Friday, May 8, 2009

A Familyroom Consultation

One of my readers, Margaret, asked me to help her with her family room, so she sent me lots of pics to look at and peruse.


She’s got lots of neutrals in this space and I love the wall color, beams and light color of the fireplace already, so she really has some great bones to work with in this room. The wall color will remain the current creamy white, but I added some blue and orangey-red to the inspiration board to show the accessory colors that will be dominant in here.

Built in bookcase

She asked for ideas on how to make it look better and more cozy and to get the built-ins looking better instead of too cluttered.

TV bookcases

Den sofa with painting

The painting is staying so that determined a lot of the direction we went for bringing in accessories for the room.


And I love the dark chocolate brown leather sofa and chairs that are already here.


Back of room

Leather chair

She has a lot of great things, but the room needs to be brought more up to date with some fresh things added. The oak armoire will be moved out of the room as well as some dated accessories, like the ships wheel clock.

So, I came up with this Inspiration board with lots of things to add to the room that will cozy it up and bring it more up to date with some interesting lamps, rug and just rearranging some of her current accessories. She has a nice blue and white collection which needs to be highlighted in the built-in bookcases. And the artwork needs to be lowered and some of the smaller accessories removed for larger pieces. With some changes, this room will be a standout. I also sent her 4 pages of suggestions and ideas for how the room can be changed to add the inspiration pieces found on the board. Her room has great bones, it just needs some tweaking to bring it up to date with a much more cozy feel.

Margaret really loved my ideas and sent me this note:

“What we both really liked is how you had a color vision for us as to how to bring the large painting into the decor. Instead of having the painting be the only splash of color, you gave us great ideas on how to make these colors come alive in other areas of this room. Your advice was worth it's weight in gold!

I also wish you would mention the importance of the inspiration board in addition to the written evaluation of a client’s room. In my opinion, they go hand in hand and make things so clear. I also think it's important for a trained eye to list several things that jump out to them about a room. I can't tell you enough about how so many of us get to the point of "not being able to see" our rooms anymore. We know we need help, but we don't really know what's wrong or what isn't working.”

(Click pic to open for all details on each item)

If you'd like my help with a room, click here for more info! This is so much fun for me to reach out and help others who are stuck with a decorating dilemma.

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Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

I love your board--think this will look great. I would also group the blue plates in an arrangement to make a bigger impact.

sarah @ A Beach Cottage said...

Hi Rhoda

love your ideas, that's a big room to work with and a lot going on

your board is a great idea!

happy weekend

hope you enjoy your yard saleing, I'm hoping to treasure hunt...

A Beach Cottage

Ashley @ The Happy Little Home said...

Oh wow! I love the board so much! I especially like all the lamps you chose. I had no idea JCPenney had so many great lamps!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Great job, Rhoda! Love all the beautiful colors and how you pulled it all together! I'd love to see the after pic one day! :-) Susan

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Hey lady- I love the bones of this room! The wall paneling and brick on the fireplace are amazing, oh--so are the ceiling beams. I am curious as to where you are suggesting the new paint colors go?

All of the accessories are beautiful!


Adrienne said...

beautiful room and built-ins... lucky, lucky! great suggestions for them too... will we see the re-do?

His Doorkeeper said...

Hi Rhoda,
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I have read your blog for several years but rarely comment. I just love looking at your ideas and yardsale do-overs. You have wonderful taste!

I love decorating and reading decor magazines. If I had my dream job I would be a buyer for a designer.You know, just constantly shopping for things that you could use to decorate other people's houses. My house has TOO much stuff but it is so hard to pass up a real bargain!

Can't wait to see the results of the house above!

Happy Mother's Day to you!
Kelly's Mom

Linda said...

Rhoda, your ideas are great...just hoping there will be a follow up of this room after some rearranging, etc., takes place. Linda

Fiffer said...

Just found your blog...its awesome! I might just have to look into your design services because my old farmhouse could use some help, especially our living room. I have pix of it up right now on Kelly's Tour of Homes. It's the only room that REALLY needs to be redone. Anyway, I'm enjoying checking out your blog...I've just become your newest follower!

P.S. I'm a huge garden lover theory is if the outside of the house is looking good everyone will assume the inside is too...ha!

Blessings to you!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Your idea board looks great. It will definitely cozy up the room and tie it all together. Kudos to you:)

Sonia said...

I love your selections, the rugs have so many great colors in them and the background colors are great with blue and white--my personal favorite! Can't wait to see the after pictures. Miss Bloomers/Sonia

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Misti, the off-white paint color will remain in the room. I just put those colors on the board to bring in the existing colors in the painting and accessories, just to create the mood. So, the paint color won't change, it's a great neutral backdrop for the punches of brick/orange and blue.

Cote de Texas said...

I love your ideas! I really like the color you are bringing in with the rugs. I hope she goes through with it all and posts some pictures. It's exciting to see ideas come to life.

Great job!!!!

Jenny said...

How fun! Ii love the ceiling beams and built-in cabinet in the room. Your plan will really bring the room together.

Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

I love how you infused color into her room. Great board!

Bellamere Cottage said...

What a great job you've done Rhoda. I really like your choices. I hope Margaret posts the pix when it's all done so we can see!

I wanted to let you know my printer came.....I'm so excited. I haven't fired it up yet, I've been so busy the past few weeks caring for my daughter......then I had to put all the "stuff" away that I thought I'd better take to her house. It took days! Ooopss...I think I must over-pack. But thanks again, I'm sure I'll love it once I get it plugged in.


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Great advice and I look forward to seeing the re-done space. Thanks for sharing.

Andi @ A Little Piece of Pink said...

Ohh! I love what you sent her. I wish that someone (meaning you) would do a post on how to decorate bookcases without making them look cluttered. ;) Andi

Renae said...

How much fun (lots of work too!), I hope we get to see some "after" pictures. I love the colors you have chosen!

Helen said...

Good job ~ YOU!