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Kitchen Inspiration & Updates

Before we dive into today's post about kitchens, let me just tell you about a fun giveaway coming on Monday. I'm partnering with an exciting online decor company that you'll be reading about then AND they want to give a little something to my readers! So, don't forget to stop back by on Monday to sign up for the giveaway. You're gonna love it!

Kitchens are such an important part of a home, the center of living, where all the food preparation and lots of hanging out is done, so isn’t it nice to have a pretty and functional kitchen? While I would be very happy to have any of the kitchens below, mine does not resemble any of them, however, I’ll be happy to do a little facelift in there and have it a bit more functional.

From Southern Accents

(Southern Accents)

I think this one above is my favorite. So classic and traditional.

From Southern Accents2

(Southern Accents)

And of course, I just love all the open shelving on this one, even though it’s probably not all that practical. Anyone have open shelving and do you like it?

From Coastal Living

(Coastal Living)

This one is so pretty and inviting too, with the warm walls and the large island. Dreamy!


(South Africa Black) Not sure where this came from

I adore the above black kitchen, take a look at how much light comes in and how open it feels. Ahhh, that is so pretty! And so we come to my kitchen. The one getting a little bit of a makeover that I’m jumping up and down about.


Our kitchen is not all that big. It’s a galley style with cabinets on both sides.


This side has an L shape with a curved corner. We’re getting ready to do a little facelift in here and looks like I’ll finally be able to get granite countertops. The previous owner put down tumbled marble tile over the old laminate and after 3 years, the grout is looking pretty dirty. Tumbled marble is also not a great idea for a countertop, as it has so many pits in it. I never feel like it’s clean. It looks pretty, just impractical to live with. So, hubby says we can do this and I’m so excited to get a little update.


It’s a functional kitchen and it gets lots of use, since I'm in here cooking every single day. I’m really loving the new tracklight in here too. The bright white light is great shining on the counters.


The eat-in breakfast area. Not one of those large and spacious kitchens, but it works for us and I’m grateful for it. Someone will ask, so I'll tell you the paint color in here is Laura Ashley Olive 4 (from Lowes).


Do your counters look this cluttered? Real life here!


See my little shelf area? I've got a little something planned for that too, so can't wait to share that with you.

I also hate my white sink and faucet. Would never pick that for a kitchen, so I can’t wait to replace these too. I’m looking at the granite composite sinks (black undermount) and it will be so nice to have everything seamless and get away from a dirty white sinkbowl. This one shows every pot mark and is impossible to keep clean. Now, should I get an oil-rubbed bronze faucet or a brushed nickel one? I’m debating that one. I’m leaning towards oil-rubbed bronze, cause I like that look so much. Any of you with the ORB, have you had any problems with it turning colors on you? I want something that will stand up to years of use. I had brushed stainless in my last house and it was easy maintenance. This will never be a true dream kitchen, but it’s just fine with me and I will be tickled pink to get a new countertop. I don’t sit around dreaming of new houses or dream kitchens anymore. I’m just thankful to have the one I’ve got.


This is the granite we are looking at. It’s called Napoli and I like the colors in it. We are keeping the backsplash we have, so I need something that will work with it. I was thinking about going dark with my white cabinets, but from what I’ve heard, dark granite shows every fingerprint and spot and it’s a nightmare to keep it looking good. Anyone have experience with that? I’d love to hear it all. I even got feedback from the granite people that they had so many complaints about the shiny dark granite and he told me that honed was just about as bad. Honed is pretty too, but more expensive and my hubby really didn’t like the looks of honed, so this is what we settled on.


Close up of the granite. This was very similar to the granite tiles I had in my old kitchen and it never looked dirty, so I don’t think I can go wrong with this. It has enough black and white mixed that it brings out the white in the cabinets, yet the black and gold gives it interest and ties it into the backsplash. So, I think this is the one!


Here’s the granite sink I’m looking at, Blanco Silgranite undermount. Home Depot also has a version by Pegasus that is less expensive, so that might be an option too. Anyone have that one?

Marielle Faucet

And this faucet was a favorite of mine from my old kitchen and I had it in brushed stainless. This time I think I’m going for the oil-rubbed bronze. This is the Marielle by Price Pfister.

Also, have any of you bought kitchen knobs on Ebay? I bought some matte black ones 2 years ago that are already changing colors. The black has worn off especially on the knobs we use a lot. So, I’m going to get oil-rubbed bronze ones to replace. Do any of you have any favorite sellers or sources for knobs that won’t turn for a good price?

Can’t wait to do it in the next few weeks! I’d love to hear from all of you who have granite countertops. What color do you have and do you love it?? Do tell, let me hear all about your kitchens, what you have now that you like and what you’d love to change if you could!

Edited to ADD: In case you're new to my blog, I posted last year about the kitchen renovation we did in my OLD kitchen in Georgia, so this little kitchen update is small compared to that one. You can see the pics here. I was really proud of how that one came out.

Birmingham Girls! I have just found out that the flea market is NOT opening this month, so we will have to reschedule that for another month. Apparently, they are doing construction at the fair grounds, so I'm hoping May will work out if they have it open again by then.

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gayle said...

I have a similar granite counter in my condo in FL. It is 12 years old and still looks great and I am not tired of it. I have black shiny granite at a lake house and it is hard to keep clean, you have to wipe it with a clean damp cloth after you have cleaned it and then polish it dry with another cloth. It looks good when it has had care but!! It is also 12 years old and shows no wear. I love your blog! Gayle

Erin said...

