Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Guestroom Makeover: Cote de Texas

I don’t even remember how I first met Joni in blogland, but we’ve been friends and email buddies for awhile now. I so admire her design sense and she is also SO down to earth (and witty), even though she’s miles ahead of me in putting a room together (and I’m just a wee bit jealous over that!). I guess you could say she is my decorating mentor. I have long admired her own beautiful house and how it has evolved into the sumptuous and elegant space that it is. It’s magazine worthy for sure, yet still very approachable. And that I really admire about Joni.

Joni’s family room was featured in the October issue of Better Homes and Gardens and it was so fun to open the magazine that came in my mailbox that month and have a friend step off the pages. Thanks, Joni for coming by and sharing with my readers the story of your guestroom. I didn’t realize at the time that both rooms were up for consideration to be published with BHG. If you haven’t met Joni yet, go on over to Cote de Texas and take a look at French style decor done well, from a Texas point of view.

Joni Before

Not too pretty, is it? It USED to be really cute before my daughter Elisabeth grew up! This was her bedroom, originally. She was around three years old when we moved into our house and Ben and I thought she would be in this bedroom until she left for college. Ah, such wishful thinking!! The decor actually came from her nursery – it was all a Waverly flowery chintz in pink and green mixed with a pink and white ticking. The iron day bed had a bedspread made out of the ticking with the chintz pillows and my mother-in-law made the quilt on top of the bed to match the room. All the window treatments were made out of the chintz – faux Austrian shades on top of wood blinds. There was a window seat cushion made out of the ticking with more chintz pillows and an area rug that was my favorite thing in the room. It was a flat weave dhurri made to resemble a needlepoint with sections that looked like flowers. It was really pretty until it became stained with paint, ink, glue, and spilled drinks. In desperation I even tried covering the stains with white-out!!!! The wallpaper was an English styled mini pattern, pink on white.

When Lizzy grew older, she announced she no longer liked this room and she moved to another bedroom that is actually much smaller and without any charm at all. Since that time, she has gone through two decors – the latest one a purple West Elm vision that she now wants to change, yet again. After she vacated this room, it languished half empty – and became a sort of junk room for everything that had no other place to go. Eventually I bought a French day bed at an antique store that they were practically giving away – so it was impossible to resist. I had it upholstered in a green and cream silk stripe and slowly I started the clear out the junk room. I had my painter remove the wallpaper and I put up a greenish-blue color on the walls. A clean seagrass rug replaced the once adorable dhurri. All the curtains came down and were replaced by shades I bought at Target, my favorite source for those kinds of shades. I hung some green and white transferware plates above the bed instead of art work. Finally and sadly, the last remnants of my child’s babyhood were given away. The now so-called guest room stayed in this half finished stage for a few years until I was asked to put my house in Houston House and Home magazine. Finally, I had a real reason to justify to Ben why I needed to fix it up, because surely – we don’t have many overnight guests.


The guest room before I knew it was to be photographed for a magazine. Notice the lamps and the way the shades were hung – inside the frame. Once I added the curtains, I raised the shades to the ceiling.

The photo shoot for Houston House and Home was scheduled rather quickly so I had to move fast to get the room finished. There wasn’t any time for custom curtains, so I went to Restoration Hardware to get them; their green silk striped curtains almost matched my daybed material, so they were perfect! I re-hung the shades right under the ceiling – so as to hide the space between the window and the curtain rod. The curtains were then hung under the crown molding. Hanging the shades and curtains this way creates a long, vertical line that helps to make the ceiling appear higher and it has a cleaner look. I replaced the green and white bedding with all white linens that came from the now shuttered Linens N Things. The new lamps also came from Restoration Hardware, on sale – God bless Restoration Hardware – they were a lifesaver trying to put this room together in about a week’s time. I added an orange pillow for a little extra color, which I just loved. It wasn’t perfect, but I thought the room looked pretty good, especially since everything was bought with a budget in mind, either on sale, or at a discount store.

