me what you've found for hair products that work for you. I have really thick, coarse hair with lots of natural curl and a tendency towards frizz. I've always said it is just like a horse's mane and that's about the truth. Right now, I'm using a Redken smoothing shampoo for dry hair to keep it softer and tame the frizzies. I also picked up a deep conditioner for colored hair at Sally's by Ferria that works pretty well too, but

I'd love to hear from you about your shampoo and conditioner favorites. If I can find some that are less expensive, but still work great, I'm all for saving money.

Do you use cheap shampoo and conditioner or expensive and why? Can you really tell the difference? I'd love to find some good ones that are maybe in between really cheap and really expensive. We don't have any good places to shop for the salon products over here except at a salon (or at least I haven't found one yet). I used to shop at Ulta all the time in Atlanta, but we don't have them over here.

So, let's hear your recommendations! The girl who cuts my hair (and I'm still going to the Supercuts girl) said we should change up our shampoos and conditioners very often, as hair gets used to the same products and it's better to mix it up. Maybe we'll all get some good ideas! Feel free to offer any other good tips on makeup and skin care products too. What can't you live without?

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Linda said...

Rhoda, I, too, have dry, coarse gray hair that I keep colored and so I will be checking back for tips. I use BM makeup and love it, so I will be checking Ebay for it, always ordered from QVC. Thanks for the tips on makeup, I will also check them out. I don't have a blog yet, but am thinking about trying one out. I love to read yours and check it daily! Bleessings, Linda from WV

Anonymous said...

So funny to me that you would post about the mineral products. I'm 44 have been thinking also that I would like to try them. I've been hesitant because I wanted to hear what someone had to say - so thanks! I do use Suave shampoos mixed in with others. I agree that you need to switch around. I usually have 2 or 3 in the shower at once.

Classic Charm said...

Like you I used to spend a good chunk of change on cosmetics. Those days are over...and now my makeup bag is VERY simple. I don't have a tackle box or anything of that sort. And I carry my makeup back with me in my car - ha! I'm a working mom on the run :)
I buy a mixture of products, and so far they've worked for me, nothing specific. But I enjoyed your post...and have been thinking of getting the bare minerals cosmetics, I've been reading about them too. Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

Oooh, I love this topic! Rhoda, I have very thick, coarse hair as well. One of my absolute favorite hair products is a deep conditioning masque for thick hair by Kerastase. It's expensive but I buy it by the tub on ebay and it lasts forever. I use it once a week - I bought one of those old-fashioned bonnet hairdryers on ebay, and I slather my hair with it, and then put on the bonnet and heat it up - it's amazing!

I'm all about Aveda products right now, and am using their Shampure shampoo and conditioner, as well as their botanically based skin care products.

Bonnie said...

Hi Rhoda........I use Vivid Color Lock Shampoo since my hair is highlighted. It makes the color not fade & I really love it. I bought it in the salon the first time but you can pick it up at "Trade Secrets" in the mall if you have one near. Also VO5 "Shower Works" conidtioner is one I love. YOu buy it at WalMart. YOu put it on for a minute in the shower , then rinse & shampoo as usual & your hair is like brand new when you finish. Thanks for sharing your tips! Bonnie

Nan said...

I have not tried the bare mineral products. They are available close to me in a nearby mall. I used to buy expensive department store makeup but now my makeup is generally a light foundation from the the drugstore, a little blush, and mascara. Simple, simple. I have not even been wearing fragrance lately. I guess I'm just kind of an Ivory soap kinda gal.Well, actually, I'm a Dove soap gal.
I do buy better hair products. Redkin is a good line of products.
Cheaper products seem to build up on my hair.

andrea@Big Crrek Cottage said...

Rhoda, how funny that you posted about this today. I had lunch with a friend yesterday(it was her 40th birthday and I am next). Before we had lunch we rushed to JC penneys because their hair salon was having a sale on hair products. Our favorite, Biologe colorradiance. and when those big bottles go on sale, I am there. Also love to switch and use Paul Mitchell (for color hair or tea tree shampoo with a leave in conditioner) AGain, I wait for the sales and buy a few to last me til the next...... (PS, I have more and more gray and now am coloring my hair every 5 weeks. It has started along my face and is slowly beginning to spread up my crown! Yikes!!!!!

Amy said...