I have purchased two faucets on EBay...both from the same seller, The Faucet Discounters. One is brushed nickel and the other is bronze (both by Price Pfister) I've been happy with them and about to purchase a bronze shower faucet from the same seller. I love your blog...thanks for all the great decor ideas!

Alisa Lucas-Brown said...

Hi Rhoda,
Loved taking the kitchen tour! Your kitchen is lovely but I do know what you mean about the tumbled marble. Granite will be much better to keep clean and the type you have chosen is gorgeous. I live the black sink. I too have a black sink and I love it! I prefer the brushed nickle. That is what I have but all my cabinet hardware is brushed nickle too so it blends well. I like the picture of the ORB faucet. Very stylish too. I haven't ever heard anyone say they turn colors but that is a good thing to research before making the purchase. Good luck on your mini-make over. I can't wait to see your pictures! Warmly,

Deb said...

Sounds like you have some great ideas planned for your kitchen, looking forward to seeing the process.

Alex and Jill said...

I love the black and white kitchen! I would do so many things differently, if I could have a do-over building my home. It was already built when we bought it, so I didn't have any choices. :) I have those same tile countertops and I'm with you, they never 'feel' clean. All of the kitchens you pictured are so spacious and open...I love that.

Can't wait to see your kitchen, once the granite countertops are in...that will make a huge difference!

Thanks for sharing the pics. :)

Sandy said...

Hi Rhoda, well, functional and not perfect is what I'm about. But I can't wait to see the results. woo hoo!

Chris said...

Hi , I am full of advice for you . As far as the granite goes , it looks like my MIL granite , she has never complained about finger prints and it looking messy , feely messy I have experienced , because someone missed the mess , theirs is polished.
I have a BIG opinion about the faucet because I have that faucet , and I would NEVER buy it again , it is cheap , it drips , the finish has basically come off the handle and it now looks shabby , I am OK with that rustic look , but would love to get a new faucet in brushed nickle.
I think you should to brushed nickle and stainless undermount sink , I think that would look gorgeous and function beautifully.
I love Lee Valley Tools for knobs , so many choices fantastiv quality and amazing prices .
Can't wait to see what you do .

Handmade Housewife... said...

I had a black shiny granite sink in our old house and it showed every water spot under the sun. I love the look of ORB fixtures, but be careful if you have hard water...that finish seems to show the worst water spots. I've heard cleaning it with vinegar helps. Love the granite you've picked out! Can't wait to see the new counters :)


Suzan said...

I just bought my house this past summer and am currently living with builder's antique white paint on everything. I love the color of your walls in the kitchen. Would you be kind enough to tell me what it is? I have the most hideous stainless steel sink and I know it was a very expensive unit but I hate it and the faucet is equally ugly. As a single woman with a limited budget, I am going to use granite on the baking center in my kitchen but I am using granite tiles. I should would like it if I could afford a big old slab of it!

A Touch of Country said...

I have a copper faucet from Price Pfister for 5 years now and the finish is wearing off on the handle and the sprayer cracked on the seam and leaks. It wasn't cheap when I bought it but it didn't hold up.

have you thought of adding trim below your upper cabinets? We did ours and it really updated and finished off our cabinets.

coco said...

I think the granite you picked out is very practical...those colors are very popular and I have seen similar granite with many different names. My own is also similar in color but is a juperano and has more movement. It is very good (almost too good) at hiding fingerprints etc... I will think I wiped everything down really well and will be sitting across the room looking at it from a different angle and see that there are many hidden crumbs that i missed! I have an ORB faucet, it is almost 5 years old and the color is fine. I think if you go with the black sink you should do the brushed nickle...I personally wouldn't like the dark faucet on the dark sink. Looking forward to seeing all of your changes, I am sure it will look great!

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Can't wait to see the updates on your kitchent. I love the granite you've picked out. My kitchen is in desperate need of a redo, so I don't have too much input. I agree with the white sink though, I have one and can't wait to change it. I also love the bronze faucets and hardware, it will look great with the granite you chose. I would love to hear how you like the wood floors in your kitchen. I have always had tile, but am thinking I would like the wood better. It's warmer looking, feeling and easier on the back and feet I hear. Good luck with your makeover!

Anonymous said...

I hear you on being thankful for your kitchen. No dreaming of dream kitchens or dream houses here either. In this economy, and seeing so many people losing their homes, I am so very, very thankful for our home. Of course I love doing this and that to it (and re-doing LOL), but we are not doing any big project (big expenses) right now. I guess we not stimulating the economy LOL. I do love your granite choice and think it will look great with your backsplash. I have ORB in our masterbath, no problems with it and it gets alot of use! We recently re-did our handles and I was lucky enough to find the ones I wanted (birds nest style) marked down at Lowes or Home Depot (can't remember which one). My sink is off-white, but it is the stuff you can sand if it gets stains or marks - although I haven't had to (11 yrs old.) Soapstone maybe? I do bleach for stains if needed.

Good luck - can't wait to see the finished product!


Runner Mom said...

The granite you chose is so pretty! I love the little shelf you have iwth your collection of green plates! Very cute!

The Santitas chips are a staple at our house!! I'll bring the salsa!

Good luck on your kitchen! Can't wait to see it all put together! Love that sink and that faucet!


Anonymous said...

My name is Holly and I read you everyday but have never commented. I have an ORB faucet in my kitchen and it looks beautiful, but you can really see the mineral deposits on it from the hard water(we do have a water softener) and I have found it difficult to get them all off. Can't wait to see the changers!

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Your kitchen is lovely!

Lou Cinda said...

Rhoda: This is going to look great! I can't wait to see it finished. My mother had ubba tuba granite in her kitchen and it was hard to keep also. It was like a huge window that showed every wipe she made. She was constantly polishing her countertops!
I love what you picked out!

