Monday, July 7, 2008

One Project Closer

Who doesn't enjoy a great Before and After Project? I know I sure love looking at pics and seeing how something can be transformed with a little hard work and ingenuity and especially if it's something I can do myself. I'm very excited to share that my patio project is being featured at a new to me blog called One Project Closer, a clever name that suggests that we are all one project closer to making our homes the haven they are meant to be, as we complete things on the to-do list. They are making donations of $25 for each submission of a project in support of Habitat for Humanity and are featuring a new blog project each week in their Before and After segment. Go and check out the details here, if you're interested in submitting a project of your own. If you are featured, then your project is eligible for a $50 giftcard from the home improvement store of your choice. Who couldn't use that?

I found out about this project from another blog, popped over to read about it, and then sent in my submission, since I had just finished this patio project recently. I was happy to hear from them right away and my project is being featured this week. Go on over and take a look at this blog. It's written by two families who love doing home improvement projects and sharing with others. I can't wait to check it out further and see who else they are featuring. I'm sure there are more great ideas out there. Think about sending in a project of your own!

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Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Well, I think I will. Thank you very much!

fred said...

Rhoda-thanks so much for participating in B&A at our site. We've had such a tremendous response from the community; we're quite overwhelmed with it all. I hope your readers will consider submitting an article to the event as well. It looks like Sandi's already considering it (great!).

Also, if any of your readers would consider making a financial contribution to Habitat or a commitment to volunteer with their local chapter, please let us know. We'd love to honor you in an upcoming post.

Your patio space is fantastic! And, you've got yourself another subscriber - your entire blog is wonderful.

JeanMac said...

Congratulations - the patio is great. I loved seeing before/after.