You can buy Ulta products online at their website - and they're having a BOGO sale now!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Hi Rhoda,
I too use the bare minerals makeup, fairly light and the warmth...I really like them! I recently moved and discovered I have an Ulta store right across the street in a big shopping center, I'll take your advice and check out the eye makeup!

Mary said...

Rhoda, I have used Bare Minerals for several years. I love it! My favorite eyeshadows are Mary Kay. They go on wet or dry and can be used as an eyeliner too. Lately, I have been using Herbal Essences-Color Me Happy shampoo for color-treated hair. Lipsticks change, I'm always on a search for something better. I will try the Wet & Wild Lip Liner. Love to talk about beauty products!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Rhoda, I guess I'm in the minority here but I hardly wear makeup! I've never used a foundation - only a moisturizer with sunblock and I own 2 eye shadows (BM), 1 eyelash curler and some maybelline mascara! Usually it's just lipgloss and mascara when I go out. Although I am thinking that I need to buy some blush.

I do spend on skincare products and have my share of anti-aging products!


Lynne said...

My hair is like yours - thick, coarse, wavy, tends to frizz. Plus color over the gray. I've been using Purology (Pureology?)for the past few years and love it. There are different types - I use the ones in the purple bottles - I think it's a hydrating formula. It's expensive, but I found a site on e-bay that sells a big bottle for about half the normal price. It's made my hair a lot softer. I found using the "good" stuff really makes a difference. It's worth the extra money.

Bunny said...

Rhoda, love your product suggestions - I love mineral products as well. I'm looking for a new fragrance for spring - any recommendations of perfumes you particularly like?

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Rhoda,

I have had a strange thing happen with my skin as I've gotten older...I've gone from totally oily to rather dry - even my hair. I can't use the BM but I love the way it looks on everyone else :( I use the same wet and wild pencils that you do and rather than liquid make-up, I use a tinted moisture cream -- and I hate to admit it because I know it's damaging but I tan about once a week to keep from looking too pastey. I'm always on the hunt for a perfect product so I'll be looking in to see what the gals are using! Great post!!!


Tara said...

You don't have to go all the way to Atlanta for Ulta. We have one here in Columbus, GA, which is WAY closer to B'ham than Atlanta. I'm betting Auburn/Opelika has one although I'm not sure.

As for shampoo, I use Suave. It's cheap and it works. I don't use foundation, it bugs me even if it's just powder. I put my make-up on in the car after I drop my daughter off at school. I've gone cheap on almost everything but lipstick...can't stand the smell, taste or feel of cheap lipsticks so I use Chanel for that.

bonnie said...

OH, beauty product that I wouldn't be caught dead without is All-day lipstick by Estee Lauder. It stays on forever & one tube lasts forever.......pretty shades also! I have coral, red, pink & fig shades....LOL!


Anonymous said...

Great post....I too am a girly girl..don't even go to the mailbox w/o my make-up lol.

I can't use BM it breaks my face out...I use Sheer Cover which is a mineral product and can now be bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Sephora (we have one at our mall) now carries BM...they also have a website.

Hair products..I have just started highlighting my hair (I am a natural blonde) I use Garnier Fructis/color shield and for a conditioner I buy at the salon Pureology/purple bottle. I agree you have to mix up your shampoos after a I will go to Herbal Essence. Once a week I use VO5 Hot Oil Treatment, I have been for years.

I use a Chanel eye liner.

Lipstick I use L'Oreal #417 from WalMart, CVS I like it alot and it's inexpensive.

I can't wait to read what everyone else uses.

Thanks for this post Rhoda,
Kathy :)

Anonymous said...

PS just saw Bunny's post on perfumes....I LOVE Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. I also love Allure by Chanel.

Kathy :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

WOW! I can see I have a lot of girly-girl readers out there who love makeup & hair tips! This is fun...keep em coming. I am writing down some of the shampoo/conditioner tips & will definitely try some of them. We're all in the same boat, trying to slow down the signs of aging!

Bunny, I haven't shopped for new perfumes in a long time. I pick up most of my bottles at yardsales. I can't tell you how many good ones I've found over the years, from Beautiful (one of my faves, BTW!), to Eternity and all the other small sample bottles from Estee Lauder. I can pick up those small Estee samples for about 25 cents, so I am stocked up for some time on perfume.

