Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Aqua on the Patio

After looking around at several stores for aqua spraypaint, I finally settled on these 2. The one on the left is Catalina Mist and I got the last 2 cans at Hobby Lobby. I needed at least one more for touchups, so instead of waiting til they got more in, I picked up Blue Ocean Breeze from Walmart. They are both good colors and it ended up sort of layered with Blue Ocean Breeze on top for a little more depth. I prefer using Satin finishes, but the Breeze color is a gloss. It still turned out fine. So, the chippy black iron pieces got a little update with aqua....

And I really love it! It just adds some kick under the dimly lit patio and makes them stand out a little more. I had so many neutrals going that this color makes a pop (I know, overused word!). Bakers rack....I didn't paint them really well, but they both got a pretty good coat. It's really hard to paint metal when the wind is blowing, did you know that? You lose half the paint that way.
So, with my floral fabric with the aqua, I'm really going to enjoy this extra bit of color out here.
Mr. rusty iron butterfly approves of the choice too. Of course, I'll add some garden things to the shelves eventually. It will also be great when we are entertaining outside, somewhere to store food and utensils.
Another little addition to my swing is my stenciled saying, "a place to rest at day's end". I saw this in a Susie Coelho garden book that I checked out from the library and decided I would add that to my swing too.
And I love it! The baker's rack was being painted in this pic, but it sits right behind the swing against the brick.
I'm really enjoying these punches of aqua lately. We had a little party with our church group on Sunday evening and it was so nice having the extra space to hold drinks, plates, and extras on the bakers rack. Such an enjoyable evening, it cooled down after the sun got lower and I lit some candles.

Some of you guessed that the new bookcase will go in the black and white guestroom and're right! After walking around the house & looking at every square inch in this house, that's the only place I can move some things around and fit it in. It's just as well...I wanted to paint it black and the beadboard aqua, so that will be perfect in there. It's already primed and I'm probably painting it as you are reading this.
Of course, you'll be the first to see it finished!

Let me also just take the time to tell you ALL how much I appreciate y'all coming by to visit me all the time. My blog traffic keeps growing bigger and bigger and there are SO many new names and faces that I'm getting to know. I try to visit all of you who come by here and leave a message, but in case I have missed someone, please understand it's not for lack of trying. If I stayed on this computer all the time, I'd never get any projects done...and then it would be pretty boring for all of you faithful friends of mine. So, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for the support!

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the pleasures of homemaking said...

LOL! Yes, I've spray painted in the wind and was silly enough to stand in a place where the paint was sprayed back on me!

Love the aqua touches (it's one of my favorite colors) and the little saying on the bench is so cute!


Brown-Eyes said...

Hi Ms. Rhoda...When I see the number of the faithful friends to your blog, I completely understand how you can't comment to all of us...whew! Then you wouldn't have time to educate us...LOL... Thanks
for letting us know you still LOVE us even if we don't hear from you!
BTW, I've got a bowl of your Asian slaw in the fridge right now and the ingredients for Chicken Divan... ;-) Bo

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

The aqua lokks great in your backyard! I bet you'll have it all decked out by spring!

nikkicrumpet said...

Good morning Rhoda...I love the aqua! Such a fun change from the basic black. And you're right...the pop of color really adds to the deck area. I also love the saying on your swing. Nice work!

Nancy said...

Been enjoying your blog for weeks
now. I live in B'ham too. Which
thrift store do you think is the
best in our area?

Melissa Wertz said...

Photographers use the term "pop" all the time. "Pop" is OK. :D I really like the aqua and it really lightens up the underneath patio.

paintergal said...

The last thing I spraypainted I leaned against a tree. Now it looks like the tree has a disease!
Aqua is my favorite color lately too. So I love your paint choice.

Darlene said...

I love your pieces painted Aqua...they really look GREAT! I also think that saying on your swing is fabulous!

Becky said...

WOW! I love the aqua. And you're so right about the wind. Between the wind and the end of my index finger on my right hand I'm suprised any paint actually gets on whatever I'm painting! LOL

Julie said...

Everything is just beautiful!
Love the color combinations -- brown seems to be such a neutral and aqua is such a happy color!

My favorite thing has got to be that butterfly -- it's just incredible!

Many Blessings,

The Quintessential Magpie (Sheila) said...

