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Here at Southern Hospitality, we cover a lot of different topics, but the main theme is definitely decorating your home on a budget. I’ve shared many tutorials on painting furniture, covering lampshades, putting up picture molding, fixing something that’s broken from a yardsale, many thrifty finds that I’ve brought home, and lots of other ideas. These are the most popular, so here’s a list of the Top Posts you’ll find here, the ones that get the most traffic.

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Painting Furniture Black

I started doing this about 8 years ago, when I painted the chairs black in my newly rehabbed kitchen to better go with the new flow. Ever since then, black spray paint has been my best friend. Don’t be afraid to paint things black to give them a new and inspiring updated look. Just for the cost of a little black Satin spray paint, there are so many things you can do with it!


Framing Those Boring Mirrors

You don’t have to live with plain plate glass mirrors. Buy some simple fluted molding with corner rosettes and frame your mirror out. An easy project with a lot of bang for the buck!


A Beachy Bedroom

This was a really fun project that all started with a $15 black and white damask comforter set that I found at a yardsale. Go and take a peek at how the room all came together for under $500 and even got featured in the Birmingham Newspaper.


Top Ten Projects of 2008

This was such a fun party that we had in January. I posted my Top Ten Projects of 2008 and encouraged everyone to link up and share their favorite projects too. There were lots of Before and After pics and the inspiration was incredible. I’ll definitely plan to do another party in January of 2010, so get YOUR projects ready for this year’s Best Of.

White lamps

Tweaking my Office Nook

My office nook got a lot of traffic too after I did some tweaking with scrapbook paper on the bookshelves and added a lime green accent wall and rope trim.


Black and White Peel & Stick Tiles

My laundry room was a fun little space to put together and I later went back and added the black and white peel and stick tiles right over the old vinyl flooring. I get a lot of visits to my blog from this post. I also did an update post on the laundry room with even more pics: HERE


Brass to Bronze Light Fixture

This one has been really popular too, as many of us have wanted to change out the standard builder’s brass fixtures all over the house. Painting a brass fixture is a great way to save money and use what you have.HPIM1834

Lynette Jennings: No Compromise Decorating

I think a lot of people still love Lynette and want to see what she is doing now. I loved watching her on her shows and did a review of one of her books and get a lot of people coming by for that post. It’s a great book and I’d highly recommend it. Very down to earth with real advice!

Lynette Jennings Book

Decorating with Plates

I did a whole post on how I’ve decorated my house with plates. This is a wonderful and inexpensive way to add decorative plates around your home. You can collect these at yardsales or thriftstores and the more the merrier, I say.

Copy of HPIM1929

Decorating a Mantel

Lots of girls are stumped on how to decorate a mantel, so I did a whole post on just that topic. Lots of different pics and ideas on making the most of your mantel.


(Southern Living Photo: by Laury W Glenn)

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