My old standbys are Beautiful & I also like Cool Water for Women, and Sunflowers (light & fresh) by Eliz. Arden.

I'm so glad y'all are enjoying participating in this one. Maybe we can all get some good tips. It's great to find out what everyone else is using & can recommend before we go out & spend that money on something that might not work! I'll take tips everyday!


A Romantic Porch said...

What neat helpful hints you have given today. And I love the tackle box idea.

artist in NC said...

Hi Rhoda, I cannot live without my Mediterraean Olive Oil body butter. It comes in a large jar and feels oh so good. Available on line at Try it, it's wonderful and only about $20.00 for a large amount. Your skin will thank you!

Tara said...

I like the recommendation about the HASk--thanks! I was really into Bumble and Bumble for awhile which you can only get at a hair salon as they exclusively distribute. Then one day I am in Costco and try the Dove shampoo and conditioner--very within muy means--and it is great! Gives my hair super shine!

Carrie said...

You're right, the mineral makeup works much better now than foundation. I have been using Bare minerals for a few years now.

Jen r. said...

Rhoda, I have very dry, thin hair and I actually like Mane and tail!!Have your tried it? It was a for horses!...either that or garnier fructis..with a coupon! I laughed at your makeup case, because in the 80's I had that and a pampered chef style spinning organizer to hold all of my makeup! Now the spniner holds my paint brushes! I might try that make up;I always need something new to work with my skin.
Jen R

joan said...

Hi Rhoda,

I use Bare Minerals also and love it. I was never good with liquid foundation and this looks great on my skin. We have a BM store here in Cincy and you can buy it at Sephora. I use the Redken All Soft shampoo and conditioner and sometimes I use the John Frieda Sheer Blonde(honey to caramel). They are both good. Did you mention mascara in your post because that is what I am still looking for, a good mascara that makes my eyelashes look long. Love this post because I love talking about makeup.

Kim said...

Love your have really inspired me to tackle some house projects that I have put off far too long. Love Clinique makeup and have worn it for over 20 years. Although it is costly, I do go to an Aveda salon and use their hair products. LOVE THEM - well worth the money.

The Tomball Three said...

Sometimes to clean my hair better, i.e. get all the hair gunk grit out, I rinse it in plain ol' vinegar. Then before I get out of the shower, I step back and stick my head under a full COLD blast of water to close up the pours and let that vinegar work.

... and no, I don't smell like a pickle. It works like a charm. A friend of mine, who owns a salon, has been doing it for yaers.

The Tomball Three said...

I meant "pores"!


Sunny Kristi said...

For shampoo and conditioner I have, after years of searching, settled on Back to Basics. It is a Graham Webb product, but at not nearly the price! I did a quick search and I think you can find it cheap online. I purchase it at Ulta. Now my hair is not thick, nor coarse, but they have so many different formulas, you could try one for your hair type. The products smell terrific and I really don't have to switch shampoos that often after using this brand.

I use Biore Shine Free Moisturizer for oily skin. It is in a light green plastic bottle with a pump and I LOVE it. I need the moisture for dry months and aging skin, but also have the oilies and can't afford to use too much moisturizer without shining. With this, I don't shine.

I won't go into more of my products. But I did want to mention about filing recipes. You mentioned a while back you wanted to try the binder method using page protectors. Well I saw a great idea to go with that from an old BHG mag. You can buy clear pages with photo pouches that will fit into a 3-ring binder to store all of your recipe cards. I imagine you could fit two in one pocket so you can see the front of a card on each side. Now my recipes are all over and would love to get them all into my binder system which seems to work best.

PAT said...

Biolage Shampoo and Sebastian hairspray. I looked a long time for what works for my hair and these two products have worked best as far as my hair goes. I'm almost totally gray and gray hair can be problematic. So far so good with these products. I've tried several wax type products for separating or spiking. I have not found anything that compares to ICE. I haven't been able to find that product in awhile. I think it's discontinued. I bought a gallon of Biolage shampoo, at a discount. I have a litre size bottle with a pump and pour from the gallon size into the litre bottle, for the shower. I've had the gallon size quite awhile.

