Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can you have too many shoes?


(In Style Home, Spring 2006, I believe this is Mariah Carey's closet)

Oh, according to my hubby, yes you can. But, at least I don’t have this many! IMG_3734

Me and shoes go WAY back. My closet has always held its share of shoes, especially when I was younger. Now, I try to keep only the shoes that I know I will wear regularly and it’s still hard to pare them down. I have one of those shoe cubbies that holds 25 and it’s overflowing, so I really need to get in there and decide which ones to keep. I mean, how many pairs of black shoes do you need? Apparently, a lot. Casual, dressy, heels, flats, and everything in between.

So, I just added 3 more to the collection. A cute as a button pair of Cole Haan black and white flats. I wore flats years ago when they were really popular and now they are back again and looking really stylish, so I really needed a good pair (or 2) and with my love of all things black and white, these will be so versatile for the wardrobe. A TJ Maxx special, they were even on clearance for $25. You sure can’t beat that. IMG_3736

Never one to like old lady shoes or those “comfort” shoes that so many older women wear, if a shoe looks strange on my foot, I am not gonna wear it. Pure and simple, I don’t care how comfortable it is, if it is clodhopper UGLY, there is no way in the world that I’m going to like myself in them. Are you like that too? Shoes can make or break an outfit. When I was in my 20’s, I couldn’t imagine ever wearing ugly shoes just for the sake of comfort, but now that I’m older, comfort has become more important with the bunions I’m now sporting (never thought that would happen either!). Even now, comfort does not totally override style and fashion. I still have to feel and look cute in them! Take for instance, the ever-popular Crocs. I think those are the ugliest shoes known to mankind. Now don't take offense if you love them, that's just my opinion.

This pair (above) I picked up at Rack Room and they are really comfortable. I’d never heard of the brand (Bjorndal), but they feel great on and they are just right for a casual look without looking old-lady. Perfect with jeans and I think they may become my favorite casual shoes. With socks in the winter, without in summer.


I couldn't resist this pair of flat Aerosoles either, on clearance at TJ Maxx for $15. Whatta deal!

I’m not even going to count how many shoes I have, but it’s probably around 40 or so, counting the boots. I’m sure many of you have way more than that. Some of them have to go, my closet just isn’t big enough to keep hoarding them like I do, especially since I don’t wear them all.

So, do you love shoes too? Come on, fess up! Do you have a favorite brand of shoes (for comfort) and do you only wear shoes that you FEEL good in? How important are comfort AND looks? I’ve had great luck with Aerosoles for both style AND comfort and find them quite often at TJ Maxx.

So, go ahead and tell us how many pairs YOU have, while we're talkin'! And excuse me, while I clean out my shoes to make room for 3 more.

Edited to add: Julia at Hooked on Houses is having her linky party today & since I seemed to be hooked on shoes, I'm adding this post. Go on over and take a look at all the other things people are hooked on!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun post! You found some great shoes. The b/w Cole Haan's are just fabulous!

I adore shoes, especially a cute pair of heels! I wear them with everything from jeans to skirts. But I have to say my favorite pair of shoes is my UGGSwhich I found on clearance about four years ago. They're not the boots which are so popular, but a pair of clogs. They are so warm and soft, a perfect shoe for the cold winter.
I'm not really sure how many pair of shoes I own, it's actually quite reasonable (maybe 10 or 12 pair). With a 11 year old that has gone from a size three to a six six in less than a year, I'm growing broke trying to keep HER in shoes!

Have a lovely Thursday!

Kristen said...

I love shoes too!

Looks like you got some great deals!

ksarra said...

I soooo enjoyed this post! I love SEEING cute shoes on other people, and jewelry too. I have three pairs, and TWO of them are exactly the same. I'm all about comfort!!!! But I can't resist a cute picture frame! So I guess we all LIKE what we LIKE, and that's good, right??? Have a great day.

new mom in law said...

I WANT those Aerosoles you got at TJ Max!!!

MeganSloan said...

