Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wedding Florals

What's a wedding without beautiful flowers? My friend, Angie, has been a floral designer for many years and now mainly doing weddings. She works out of her house and does several weddings a year. She asked me if I'd be interested in helping her out with some of her weddings, so it looks like I may have found a little part-time job helping Angie with her flowers and setting up for weddings. Saturday was my first time helping and it was quite fun. We started on Thursday at her house, where I helped her prepare the stems, cutting off the leaves, and wiring them for the bouquets and arrangements. I even spray painted some hydrangeas with floral spray that changes the color slightly (to a limey green). Then, on Saturday, we headed out to the church to get everything arranged. The wedding was downtown Birmingham at Little Five Points at the Highlands United Methodist Church. It's a beautiful and stately church and perfect for a wedding.

Elegant architecture.
And sits right behind the fountain at Five Points, a very popular spot in Birmingham.
One of the 5 streets that converge at Five Points, hence the name.
Inside the church, beautiful stained glass and classical architecture. It has a stunning round ceiling.
Front of the church.
One of the lobbies....now on to the flowers!
Angie worked her magic on the maid of honor's bouquet. The bride chose green and pink as her colors and the flowers were just breathtaking. I'm including Angie's business info in case anyone in the Birmingham area needs a floral designer. Angie's business is called Designer's Choice, so check out her website for more! She's a sweet lady!
The bride's bouquet. Aren't they pretty? She added stargazers to the bride's.
Roses and stargazer lillies, what a combo.
The bridesmaids' bouquets.
These 2 urns were on a table at the back of the platform.
Creamy ribbons and fresh greens adorned the front pews for family.
And two urns flanked the front steps where the ceremony will be.
Beautiful job! It was fun watching her work.
I know everyone was very happy with these 2 arrangements. Who wouldn't be?
Then it was on to the hotel where the reception was held. The groom's cake was wondrous. I'm sure there is something significant about the cards, but I have no idea what. Have you ever seen a cake like this?
Creamy, dreamy perfection for the wedding cake. I met the cake designer and her name is Jan Moon with Dreamcakes (dreamcakes9@aol.com), so I'm putting in a plug for anyone in the Birmingham area who might need a wedding cake. Jan does awesome work!
It was truly a heavenly cake!
I forgot to rotate this pic, but you get the idea. This was the top of the cake.
We set out large glass dishes for candles and fresh roseheads for the table centerpieces, along with a springy green ribbon. Beautiful reception!

I hope to work with Angie much more if my schedule is free. Nice to do something creative and make some extra money too. And one of the perks is I get to bring home leftover flowers. I brought home some pretty pink roses for my breakfast table. It was fun! Hope you enjoyed the wedding!

Some other exciting news is that I have met another designer through a friend of mine who has been doing redesigns for several years. She is going to hire me as an assistant for some of her jobs too, so I'm excited to be able to learn some new things from her. Not sure yet how much she'll need me, but I'm open for it and we'll play it by ear. I'll still be pursuing clients of my own also, but things are picking up for me. It's all about networking!

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Jen said...

Wow..what a wedding. I loved the flowers..the arrangements were so beautiful. And the grooms cake is awesome...so cool. When Scott and I got married..he had a runway with an Air Force Plane on it....he of course was in the Air Force. But that cake is so cool..and the wedding cake..beautiful too.

PamperingBeki said...

That's all so beautiful! I'm all about making money from your creative talents, so good for you!! :)

Reynie said...

Wow! Those flowers are beautiful! I love the pink roses. They are so romantic! And great news on the assistant position! That will give you great opportunities!

the feathered nest said...

VERY pretty floral and that cake is just gorgeous!

Good news about working with that redesigner! That's exciting. I do believe it is all about networking!


Cottage Dreaming said...

Breath taking flower arrangements I must say. The church is beautiful. So glad to see some doors opening for you. Nothing is more satisfying than pursuing your passion. Have a great time in Florida. Heather

Mrs. B said...

What a pretty church and beautiful flowers! I bet that was fun. Those cakes look amazing. I've never actually seen a groom's cake at a wedding. It makes me think of that armadillo cake from Steel Magnolias (great movie). This one, of course, is much nicer!

Best of luck with your business venture!

Maureen said...

Ah, wedding flowers- there's just nothing like a wedding, and the flowers just make the day! The flowers ar just gorgeous. Glad you experienced a bit of wedding work & can now add that to your resume!

Beverly said...

Gorgeous makings for a wedding - breathtaking church, exquisite flowers and beautiful cake.

Thanks for sharing.

justabeachkat said...

Great photos. Everything looked so beautiful!

How exciting to do something so fun part time. You go girl! I know you'll enjoy this and will be great at it.


Anonymous said...

amazing flower arrangements! and the venue itself is gorgeous!

Puyallup florist

Nancy Hood said...

Beautiful!! thank you for the great snapshots!! and yes, that part of B'ham is delightful~

Carrie said...

The church is a beautiful setting for the wedding. The cakes and the flowers were especially nice.

Anonymous said...

I can tell she does this part time......she lacks a focal point. Not a professional job by any means.

She needs to take a design class. I think if she did she might be good. I don't mean to be mean just call it as I see it.

Pretty church though

Susie Q said...

How beautiful...oh so lovely. The flowers are just heavenly and the church is gorgeous. Just a perfect wedding! I know you had such fun.
I also enjoyed seeing your dear folks and the new deck work, the oh so sweet sponge cake and the new look in your room! SO pretty!


Rue said...

Hi Rhoda :)

I just got back from a trip so I'm back reading what I missed...

Those flowers are amazing. How fun to be able to have a part time job doing that! I think flowers are the most important part of the wedding decor because you can make any room beautiful with them. Not that the church needed that help. Absolutely gorgeous!!

rue :)