I use clinique and have for years...I might switch moisturizers now and then, but I've used clinique almost exclusively for over 25 years. I tried Bare Minerals, for awhile but returned to cliniqe. My daughters use Bare Minerals and are very happy with the product. I use the clinique foundation and blusher. This has proven best for my skin. Since foundation and blush are what I wear most of the time when I am going to be away from home for the day, for one reason or the other, the cost doesn't bother me. I rarely do up my eyes, other than a little liner and mascara. I use L'oreal mascara. Fortunately, I have fairly good skin...inherited that from my Mother's side. It doesn't take much to maintain. Keep it clean and moisturize. I don't wear makeup everyday. Most of the time clean and moisturize, that's it. At 64, I continue to take care of my skin.

My nail polish of choice is OPI. I've not found another with the "staying power". Love it and don't mind paying the little bit of extra. However, my friend recently found a brand at Walgreens that seems to have some of OPI's longevity. I need to asked her what brand the Walgreen's polish is.

I tend to buy all my hair care and cosmetics at Beauty Brands and places like that. All I need, fits nicely into a medium to small zippered cosmetic bag. Except for my obsession with the above mentioned OPI, which is a whole 'nuther story!


PAT said...

Back again...I just read tomball three's comment about her vinegar rinse. My mother used vinegar to rinse my hair when I was a child. My hair always had a nice shine. No soap residue!


Mary said...

Rhoda, I have tried many different brands of makeup (including the mineral makeup) but I found Merle Norman Luxiva tinted moisturizer in bare (I'm very fairskinned) is my all time favorite. I sometimes mix it with the merle norman luminizer for an added glow but I prefer the feel of the tinted moisturizer by itself. Very natural looking.
Hair products....I'm curious as to what everyone has to say. I get something called B from the hairdresser. I'm not thrilled for the price.

I love Arbonne's mineral salt rub for's has the most refreshing scent and makes my hands feel so soft. Well worth the cost.

I don't use perfume, makes me ill. And I use wet and wild liner too. Other than a Mary kay blush and lip gloss that's all I wear. I think I have a total of 6 items in my makeup bag! \

Rosemary said...

Hi Rhoda,
I love Bare Minerals too!!!
I like Clinique, but I only buy it if they are having a good gift.
I use Enjoy on my hair right now. You can get it in the Salons, but I do change it up sometimes, like your girl told you.
Thanks for your beauty tips.

Ruth with The Beautiful said...

Hi! Love your blog! From one Southern Lady to another, I gotta tell you, if you love Bare Essentuals, try L'Oreal Bare Naturale. It is AWESOME! I used the Bare Essentuals for a long while then the L'Oreal version came out and, as you said, 'I've never looked back.' And, it doesn't hurt that its almost 1/2 the price of the B.E. brand, AND Walgreens has it buy-one-get-one-free almost every other week! SO! Try it, you never may also become a devotee! I like it better for me because it doesn't the mica in it which can settle in fine lines, etc. and can give you sort of that 'eerie' shine...Anyway, loved your blog! :) - Ruth

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Lord, I learned the tackle box trick from my Aunt Margaret who was an Avon rep when I was little girl! Her black genu-ine imitation leather product bad had seen better days and she really didn't want to pay what they wanted to replace it and my Uncle bought her a bright red tackle box to use! Don't they say necessity is the mother of invention? And I've used Bare Minerals from the beginning...don't you love it? Can't wait to go find me a bottle of Illuminator...I've never seen it! Thanks for the tip girlfriend!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Interesting post!

I am conducting a decorating style survey - come participate!!

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Great post! I am now using Olay products. With all the great articles about Olay products recently , I decided to switch & the price is right.
I too have been a cosmetics snob & used only the high end products, but now I try anything.
For shampoo I use Suave and occasionally I'll buy a better brand. I'm still getting my haircut at Walmart & bought a great hairspray in their salon,Kenra volume spray & Design Line whipped wax. Both are great products especially the hairspray.

I just got my first mineral makeup from Maybelline & am still trying to decide if I like it or not.

Eyeliner is the one thing I can't be without. I like a kohl pencil & have several colors.

So many good ideas here, Hugs, DebraK

Minnesota Kathi :) said...

Rhoda, I have been enjoying your blog for some time now. My Mother-In-Law lives in Mount Olive, just a hop-skip-n-ajump away from you :).

Your home and ideas are wonderful, I must add I'm a tad jealous of you being able to yard sale or estate sale probably year round down south.

Thank you for your beautiful blog.

Kathi :)

Dianne said...