Window seat

The night before the photo shoot, I took this picture of the window seat – notice there was no cushion on it. The orange suzani was later draped over the chair for the pictures.

Whole room

This is the actual picture that was in the magazine and I was really proud of the room – I thought I had it had a certain flair, but looked classic at the same time. The problem was Better Homes and Gardens didn’t agree with me! More about that later. The skirted table was left over from an unhappy client – it was made out of Bennison, but when the fabric came in, it looked nothing like the sample so I luckily got to keep it instead. From afar it looks almost like a plain white fabric, but up close it has very muted roses all over it. Here you can see the new Restoration Hardware lamps and curtains, which were hung from the ceiling, instead of at the top of the window. The bed is dressed in all white linens, with the little orange pillow for a color pop.

After my house was published in the Houston magazine, a local scout for national magazines contacted me asking if I would like to be in another magazine. MOI? Such free publicity for an interior designer is really hard to turn down, plus she told me I would get to publicize my blog in the article which I was really excited about. The magazine turned out to be Better Homes and Gardens and they informed me they were really interested in only two rooms – my family room and my guest room. Why they picked those two rooms, I will never know, but that’s what was decided from the upper management. We had a date set for months in advance and since they had already seen the rooms, I figured they were happy with them. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Less than a week before the shoot, the scout received a fax from BHG detailing everything they wanted changed in my house. The list was long and the changes were going to be quite expensive, something I really had not planned on or budgeted for. This news sent me into a major panic mode, wondering why they hadn’t asked for all the changes before – instead of giving me just one week to get ready.


The desk across from the bed, decorated with shells we’ve collected at South Padre Island and a picture of Ben’s beloved parents.

What exactly did BHG want to change? For starters, the zebra rug HAD to go. BHG informed me that in their surveys, most readers say they hate to see zebra rugs and object to them on principle. That request was easy to take care of. Also, the orange pillow had to go – it stuck out too much. Ditto the suzani. They wanted more cushions and pillows added and they also wanted a window seat cushion made. That was the hardest request – they asked that it be made out of the Bennison fabric. I knew there was no way in one week’s time I could get the fabric from England much less have it made into a window seat, so I begged the Houston scout to let me use some extra fabric I had in the garage left over from a job. I think she was as desperate as I was, so she agreed to this. Plus, Bennison is quite pricey, something I really wanted to avoid. They wanted something on the blank wall across from the bed. They wanted pictures hanging in the window seat area. They wanted the room to look cozy and warm and more country, less hip, not that it was truly hip in any way. Eclectic was a better description. Besides the changes in the guest room – there were other requests for the family room – and everything started to add up. Frantically I called Monica of Custom Creations by Monica, my partner who facilitates all the soft goods for my business – the measuring, the pillows, bedding, curtains, etc. At this point I was truly a wreck and came within an inch of canceling the entire shoot. Monica really pulled through for me and a few days later, after spending untold dollars on rush orders, she returned to my house with an armful of pillows and cushions – all in the Chelsea Editions seafoam check and another Chelsea Edition embroidered fabric that was in my garage. I could have hugged Monica! She really saved my life that week. I’ll never know how she got her workroom to finish everything in time, but she did. The photo shoot for Better Homes and Gardens went off without a hitch and I was left with a finished guest room, finally, after all those years!

Entire room

Here’s is what the guest room looked like the day Better Homes and Gardens photographed it. The orange pillow was gone, so was the zebra. The check pillow is on the bed, and the wicker chair has a new checked cushion with the embroidered pillow. It does look much softer and cozier I have to say – so maybe BHG knew what they were talking about after all!

Round table

We styled the skirted table differently – using the purple and white transferware that used to be downstairs. We added the sweet pink roses to match the roses on the fabric. In this picture you can see the muted pattern on the Bennison fabric much better.

Window seat after

The window seat saw the most changes with the addition of the down filled cushion and extra pillows. We added the sconces on each side of the window, with an oriental art object on each. On the chair, we added a lilac throw where before there had been the bright suzani that matched the orange pillow. I really liked the way this area turned out.