I love shoes but most of mine have been bought on sale and through the past 5-10 years. There are some I don't wear but it's hard to part with them. I have between 40 and 50. If I could find a good home for some, I would, but so far I just keep them. I like the shoe storage above... I remember once Mariah Carey was on TV and showed her shoes. Those might even be hers (do you know?). That might be a little much because some of them look exactly like the others! But hey, if you get them for free or have a lot of money, I guess you can do what you want.

marty39 said...

Cute post. I'm down to a reasonable 10 or 12. Once you retire you don't need so many dress shoes. I donated barely worn ones to an organization called Dress for Success. They made good use of them. Love that black and white pair, now those are ones that I would add. Hugs, Marty

Melanie said...

Funny you used the word "clodhopper." We say that, too!
I have 2 pairs of Aerosoles and they are the most comfortable pairs I wear...cute, too.

Stacey said...

I can't believe you got the Cole Haan's that cheap! Yes, I love shoes too. Never seem to find the cuties that you found at our TJ..maybe it's my size that's the problem.

Ma'dame French said...

Hi my name is French and I am a shoe-a-holic;) French

coco said...

Gotta have my shoes! I use to find great shoes at TJ Maxx or Marshalls...I found Jack Rodger knock offs there several years ago and bought them in 4 colors (they were more comfortable than the real thing). Haven't found anything else in a long time.

Becky said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shoes!!!! But if they ain't cute I ain't wearin matter now comfortable they are! LOL!!! Is that vain? HA!!! Seriouly I love cute shoes. I probably have 40 to 50 pair as well. I always feel guilty when I look at my husbands shoes compared to mine. But hey......he has lots of fishing poles and I only have one. So there ya go!!!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Rhoda,
I have lots of shoes I don't ever wear, but you never know when you'll need them!

I love your new additions! Very stylish and chic!

marcy said...

I am so enjoying getting to know you from your charming blog. What fun making new friends in blogland. I don't have the shoe collection problem but I get overboard on plenty of other things....picture frames, fabric remnants and flower containers.
Sending some sunshine to you today! Marcy "hellosunshine.typepad"

Karen said...

I have a lot of shoes but even MORE sweaters. It is insane really, fall weight, heavy winter, spring, dressy:) Crazy I tell you! But in MI, I wear them more than ANYTHING.

Wearing my ugly Lands End suede shoes today, good on the ice!

Rue said...

Good morning Rhoda :)

Beautiful shoes and great deals too!

Purses and shoes.... my mother feeds both addictions during Christmas and my birthday, but I help too LOL

I have about 30 purses and 60 pairs of shoes and most of them are black. My favorite pair of shoes are my Betsey Johnson heels and my favorite boots are Chanel, both of them are REALLY comfy as far as dress shoes go. Although when I'm at home, I'm usually barefoot or wearing my Uggs.

Rich can't complain, because he has a shoe addiction too LOL


Alex and Jill said...

Shoes are so close to my heart...I love them! They have been a weakness of mine for many years. I used to wear heels all of the time but have gone to flats over the past few years. I love the two pairs of flats you have pictured. I may have to hit up TJ here soon. :)

I have around 100 pairs of shoes. I have the same type cubby system that holds 25 pairs each. I have two of those and then shoes all over the closet. I only wish mine were as organized as Mariah's. :)

Fun post!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

My mother taught me at an early age, about shoes. She didn't sit me down and give me a shoe lecture or anything. She taught by example. So that's why I have around 40 pair in my closet now and many many many purses!!! Mother wore a size 4. In the good ol' days, sample size was 4. The owner of the shoe store would call mother when the samples changed up or whatever. She had the cutest shoes and handbags to match, all at very reasonable prices, because she wore sample size and because she loved shoes!!

I love shopping for shoes at Marshall's etc...always cute shoes at great prices. Somewhere in my archives at the Back Porch are photos of the shoes I wore for our daughter's wedding rehearsal and wedding, last year. I love those shoes. Definitely not old lady...although, I must admit, I do like Clark's, when I walk for any distance. Always slides, since my foot injury. Slides, for me, are much more comfortable than an enclosed shoe.

Yes, I'll admit it....along with my dish collection....I have a shoe obsession.