Rhoda, I am in the south,in N.C., on the coast. Where are you? So many refer to your home, I just wondered.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thisis so much fun! I love to hear all these ideas from y'all. Great to get recommendations from people who have used these products. I'm taking notes!

Dianne, I'm in Birmingham, AL. It's listed in my profile (upper left) and I do talk about it from time to time too. Thanks for coming by!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning,

Checking in to read up on what others wrote and I had a thought...what about "masks" what do you and the others use ?? I have a Revlon Egg Mask that is not made any longer (I contacted them) that I just adore. I don't know what I am going to use once it's gone :(

Again FUN post !!
Kathy :)

ps still have not tried the crockpot LOL

PamperingBeki said...

Rhoda, I love this post! I'm also a BE gal and I use Fairly Light. I started with a kit from QVC, but now I buy most of my stuff from ebay as well.

And YES to the Wet and Wild #666 liner! It's simply the best and you can't beat the price!!

We obviously have very similar coloring so it makes sense that we'd use similar products. The other thing I use that you didn't mention is MAC concealer. I swear by it and use it under my Bare Minerals.

For hair, I'm a simple kind of gal - just head and shoulders followed by Panteen. But I think I got lucky in the hair department so I don't have to fight it too much.

Anonymous said...

Rhonda, I think this is one of your best post ever! I so enjoyed it. I also have a tackle /tool box for my makeup. I have sold Mary Kay and Beuti control in my life. After Mary Kay died I hated how they changed it so I no longer buy it. I still have to have my Elizabeth Arden foundation. When I get dressed early i wont it there for the day. I do shop ebay for it some. I do use wet and wild and they are great. Im pretty picky about my cleanser I think it comes from being taught the step prgram for so long,but like you I did get some Olay this last time when I ran out of other. I thought if it has been around more years than us how can we go wrong.As for hair I am like you...I go to the saloon get a cut and love what they did so I buy the stuff. I just can't spend that all the time. I have so many clients that go to Salleys beauty supply that is what and where I go now.We can get products just as the sallons can at a fraction of the cost. They have a senior card also,not sure what age you have to be, but it gives a discount. Even without the discount their sales are great. I have to have a GREAT hair spray. again in my line of work when im dressed early I want that hair to stay in place.
They are great about helping you. My husband likes Tea tree shampoo that feels cool and awsome. They have a brand as good as Paul M. and much cheaper. Go by you may love it there.
Have a blessed week,Brenda

Simply Me Art said...

I Love this Post Rhoda, The Tackle box is a Fantastic Idea. I was in the M.U. business for 10 years before marriage and kis. Let me tell you most of the drugstore stuff is the same or better then the big guys like Lancome or Estee. Loreal actually owns Lancome. I started with Bare Minerals and loved it too. I have moved to the Loreal version. I have to show my daughter your Tackle box idea it is great. I swear I Dont leave this house without my Face on.. Great post...

Candy :) said...

Hi :)
Thanks for coming by the other day..
I love this post! :)
For shampoo...Ive been using the same type forever... Pantene shampoo and conditioner in one.
I love it because it keeps my hair so silky soft and shiny. Im always getting compliments on my hair and Im sure its because of the shampoo.
Mind you, it works for me and may not work for everyone. I have straight fine hair.
For makeup... I dont use a whole lot. My favorite thing ever are the Oil of Olay facial cleansing cloths wet them and they bubble up and I use them to wash my face morning and at night too. Then in the morning, after my face is washed, I put on cetephil moisturizer (I have dryer skin). Then I use Clinique press powder (their palest and lightest one..doesnt dry out my skin) then I use a Almay eyeliner, L'oreal mascara and I buy all different brands of lipstick.
At night after I wash my face I also use Clinique toner.
Thats all I wear. Ive never tried eyeshadow or blush before. But I can not live without: mascara, eyeliner, eyelash curler and lipstick LOL
Fun post!!!

Candy :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Kathy, you asked about masks. I don't use them all that often. I have a couple under my bathroom cabinet that I've had for awhile & occasionally I'll get them out & use them. I know I have one from my Arbonne purchase. I'm sure masks are probably good, but I really don't know what all they are supposed to do.

Maybe someone else will have a mask suggestion.


Sandy said...