Oval table

Across from the bed was an empty spot that needed to be filled, so I ran to Indulge Decor and bought this little table to double as a desk for my non-existent guests to write a letter home. The lamps were from Indulge too, Blanc d’ivoire. I rushed to IKEA to finds shades that fit the European styled harps. Monica added a little cushion to the child sized wicker chair. Unfortunately, BHG didn’t take a picture of this area, so I could have saved my money! In the end, the shoot took an entire day for just the two rooms. My family room was in the October 2008 issue, but my guest room has never made an appearance. They told me a few months ago it would be in the May issue, but now, it's been put on the back burner. If it never does appear – I guess I would have spent all this money for nothing, but still – my room is finally finished and I am happy with it.

Room with zebra

The final issue with the guest room was the zebra rug – whether to put it back into the room or not. I had a poll on my blog asking whether I should use it, and most people said no – they liked my guest room better without it. Well, I didn’t listen! haha!! I had no other place for it, so back it went. But, I am seriously thinking of moving it down to my family room. I’m making a few changes in there and the zebra might just look better there.

Whole room with zebra

After all this time, and all these years, my “guest” room is finally finished. I keep the door to it closed, to keep my dogs from jumping on the window seat to look out at the street. I’m such a meanie! Sometimes, I go in there just to look at it – it’s the one really clutter-free room in the house. My husband suffers from migraines and he used to come in this room to sleep and watch the TV, but no more – since the TV is now long gone. My daughter has hinted many times that she wouldn’t mind moving back in here now that it is all finished – but that’s not going to happen! I like having one room in my house camera ready – for what, I have no idea. In truth, it’s all facade: don’t open the closet door. It’s filled to the top with everything imaginable.

Rhoda, thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your blog! It’s been so much fun getting to know you and hopefully, one day soon – we’ll meet in person!

Thank YOU, Joni for coming by to share with all of us the story of your tres elegant guestroom. I love this room so much and hope all of you enjoyed the transformation as much as I did. And Joni, I'd love for you to come to Birmingham and go yardsaling with me. :)

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Amy said...

I think it looks beautiful the way you did it as well as BHG. I really like that orange pillow.

Daisy Cottage said...

Good Morning Rhodie!
What a WONDERFUL feature... so beautifully shared - Joni's home IS gorgeous and this guest room is so dreamy. Me, being me, I LOVE the pop of orange and the zebra rug! But both designs are sumptious and it was a treat to see this morning.
Thank you for sharing!


Betty Jo said...

Awesome post and beautiful room. Congrats to Jodi for making the pages of BH&G. Yikes, don't care for the zebra rug though. ♥

connie said...

Thank you Rhoda and Joni for such a great post. The guest room is perfect. I love the zebra rug. Could you share where to find one and approximately what I should pay?

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Love this post. I too am a joni fan, in fact it is because of her blog that I started my own. Before joni's I had no interest in blogging and I am so glad I found her. I had this guest room in a post I did about blue rooms...I am not a lover of blue, but could not help falling in love with this beauty. Thanks for sharing.

Daisy Cottage said...

Well, I DO know how to spell but not before my second cup of coffee! LOL

S U M P T U O U S.


Handmade Housewife... said...

Great post! I actually like the zebra rug in there, but then again I'm a little obsessed with animal prints :) And I adore the window treatments hung high. Beautiful!


Lori E said...

The first thing I thought of was "Oh the zebra has to go". I love everything else in the room. Like on Sesame Street.One of these things doesn't belong here.

Twice as Nice said...

So much going on in this small room yet it doesn't feel cluttered or over done. Not an easy thing to accomplish! What talent.
Thanks for sharing, Rhoda.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

I think that the room came out amazing, especially the window seat. My goodness, to pull all of that off in a week? Now that is a talent for decorating indeed :)


Southern Charm said...