Anonymous said...

I love shoes but I don't buy them like I used to. I have a foot shelf in our walk-in closet, so I can store quite a few that way.

I go for style but they can't hurt my feet. I don't do flats, well other than my flip-floppy summer styles. I feel frumpy and to be honest, wearing flats for a few days makes my feet hurt. I need a bit of a heel.

I've not done any shopping since before the holidays, I do need to look at some shoes for spring/summer.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!! SHOE shelf! hmmmm, I wonder what a foot shelf would look like???


Glenda/MidSouth said...

I have 25 pairs - some of which I need to get rid of, as I have not worn them in years. I don't think I have ever been a shoe fanatic.

Terri and Bob said...

Yeah, you can have too many shoes but I love the ones you have added, and at that price, you couldn't have refused! I love shoes too, but at my age I have promised myself that when one pair comes in, another has to go out. That keeps me from buying too many, because at this moment, I love every pair of shoes I own!

MimiG said...

According to my sister (who has over 200 pairs of shoes), boots and sandals don't "count" as shoes, so you're still okay!!! I too am a shoe-a-holic, and as I wear a smallish size (5 1/2) I buy them when I find them!!! Love the b/w flats....

Bo said...

Hi Ms. Rhoda...all of my friends are wearing those "crocs" and I can't stand the way they look...ugh! I'm into comfort these days myself, but really...those have to be the ugliest shoe ever...even on people who have small feet! I don't want to count my shoes (too many)...but the truth is, I only wear about 3 or 4 pr. most of the time... ;-) Bo

Anonymous said...

I remember in my 20s, my daughter and I counted them and I had over 60 pair including boots. Now I'm down to about 25 but that is because I cleaned my closet out last summer and got rid of some. I love shoes but I'm not as bad as I used to be!

Love, love your cute finds!

salmagundi said...

I'm only about comfort! I don't care what they look like if they are comfortable and fit well. I only own about 6 pairs - 3 brown and 3 black. I don't even own any sneakers - I just wear my regular shoes to the gym. I bet I'm in the minority, though. I would rather buy dishes any day than shoes. Sally

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Wow, I finally found someone that doesn't like Crocs. I'm with you Rhoda I think they are the ugliest shoes! I wouldn't ever wear those no matter how comfy they are! In the summer I live in sandels and in the winter I live in my croco high heel cute, but can't wear them for long. Oh well, it's good that I hibernate during the winter.

Susie Harris said...

Fun post! Im on the lookout for some new shoes for my trip. A shopping I must go~

Annie said...

Ahhh, shoes.... I am absolutely a shoe collector. At one point in highschool(the 90's) I had 163 pair. No kidding. Since I am now older and wiser, I have thinned them down, and now have around 30-40. But I still love a great deal, and it looks like you found some!

I have been adding to my flats collection too.....

The Bliss Journey said...

WOW, that's alot of shoes. Do you think she has walked a mile in many of them?


Love my Shoes and Purses! Although I have had to go for comfort over style due to the years I abused my poor feet! Or I should say I buy better shoes now.


PatQ said...

Not only do I love shoes. But I love shoe blog postings. I just stared and drooled over the pictures.

Beverly said...

I am a shoe lover from way back, but with the arthritis in my hip, I can no longer wear heels. I am totally a flat girl now, but I like cute with comfort. I probably have about twenty pairs of shoes.

"Blossom" said...

Did you say shoes! I thought you did. I adorn shoes, shoes and shoes. I have last count about 120 I gave away back in Oct about 60 pairs of shoes. And I still buy shoes. Great post right after every woman's heart.

Carolee Fairbanks said...

I sooo totally agree with you about the Crocs, Rhoda. I think they are beyond ugly!!! I have about 25 pair of shoes, sandals and boots in my closet now and that does not count the flip flops that I wear only in the yard in the summer! :-) My favorites for comfort are Clarks and I have a pair of leopard print flats by Nurture that are the most comfortable I have!

Anonymous said...