Lots of girls commenting on this! LOL! I used to use a tackle box - probably 25 yrs. ago. Funny, uh? Now I have very little makeup. I only keep my few favorite things in a very small bag. And I love EL's free giveaways too. Most of my lipstick is EL :)Oh, and since I color my hair, REDKEN products for shampoo/conditioner is the best! :) Sandy

Jen said...

I sell Mary Kay so that is what I wear for make up and product....for my hair I wear Aussie shampoo and conditioner I use a wax after it is dry and plain ole Rave hairspray......

Terri and Bob said...

I love my BM makeup! I always seem to run out when I am cash poor, though! I love my Walmart brand conditioner that is the same as Pantene Pro V. It makes my coarse hair feel great. I also use Walmart's anti frizz spray before I dry my hair. It works great too!

LivingTheLife said...

Interesting reading all the comments...

Well...I am lucky with the hair...I have thick full-bodied hair...but since I've started coloring/hi-lighting it, I have tried a few different shampoos to see which ones would help the color stay put longer...I really thought it didn't matter...b/c all my life I've used whatever was on sale...I was lucky. Now...I have decided with color treated hair it is best for me to buy products specifically for that...I have been using Kerastase in the hot pink bottles for shampoo and conditioner for over 2 years now...and I LOVE IT!! My hair feels so healthy and it looks like it did when I was younger...shiny, bouncy and healthy. I know it is expensive...but it last forever...You only have to use about a dime size worth of shampoo X 2 and then less than that for the conditioner. I use about 2 bottles a year on the conditioner and maybe 3 to 4 bottles on the shampoo...I am very stingy with it...and I warn hubbin "not to touch"...mainly b/c he has no he uses Suave. Plus I've been using the same salon for a few years now...and they always give me a 20% off card for future I figure I save that as I only takes a very little bit...something that I am not as mindful of when I purchase the less expensive stuff.

As for taking care of my skin...well, I am a FIRM believer in good skin care...that means I never go to bed w/makeup on AND I ALWAYS wear sun-screen...and have for over 30 + years...and I do think that does make a difference...a clean pallette so to speak to make-up however you want. I usually just use a gentle face wash product, eye cream and moisturizer. I have used Oil of Olay for many years and I have also used Origins (which I believe is owned by Estee Lauder)...both brands of products have worked well for me.

As for makeup products...I like the products from Origins...I love their underwear for is an eyelid makeup cream in a lipstick type tube...I wear Beige Gaze...I use that on my eyelids and a darker version on the creases (it is so simple and fast)...add a touch of Cover Girls PerfectPointePlus eye liner and black mascara...a bit of tinted moisturizer from Origins and blush...I have been buying the "Wet n Wild" cream blush from Wal's cheap and easy...something I kind of older I get the less I want to wear on my face! Lazy maybe...but I am loving the freedom it gives me...I just don't ever go anywhere w/o my sunscreen...and LIPSTICK...yes I am a lipstick o-holic...I have lots...and I use them all!

This was fun...


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

This is just too funny. I was reading your post thinking. . . it must be the time of year to mix things up a bit. . . because I've been trying different make-up technique for the past week or so myself!!



violetlady said...

I will have to look into the Bare Minerals line. The older I get, the more minimal my makeup. I have recently used Burt's Bees tinted moisturizer and liked it very much. I tried a mineral type light foundation from Maybelline, but don't like it. The one item I have always worn and always will is lipstick. I also use Pureology, but it is pricey.

Holly (Nickname) said...

Hi Ronda~
I agree with Lynn. I, too. use the Pureology in the purple bottle along with the conditioner. It is a bit more, but it IS worth it. It conditions and leaves a nice shine to the hair.
I basically use the same color eyeshadows as you, and try to keep things pretty natural and simple. For lips I love Cover Girls outlast lip tints. You apply it on, let it dry and apply a clear gloss over it, and it really does last all day. Just keep applying the clearcoat. Yesterday I tried Maybelline's version, and it is equally as good. I am all for less maintenance, and try to find products that can fill that demand for me. I also love Cover Girls Lash Blast mascara, both waterproof and regular. They stay on nice . We should all take close up pictures of our eyes to share....You first!!! XXXOOOO Rutht

Betty said...

Yes, I think most all females are interested in makeup and hair....