Good going, Rhoda... spraying in the wind and everything, it still looks great.

Glad you are enjoying your patio space. If anyone deserves it, it's you.

As always, it's fun to read what you're doing.


Suzann said...

Love the aqua. I'm trying to figure out how to bring Tiffany Blue (okay, it's an aqua-like color) into my bathroom because I find it so lovely. Love the pops of the aqua outside - it is really lovely.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Rhoda,
I knew you would end up painting the baker's rack aqua! What a great idea to layer the colors.

The projects turned out great! I really like the combo of aqua and brown. I've though about painting my wicker brown next year and going with light aqua color accents. We'll have to see!

Keep the projects coming...I don't know how you keep up with all the visitors you have anyway! LOL

Chelsey said...

I love the quote on the swing. What an awesome idea.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Rhoda,

Seems to me Mr. Rusty Butterfly has got himself a great spot to take in all of your new accents on the patio.

That bookcase will look amazing painted black !!

So glad to hear I am not the only one that has spray painted in the wind lol Thanks for that :)

Have a great week,
Kathy :)

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Looks great, as always! I never would have even thought to use aqua outside, unless it was around a pool. Amazing how it looks with woods and brown.

Valarie said...

I love the use of the aqua, I bought some of that same color the other day. Not sure where I am going to use it, but I am sure something will come up. I also love idea of putting aqua on the beadboard! :)

Courtney said... Great choice, Rhoda! it looks just lovely.

Kristi said...

I really like the shade of blue... And, you are right, you CAN'T paint outside when it is windy!

Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

Very pretty Rho - nice touches to your patio furniture.

Love your new background, too!

Anonymous said...

Love your stenciled swing. I have seen several things lately that have phrases stenciled on them and think it is a charming addition!

The aqua is just too pretty. It is such a great color year round as it sticks out from the traditional colors of each season.

I look forward to seeing your finished bookcase.

Have a great day,

Lorie said...

Those turned out really great! I love aqua!

Rhondi said...

Hi Rhoda
I love the aqua. I think I bought the same color to paint a chair for our guest room. I love the saying on the bench too.
Hugs, Rhondi

Lisa said...


Love it! Can't wait to see that bookcase and bedroom finished. I know it will be just as lovely as the rest of your home. Beautiful choices.

Beverly said...

Okay, I can hardly wait to see the bookcase. And, I love your aqua "pops".

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Rhoda...ooooo I love that bakers rack...awesome! Ya, I've spraypainted in the wind before...yikes, I had it all over!!!


Anonymous said...

Rhoda, thank you so much for your warm welcome and kind comments {and for adopting me as a Southern girl}!!

I love your blog and plan on being a faithful follower for a long time, so don't ever stop!


Sue said...

I love the aqua color for your outside additions. Aqua and brown are great together! I think you will really enjoy the extra space for your entertaining.

Mrs. Trixi said...

Rhoda, I love the punches of aqua. It's just so pretty.

Peggy said...

HI Rhoda, You probably already know this but there is a device to hook to the spray cans so your finger doesn't get so tired out. It makes it soooo much easier for all those painters out there that redo a lot. Love the aqua! Peggy from PA

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Those are beautiful!

I know why your blog traffic keeps going up, good stuff to see and read. :)

CraftyT said...

what a great bookcase and at an awsome price.... I have not been hitting the sales like I should. Once I start my new job I should get in gear :)

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I love the aqua and brown. So...Breakfast at Tiffany's! Very nice work.

That's such a sweet little note to your readers at the end of your post. I know what you mean...between my blog, and more so all of the other amazing blogs (like yours!) that I's amazing that I get anything done! I must have had a lot of free time before I jumped on the blog bandwagon. :-)

Ms. Tee said...

Hi Rhoda!
I love all of the aqua - it turned out beautifully! I love how cheerful it looks. Have a great week! :)

Joy Zaczyk said...

Hi Rhoda,

I have a thing for aqua! Great job!


Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

How pretty! Love the phrase on the swing! ~Rhonda :)

Joy said...

Looks like you found the perfect combination of aquas! I like the personal touch of the writing on the swing, too.

Annie100 said...

oh my - you painted your tea cart just like mine - it's still posted on RMS - great minds think alike - it really is a cute color, isn't it!! Annie100

Daisy Cottage said...


You've done good Rhoda!!!