Lou Cinda :)

Kelly said...

Hi Rhoda! I'm the girl who asked you about your hardwood floors and you were kind enough to personally email me back about them. Thank you for that. Thought I'd let you know that you need to see my kitchen because we have similar kitchens. I have the granite that you're considering (or very similar). Also I have antique gold tumbled tile backsplash, pegasus orb faucet, venetian gold granite, white cabinets with orb handles from Pottery Barn, walls are Grass cloth green (like your laundry room)etc. I've been featured on a blog called this week if you want to check it out. You will LOVE this granite. You can never see any crumbs or liquid on it! The faucet is NO maintenance at all. Go for it!! Good luck with your renovation.


Tonja said...

I Love youor kitchen ideas! Just yesterday my husband and I were talking about renovating the kitchen a little ( posted pics yesterday). I am going today to look at new cupboards and see what we can do. We won't be able to odo it all at once, but I am happy that I get to start.

Our kitchen/dining area is tiny too. I would really like to have a dining room but I the house just didn't come with one.
I love all the choices that you picked.

I also like the green walls you have! I have red ones right now and am thinking of painting them to a more neutral and lighter color so the whole kitchen/dining area feels bigger!

I can't wait to see your kithen when it's all finished.

Rue said...

Good morning Rhoda :)

I'm so excited for you! My mom has the exact same granite in her home in AZ and it looks gorgeous. I can't wait to see yours when it's finished :)

Talk about real life... my kitchen is a reck right now from painting the walls. Stuff is everywhere and I still cook in it LOL

Have a fantastic day!!


Kelly said...

Oops! I forgot to mention that I have a white sink (which I don't like due to the marks and stains that show) so a ORB faucet went well with it. However, if you're going to have a black sink (love those) then I would go with a silver colored faucet. The ORB would clash. You could go with a copper colored sink though, but that would probably cost too much. Love them though!

Kendra said...

First off, I think your kitchen looks lovely right now. Of course, I'm sure what ever you have planned will be spectacular. Your granite looks a lot like the granite we have. Ours totally hids the dirt--which is fantastic, until you are trying to clean it, and can't see what you have missed. But since I don't clean that often, it's perfect! Can't wait to see what you do!

Melinda said...

I have Giallo Ornamental which looks a lot like the one you've chosen. I was torn between a dark brown and this one and I'm glad I choose the lighter one. The dark color would have shown every water spot or fingerprint.

I have an oil rubbed bronze faucet and absolutely love it. I got the one bowl deep, stainless sink.
It's really deep and I love it too.

I got oil rubbed bronze cabinets pulls from Lowes.

You've seen some pictures, I'll try to make a better one and post it on my blog.

Since my kitchen remodel, I feel like I'm living in a new house.

Now I have to make curtains for the new kitchen. Any suggestions on a location to purchase fabric other than Hancocks or Hobby Lobby.


Sue said...

I had the Pegasus sink you mentioned in our last house and we loved it! Our new house has a kitchen that I am not thrilled with but it will do for now until I can dream of and justify spending the money on a new one BUT we are going to replace the current stainless steel sink. I want to put in the same Pegasus sink we had before.

Enjoy your new countertops and your new look for your kitchen!

Lori said...

I have granite that is very similar to the one you picked out. Mine is called New Venetian Gold. We love it! It is so easy to keep clean and does not show fingerprints or streaks. My mother in law has uba tuba black granite and it shows every mark! So, you are correct that the lighter is less maintenance. I think your choice will look wonderful with your tile and cabinets. The only thing I wish I would have done differently was get the fancier ogee edge. I think it dresses up the granite nicely.

Karen said...

Hello Rhoda.
I have both dark brown granite and the Marielle faucet in the antique bronze finish. I have loved the faucet for 4 years but it is (prematurely I think) beginning to show wear. Water spots on the fixture and when you clean them, a little of the finish comes off to. I've tried everything natural. I would recommend getting a nickle finish. Just dependson what goes with the rest of your kitchen.
Dark granite . . . I have the terrible track home speckley brown. Shows a lot, but worse, covers up a lot and isn't necessarily as clean as you think until you move like a contortionist to see if you got everything. HA! But I'll take being a little more cautious over cleaning grout any day!
I think you'll love whatever you get. The granite you've chosen is lovely. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh you're going to love the granite and the undermount sink, my granite is very similar to yours and it always looks GREAT...I did a D shaped Franke stainless steel, I had a double sink before and I felt I lost too much counter space, the deep bowl is great for pots faucet is similar too.

I got my knobs at EXPO I paid a few $$$ but they are exactly what I wanted. I searched everywhere !!!

Your kitchen is very cute could you get a little island in there, might help with counter space ??

I can't wait to see what you do, I KNOW it will be great !!!

See you on Monday....

All the best,
Kathy :)

The BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

My granite is similar and it's a dream!!! Consider how the oil rubbed bronze will look with your stainless appliances...I had the same debate and decided to go with the brushed nickel in the end so everything flowed together. I think consistency in a small kitchen is important (granted your's is huge compared to mine - ha!).

Todd and Randi said...

Rhoda -

I put that exact sink in a kitchen remodel my husband and I did. When the woman at the showroom suggested black all I could envision was black porcelain. When she showed it to me, paired with an oil rubbed bronze fixture and drains it looked fabulous. I loved the granite composite and would definitely recommend it. We had dark countertops but I think it will look great with the Napoli you have chosen.

Randi (in Auburn)

Love Being a Nonny said...