Oh I love her guest room. I love her blog too! Boy she is one talanted lady. Great post. I remember seeing her blog about doing the room awhile back and I'd like to tell BHG that I love the zebra rug. You know it's funny 'cause zebra purses are all the rage here in GA.

BTW, I'm having a Mr.Linky party on Friday if you want to stop by. It should be fun.


theluckiestmrs said...

I think it looks gorgeous! ;) And, I like it both with or without the zebra! Agreed, it may look softer without...but sometimes I think it's fun to add a little something fun and unexpected! Glad I found your blog!

southerninspiration said...

Oh FUN!!!! Loved watching it all come together!


Mama Freemans' cafe' said...

I am surprised that BHG would want you to change something that was your own creation.However that roomis darling.Thanks for sharing Joni's story.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Your guest room is sumptuous! No guest will want to leave.
A great job and what an honor to be published in BHG.

Enjoy your day,

Libby Murphy said...

Bravo, you did a great job and congratulations on all the press!
Happy Twirls

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Joni, thanks for sharing your guestroom with us! I actually LOVE both "looks" from both magazine pics!! I just gives a slightly different feel to the room, each way. I am one who really likes zebra rugs and animal prints, and I say if you like it, then that's all that matters! The zebra and pop of orange add a modern pop to the room, and give it some personality. The BHG room looks softer and more sumptuous, but just as lovely! Great design! And how crazy that BHG asked you to change all of that!! But how cool to have your home featured in there, too! :)

Happy To Be said...

Oh how beautiful is that guest room..I loved seeing how it turned out..Thank you Joni and Rhonda for sharing this...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Loved the guest room. Beautiful!! Maybe it will make the magazine and we can say we saw it first on the blog!! You are very talented. I personally love the zebra rug. Love & blessings from NC!

Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home said...

Rhoda, I recently came across Joni's blog...I can see why she's your mentor! I love the details such as hanging the window shades up higher than the window giving the illusion that the windows are taller and giving height to the room.

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Such a gorgeous room! What an honor to have your room published, at the same time...kind of makes me angry what they put you through! You would think BHG would give you an allowance of sorts upon requesting changes? Very nice room--and I LOVE the zebra rug!

Jenny said...

Wow! That was a lot of work and it wasn't even featured :(

It looks great before and after!

Roeshel said...

I love that room! Thanks for sharing!

Kathleen said...

Love the room and your blog.. was also in B'ham yesterday.I had the Three ring circus sign.

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Awesome! Joni is great! She helped me figure out what to do with my bedroom. We plan on getting to it after we finish the kitchen.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, how I love Joni! Everything she does is perfection, and this room is no exception. But what I love best about Joni is the fact that she is so funny! And she's real in addition to being uber-talented!

Thanks for sharing this, Rhoda. Loved seeing it and hearing her tale of the shoot.

And Joni, dearest, you should see what lurks behind my closet doors! No, on second thought, you shouldn't! ;-)



Linda said...

Thanks for sharing that beautiful room! Also, thanks for the tea party post - Amen! Linda

Rue said...

Hi Rhoda & Joni :)

The room is beautiful both ways! I love the orange pillow and the zebra rug together in the first pic and then the room how BHG wanted it. I don't blame your daughter for wanting the room back one bit Joni ;)


Amber Schmidt said...

wow........ I cannot wait for the day when my kids are grown and I can have PRETTY without marker proof furniture!

midnight macaroons said...

As a friend says….Oh my lanta. Why are you still attacking Rhoda? This post is about decorating, is it not? Rhoda, I love you and your husband. Even though we don’t know each other personally I stop by your blog often. I have gained a lot from your posts. My mom is gone and I don’t have her around to learn or ask questions. Your blog has truly been a big blessing in helping me create a home for me and my husband. I love to cook so the recipes have been outstanding too. My favorite is the Chicken Divan. It’s the only way my husband eats his broccoli, LOL!!! People shouldn’t attack each others blogs. Rhoda, don’t read anymore negative comments. Just read all the supporting and loving ones who appreciate you.

PS Tell your hubby I love him too. He’s always welcomed at our “Red Neck” plantation (wink).