Chris said...

I love the aqua, Rhoda! What a cute splash of color! Also, I'm in LOVE with that bookcase you bought--$50.00??? NICE!

sandra/tx said...

There's nothing better than a little shot of aqua in a space, is there? I'm still trying to figure out if there's a place for me to inject the color.

Diane said...

Hi Rhoda, I love the way your project turned out. After seeing your pieces, I think I'll tackle a small black shelf piece that just blends in with the wall now. Thanks for inspiration! :0} Diane

Glenda said...

Well you can consider yourself one of the popular girls.

The Aqua looks great.


Bella Casa said...

You know I'm an Aqua gal, so I am loving all of it, Rhoda!!!

I am having a hard time keeping up with blogs and comments lately, too. I feel really bad about that, but there are only so many hours in a day and only so much blogger butt I can handle, lololol ;)

If you ever have anything you think I would love (aqua), please let me know, just in case I miss it! Thanks :)

A fan for life,

Debbie said...

I love the aqua in your garden. My dog knows when I start shaking a spray paint can, its time to go outside and he stands by the door waiting! I would love to know where everyone else spray paints.

Yes, I am a new name, a lurker for over a year. I finally have my own blog. Come visit when you get a chance.

Debbie in Florida

Donna said...

I love the aqua! You have inspired me to go out and buy some aqua paint!


Goldielocks said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the aqua! We recently just moved to GA and are still looking for a house- i CANT wait for the patio- hopefully front porch to decorate with!!! those are little rooms too - i love to see all your finds.

Layla said...

You ARE going to paint the beadboard a contrasting color!!
Can't WAIT to see it!

The Lettered Cottage

Nancy said...

Rhoda, I have to tell ya, The other day I was at a local garden nursery and they had several pieces of urns and other garden ornaments painted aqua...and of course I thought of you, Girl, You would not believe the price on the aqua they were big, but they had a BIGGER price. All of the garden items in the aqua was $$$$. I can't imagine someone paying that kind of $$$....when you can do it yourself for a lot less! You've done a great job! Everything is looking great! Nancy

Adrienne said...

Hi Rhoda -
You aqua pieces are perfect! Just perfect for your patio area. I love the baker's rack and the tea cart in that color. Thanks for sharing them with us.

coco said...

I will be keeping my eyes opened for some aqua spray paint...can't wait to see the finished bookcase!

bj said...

Oh, yes...out here in West Texas where the wind blows MOST of the paint ends up 6 blocks away sometimes!! lol
Everything looks just fabulous on your patio. Here, we are getting ready to cover the patio furniture and get it settled down for winter...won't be long now....

Reynie said...

Lovin' the stencil work! Great job Ms. Rhoda!

the undomesticated wife said...

The aqua looks great...and I really like the sweet quote on your swing.

Goldielocks said...

Ooooohhh.. dont worry i will come back. i go to your site daily to find other fun blogs. this whole blog world is somethin' else, i just love it!

willzmom said...

I haven't commented in awhile but read your blog every chance I get. Love all the aqua stuff, it looks great. I especially love the stencil added to the porch swing. I think stenciled furniture or up the base of a set of stairs looks so nice. Have a great day.

Natalie said...

Love it. I love how it pics up on the aqua in the cushions...against the chocolatey brown...great combo. I need to find that Catalina Mist shade. It is fantastic. I'm bringing that color into my bedroom slowly but surely. Check out the vase I found today when you get a chance :).

Fifi Flowers said...

It is TRULY amazing what a little can of spray paint can do... you could redecorate a whole home with a few cans!
Nice cheerful colour!

sarah @ a beach cottage said...

hey Rhoda

love the aqua and love the blog

I guess I'm one of your new friends and I don't know about anyone else who is knew but I feel like you *personally* welcomed me to this little community in blogland, so thanks very much...there aren't many people who have the time to do that


Kari said...

I agree the aqua is just what you needed! It looks really great. I have also used the ocean breeze spray paint from walmart and it's a nice bright aqua color, perfect for accents in my 4 year old's pink room. great job!


kari and kijsa said...

That is the prettiest baker' rack! Love the color!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

smiles, kari & kijsa

PamperingBeki said...

Rhoda, I LOOOOVE LOVE the aqua!

Great job, as always. :)

Happy Fall in Alabama!