I LOVE the black sink! I have stainless and it scratches easily. Love the black! However, since you asked, I don't like the granite counter top with the back splash.....I think it is too busy. I just redid mine about a year ago and it is a suede brown. (I have white cabinets). True, I wipe it down with granite wipes that I buy at Bed Bath and Beyond, but one wipe down a day does the trick....and, I don't have little ones around any more!!! Just keeping it real here. Love your green walls and hardwood floors!!

DESJ and Company said...

I have open shelves that I put in myself and am very happy with them. I keep my dishes and a few decorative items on them.

I've bought knobs twice on ebay. Great deal.

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

Hey Rhoda,
I have black granite countertops, but they have lots of veining in them. grey and orange. Which sounds horrible, but it's really not. I have satillo tile floors, so the orange veining is perfect. You can kind of see a picture here:
They don't really show that much because of all the variation. I also have the granite composite sink, which I really like. It wasn't too expensive and it doesn't show water marks at all! File this tip away for future reference...after a few months that new pretty sink will start looking kind of ashy and old. When that happens, just rub it down with some olive oil and the beautiful new shine will come back. I do that about once a month with my sink and have had it for about six years now. Sorry to ramble on, hope this helps.

Just me~ Bobbie Jo said...

Can't wait to see your kitchen done. Anywho to answer your one question about dark granite-I have black and love it. After either living in military housing or apartments I have had yucky stuff and told the builder dark is something I wanted. Well after having it since June I still do love it but you do see the "dirt" more. It looks "dusty" but I just use one of those dusters-I can't remember what it is or I just take a quick swipe of a towel. It is beautiful though. :)

Frantic Home Cook said...

Rhoda, two things:

1) Your kitchen is laid out EXACTLY like mine and;

2) You are my design inspiration;

so I'm going to be following your makeover veeeeerrry closely!

SoBella Creations said...

Thanks for the tour of your kitchen. I would change everything about my kitchen from the cabinet color, counter tops, appliances and floor. I like the setup it is a galley style kitchen. I would love a larger pantry.

I can't wait to see what your kitchen looks like after the makeover.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rhoda!

I have ORB fixtures in our bathroom and they're great! So far, the finish is still good.

Regarding the granite, I like your choice. It's close to what we have and whether I wanna admit this or not in the blogosphere, mine hide crumbs and things well in the design. :) I use 409 for granite and it shines them just like new!

I can't wait to see your new countertops and changes!


Joanna said...

Love this post! We are updating our kitchen now...Have been since last Jan (shh, I know). But it's almost finished! I am loving the style and colors that have been chosen..We went with red accents, slate (can't remember the exact color) flooring, gray walls, and our counter tops look like granite (granite wasn't in our budget). But I did get the metal backsplash behind my stove that I wanted...And we did get new appliances...I am excited when I am able to do the final reveal soon!! I hate that ours is a galley kitchen...Unlike yours, you can stand at one counter on one side and practically reach and touch the other side..Oh and forget eat in...It's not! I'd love to have a huge kitchen with an island and big enough for a table!! (I dream big!)

Southerner said...

I had the granite similar to the one you chose and I loved it. We have moved and our rental had the black shiny granite and I HATED it. It was awful all the time. We are remodeling so I have lived almost a year without cabinet doors in the kitchen. I tried to edit the contents and make it look all European and like I wanted it that way and I actually get a lot of compliments but it is so hard to keep from looking extremely busy. And, all the grease from cooking coats things so much faster and I am constantly cleaning my items. In our old home we had cabinets over the island. My husband cut the panels on the cabinet where yours are grooved/raised and then we had a glass shop cut pieces of glass to fit and we made glass front for those cabinets. It was very cheap- like $10 each for the glass. That gave me display without opening them for dirt and I still had the others closed.

Living with Lindsay said...

You'll love having granite counter tops. I LOURVE mine. :)

We have an undermount stainless double extra-deep sink. I don't know why I lived without an extra deep sink until now. It's the best! I don't know if that's an option for you, but I highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you have already seen her site-but I see you 2 as peas in a pod.
You will definitely be inspired there.

August Rose said...

I have that very same faucet.

The soap dispenser is wonderful. I let my husband fill it. With his long arsn it is easier to reach.

Our kitchens are similar. I have antique ivory stain on my cabinets. With that faucet and I have counter tops that are a salmon, beige and cream color.

I love the shape of my kitchen. I have to say the cabinet makers we're very helpful.

Susie Q said...

My FAVORITE chips! Er, okay. Love the ideas you have planned. I've been informed that I can't really do anything to our kitchen as we rent. However, this summer hubby will be refinishing the cabinets. They are the originals and as I am cleaning them up again, they really need to be refinished. I'd LOVE to replace the countertops, so we'll be talking to the landlord about that. I am trying to decide what color to do the walls in there as I plan to paint my plastic wood trim...and for some reason, it just really dawned on me that it is plastic. How sad it that...or is it just that it does look realistic? Yeah, we'll go with that one :D

Have fun. I love the new light and would LOVE the ORB faucet..the style is great.

mah said...

I love the black sink, we are getting ready to replace our sink, going with black and BLACK faucet. Try and
They are a little pricey but getting what you want is pretty important. My husband believes in getting what you want to begin with and you want have to do it again! Ha!
Home Depot also has a black faucet. Can't wait to see your kitchen! And clean up that counter!!! HA! Mary Ann

Shelia said...