The Bloom Girls said...

I love, love, love the bedroom Joni decorated....she is amazing and I am always envious of her talent. Your makeovers are terrific as well.
Thank you for your blog.
Nola Harris

Susan S. said...

Wow...I feel like I'm in the presence of such celebrity! BHG and Houston Homes...That's Awesome! You certainly pulled together a good look (I liked both the ways the room looked)....Good job!

abeachcottage said...

hey rhoda

great post as usual, love the decorating, hmmm I reckon I need her as a mentor too, thought that was just you! I must admit I am not too familiar with cote de texas I need to stop by there more

great inspiration, oh and those negatives, blah blah blah, means you are a blogstar i believe!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Hi Rhoda...I've loved Joni's guest room since the first time I saw it. I am a huge Joni Fan!

I finished the powder room redo today, then published a post, so I am just now getting here for a visit.

I also want to tell you how much I appreciate your previous post! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhoda,
I love Joni and read her often...great post...

I have to comment on your Tea Party post...AMEN SISTER, I knew I LOVED YOU !!! Can you imagine.. our paper this morning did not have ONE word about hubby's Investors Business Daily did however..front page TOP right !!

Rho it's your blog and you can say WHATEVER you want, well that is until Janet takes that away from us too...

Rhoda for President,
xox Kathy :)

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Such a beautiful room. I can't believe how they wanted all those changes so quickly. It all came together beautifully though. Now I need to go dig out that old issue so I can check out her family room in it.

Oh and I know you closed comments but I went too and just wanted to give you a thumbs up for your bravery in posting.

Amber said...

That is a beautiful room!! I have to say, while I liked it before, I LOVED it after those few changes. I loved the rug you put in for the shoot. Sorry to say I'm NOT a fan of that zebra rug. I can handle square shaped animal print rugs, but I'm not a fan of ones that literally look like the carcass {and maybe are??} of the animal spread out on your floor. Sorry!!

But I do LOVE the room! What an honor to be in BHG. I'd love to do that one day. I love that magazine.

Anonymous said...

Great article! I loved JOni's house too. Great taste.....elegant with approchable style that is perfect!

Susie Q said...

Nice both ways....and I LOVE the zebra rug :D

Brillante Home Decor said...

Great Blog, just discovered via Joni and I will read more.
Beautiful transformation and if I may add: "zebra rug" is a no no for me. When I visit my niece (an architect)in Milan I always go around that animal skin (and the tail too)because it reminds me of my dog's mortality! Otherwise...excellent

Amber B. said...

What a beautiful room. Although I liked the zebra rug and the orange pillow! haha. It surprises me to know that a fabulous designer like Joni was told how to style and change the room for BH&G. Kinda like finding out about airbrushing on models!

Linda/"Mom" said...

* "OK", Ravishing Rho!~~~ Your wonderful, funny, warm, well-loved, much-respected AND uber-talented mentor, Joni (whom I adore, but she already KNOWS that!) gets featured in BHG... And then YOU get to honor her here, w/ highlighting it... and THAT is LOVELY!

As I SAW/UNDERSTOOD it, HER (& please note I said "HER"!) rooms were to be featured ~~~ but in BHG'S OWN STYLE??? I can certainly understand/agree that "a few changes", in ANY space, might work better FOR that particular space, but SO MANY? For a room a publisher has ASKED to photograph??? And at the LAST MINUTE??? And with NO OFFERS of "assistance" by them at that last minute?

"They" may have shown her spaces, but I think they still owe Joni SOMEWHAT of an apology~~ for several things I believe were handled poorly. (So there, BHG! Grins!)~~~

Joni's terrific personality comes shining thru here, as it always does, and WE owe YOU OUR thanks, RHODA, for doing this! What an INTERESTING, TERRIFFIC read!!!

Big hugs n' much appreciation,
Linda *

Ronnie said...