I am 66 years old and my hair turned white years ago...I colored for years and then decided to let it go...I put a Bashful Blonde rinse on weekly and I'm very happy with it. My hair is rather thick but to add additional thickness I use Thick N Hair which can be purchased at Sally's or my beauty shop sells it. I also use, after I dry my hair, Kenra, a mousse, which adds volume at the roots.....since I don't wash my hair daily, I can sparingly use more as I need it....Lamaur Sprayage hair spray is my choice....

I have a dear, sweet friend who is in cosmetics and fragrance and she keeps me supplied in great samples of makeup and my favorite 'Jessica McClintock' cologne.....

I like Rimmel nail polish and lip liners.....

Well, it's been fun discussing make up and hair.....Betty

Betty said...

It's me again....I have a set of Arbonne.....I don't use it every day....Betty

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I'm glad to see Betty (Country Charm) comment since I was thinking I wouldn't comment because I'm 67 and it seems you have a much younger following! For the last few years I have let my hair go natural, which is gray! I'm looking for a good hair spray, and will try some of these suggestions. For years I used Clairol Final Net and it isn't available anymore.

I have recently started a new skin care program. I sold Mary Kay for 11 years, back in the 70s and 80s. I have just learned about L'Bri, new aloe based all natural products. It is working really well for my skin! I've worn Lancome foundation for years, and will soon try the L'Bri for comparison. L'Bri company is in Wisconsin, so I order it online. My daughter is in her 40s and has sensitive skin, these aloe based products are very good for her skin too. She is the one who introduced me to it, and she is going to start selling it.

My favorite colonge used to be Obsession, I used it for many years. Lately I don't tolerate fragrance so well, but I do use Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan. It is very light and pleasant.

This has been a fun post! Thank you!


Mom on the Run said...

It's interesting to see all the different things, I get in a rut and stay there. I'm using the Boots skincare from Target right now. I have very curly hair and have it colored, so for shampoo I use John Frieda Sheer Blonde (I tried a couple different things lately and decided I like the JF best). All of the anti-frizz stuff in that line, blow dry spray, etc. works well. They discontinued the smoother, so I bought Pureology smoother at Target and it works great to hold down the frizzies.

My daughter uses BE, but I bought the Physician's Formula mineral makeup at Eckerd and I really like it. I had always used Prescriptives because I like the foundation brush. I also use their concealer and mascara. I love those eyeshadow colors from Ulta. We have the same coloring, so I must check it out.

I still wear the same perfume that I've worn since college. Estee Lauder Private Collection and Ralph Lauren Safari (hard to find because they don't make it anymore, so when I see it, I buy it)

Wild Irish said...

Have you ever tried Arbonne products? All the products are synergistic and made to work together from the skincare through the color cosmetics including mineral foundation.

Becky K. said...

I'm into Suave shampoo and now use the 2 in one. I really like it.

I have oily hair and skin so I have never liked to use a separate conditioner. I find it too heavy for my hair. But this combination from Suave works perfectly.

I'll have to try the mineral makeup. My daughter has been complaining to me about what I am using now.

Becky K.

Anonymous said...

Love this blog! This is a fun topic--it's always helpful to hear about other gals' tried and true favorites. I have tried everything from dept. store make-up to wet and wild and found a few things I always buy again. With the cold winter in western PA comes dry skin---I love the Neutrogena body oil to use after a shower. I use an eyeshadow by Maybelline called 'silken taupe' that is a great brownish-gray shade. I like to change things up but always go back to that basic shade! I love the wet and wild lip pencils and cherry chapstick. I am currently using an at home micro dermabrasion kit by Loreal Revitalift that really makes your skin baby soft. Hoping to fight some of the aging and brown spots with that!
Love reading all of the comments and suggestions~~thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda

I like Sunsilk, Winter Collection shampoo. This works great on my thick, coarse, graying hair. You can get it at Target and it's cheap.

Happy shampooing.

Judy (in McDonough)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda

I like Sunsilk, Winter Collection shampoo. This works great on my thick, coarse, graying hair. You can get it at Target and it's cheap.

Happy shampooing.

Judy (in McDonough)

Sue said...

I'm a makeup junkie. While at the wedding in Florida this week my sweet daughter in law, who was in the wedding, forgot all her make up but knew where to come for backups. I easily made here a full set of makeup out of my spares that I had brought. Thankfully we have the same coloring so all was well.
Fun post, one of these days when things get back to normal I'll do a makeup post too.