Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Corner Cafe

My sister and I both love to decorate. I'm definitely a lot more obsessed with it than she is, but given the chance, she will jump in and get busy too. She lives in Georgia and was recently asked to put together a space in their church for coffee gatherings. Somewhere for people to gather, grab a cup of java, and fellowship with each other. So, she got a plan together and decided to do a Tuscan coffee hangout, called the Corner Cafe. She sent me pics, so I thought y'all might be interested in them too. I think she did a great job. She found this mural at Sherwin Williams, and it goes up like wallpaper. Talk about making a statement.
That's my sister, Renee, on the right and a friend from her church on the left. She said I could share these pics, so I'm sharing them all. She picked out the tile, paint, and all the furniture and accessories. Had someone in the church volunteer to put the tile down, then she went shopping for all of the final touches.

Bench, artwork, and plants.
Center table for standing and talking. She told me she got a great deal on all the pottery pieces from a local place.
She found this black hutch at a local antiques market and I think it's the perfect piece for this space. It has a lot of storage and is pretty too.
Coffee table.
I'm sure everyone at her church will enjoy this cute Corner Cafe!

I'm so excited, my parents are coming to visit next week. I have a little lattice project outside on the deck for my dad to do for me. He enjoys working with his hands. Can't wait to have them here!

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Anonymous said...

Its beautiful! What a good job she did.Gifted decorating must run in the family.

Michelle said...

Your sister did a fabulous job! (Please tell her that, ok?!) I can see that you two share similiar tastes in decorating :)You're both very talented!

Hope you enjoy a wonderful time with your family!

Have a great weekend, Rhoda!

PAT said...

This is a wonderful idea and your sister did a fabulous job. J and I served, several years, on the hospitality committee, at church. One of our duties was hosting Coffee Sunday's. Ours was set up in the school cafeteria, so no decorating, other than flowers for the serving table. I would have loved to do something like this, though!


Painted Pink Pot said...

I just realized you have a webite with OMG...........what a beautiful portfolio. You do very very nice work.

Lynne said...

The Corner Cafe looks terrific! Your sister is very talented - as you are too.

minnesota kathi said...

Rhoda, what a beautiful job your sister did. Who wouldn't want to go to church when you can sit and have coffee in that beautiful setting :).

Judy said...

How neat that you and your sister both share a love of decorating. Wish I could say the same for both of my sisters (one has not one decorating bone in her body and the other always gets me to do her decorating).
My daughter is developing an interest but she's still not where I am (I'm a little obsessed with decorating!).
I know you can't wait for your folks to come visit....have a wonderful time with them.


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That looks great! She did a wonderful job. I really love that black hutch!

Beverly said...

Corner Cafe is absolutely charming. Your sister did a wonderful job. I know the church members will love it.

I just recently found your blog, and it is wonderful.

Mary said...

I'm sure the church members will be thrilled with their Tuscany Corner Cafe! It's wonderful and how nice you and your sister share such talent.
The tile and mural are perfect and she did a wonderful job accessorizing. It's a gift of love!

Nan said...

She did a fabulous job. I'm sure they are loving it.

JanetS said...

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From what I can tell from her poem on the site she must have had breast cancer. I assume this is why she dropped out of sight. But being the remarkable woman that she is, she took her life in another admirable direction.
Rhoda, your site is so professional. I will enjoy watching it grow.