Hi Rhoda! I'm so excited for you to get to update your kitchen. I've always loved it just as it is! I love those Olive #s paint! I've used Olive #2 (I think ;)and do love it! I like the granite you've chosen.
Now I have an old 1970s kitchen. It's perfect for me, but it really does need an update so badly. We had planned on updating it by now, but some of life has happened and it's on the back burner for a while. I would love to have granite or Silstone (because it is indestructable) I'm in the kitchen so much and afraid I could mess up the granite!
Can't wait to see your kitchen after it's completed!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;0

Sandi McBride said...

Good thing for my garden I've got an ordinary kitchen...the fanciest thing in it is a dishwasher, lol! I'd never leave a kitchen like you picture...

marty39 said...

It's always so exciting to get a mini makeover. I have the same granite but with more of the chocolate and cream tones and I love it, never shows anything. My daughter has the black granite sink and hates it, she says it always looks dirty and the water spots drive her crazy, she's even had it rebuffed 3 times. The oil rubbed bronze fixture will show water spots and does look really bad very soon if you have any mineral deposits in your water. Just my experiences, hope the input helps. I had a really heavy duty stainless sink put in when I did my granite and I just love it. There's a great little pad they sell at the Auto Paint Supply stores that's a very soft brillo buff pad and it takes any scratches right out of the stainless in just a second, just be sure to go with the grain of the stainless. Can't wait to see your new redo. Hugs, Marty

Jennifer said...

A kitchen make-over is so exciting! I'm ready to do one in my house, too. I love the granite you picked out.

I re-modeled a half bath last summer, and I put in a granite counter similar to what you have picked out. I went with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures. They are gorgeous! They are holding up just fine so far, but it has only been about 8 months, and the half-bath doesn't get as much use as a kitchen. I think if you go with a good quality, you will be fine. Can't wait to see the after pictures!

southerninspiration said...

If you've not been to the granite yard, then do take the time to go and look at the slab before you make your final decision. What I thought was my final decision changed when I saw what the slab looked like. We just got granite last fall and I love it....the name escapes me at the moment, but it is taupe,gray and black with silver sparkling spots in it. I love it, and it hides dirt VERY Well!!! Also on the knobs, I did have bright gold brass ones, and I spray painted them with hammered bronze paint. It isn't perfect, but I save a lot of money with 44 knobs...and as nester says, it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful! They look darned good.


Looking forward to seeing your makeover!

KD said...

I have a love for kitchens. I have the same Majolica Bunny platter you have on your display shelf AND I had that same faucet in my last kitchen and just love it!

Katie said...

I really like your kitchen and I think the granite will look awesome. I have the same green bunny plate, love bunnies. The really neat stuff is hard to find. If you ever decide to get rig of some of your stuff you need to have a online auction on your blog, I would be first in line. I love your stuff!!

Kathy A. said...

I've had ORB in my remodeled bathroom for about a year and a half and it still looks like new. I brought home a Price Pf 1st and my plumber said they don't hold up well and leak, etc. He recommended Delta and I've been very pleased. Good luck on your project.

Desiree said...

Hi Rhoda, your granite choice is wonderful, you can't go wrong with it. Mine is very similar and my kids say it is "toast crumb color" because you can not see anything on it. I have had it for 6 years and still love it as much today as the day it was installed.
Love the black granite sink, just make it DEEP. Mine is 10" and worth every extra penny I paid to get the deep one. You only do something like this once (generally speaking), so don't skimp here! Whether you go with the granite or a SS sink, get a deep one, you'll be glad you did.
I have ORB faucets in my powder room. I love them and they are very pretty, but they don't get a lot of use. I, too, would worry about the finish with everyday kitchen use. I also have the ORB knobs/pulls and door knobs throughout my home, and after 6 years, the finish has worn in some places. I probably would recommend you go with the brushed nickel there.
Whatever choices you make, it will be great. You are a classy lady with great taste...thank you for sharing yourself with us! LOVE your blog.

KMfamily ;-) said...

we had our kitchen redone a year ago. We got the black galaxy (mostley all dark black) with light maple cabinets. It pops really well.
I love the marble counters because thay are a breeze to clean..your gonna love it!
I also got the under mounted stainless steel sink. Very appealing to the eye & clean looking as well.
Dont know abou tthe copper sink...although i think it would fit in perfect with your decore.
Either way it will be better than the white...sometimes i wonder whay people are thinking when they replace things in a house.
Cant wait to see the finished product..
and yes 3 times a week my counters are cluttered like that. i do my best to keep it decluttered, though you cant stop real life from happening

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Black granite counters show everything. Evveryything. We have them in our apartment, so at least it's a wee tiny kitchen (and not much counter space to keep after). I love open shelving but there is so much DUST in our place...and there's only two of us, so we just don't use everything frequently enough to make it work. And I'm also not sure I'm organized enough to live in a "glass house" like that! :-)

Amber B. said...

Love the granite you chose! Can't wait to see it.

Made your chicken divan last night--it was a huge hit with both the hubby and my 2 year old. YAY!

MJ said...

So pretty! I can't wait to see what it looks like when you're finished. Quick question - how much space do you have between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling? Yours look similar to mine and I'd love to decorate the tops of mine - I just didn't think there was enough room. But, I LOVE how the tops of your cabinets look. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Last year there were reports that granite can emit radiation and radon gas.

I have granite countertops and thought about having them tested.

Patrice said...

Hi! I have the black silgranit sink and I totally love it. It is absolutely indestructible!! I have quartz countertops - much easier care than granite, same great look. Very slightly cheaper. The awesome thing about the quartz is its antimicrobial properties - germ free!

Sofia Striffler said...