HI Rhoda......I too love shoes! I keep my Spring/Summer shoes in a box under the bed & change them out - that way I can have more shoes. Since working in the Boutique at Stein Mart p/t , I have to have a good pair of flats to change into at lunch. Your feet will kill ya! YOu got some cute ones too, I see!
I order online alot since I have a 5 size foot. Enjoy those darling shoes! Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda,

I have shoes, lots of em....but flip flops are my fave, every color, I can't get enough. My heart rate just went up as I typed the words !!! LOVE EM lol

I have a pair of hot pink Crocs, they sure are ugly but they are great gardening shoes. They DO NOT leave the yard lol

Fun post,
Kathy :)

ps and I just love my melon color UGGS

Anonymous said...

p.s. I love the 2nd pair of shoes in the post !!!

Kathy :)

Shelia said...

Great post! Loved the look at that shoe closet. Mariah must have lots of golden clothes to go with all those golden shoes! lol
The older I get, the more I just want to be comfortable. If I could get by not wearing any shoes, that's the way I would like it! ;)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Yes, I LOVE SHOES TOO!! The only problem I have is when we go on vacation. My hubby complains (loudly) about all the shoes I have to take. He can't understand it. Well, I try to tell him that I need a different pair for each outfit. He takes two pairs. One running shoes, 2) casual shoes. That's it. He just doesn't understand. But then just to get back at him, I'll say, I don't understand all that fishing stuff you must bring. I mean how many lures can one possibly need?



Glenda said...

Hi I am Glenda I am a shoe-oholic. I have been sober for a year, and it's the hardest year I have ever lived. Did a mention I am a purse-oholic too, that's another meeting all together.


Anonymous said...

Those are a lot of shoes!!! Looks like a shoe department at Macy's. No, I don't think we can ever have too many...but like most men (including my hubby) yes, you can have too many. That's a an argument we often have. :-)

Kasey said...

I too love shoes! (I mean who doesn't right?!)

My fave for comfort are my gray New Balance.

But I just bought the cutest pair of purple suede boots from ALDO! They look so cute with a cute pair of skinny jeans!

I can't hardly wear heels (I chase 2 little ones around all day) So I go for the stylish flats!

Love the black and white pair!!!

Ki said...

Your post made me laugh out loud when I read your quote...Shoes can make or break and outfit.

Last weekend I was invited to dinner with my folks. When getting dressed, I realized I didn't bother to pack anything but lace up tennies, (we used to call them bumpers in the sixties) as I headed south for the winter. So I figured if I dressed in my nice black slacks, pretty crocheted sweater with perfect makeup, and meticulously groomed hair, nobody would notice my worn out blue bumpers. My plan was to stand only in the middle of large groups and sit down immediately at a table to hide my feet.

It worked! Nobody noticed, or atleast they were polite and kept it to themselves. My shoes totally broke my outfit. I need a pair of those black patents!

RealEstateGirl said...

Just stopping by to say "hi" and "Happy New Year!" (I know I'm a little behind)... I've been "away" for a while and just wanted to check back in and see how you were!

HOpe all is well!

Jillian, Inc said...

Oh yes, how I love shoes. I think I have nearly 100 pair - but that's for all seasons, so really only 25 at any given time - ha! I still go for fashion over function and comfort. I wear heels every week day to work, with a few exceptions on Friday. I am tall so I also love flats, which I wear on the weekends. I'm also a big fan of Sketcher "sneakers" - have several pair and I always buy them at Kohl's. My other favorite brands are Cole Haan, Burberry (though they tend to run a bit narrow sometimes), Coach, Tory Burch, Via Spiga, and Donald Pliner. Talbots also has had some great looking shoes the past couple seasons. And I never pay full price for any shoes- that's a rule I never break!

Lisa said...

Enjoy your new shoes.

I used to be a shoe freak. In college, I made a film (received an A on it) using only shoes and one actor. My own collection starred in the film. Back when I wore fashionable shoes, I was a cool, creative type!

My feet are shaped like ice cream cones. I can't buy narrows, which would fit my heels, because the front of my foot is a medium. I rarely can wear shoes without ties or straps that buckle. Backless syles are perfect.