Welp, looks like I'm your latest fan. Found you through Cote de Texas. Love your style and love how you describe your adventure.
You've got me inspired! Things don't look so good around here after seeing what you do! Love those dark doors and the hardware on the bedroom doors is perfection. Great post!
Ronnie-in a small town in Georgia

Kelee Katillac said...

Terrific Transformation! Love the bed and curtains....
Rho--thanks for showing this....

xo Kelee

vickysplace1 said...

An adorable guest room, I enjoyed the whole room.

alice said...

Thanks for this post Rhoda. I loved hearing about the transformation of this room!

Anonymous said...

I loved this post... I love all your posts. YOU WERE THE ONE THAT GOT ME INTERESTED IN BLOGS! I still do not have one but... maybe one day! I love looking at your designs and your thrifting! I get so many ideas! And for the people you mention in your posts...I go on over to their blog and look at their ideas and designs. OH BY THE WAY... I love the Zebra Rug, Joni. Nancy from OHIO

Karena said...

I adore Joni and thank you Rhoda for featuring her georgeous guest bedroom!!

Crystal said...

It was great watching the transformation. Great room! I like it with the zebra or without the zebra? I can't believe all the changes they requested?

Thanks for sharing.

niartist said...

Joni is and has been a favorite of mine from the beginning. That guest room of hers in stunning, and I'm sure that it will make an appearance in the BHG soon. They'd be crazy not to use a space so beautifully put together! Thanks for featuring such great talent Rhoda!

home before dark said...

It's always interesting to read the back story about the photo shoots we always drool over. I think the honesty of bloggers is one of the things that is better than the professionally produced magazines. If we are fortunate life happens in our homes and has the scars to prove. Like the Japanese view of pruning, the scars are part of the beauty, too. And is there anything that is not better with laughter? Thanks for the story.

Katie said...

What a nice room. I love animal prints but not in this zebra rug, is it real? I would feel sad everytime I looked it with the fur??

Bridget said...

RHODA! How are you? I found your blog through Boo Mama last week...imagine my suprise that it was you!! Your blog is awesome and I've shared it with another friend already. You're amazing as usual with your yard sale finds! I remembered you this morning as I saw all the Community Yard Sale signs out.
Gotta hit Belks for some of those cute flip flops's just down the street now and that's way too convenient.
Miss you...Bridget

Patricia Gray said...

Hi Joni & Rhoda
What a lot of work and fuss it is to get ready for a photo shoot. But when it is all done you have a beautifully finished room to enjoy. I loved hearing about the transformation.

She Knits Flying Monkeys said...

I like it much better with the zebra rug! Less predictable - I hate being predictable.

Renae said...

Rhoda and Joni,
Thanks for posting....both of you are great talents!
Rhoda, I love your monogrammed shades on your different!

Puna said...

Hi Rhoda, thank you for being the kind, gracious, Southern lady that you are. (Can you tell I read through the comments on your last post?)

Becca said...

What a gorgeous guest room! :-) I like it better with the zebra rug and bright pops of color though - gives it more personality!

Maureen said...

I'm a distant fan of Joni's --haven't been by her blog lately and have to remedy that. Love the room as is but was a fan of the zebra rug. Joni helped me out by kindly sharing a photo with me that I had seen on her blog a while back when I was looking for blue silk draperies. She's a nice lady.
I was disappointed that the comments were closed for your Tea Party post, as I hadn't had a chance to read it. If I had been able to comment I would have been congratulating you on your honesty and integrity. I would have mentioned how, if anyone were to meet you, they'd know that you are the REAL DEAL, just good through to the core- the kind of person a good friend can depend on for suppport, and I have many times. People like you allow others to have their opinion and speak out with patience and kindness- isn't that a liberty? Isn't it wonderful to have liberties? I think everyone needs to start at the very base just as we do at home- family first. This equates to me as country first. Amerioa first- who gives a fig about what the rest of the world thinks if there is unrest in America? God bless America, and God bless you too Rho. Don't make apologies for being honest and open. They are good qualities to possess. Just wish more of those were being spread around our country these days. One last note- my daughter and her husband were at the Atlanta tea party- I wasn't able to attend but was there in spirit.They had a great and positive experience. They said the crowd was peaceful and kind and very friendly. They were amazed to watch the coverage the next day and see how slanted the media coverage was. They didn't see those present as rich white people as Nancy Pelois had categorized them as, but found the crowd diverse-- people of many colors, many ages-- many with small children and entire families together, and from both major parties. Wake up time- you're not getting the truth if you listen to the bias. I wish some of those who opposed this would realize how easily maniuplated they have been by the majority of the media- no wonder Fox news is busting butt in the ratings. Hugs to you as always Rho!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