Ok I like the granite alot. Does the tumbled marble have more of a burgundy pink tone or a peach tone hard to tell in the picture. I have Oil Rubbed bronze in the bathrooms and after one year have held up really well. No tarnishing or finish coming off, they are also Price Pfister. I bought my knobs at Home Depot Expo, of course they are going out of business. another web site is knobs and hardware. We purchased hardware for one of my client's through this site. It will look beautiful. I like the first picture and the coastal living picture. The color is so warm and inviting. Good Luck

Sofia Striffler said...

also black or very dark granite is very hard to keep looking clean. You alwayse see fingerprints, glass marks, and food smears on it. a few of my cleints wanted it so badly, looks very dramatic but alot of upkeep.

Mary said...

I don't have a blog, but I come to yours daily. I noticed your choice of the Marielle by Price Pfister. I have that model in the oil-rubbed bronze purchased in the fall of 2004. I like the looks of it, but if I were purchasing again I would go with Delta that carries one like the Marielle. I have replaced the "guts" of mine twice which has cost me around 150.00 to200.00 each time I had a plumber to come to the house. The Delta costs around 500.00 in my area, but what I paid for the Marielle and the two repairs I could have bought the Delta. Just thought I would share my experience. Good luck with your kitchen.

JR said...

I have St. Cecelia granite and I love it because it doesn't show all the finger prints. A friend has Uba Tuba and it shows EVERY fingerprint (she has three sons, so it gets lots of fingerprints). I have a bronze Delta faucet I got from I shopped around and they had the best price on the one I wanted. It was much less than Home Depot or Lowe's. I also bought my undermount sink on eBay. It was new in the box. Some builder had apparently purchased it for a project that didn't happen. That was a great deal.

Lynne said...

I love kitchen renovation! We just remodeled our kitchen last summer. I LOVE it! Please visit my blog and view all the pictures -including a before and after! And I love my granite! Then again, any thing is a step up from country blue formica!!! Thanks for sharing yours!

Beaufort Belle said...

How exciting! I can't wait until a kitchen redo is in the works here!!
One thing I did do when we bought the house was change out the knobs in our kitchen. I purchased them from ebay from:
I found the exact knobs for almost $4 a piece more at Lowe's. I did get the polished nickel and ours have held up fabulously. He has super high ratings and has SOLD TONS!! I think you would be happy with him, though I haven't checked his stuff in a while.

As for the Black kitchen...I love it! It was in either Southern Accents or Traditional Home and they showcased that black kitchen and a totally white traditional kitchen back to back. If I get the chance I will look back through my issues.

Good luck on your undertaking, I know you are excited about the granite countertops. Can't wait to see updated pictures after you put your magic on it.

Reese & Marie said...

I love the granite you chose. it has enough color and movement to keep it interesting but still neutral. Any darker and honestly it's a nightmare to see if it needs to be cleaned. I think mine looks clean then I see it from anothe room with light bouncing off it and see crumbs, smear marks, etc. I really like the one you chose. If I had my druthers, I'd have something just like it!

Raquel, The Glamorous Life said...

i love oil rubbed bronze! when we bought our home abotu 8 months ago i purchased all of our hardware from ebay (i think i paid $80 compared to $200 i saw at lowes!) i got a very similar faucet and i LOVE it. here is a link to my blog if you want to see

oh and here is a finsihed before and after if you are interested

love reading your blog and you have some great ideas keep it up!

The Decorated House, Donna Courtney said...

Hey Rhoda~
The granite is pretty, but I love the dark granite with white cabs, too. Either one will be nice after having the tile. It will sure change the look of the kitchen a lot!

Blondie's Journal said...


The first kitchen picture you shared is very close to my kitchen at the lake house (still under renovation) with white on white open shelving. I am going to display good white ironstone dishes on the shelves and keep the everyday dishes in a lower cabinet. That way all I have to do is wash the white ones up when we use them sporadically. I hope it works because I have wanted it for so long.

I have white subway tile below the shelves and a stone floor. I looked at every countertop available and decided on silestone in white with some specks of color. The lower cabinets have beadboard fronts and they are painted a dark green. I'm using the C cup pulls and haven't picked out the knobs for the doors. I have also picked out some pendant lighting.

I will post pictures when it is all finished!


Keri Brown said...

Well, I do have absolute black honed granite with white cabinets. I wanted a matte black and really wanted soapstone, but too expensive. So, I do still love it after 4 yrs. I just clean it with alcohol or windex. Looks fine. But I'm not too anal about it. You can see pics at
b/c my house is for sale. I'll try to email a better pic b/c this does not do the kitchen justice.

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Can't wait to see it Rhoda!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Rhoda, I don't know anything about Granite counters because I have Corian. I just wanted to make a suggestion regarding your kitchen hardware/knobs. How about removing what you have an painting them? I'm going to e-mail you a picture of our Powder Room that has the oil rubbed faucet we recently installed and all the accessories that I PAINTED with the Rustoleum paint. I painted our knobs in our old house with this stuff and it was awesome! Just remove your knobs, place in a styrofoam block like floral oasis (having placed the screw back on the back for something to stick into the styrofoam) then paint away. The can of paint (I brush it on, is about $10 - $11)



Anonymous said...

Oh I love the kitchens! I am also looking forward to seeing your kitchen facelift. We just finished a makeover of our main bathroom, and the kitchen is the next thing on my agenda. After this inspirational post
I can't get to it quick enough!
Have a great weekend!
Jennifer @ Fiddle Dee Dee

Linda said...

Rhoda, Your kitchen is so pretty, and I know you will love the granite. We chose Silestone a few years ago and love it. There is no maintenance with it and it is beautiful. We have ORB fixture in our bathroom and love that would be my choice for your kitchen. Love the embellishment on the cabinet doors, too. Linda

KarenB said...