I draw the line at wearing my Crocs anywhere, except in the garden. They are wonderful for playing in the dirt.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Oh dear! It's confession time, huh? Oh let's see...I probably have 50 or 60 pair. I think I might wear 20 of them on a regular basis. So it looks like it's high time for me to declutter my shoes! I'm not really particular about any one brand and I definitely prefer fashion over function! The one brand I do LOVE is Yellow Box for my flip flops and sandals. I think it must be a "southern thang", because alot of people have never heard of them. Btw, I agree with you about TJ Maxx. I always find great shoes, sometimes designer brands, at a great price. Marshalls is good too! What a fun post.


justabeachkat said...

Well, since you've actually seen my closet, I can't very well lie about how many I have. LOL I love both pair of your new flats. The other one just isn't my style, but cute. I've just buy two new pairs of flats...brown and black. I love them both.


btw...I've missed your visits.

Blondie's Journal said...

Hi Rhoda!
What a fun post. Where do you get these ideas??
I am not nearly an old lady, not even middle aged, but I did have a bunion (what an ugly word) 3 years ago. I had to have it removed and my foot was never the same. Before that I had shoes everywhere, probably 60 pair and I loved heels with everything. Now it is flip flops in the summer and UGG boots in the winter. They are the only things that don't hurt. The good/bad news is that I am having another surgery to fix that foot for good and then I can start a new shoe collection!!!


Rose said...

I am defiently with you on the crocs! I hate them to! Only time I have EVER worn the things was to go feed my ducks! lol yep feed my ducks! A friend of ours had bought some and they hurt his feet so he gave them to my DH. DH wasn't wearing them so I said, hey they'll make GOOD duck shoes! lol I can hose them off over and over and not tear them up. So Rhoda, if you get cha some ducks, get cha a pair or crocs! ;) hee hee can't beat em for feeding the ducks in. ;)

Helen said...

I'm hesitant to share this, but ... years ago I had both feet operated on - bunions. My surgeon told me to throw away each and ever pair of heels I owned as they would counteract the changes in my feet that surgery created. Oh, how hard it was to part with those three inch beauties! I still dream about them. The surgery left me, years later, with somewhat deformed toes which my surgeon actually told me would happen SO thongs like Tevas feel great, I love flat boots, and thong sandals in warm weather. No more heels .... boo, hoo.

KMfamily ;-) said...

I dont know any gal who doesn't enjoy getting a new pair of shoes!

Who cares if they just gave you blisters, as long as you look smokin in them, thats what counts!

& YES! a shoe can make or break an outfit. Hands down!

thats just my philosophy

Elaine said...

Wow. Most women really are alike, aren't they! I have about 100 pairs, I think, if I include running shoes (2 pairs) and summer sandals. I tend to rotate among maybe 20 - 25 pairs for each season. Favorite brands are Coach by Joan and David (they run wider than most which is perfect for my foot), Donald J Pliner, jCrew and Franco Sarto. I don't have a lot of time to shop so I get stuff from because it's easy to return if needed :) Did you count boots? I forgot to! lol

Lisa said...

What a great post. I have many many shoes, still in the double digits (for now ;o) Cute shoes by the way.

An Accomplished Woman said...

I don't think you can have too many shoes. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Rhoda, love your site, you are always an inspiration.

The Blonde Duck said...

Stopping in to say hi! It looks like you're crazy for shoes! :)

Marie said...

Fun post! However, I am so NOT a shoe person. I just don't get the appeal! lol I'll wear a pair of shoes until they are falling apart and then begrudgingly buy a new pair!

Anonymous said...

I have well over a hundred pairs of shoes and definitely need to downsize. I have many pairs that I've never even worn. I have been buying flats (including boots) the last few years and love them. Since I've retired, this winter I've been finding myself mostly in either Nikes or Pumas with jeans. I have to admit to owning a pair of Crocs, but they're simple sandals and really not too ugly. Don't even get me started on my (expensive, but purchased on sale) handbag collection!

sandra/tx said...

I'm sure my husband would say I have too many, but not true. ;-)

KayEllen said...