I absolutely love the transformation! I would love to be a guest! It looks so comfy, warm, soft, and most importantly, inviting. Thanks for sharing. Well done Joni!

vicki archer said...

Lovely interview Rhoda and so happy to have been introduced to your blog. xv.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I loved both style rooms, with and without the rug. That story was a real eye opener to what goes on behind the scenes. Loved reading about it. :) Lynn

Tammy said...

Wow, congratulations on being in one of my favorite magazines! I am so happy for you. Your guest room is amazing. When can I book my night? ;D I want to curl up with a good book. Looks so cozy and elegant. Love all of the textures and fabrics. Have a lovely weekend.

Painted Groove Girl said...

the zebra rug and the orange pillow give the room its Wow and zing, or bling...

Anonymous said...

Love this post. Cote de Texas is a favorite blog too, and the room is wonderful. Must have the Zebra rug... keeps the room from being too sweet and fussy.

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Lauren said...

What a great post!! I love to see all the behind the scenes goings-ons! I think the beauty of decorating rooms is that there's no right or wrong way & you never have to be finished. I love the room in all of its stages!!
lauren liess

Anonymous said...

Would you please tell us the color of the walls? They look lovely! I am nearly ready to paint my master bedroom and would really like to know what color you used in your guest room. Thank you so much.
Mrs. L.

Kara said...

Hi Rhoda,
You are famous and I've heard about your blog all over the place...this is my first time reading it and I love this post!! It's so fun to see and hear the behind the scenes nitty gritty!! Thank you for sharing. And Joni did a stunning job, per usual. :)

Cote de Texas said...

Thank you to all of you! so very very much. And thank you Rhoda for having me. You're the best!!!


Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Joni...thanks for sharing that exciting and stressful time in your life with us. Your room looks is so soft and dreamy...just beautiful! And thank you Rhoda, for having Joni on your blog...sooo enjoyed this post! Susan

Susie Q said...

As always Rhoda dear, a wonderful treat to be here! I too love Joni and her style...I was one of those who said KEEP the zebra rug and just thought I was, per usual, going against the tide! I am tickled that she kept it! I LOVE the pop orange too.
I love the room and, even tho' a redo is out of the question right now, I can be inspired by Joni, by you and enjoy seeing such lovely spaces.

Heck, I DO have baskets with book and lots of bowls with shells, many fromn South Padre Island (Like Joni's) from our time living in Corpus Christi! That may be as close as I ever get to great style but hey. It's a start right? *smile*


Anonymous said...

Hi. I see you posted the paint color for the kitchen, but do you have the blue/green color for the guest room? Thank you so much.
Mrs. L.

Cote de Texas said...

Hi - I do not know the paint color in the bedroom! But i do know it is very similar to Restoration Hardware = Silver Sage. I hope this helps. I'm sorry about that = but my painter mixed it himself!!!


Shabby Mama said...

very interesting to read experience with BHG (January 2004) was very different..i had a newborn baby and they were awesome to work with, hardly moved a thing..just brough in a few flowers and FAB lighting and they did give me a little allowance to cover misc..i would not have been able to afford all of the things Joni had to do in order to please them..i guess every shoot is just different..

Holly Mathis

Daryl said...

The room is beautiful and I love the look of the zebra rug, but do object to its use on principle. Does anyone know of a faux choice for this sort of thing?