I have black granite in my kitchen with white cabinets. It does show water spots, but not fingerprints. I never really thought of it as a big problem. I want my counters to be clean and so I like the fact that I can see the dirt if it is there. I wanted honed, but the builder didn't offer it. So, I got the closest thing. You can see it on my blog, probably under the decorating label. I'm wondering if you might like the black counters with the black sink. I have a brushed stainless sink and faucet because again, there weren't many options. Little changes make a big difference. Whatever you do, you'll love it.

Kristi M. said...

My husband is a 2nd generation tile setter/business owner so being married to him, I have learned a lot. It amazes me how the tile that you have chosen can easily go under several different names and be pretty much the same thing. We have giallo ornamental or santa cecilia that look the same. I totally agree that the tumbled stuff for the countertops is so entirely impractical. What were they thinking. So normal as a backsplash. Have you looked into a blacker granite with larger deposits in it. My parents installed something similar and let me tell you, their stuff hides the dirt and grime sooo easily. I would agree that the more solid blacks would show a lot but the stuff with deposits is great for that. Baltic Brown is one good example. Browns would also work well with your backsplash. Autumn Harmony is a new favorite of mine.

I know someone that has ORB faucets and they show the mineral deposits so badly. They just appear dirty all of the time.

Good luck with you makeover. Can't wait to see the final picture.

Connie said...

Hi Rhoda...I like your granite choice. I have the Baltic Brown granite and love it. It's a darker granite but doesn't show all the finger prints etc that the black granite does. They are easy to care for...just use a cutting board because you will make marks over time if you don't. I love that I can put my hot pans right out of the oven on the counters. They sure are durable and they make your kitchen so pretty. Can't wait to see your finished kitchen. Connie

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Rhoda, I like that choice! I have dark granite (came with the house when we bought it), but I really prefer a lighter color. That will be great. I would like to upgrade my sink fixture and sink itself. They put in one of those acrylic sinks which makes NO sense in a kitchen. I hate it. I would prefer either a stainless steel or a porcelain sink either one rather than this thing. I also have white fixtures, and I hate them, too! LOL! I plan to upgrade to a much fancier fixture (my cousin's an architect, and I will go on his recommendation... I don't mind spending money on something great because a faucet is major jewelry/eye candy for your kitchen).

Now, the getaway in St. A doesn't have a fancy kitchen, but at least we have a decent sink. Also really cool knobs and a hardwood floor. But there I go on my stuff. LOL! Let's get back to yours... I like what you're thinking for yours and can't wait to see where you go with it. :-)

Love you...



Vanessa said...

I have the exact same granite in my house. I currently have stained oak cabinets and want a cream with a glazed finish. I thought the granite would look great with light colored cabinets. Glad to know I wasn't the only one! We've only been in this house for 7 months, but I haven't had any trouble with keeping the granite clean. I really like the method granite cleaner. Works well and smells amazing! Also, I vote for the oil rubbed bronze faucet. Normally, I'm a matchy matchy person and would say go stainless to match the appliances, but I think ORB would look wonderful with the rest of your kitchen! I had those in my previous home in the bathrooms and loved them! Had them for 5 years and no problems keeping them clean. Enjoyed reading your blog!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Wow, girls! You have really given me a ton of things to think about. I've read each & every comment & suggestion and believe me, I'm listenting!!

In fact, I've already changed my mind on the ORB faucet, after Chris at Just Beachy emailed me a pic of HER faucet, which is exactly the one I was looking at & hers has not held up well at all & the finish is coming off. I don't want that to happen in 5 years, so I must make decisions that will last a long time for us.

So, I think the faucet choice will be brushed nickel, now to find just the right faucet!

I am going to bring home the granite samples again too just to be sure I'm making the perfect choice for me. They had New Venetian Gold too that we initially ruled out, but after seeing a couple of you with that one, I'm going to bring home the samples again and live with them a few days. It will be at least 3 weeks before we get started, so I should have all my homework done by then & have a new sink & faucet in place.

The sink is pretty definite, I'm going to go with a double bowl black granite sink & I really think I'll enjoy that.

A few of you asked questions, so I'll answer those here:

MJ, the space above my cabinets is 18" from the crown to the ceiling. The cabinets are probably 3 to 4 inches below the crown, so there is at least 22 inches or so to put things up top & I do enjoy having stuff up there.

Touch of Country mentioned adding trim to the bottom of my cabinets, but that's not a possibility since the cabinet doors come all the way to the bottom of the frame.

Dawn, you were asking about how I like wood floors in the kitchen. Love them! They are great to work on. I had tile in my old kitchen & yes, the wood is much easier to stand on. And it's easy to damp mop & keep clean. Not to mention, it's pretty!

Thanks to ALL of you for taking the time to stop by & give me your ideas and opionions. Believe me, I'm taking them to heart! I want to make the right decision on this since it will be done only ONCE. I want to pick the best for us.

I'll keep you all posted as you know by now!

Southern Charm said...

Hi, this is my first visit to your blog and it is really wonderful! Seen you over at Nesting Place and such so I am glad I visited today. How exciting to do a kitchen re do!! There are so many choices for the kitchen and as we spend so much time in that room, wow, it can be overwhelming. So many beautiful choices to make. The granite you picked is my favorite although we ended up with the black granite with the green and gold flakes because it was cheaper. My husband is a homebuilder and he uses the one you chose often and it has never looked bad yet. Great choice. I'll keep checking back, can't wait to see what you decide on with everything. If you're like me you'll change your mind several times ha ha.

Anonymous said...