Wow are right that's an amazing closet!!
Love it when I am out and about and find a great pair of shoes...on SALE!!!!

Thanks for sharing;0)

Have a great weekend!

Warm hugs from sunny southern California,


A Hint of Home said...

I have tons of shoes. I'm like you though, and will probably never own a pair of crochs. The shoe can make or break an outfit and I'm all for looking good. I like comfort too but they have to be cute.

Kim@ForeverWherever said...

I love flip flops and I have them in all different colors. I do agree that it takes quite a few pairs of black shoes to be ready for any outfit! Love that closet!

Coffee with Cathy said...

Love the peek inside your shoe closet, Rhoda. Does your post-title question even need to be asked??? Whatever it is that buying shoes satisfies in our female souls -- Eternal optimism? Ability to buy something stylish and wonderful without having to stress over size? -- we can't get enough of it. Reminds me of the time I was driving home alone from Birmingham in a snowstorm and the thought of running off the icy road bothered me only because my husband would then discover the five boxes of new shoes in my trunk!

Ms. Tee said...

Your shoes are so cute! I love that second pair! :)

Windy said...

I love shoes, too! I am going to run out to my store to see if they have those Aerosoles! And my 9 y/o daughter had rather go down the shoe aisle than the toys:) It runs in the family!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Mariah's shoe closet is bigger than my master bedroom. Can you imagine??

What a fun post, Rhoda. Thanks for linking up to my party today! :-)

Alisa Lucas-Brown said...

My sentiments exactly - you can NEVER have too many shoes! Or bags! ;) I adore your two-tone Cole Hann's. So preppy! Looks so comfy.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Shoes are good. Antiques are better! :-) I do love shoes, though.



Kathysue said...

Hi Rhoda, Loved this post and I am a black and white shoe girl.My all time favorite shoe was a cute little white flat with the black patent toe.I wore that shoe with everything.It is long gone because of a lot of wear and I just went through the threshold where I won't buy it if it is not comfy,at least for everyday. Now I will buy special occasion shoes that I call my walk-in and sit down shoes,you know the kind that look amazing but Lordy, Let me sit down,Please! As far as the numbers go I would venture to say it is somewhere in the middle of most of your readers but way more than hubby thinks I should have. Afterall I went to school in the 60s when our shoes matched our outfit and our purse matched our shoes,now that is when I had a lot of shoes but that was on Mom and Dads Dime.Oh those were the good old days! Kathysue,

Deb said...

Hey Rhoda,

I too have lots of shoes. Here's my dilemma. We are building a house right now. I am trying to decide the best way to organize my shoes. Do you have your shoes organized in your closet or are you like me and have them on shelves, on the floor and thrown everywhere? I want to get my shoes under control and I want to be able to see what I'm looking for instead of getting on my hands and knees and searching.

I think I will go and post about this. Thanks for the inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Love Cole-Haan's -- hand's down, THE most comfortable shoes out there that still look cute!

Anonymous said...

You can never have enough shoes! I got some excellent pairs of Comfort Shoes from the Orthotic Shop.

Gayle said...

I love shoes! The unfortunate thing is that my feet are small and I wear a children's size. I just can't find great styles.

Tricia said...

I, too, am a shoe~a~holic. As a matter of fact, I post a shoe of the week on my blog. Believe it or not, one week, a croc made the cut! My favorite shoes (I own) are my Timberland boots. I wear them in any season.

Jo Draven said...

Hi Rhoda,

I loved this post, and I love those Cole Haan shoes!

Here in Canada, we don't have $25 pair Cole Haans, let me tell you. At the least, I'd be paying $100 for those at a chain called Winners - I don't know if you have that store in the US, but it's good for marked-down designer stuff.

Ciao for now,

BrooklynChick said...

I adore shoes. I have about 30 pairs. I'd probably have more if I had more storage space, but alas, sharing a tiny Brooklyn closet with my husband does not allow this. I actually just recently purged a few pairs I didn't wear very often to make room for a few new ones.

In reality, I could probably make do with about 10 pairs (plus my running shoes), but what fun would that be? :)

-- BrooklynChick