You kitchen plans sound great. I have the Blanco Silgranite sink in black and love it (4 yrs). I have the same or similar granite as you are choosing. My favorite thing about the granite, besides not showing any crumbs/fingerprints, is you can put any color with it. I've used turquoise, red, lime green. Any accent color will work!

Pretty Organizer said...

Oh sigh.... it's all beautiful. I've had cabinet painting on the brain for weeks now and only have a few more weeks to do it before the outside temps become unbearable... I live in AZ. Rhoda girl, it's going to be fabulous! Can't wait to see the finished product.

Pretty Organizer

kee said...

Rhoda - talked with Wayne and he said go with the Blanco. Pegasas is really cheap - will scratch, stain and is not as heat resistant as the Blanco. Also - if you have alot of browns in your granite - Blanco has their sinks in Cafe Brown instead of Black. You can see a sample at Southern Pipe on 35th Street downtown. Just his thoughts.

Sofia Striffler said...

Rhoda, I thank you for admiring my kitchen. My granite is called Amber Fantasy. There are alot of different color variations to this stone and it took me a little time to find the one I have which has more red and rust tones with some black (light sage green) grey. It also has movement to the stone. Some stones have movement and some are a constant pattern. My backsplash is a combo of tumbled marble and ceramic. We did grout all the holes and then sealed it with an enchancing color sealer. (three coats) This brought out the rich color. (tumble marble color is rojas) The black sink is good but again will show dirt more easily. I would have to see it with the ORB. Maybe the brushed stainless would be a better match for the sink. Let me know your thoughts Sofia

chanteusevca said...

Hi Rhoda, Wonderful post about kitchens and always enjoy seeing your lovely home. We are close to remodeling our kitchen and have picked a similar granite. I laughingly call it the bread crumb granite because I wanted a granite that when my husband or other family members leave their breadcrumbs on the counter, it would blend in with the granite! lol! I've considered the silgranit sink too, but I'm stuck on the Shaw farmhouse sink and just have to have a clean white sink whether I have to scrub it daily or not. I would be like havingn a black bathtub for me. I just couldn't do it in a dark color. But I have seen the lighter color and could possibly live with that one. A great resource for product advice is on their home forums under Kitchens. They also have a "finished kitchens" blog showing great photos listing the products used in the remodel. It's very addictive and extremely informative as to what works and what doesn't. I also just want to tell you how refreshing it is to hear you say that you aren't dreaming of a bigger house, newer kitchen, but are thankful for what you have. I wish more of us could adopt this attitude, including myself! lol!


~~ Victoria in Texas

Erin said...

I loved all the pictures of those kitchens. I am doing mine too. I have to tell you, I have that granite sink and I love it! Have fun with your project!

Luvin' Dixie said...

Hi Rhoda, love the ideas for your kitchen update. A little change can make a room feel completely different. I re-did our kitchen in our previous house where we had white cabinets. I used black appliances (I'm the only person in the world that HATES stainless steel), black uba tuba granite, oil rubbed bronze pulls and I had the same faucet you have pictured in the oil rubbed bronze. I didn't get to enjoy it even a year before we moved to Alabama! When I was choosing my kitchen "stuff" here, I again went with uba tuba, black appliances and oil rubbed bronze. I have never had any problems with anything showing on the granite and I love the contrast of the black. I have stained cabinets now, but they will be painted white before long. Let us know. And have fun!

leigh ann said...

I have that faucet you like in stainless instead of orb. We built our house in '04 and last year the handle mechanism "popped" off. Our plumber had me call the company and they mailed replacement parts the next day for free and it worked fine. We have hard water, so sometimes it will stain/build-up, so we just have to make sure we do a quick wipe down every now and then. Make sure you keep all your paperwork for the model #'s etc, because that is how they were able to get something quickly to us and have it be the right part. If dark granite shows every spot, wouldn't a dark sink also show spots? Our builder's opinion lead us towards stainless sinks because they hold up so well and clean up well with no maintance, but I haven't had them long enough to verify his claim. Our other house had the same white sink as yours and I've never hated something in a house so much!!! I can't wait to see your remodel even though I think your house is just beautiful now!!!

Kathysue said...

Oh Rhoda so many decisions and so many choices.First I would not go with a black sink.I think it would look like a big black postage stamp in a soft looking room.I know you like touches of black and you know how much black and white I love but in your kitchen it is black in touches and an entire sink in black would be one step too far. I am a nickel girl but I love the shiney for me but for you with the stainless appliances I would go with the satin or brushed.The color of both finishes really vary so choose one with more golden than the blue undertone.I know you know what I mean. I can't tell if your tumbled marble has any pink undertones in in or if it is golden.If it is golden the granite choice is perfect.I always do the squint test to see what color base pops out at me.I don't mind the orb knobs on the cupboards even with the brushed nickel is just your touch of black and keeps the room from being too matchy. I am sure whatever you finally decide will be wonderful,you have marvelous taste.Remember enjoy the process,miss talking to you,hugs Kathysue

lizzie said...

Rhoda,I think you would really like the ORB faucet,I have that exact one in my home,we also live here in the Birmingham area and I have not had any problems with mine.I am so glad to have found your blog,I hope one day you can give me some tips on my home.I have a few problems I don't know what to do with.I will be checking back!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I'm having fun catching up with all of your posts today. Don't know how I got so behind! I'm excited about your kitchen makeover. I want to give mine one so badly--maybe I'll just live vicariously through you for awhile until we get the money saved for new countertops.

Your kitchen is already so pretty--can't wait to see how you improve it!

Kirstin said...

I have a sink that is e-granite and I love it.

Koekkener said...

This is so very beautiful article. I'm so very impressed with this thank you for sharing...